German Lawyer charges Merkel for not informing the Public of Nuclear False Flag Attack!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Another NWO Puppet?, a german alternative media blog, wrote an article about the german lawyer Torsten van Geest who passed in an action for provisional injunction against Angela Merkel,  Chancellor of Germany, to force her to inform the public about the planned false flag nuclear attack on the opening of the 2011 Women’s Soccer World Cup in Berlin, Germany. This possible attack is debuted for some time among truthers in Germany, similar to the New Madrid rumors in the states.

The 400 page long charge details out how 9/11 was an inside job and that Bilderberg and other New World Order/Illuminati organizations are working on a next false flag operation for Germany and that Mrs. Merkel might know of it as she attained the elitist’s Bilderberg meeting before. Steven Black, an Austrian blogger who I trust one hundred percent, checked back and wrote Mr. van Geest to see if the charge was just another hoax. The answer was short and clear (translated):

Dear Mr. Black!

The action for provisional injunction is authentic. You can also find it one my website. I would welcome the distribution of this document very much!

Best regards,

Torsten van Geest


There are other insider information around stating that a unusal number of fire service drills are executed these days and that at least one of those, especially the one preparing for a bomb attack at the Dresden Dynamo Stadium, was done in secrecy…

The Resistance against the Bilderbergers and other NWO folks seems to grow. In the beginning of this year, some activists and a member of the parliament in Switzerland frightened George W. Bush enough that he did not attain a meeting of a Zionist group in Geneva for fear of being arrested for his war crimes…

Or is the Satanist shadow government just creating another, new scape goat (Merkel, Bilderberger)? There seem to be internal fights inside the dark cabal (American top Freemasons against British Rothshilds against Japanese Illuminati), this might just be another distraction for us truthers…

Here some pages of the charge:

van Geest: Action for provisional Injunction against Angela Merkel

van Geest: Action for provisional Injunction against Angela Merkel

van Geest: Action for provisional Injunction against Angela Merkel