My Strategy to Spiritually Survive the Current, Demoniac World Order

(Translation: Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels)

It’s really about the time that I present my personal solutions against the mess we have to live in, called modern world. If you happen to be attracted to this article, there is probably no need to repeat the materialistic, dark, destructive and ego-based “reality” we are enduring.

For most People, Life is not a Shopping Trip

Chaukeedaar’s advice #1: Listen to your inside as many times a day as you can and learn that you are not your body, nor your thoughts, that everything outside is not real but just a sick game to make us experience, learn and grow. Others call it the matrix, an illusion, maya, that stands diametral to consciousness, truth, the soul. Truly realize that your past, nor your future, are real or existing – there has always only been the now, and it will always only be the now (Eckhart Tolle helped me a lot with this kind of awareness. I recommend his first book The Power of Now. I have not read his later works yet and I’m honestly a bit suspicious about his late new age-ish and commercial twist).

The most influential and powerful comporations of the NWO, according to a Swiss ETH study

Chaukeedaar’s advice #2: Detach your live from anything global(ist) and focus on whats really happening AROUND you. As you all know, the satanist/elitist New World Order is about centralizing power and control – centralization has become an almost irreversible process mainly in

and so on. Now my personal solution is about gaining your control over your life back and work for decentralization, namely

  • establish a local, parallel, social network in your community with real exchange of views and co-determination
  • disconnect your dependency from centralized suppliers in shutting down your consumption of globalists products and services
  • reduce your dependency from the money supply, especially from interest rates and exchange rates, e.g. by becoming a mini-farmer and using money-less exchange of goods. If you want to invest, invest in real things – your house and ground, your family, your community, not into the virtual bubbles of the speculators
  • stop or drastically reduce your consumption of television, electronic entertainment and gossip. There is propaganda and mind control on so many levels that you may not even know about all of them yet. It’s hard work to constantly block and clean your mind from the lies and the mud “they” are spreading
  • stop believing any dogmas (religious as well as occult/esoteric/new age) and start searching and occupying yourself with our spiritual roots. All the answers are within yourself. If you start to listen, I promise you will become wise!
  • do not try to protect “your” copyright of anything you produce – in the end its silly as nothing belongs to you, you have neither created the matter you are working with, nor the mind that allows you to think and feel, nor the soul that is your essence of existence. Copyright really belongs to God and nobody else, here on earth its only a sign of not wanting to share and trying to elevate oneself above others

And automatically you also become a UNIQUE individual that thinks and feels for its own. The elitist controllers cannot handle diversity and independent thinking very well, can they… But I should not distract myself from the topic – this is not about saving the world, but saving yourself.

Let Your Consciousness Guide Yourself – or – Why I Became a Vegetarian Nine Months ago

For almost 40 years I really liked to eat meat. The religious tradition I feel close to, the Hare Krishna movement of Srila Praphupada, tought me about the true (same) essence of the soul in all animals and to treat them like friends, but the step towards not eating our friends was still too big for me, I guess. Or may I say: it was all a bit too abstract.

The past two years in the alternative/truther scene on the web left me in a race towards more and more knowledge and awareness in many areas. Do you guys also know this feeling of unbelieving hurt and frustration about how the really bad people in this world behave? Starting from ritual child abuse and ending with war drone attacks on civilians? At some point I realized that I can’t change the world, that I should not try to change people against their free will, and to abandon this kind of political, saving-the-world thinking. What I can and should change is me, myself and I.

Now it was the following video that actually made the suffering of our animal friends enough real to me that my consciousness immediately decided to stop eating meat. There was no process of thinking involved – right after I finished the speech of Gary Yourofsky something in myself decided to stop eating meat, and that’s what I did. I don’t miss anything, I’m healthy, well-trained, and much less contaminated by physical negativity.

Warning: The video contains hard pictures of how our animals are treated – if you want to stay ignorant, you better don’t watch:

Become Local: My First Steps in Gardening

Last winter I decided to ask our neighbour, who has become a good friend of ours, if I could use a small part of his overgrown and unused land for some time for my planned gardening attempts. After some short research I ordered the book Mini Farming – Self Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham, which I can really recommend. We are still far away from being self-sufficient, but it’s a good learning experience and a simple way of connecting ourselves back to what it means to be an incarnated individual on earth and its wonderful nature.

Two Garden Beds in the Making

Some first Results


Some of you might have wondered why I haven’t been more active on my blog for the last half a year. Well, its part of implementing this new philosophy I just tried to outline.

Those occult, secret society elitists who brought us into our problems we face today do everything to not let yourself get a breath, step back and see the complete truth for what it is. But you actually CAN do it. It’s a simple decision of your soul, using its inherent free will. “They” have a lot of influence, but there are still many areas you can find your true self and build a world you envision. It’s just not there where “they” draw your attention to.

Namaste, Chaukee

Update as of 07/28/2012

Finally it’s growing and getting greener…

Nature loves it when you garden without chemicals!

26 thoughts on “My Strategy to Spiritually Survive the Current, Demoniac World Order

    • Yeah, thanks, I did not know that technique. I don’t like it too much for the included fish concentration camps and the need for an outer energy source.

      Cheers, Chaukee


  1. Wow, Wow, Wow, dieser lange auf sich warten lassende Artikel, ist ja RICHTIG STARK geworden, lieber Chaukee. 😎
    Ehrlich, ich beneide dich für diese Möglichkeit, ein klein wenig autark zu werden(d.h. WENN ich Neid kennen würde 😀 ). Weißt du, vielleicht wirds nicht gebraucht – aber das ist vielleicht nicht das wichtigste, bei solcher Arbeit. Man lernt dabei auch sicherlich ne Menge über Schöpfung .. Ich suche immer noch und hoffe, daß ich einen Bauern finde, bzw. jemand, der auch kleinere Flächen anbietet. Einen wunderschönen Tag, lieber Freund!


    • Vielen Dank, lieber Freund! Dein Feedback bedeutet mir viel, gerade, wenn ein Artikel ein halbes Jahr im Kopf gereift ist, warte ich ganz gespannt auf eine Reaktion von da draussen… Scheiss Ego, immer wieder sich Vordrängendes 😉

      Es ist genau so wie du sagst, die Gartenarbeit verbindet einem in einer gänzlich unbekannten Dimension mit der Schöpfung. Ich wünsche dir natürlich, dass du das mal erleben darfst. Auf dem Land lebt es sich übrigens ganz preiswert, zum Teil mit benutzbaren Gärtchen 😉

      Big hug, Chaukee


  2. Reblogged this on AfterAmerica's Blog and commented:
    I have followed this advice and it has kept me sane. My wife has had a harder time than I have because when you don’t own anything ….. you don’t owe anything and you live day to day in the ever present now. Be safe my friends.


  3. Hallo Chaukee,
    sehr guter Artikel. Genau der Weg nach innen bzw. sich selbst kennenzulernen und sich zu verändern ist es. Spricht sich leicht ist aber nicht immer so. Der Garten tut Dir sicherlich gut. Mein Traum ist auch ein Garten kommt bestimmt.

    LG Mirjam


    • Hallo liebe Mirjam,
      Vielen Dank, ja, es geht genau um den Weg nach innen in diesem Artikel! Und vor allem darum, dass dieser Weg einen glücklich, unabhängig, unerpressbar und “alltags-weise” macht. Dein Wunsch wird bestimmt war – einfach nicht zu stark wünschen, damit das Leben auch einen Weg findet, es überraschend manifestieren zu können 🙂 Aber das kennst du ja…
      Herzlichst, der Chaukee


  4. Chaukee,
    It seems to me you are safe from the coming disasters. I’m guessing you were told what you needed to know. You obviously are very intelligent. I live here in Montana and am very aware of the nuances of television shows, and the blatant propaganda passed off and accepted as actual news by my fellow Americans. I know time is running out for me and my family and am becoming increasingly anxious and paranoid as the days go by. If you’re willing, I would be extremely appriciative if you could discuss some what I believe are very important topics with me. I will leave my email address in this comment, if you could please reply.

    Cheers, Levi


    • Hey Levi,
      Thanks for the “intelligent”, but thats rather an illusion ;-), and actually nothing I strive for (any more).
      You’ve got mail.
      Peace, Chaukee


  5. Dear Chaukee!
    It touches me what you write about the ‘copyright’ and its effects on earth!
    Your article is really inspiring to me, setting the focus on values and attitudes which really matter and will help us to cope with the coming impacts and all the changes which will follow.
    It’s fantastic that you started gardening taking over a piece of wasteland and I wish you a great harvest and all the joy and relaxation when working in your garden. I myself love it, as it gives inner peace and balance and connects me with the earth. I enjoy musing or contemplating when I’m in my garden.
    For the same reason I liked picking blueberries in the woods for hours when I was a child – most people would probably hate it.
    Here is the ‘Mulchbeet’ for you, a remarkable concept of easily growing plants / vegetables from the ‘Permakultur’ system – I like this walk: 5 parts

    Another one, you can find plenty of them:



    • Hey dear Venceremos,
      Thanks for your lovely comment, the vids and the links! Isn’t it funny: As soon as we realize that our duty is not to change the whole system, but to become human again, most of us find their way back to nature, start gardening, and some even stop or reduce eating meat. I think God has a pretty clear path for us when we want to stay sane around the wicked ones on this planet.
      Will dive into the infos you provided, especially with tomates I completely messed up 😉
      Always enjoy to align with your great frequency!
      Big hug, Chaukee


    • Hey truthseer,
      Is this really you, the little muslim guy from the VC disinfo post comments? Welcome back 🙂 I see you have been productive at your own forum, some people I’ve seen before at your place. Congrats and keep the information spreading!
      Peace, Chaukee


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  7. Hi, myy name is Silke, I am new to this site. I have been trying to find out what this fight bewteen the fources of Light and the fources of Dark is all about. Some 15 years ago I was badly attacked by some “Dark Forces” from another dimension – it all started with the fact that I heard voices in my head telling me all sorts of rather confusing things, I also heard the voice of God, but less frequently- naturally I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and I was in the clinic 6 tims over the last 15 years. The whole thing was about “Establishing paradise on earth” – they tried to scare me like hell and once I was in hospital suffering from an allergic shock and a voice was screaming into my head “you are going to hell” for about 10 minutes – it was incredibly awfull although I don’t and never did believe in hell. Once a really awfull and quite scary voice asked me several times – is there hell or is there no hell – Isis said to me I should be carfeul but I replied there is no hell. I had to perform all sorts of things – tying to prove that I was really fighting to establish Paradise on earth. Once they made me drive full force against a tree but luckily not much happend to me. In the end of an “episode” they always said “It is over when it’s over”. This continued for some 15 years until 2010. Since the end of last year I feel that they will not attack me again and the “fight” is over. I have no idea why they did this to me. Sometimes “they” or he – not sure if it was always the same entity called themselves “The Devil”, sometimes “God” (pretending of course) . I have been interested in spiritiuality for about 20 years and since I can remember always wanted to help people and animals. I rescued a lot of animals as a child. I feel very close to nature and am a very peaceful person who could never hurt anybody. I don’t know any of my pervious lifes or who I really am as a soul but since this year I know as far as I am concerned WE – the warriors of Light have won the fight. In actual life I have never been involved in any kind of fights not even in demonstrations. This is the first time I am writing a blog. I keep pretty much to myself and my friends and also think we cannot change the world but ourselves according to the motto “The Best Way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others” – this was said by Mahatma Gandhi. I am looking forward to anybody who would like to reply. I am German. Regards Silke


    • Hey Silke,
      Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you are well and find your connection to the helping Highest there is. Then there is no need to suffer interdimensional attacks without help any more.
      Liebe Grüsse, Chaukee


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  10. When you look at The Hitler Speech Video…you can see how
    The Bankers had ‘economically raped’ the German people PROBLEM
    Then Hitler was financed by same bankers
    Then America was financed by the same backers (For The State of Israel)
    America has been economically raped by the same bankers
    Today American Govt is Fascist in Nature blindly supporting (Bankers Israel)
    Now to fulfil The Bankers plan WW111.
    This is just an observation as I am not prejudiced against any nation and count Germans and Jews amongst my friends.


  11. Seems bizarre you follow the racist caste supremacy ISKON demonic cult. Srila Prabupadha was a racist and casteist Brahmin bigot.


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