That’s the Speech Trump will have to live up to…

That’s the speech Trump will have to live up to… Will he follow JFK, or rather enjoy the little fame, carry out the commands of the shadow government and provide the military-industrial complex with more wars? Be that as it may, saving ourselves we must, by   self-responsibility, sovereignty, consciousness. There’s no other option. Everything else is just looking up the pyramid, the same old game. Love, Chaukee

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

Update: The World Government has already given a Statement…

Message from the Cabal

Message from the Cabal

Update 2:

Trump at AIPAC, war mongering against Iran, sucking up to IsraHell. Nope, my dear alternative illusionists, no pyramid system will help us.

Update 3 (it sucks to be right):

Loops like Trump is going to call a former Goldman-Sachs guy as treasury secretary…:
We will build a great swamp, a tremendous swamp, it will be the biggest swamp you have ever seen!
Even looks like Steven Mnuchin was creating funds with SOROS! The Swamp will span half of the earth…

Update 4: “Creating a second Flint does not make America great again”

Update 5: Already there: All those alternative Trump hypers failed big time

Our World “Leaders”: Under the Influence of the Dark Side?

On a first glimpse this article could look like just a little fun, if you check the comparing images below. But if you already have a little understanding of the occult practices all of these secret society members carry out you know there is some probability of a sinister truth behind the demonic eyes of “our” leaders. I’m definitely not sure if the self-proclaimed unhuman blood lines of the elite families are real or not, I would only like to ask all of us if such people with that kind of aura and spiritual frequency are really the ones we would choose as leaders of our nations? Or why we still need leaders at all? Have we become conditioned to an all-dominating ignorance so much that we would not see the devil right in front of us any more? Do we really not care any more about who leads us, rules us, enslaves us, decides the fate of humanity? How much more in our face must it be until we start searching for the spirit of positivity and love inside of us?

Next little Step towards the New World Order: Vatican speaks out for One World Financial Government!

Finally, the Vatican publicly committed to the New World Order (again?): In this text called “Note on the reform of the international financial and monetary systems in the context of global public authority” published yesterday by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, they officially support a global financial government and a global public authority/one world government under the UN!

And Reuters revealed why the elite is interested in the OWS-movement:

The document from the Vatican’s Justice and Peace department should please the” Occupy Wall Street “demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn.

The whole great play of Hegel’s dialectic laid down in front of our eyes, also called Problem-Reaction-Solution: Lets bombard the world populace with negative financial news for a couple of years and they will finally welcome a world financial government… They even go to the streets in masses to help the cabal turn around the system into the New World Order!

Conspiracy theorists and specialists on secret societies have written about it for a long time and in many books: The Vatican and its inner driving force, the Jesuits, is as much part of the world-wide secret global elite as the Illuminati, Skull & Bones and OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) are.

Masonic hand-shake between the Pope and Tony Blair

In “TranscEnding the Global Power Game“ Armin Risi describes the inner fight of anti and pro masonic forces inside the Vatican, and the Catholic Church even forbid its members to join freemasonry by penalty of excommunication in 1918. I must admit that for some time I wanted to believe that the Vatican is really a last stand against the cabal. But with this text of yesterday it’s no question any more who has won the internal battle.

Here are some excerpts from the Vatican document:

Specific attention should be paid to the reform of the international monetary system and, in particular, the commitment to create some form of global monetary management, something that is already implicit in the Statutes of the International Monetary Fund.

A supranational Authority of this kind should have a realistic structure and be set up gradually. It should be favourable to the existence of efficient and effective monetary and financial systems.

On the way to building a more fraternal and just human family and, even before that, a new humanism open to transcendence, Blessed John XXIII’s teaching seems especially timely… He also expressed the hope that one day “a true world political authority” would be created.

In the same spirit of Pacem in Terris, Benedict XVI himself expressed the need to create a world political authority.

The text visibly struggles to create an aura of humanism and participation around the proposed one world government:

Instead, it is the world Authority that should put itself at the service of the various member countries, according to the principle of subsidiarity.

Ok, how naive can they possibly get? Every big consortium has become completely corrupt from the inside, namely the United States of America, The European Union as well as the United Nations! The greatest danger of the catholic church is nested deep in its structure: Hierarchical/Pyramid thinking!

It would seem logical for the reform process to proceed with the United Nations as its reference because of the worldwide scope of its responsibilities, its ability to bring together the nations of the world, and the diversity of its tasks and those of its specialized Agencies.

Does the Vatican realize that the U.N. is initiated and owned by the globalist cabal? Has anybody researched the role of the Rockefeller family and the other Illuminati elitist? How can the Vatican support an organzation like the U.N. that openly prepares a one world, new age based, religion? There can only be one answer: They are PART OF THIS CABAL!

They also state that global financial government does not work without a political global government:

However, this would require not only a reflection on the economic and financial level, but also and first of all on the political level, so as to create the set of public institutions that will guarantee the unity and consistency of the common decisions.

It is the task of today’s generation to recognize and consciously to accept these new world dynamics for the achievement of a universal common good. Of course, this transformation will be made at the cost of a gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation’s powers to a world Authority and to regional Authorities, but this is necessary at a time when the dynamism of human society and the economy and the progress of technology are transcending borders, which are in fact already very eroded in a globalized world.

The rest is a list of the old known, masonic world enslavement principles:

  • Taxation on financial transactions to create a world monetary fund
  • Goal of a universal common (communist?) good
  • Promoting these ideas through brainwash at Universities
  • “Enlighten” (!) world opinion by the media (mainstream mind control):

The same effort is required from all those who are in a position to enlighten world public opinion in order to help it to brave this new world, no longer with anxiety but in hope and solidarity.

I have no doubt: The One World Bank, probably to be located in the City of London, is prepared and ready to go. The world’s gold is already there to back up the new one world currency. The gold reserves of the U.S. have disappeared like the ones of Switzerland and possibly many other countries. The coins are already designed! Ever wondered why so many Illuminati shills promote the return to the gold standard? Somebody on this planet is really rich in terms of gold!


By now reclaiming its influence on politics, a role the catholic church already had during the past centuries, they are either incredibly stupid and have no idea about the New World Order plans of the elite, or they are part of it. To me personally, the latter is proven with this document.

Letter to the Ruling Class

I normally don’t like to just copy-paste other content, but this message from Jesse Ventura needs to be distributed worldwide:

Letter to the Ruling Class

You control our world. You’ve poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in your wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You’ve liquidated our savings, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed. We are slaves to your corporations, zombies to your airwaves, servants to your decadence. You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You’ve profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You’ve monopolized our freedom, stripped away our education, and have almost extinguished our flame. We are hit… we are bleeding… but we ain’t got time to bleed. We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution!


The Serfs.

From  Jesse Ventura’s new website “We aint got Time to bleed”:

Here’s my favorite episode from Jesse Ventura’s series “Conspiracy Theory”:

Anonymous vs. Illuminati – A Structural Comparison

Update as of 06.02.2013: The following article must be considered as one of my more naive writings – many things have happened in the last two years that made clear that Anonymous was at least hijacked on several activities by the wicked global imperialists, especially in the case of the arab spring revolutions. As a conspiracy theorist, what concerns me also, is the use of occult symbolism like the satanist/masonic V-symbol and the Guy Fawkes mask, celebrating a jesuit influenced fanatic catholic who tried to blow up the english parliament in 1605 – clearly not a proponent of democracy or nonviolent resistance.

Some time ago I’ve read an excellent article on a german online IT magazine ( about how the movement “Anonymous” works. Immediately I was struck by how completely different this self organized, free will based movement functions compared to its main antagonist, the world-wide Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy, that is based on a regressive pyramid of power. I’d like to present my findings and hope I can help to raise the awareness for the importance of such grass-roots movements as the “Anonymous” are.

What is Anonymous and how does it work?

I’m personally not yet involved in the Anonymous movement, but here’s what I’ve found from various sources. Mainstream media has quite talked a bit about it (especially about Operations Payback, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Libia), but only few understand its essence. Most of the active persons in the Anonymous IRC sessions (Internet Relay Chat) are not classic hackers or crackers, but ordinary, deliberate people getting involved. Here is a spot on article on Puppetworld Post explaining why Anonymous is not about hacking.

There is NO hierarchical structure, and thus no leadership in Anonymous. For specific campaigns individuals can be involved more than others, but this normally changes from topic to topic. It is impossible to talk of a common “intention” of Anonymous, as well as exactly tell the number of involved individuals in a campaign, nor to really manipulate or control the movement. Everybody can join in and see the information and statements. If people don’t agree on a specific action or idea, they don’t contribute, but may be in again for the next operation.

The basic structural attributes of Anonymous are:

  • The activists are and stay unknown to each other, thus “anonymous”
  • No designated leadership: “Anyone can lead where everyone will follow”
  • Open information
  • Total free will, every individual decides for itself – grass-roots democracy. Everybody contributes according to his/her interests and capabilities
  • Distributed technical structure
  • Only small common agenda: Defense of freedom of speech at any cost

Much of the oppression in the world is done by stealth, in secrecy: the villains are anonymous whether they be part of dictatorships, democratic governments, corporations, or secret societies of the ultra-rich. For a protest group to be anonymous levels the playing field.
From: Puppetworld Post

Structure of the Illuminati/Top-Freemason Cabal

The "Illuminated Elite" - Arch-Masons directly involved in Black Magic Power Rituals and Paedophilia

The basic structural attributes of the Illuminati are:

  • Hierarchical chain of command
  • Completely compartimented structure in vertical and horizontal way: Strictly regulated information flow from top to bottom (including deceptive information on various levels)
  • Infiltration of all powerful organizations (banks, governments, UN, corporations, media, military, churches)
  • The people on the lower levels of the pyramid are known to the upper levels, but not vice-versa
  • Ruthlessly forced power by blackmailing, creating dependency by money/existential fears, fear in general
  • Massive, secret and harmful agenda on top level (keywords: one world government and religion, social engineering/manipulation of society/mind control/media, world population reduction, UFO/Alien cover up, secret weapons/HAARP, suppression of alternative energy sources and technologies in general, occultism/Satanism)

It’s probably not too wrong when we conclude that the Illuminati are the complete opposite of the Anonymous! This is a rather interesting finding when we extend it to the spiritual question:

Illuminati spiritual characteristics which are driven by:

In that context I’m about to say that Anonymous is one movement that helps the positive spiritual orientation on this planet to succeed. The ideas of human rights, fairness, equality, thus positivity in general, are definitely on the good side, if you call that side God does not matter that much, does it?

Attacking Freedom Fighters by Attacking the Internet?

Well informed and organized masses are very hard to control or to beat. Mankind seems to awaken in many respects and I guess the elite feels that their stand is lost. Nevertheless they don’t give up, as this is not an option in their reptile mind-set. So we might expect some draconian attempts of getting control over the internet or even shutting down parts of it in the near future.

Their problem at the moment is how much their corporations have embraced the internet. If they try to shut it down they risk immense financial loss or even a worldwide economic breakdown. So censorship is more of a realistic option here. But as long as some sort of internet is running, the free people of the world will find holes to use it for the relief of mankind.

I would suggest to watch the stock prices of companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Ebay, MSN. If they all decline in parallel out of a sudden, the elite sells their share and gets prepared for internet takeover. You might also want to see my article Wikileaks OR Have the Illuminati/Freemason underestimated the Internet?

Thanks to Anonymous, our Future has begun

The main fear of the dark cabal is numbers. They are few, we are legion. Thanks to the internet, our legion gets self organized and thus unbeatable.

Anonymous has waken up to protect freedom and the rights of all humans. Anonymous will use any available means to fight this fight. Up to the end, whatever this will be.

Update: Anonymous declares war on Pentagon

Funny coincidence: Only a couple of hours after I’ve posted this article I found the following video on the RT America YouTube channel:

Anonymous declares war on Pentagon:

Is it wise to declare war on the Pentagon because of one tortured individual, Bradley Manning? I mean, today we find ourselves in a situation where the powerful elite is just waiting for reasons, or merely provoking them, to turn the Internet Kill Switch and boot up their totalitarian police state. But from an ethical point of view “Anonymous” is absolutely on the right side. Bradley Manning, this poor and courageous man is a hero for human rights and needs our help, support and prayers.

There are again the super sceptic voices that think this Anonymous Operation against the Pentagon named BRADICAL is false flag. Who knows? But if you’ve read my explanation about the structure and functioning of Anonymous above it should be clear that manipulation is VERY improbable.

I’m very curious on how effective Anonymous’ weapons of information war are against the Pentagon and if there are many freedom fighters joining in, knowing that they attack a quite aggressive, powerful and dangerous enemy… On the other hand, no real damage is needed – symbolic or timely effects on the military networks are sufficient to activate mainstream media and raise worldwide pressure against U.S. torture practices.

UFO Disclosure is almost official: Former Canadian Defence Minister steps forward!

My recent article You should get accustomed to UFO and Alien Reality now! has obtained very prominent and respectable affirmation, from Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer:

Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defence Minister

We lived too long in a sense of isolation, thinking that Earth was the center of the cosmos, that we were the only species and, therefore, probably the most advanced. And when we come to the realization that we’re not any of those things, then I think we should be aware of it, learn to live with it and certainly try to take advantage of anything that we can learn from visitors from anywhere

This video of Mr. Hellyer’s talk at the X-Conference at the National Press Club, Washington D.C, should no longer be ignored by the public:

Other valuable articles with Mr. Hellyer’s statements:

The Real Significance of Wikileaks as seen by Stefan Molyneux

I’ve been a supporter of Wikileaks for some time (just see Why most Wikileaks Write-up is hypocritical, Wikileaks OR Have the Illuminati/Freemason underestimated the Internet? and The Illuminati Plan to abuse Wikileaks is rolling…), both financially and mentally. The following text is taken from the video below of the famous web philosopher and host of, Stefan Molyneux. He puts down the point about the real significance of Wikileaks so well, I had to transcript it for you to enjoy too (I’m sorry for my bad english).

The Wikileaks thing is beautiful. It is a complete sunrise of light lending on the absolute stinking evil of the ruling classes. It is beautiful, because, you see, the morality that we live under, its like a big rock rolling down a mountain side towards a little village of average citizens. Its only one way, it only bounces down the hill, it only goes one way.

But with Wikileaks its going two ways. You know the government can go through all of your bank accounts, through all of your health records, can send  their ferocious little spider cookie robots into every knuckle and cranny of your existence. And here, whats happening is, they are getting a tiny taste of whats like to be on the receiving end of that. A tiny taste! And they are going completely insane. I mean, if you’ve got literally dozens of US and Canadian and I think even a couple of Australian nut job dirt bad ass clowns at the top of the media in these countries calling for a literal mafia hit on this guy.  A literal mafia hit on this guy,who has been very careful about what he’s revealed. Who has revealed his information only through “Der Spiegel”, “The New York Times” and other mainstream articles. They’ve all published it first. And it had far wider reach.

I mean, Assange is a complete genius when it comes to marketing, because he knows, if he just dumped a hundred thousand files somewhere down the internet, nobody would give a red sock because it would take forever to go through it. But he sat down, he worked with all of these mainstream media organizations to release all of this information through them, gave them exclusives. Now is the government calling for the assassination of the head of the New York Times? Of course not! Because they need the New York Times to keep the docile masses lulling around, not seeing the thunder-cloud of the pending Fiat currency disaster that is coming down. So they’re going after this guy. You’re seeing the glove coming off the fist, the sword coming out of the  scabbard, the velvet cover falling away from the gun, and you’re seeing those hysterical crazy sociopaths, calling for the slaughter, the hit, its like it seeing out of a mafia movie.

And so I think its pretty unsettling to people to see “oh my goodness”, if we do one tenth of one tenth of one percent to the ruling classes what they have done to us, they call for murder. I mean, it’s completely insane, it’s completely hysterical, and its usherly revealing. It’s finally becoming light enough in the room that even people without the infrared goggles of philosophy and libertarianism and anarchism are actually seeing what is going on in the corridors of power. So I take my hat of him for that. I mean, the man has balls of titanium,  he really is quite an outstanding character.

He has its own issues, he was raised in a cult and he spent most of his teenage years on the run from one of his mother’s slaughterous or murderous ex boy friends. So he’s got his own issues for sure, and I’m not saying that he is a clear-eyed moral hero, he has his flaws, he bangs around with the groupies, I would say, a little bit too much. Dips his wikch in a little bit of a post feminist asset – but – who among us is perfect and I certainly don’t want to cast the stone in that direction. I think it’s a beautiful and revealing thing.

And whats happening now of course is that the Bank of America is in this guy’s sight, right? And so whats happening is: The Bank of America’s data, he has got 5 Gigs of e-mail and stuff, and all considered to be unbreachable internal by the Bank of America. And whats happening is, if the Bank of America knew that their foreclosures were illegal, because nobody owns these houses any more. The deeds have been blown up and scattered all into the four winds. If the Bank of America foreclosed illegally, there is gonna be lawsuits that will simply take them down, there is no money left for bailout. So I mean he is doing an astounding job of exposing the corruptions in the U.S. economic system and legal system and – I can’t even call that a legal system, system of armed predation – He is a beautiful floor tragic hero, he’s just amazing.

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio Interviewed on ‘Infrequently Asked Questions’.
Move to minute 10:53 for the Wikileaks part: