Short Warning: Vigilant Citizen is a Illuminati Disinfo Agent!

For those of you that are in the conspiracy movement longer than I am – sorry, probably nothing new for you (perhaps you like then my article about Sitchin? 😉 ). For the rest that wants to get informed about the dark networks that are running this world and check blogs like the one of Vigilant Citizen: Beware! This guy is 100% a disinfo agent.

Is Chaukeedaar getting paranoid?

Ok, here is the story. I only occasionally run across the blog articles of VC the last couple of months and I’m only registered to new articles for some weeks now. I found them always interesting, somewhat very founded information there, just remember the famous article Sinister Sites – Astana, Khazakhstan for example. Thought he was just someone who worked in the Illuminati industry for some time and then decided to uncover the cabal. You probably thought about the same, right?

What I found strange was that logo for “The Global Information Network” on his site. It looked to me like one of these US-three-letter logos of these private cabal armies CIA, NSA, DHS, you name it. When today I saw that VC charges 10$ for his new e-book, I got suspicious (sorry, that’s just me) and decided to follow that GIN-add:

What I found was quite shocking to me: GIN tries to attract people who are interested in the Illuminati more of a subconscious feeling that they would like to be IN themselves, to feel that power to be special and inside a secret society:

One thing I will say though, is that Global Information Network markets on playing with people’s desires to feel “Special” and be included in some sort of ‘Secret Society’. Now, why people buy into stuff like that I don’t know, and how ‘Special’ is a secret society that makes you pay $150 a month and $1000 to join… well, I’ll leave that for you to decide.
Omar Briones [Source]

GIN tries to create an atmosphere of human equality and fair information participation:

There is a New World Order forming that is designed to increase the gap between the wealthy and the average working man. GIN does not agree with this movement of total control over individuals. GIN believes that EVERY person has the right to know the secrets of creating the life they want and enjoying freedom, pursuing happiness, and achieving all their dreams and desires.

But on the same page

Not all applications will be accepted and not everyone qualifies.

Kevin Trudeau, again…

I did not have to read a lot on that site to be remembered of Kevin Trudeau (I already reported about that Illuminati shill before) and right, GIN is actually another marketing and money machine of the master of cheating.


Back to topic: So there we have Vigilant Citizen advertising for GIN. Before, people have seen ads for a book about Aleister Crowley, the infamous Satanist and top freemason, on VC’s site. You also find dozens of people who report that VC has censored their comments when they were obviously not 100% in line with VCs opinion, or should I say, agenda.

So WHY does he play that game?

they are linking people to proven disinformation agents AND trying to make money off of their readers for referring them to the disinfo material…sorry, but real truthers and fighters of the new world order would not do this. It is a deceptive marketing technique by the agents. I will admit the website is loaded with lots of truths and good info….BUT – THAT is exactly how disinformation, or counter intelligence agents work. Trust me, they are not genuine. 90% of truth movement and illuminati exposing websites are in fact setup by agents – it was all manufactured because they knew people were starting to wake up. this has actually been an ongoing battle for many years now online. but i am sure you are at least somewhat aware of this by now.
UsualSuspekt [Source]

I guess VC is there to make us believe that the Illuminati are all-powerful and everywhere and program us to think we are already lost. Plus: To make some bucks from it, occult people love money and power foremost…

You know, I get so TIRED of my good faith getting abused regularly by these Illuminati manipulators! I would already be happy if my article only prevents ONE other person to feel that same frustration…

PS: I do not censor any comments. VC, if you are out there, you are free to respond. Or one of the team behind the name!

PS 2: For the case you ask yourself why chaukeedaar is on the web on october 28th, when the resistance is supposed to stop the system for one day: I crawl out of the globalist system step by step in my own pace. I don’t need a specific date for that, and I don’t want ALL the system to be stopped as I cannot take the responsibility of all the dead and suffering people from such an event… I want the top and globalist part of the system to end, not everything, as I’m not a communist nor an utopist.

Update 12/20/2011

As of today, this short article of mine got 699 comments in about two months. My post about VC’s sinister connection to the Illuminati scam site “GIN” has kicked off a discussion that uncovered other unethical/totalitarian habits of the VC crew (especially in regards of censoring posts that contained unwanted questions towards VC and banning a load of members without warning and reason). We had a full spectrum of COINTELPRO techniques spreading out on my blog, many weird imaginary “people” have come over from the VC forums and tried to hijack the discussion first towards religion, then to fake impersonation games, and also to pornography. But also many honest, bright thinking people stepped in, you may want to search for the comments of “femalopharo”, “Not Your Ordinary Citizen”, “Pluto”, “truthseer” and “io”. It really was a shitstorm, but it was worth it if I read comments like that one from femalepharo:

From the occult perspective, it has been said that Masonic images and other things appear purposely because through giving us these secrets they stick to their own codes and basically initiate us without our knowledge. If you are a read person of revelations, as I do not claim to be, one of the questions was “if you know the mark of the beast why would you receive it”? Obviously, it is through trickery and only the wise will refuse it.

THE SITE IS AN INITIATION! Remember the question of: “are we just seeing this more because we realize it, or are they doing it more now for publicity” .
HA! It is both! And the publicity is getting us accustomed to their rank and file in the order.

Namaste, Chaukee

David Icke – Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor

The following video is the best concentration of essential truth about our global economic and political situation I’ve ever seen. If you want to understand the debt based monetary system, the goals of the globalists (e.g. one world bank and government as I’ve reported yesterday on my article about the Vatican paper) and find real solutions in the Occupy protests (and avoid its pitfalls), please take half an hour of your time and understand! And don’t worry: It’s not about lizards 😉

Next little Step towards the New World Order: Vatican speaks out for One World Financial Government!

Finally, the Vatican publicly committed to the New World Order (again?): In this text called “Note on the reform of the international financial and monetary systems in the context of global public authority” published yesterday by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, they officially support a global financial government and a global public authority/one world government under the UN!

And Reuters revealed why the elite is interested in the OWS-movement:

The document from the Vatican’s Justice and Peace department should please the” Occupy Wall Street “demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn.

The whole great play of Hegel’s dialectic laid down in front of our eyes, also called Problem-Reaction-Solution: Lets bombard the world populace with negative financial news for a couple of years and they will finally welcome a world financial government… They even go to the streets in masses to help the cabal turn around the system into the New World Order!

Conspiracy theorists and specialists on secret societies have written about it for a long time and in many books: The Vatican and its inner driving force, the Jesuits, is as much part of the world-wide secret global elite as the Illuminati, Skull & Bones and OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) are.

Masonic hand-shake between the Pope and Tony Blair

In “TranscEnding the Global Power Game“ Armin Risi describes the inner fight of anti and pro masonic forces inside the Vatican, and the Catholic Church even forbid its members to join freemasonry by penalty of excommunication in 1918. I must admit that for some time I wanted to believe that the Vatican is really a last stand against the cabal. But with this text of yesterday it’s no question any more who has won the internal battle.

Here are some excerpts from the Vatican document:

Specific attention should be paid to the reform of the international monetary system and, in particular, the commitment to create some form of global monetary management, something that is already implicit in the Statutes of the International Monetary Fund.

A supranational Authority of this kind should have a realistic structure and be set up gradually. It should be favourable to the existence of efficient and effective monetary and financial systems.

On the way to building a more fraternal and just human family and, even before that, a new humanism open to transcendence, Blessed John XXIII’s teaching seems especially timely… He also expressed the hope that one day “a true world political authority” would be created.

In the same spirit of Pacem in Terris, Benedict XVI himself expressed the need to create a world political authority.

The text visibly struggles to create an aura of humanism and participation around the proposed one world government:

Instead, it is the world Authority that should put itself at the service of the various member countries, according to the principle of subsidiarity.

Ok, how naive can they possibly get? Every big consortium has become completely corrupt from the inside, namely the United States of America, The European Union as well as the United Nations! The greatest danger of the catholic church is nested deep in its structure: Hierarchical/Pyramid thinking!

It would seem logical for the reform process to proceed with the United Nations as its reference because of the worldwide scope of its responsibilities, its ability to bring together the nations of the world, and the diversity of its tasks and those of its specialized Agencies.

Does the Vatican realize that the U.N. is initiated and owned by the globalist cabal? Has anybody researched the role of the Rockefeller family and the other Illuminati elitist? How can the Vatican support an organzation like the U.N. that openly prepares a one world, new age based, religion? There can only be one answer: They are PART OF THIS CABAL!

They also state that global financial government does not work without a political global government:

However, this would require not only a reflection on the economic and financial level, but also and first of all on the political level, so as to create the set of public institutions that will guarantee the unity and consistency of the common decisions.

It is the task of today’s generation to recognize and consciously to accept these new world dynamics for the achievement of a universal common good. Of course, this transformation will be made at the cost of a gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation’s powers to a world Authority and to regional Authorities, but this is necessary at a time when the dynamism of human society and the economy and the progress of technology are transcending borders, which are in fact already very eroded in a globalized world.

The rest is a list of the old known, masonic world enslavement principles:

  • Taxation on financial transactions to create a world monetary fund
  • Goal of a universal common (communist?) good
  • Promoting these ideas through brainwash at Universities
  • “Enlighten” (!) world opinion by the media (mainstream mind control):

The same effort is required from all those who are in a position to enlighten world public opinion in order to help it to brave this new world, no longer with anxiety but in hope and solidarity.

I have no doubt: The One World Bank, probably to be located in the City of London, is prepared and ready to go. The world’s gold is already there to back up the new one world currency. The gold reserves of the U.S. have disappeared like the ones of Switzerland and possibly many other countries. The coins are already designed! Ever wondered why so many Illuminati shills promote the return to the gold standard? Somebody on this planet is really rich in terms of gold!


By now reclaiming its influence on politics, a role the catholic church already had during the past centuries, they are either incredibly stupid and have no idea about the New World Order plans of the elite, or they are part of it. To me personally, the latter is proven with this document.

Revolutions 2011: Demonstrations vs. Civil Disobedience and Nonviolent Resistance

This year 2011 will surely enter our history books as a phase where ordinary people stood up and took a stand against undemocratic political structures, corporate power abuse and a complete corrupt financial system.

Revolution 2011 in Egypt [Source]

In the long run, however, we will all realize that those revolutions only sold us the ILLUSION of change, not real change at all. Some might even discover that those revolutions where not at all people-initiated, but steered and manipulated by the same hidden powers that the people thought they would fight. For example, many awaken alternative news journalists and bloggers have already shown very quickly that the arab spring revolutions were all planned and staged by George Soros’ Open Society Institute:

Colour Revolutions: Soros foundation and U.S. influence

Opponents of the colour revolutions often accuse the Soros Foundation and/or the United States government of supporting and even planning the revolutions in order to serve western interests. It is noteworthy that after the Orange Revolution several Central Asian nations took action against the Open Society Institute of George Soros with various means – Uzbekistan, for example, forced the shutting down of the OSI regional offices, while Tajik state-controlled media have accused OSI-Tajikistan of corruption and nepotism.


You don’t have to research very long on Soros to find the role he plays in the worldwide Illuminati cabal… So why are the most powerful and wealthy blood lines in the world interested in these revolutions in the first place?

George Soros [Source]

Revolutions as Pre-Stage for the New World Order

The 200 “Illuminati” families that run this world in secrecy still follow their old  and long exposed master plan ORDO AB CHAO (order out of chaos) to achieve their complete global domination (one world government + one world religion). Does anybody need more proof than 9/11 for this statement?

Any chaos that can be created in these days of change that does not lead back to these traitors is welcome for them as they still believe their luciferian plan will work out.

  • Terrorism threat: almost entirely staged
  • Financial troubles: wanted
  • Revolutions: initiated and steered
  • Wars: created and needed for their “economy” and profit


Even if the revolutions that now seem to have swapped over to the United States with the “Occupy” movement will lead to SOME change and some marionettes be replaced, the corrupt core will not change for

  1. the core people (or should I say “entities”) of the dark cabal are not known to the public and even to most conspiracy specialists
  2. the system essentially stays the same, e.g. dept based monetary system, interest system, representative democracy, global corporations and so on

Eventually most of the demonstrations will lead to violence and thus chaos. From one side, the puppet masters’, violence is wanted and easily provoked by the police. From the other side, the “simple-minded” demonstrators still outnumber the spiritually or ethically awakened protestors. It’s hard to keep a revolution peaceful if it mostly consists of people brainwashed by a violent entertainment culture, violent school systems and violent religions.

For all of these reasons I do not find it a good idea to go on the streets for demonstrations. The manipulative elite is hit much more efficiently by consistently following and distributing the idea of civil disobedience.

By demonstrating, you essentially state that you believe in and subordinate under the current order and political system and have a rest of faith that the elite is interested in your opinions and needs and eventually will listen to you.  This is a lack of understanding of how the powers to be function from the inside. They actually look at you this way – complaining sheep that does not understand.

Civil Disobedience as a Means for Peaceful Revolutions

The first principle of non-violent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating.

Cesar Chavez [Source]

Instead of dumb demonstrations I suggest that we start searching for means to change our reality. Lets discuss all over the web, with our loved ones, with our neighbours and co-workers, with people we meet on the streets or elsewhere, what we can effectively do to overcome the problems of our planet in very practical ways. We now need solutions, ideas that work from the small, from the individual, the family, the community. Forget about countries or supranational organizations or even regional political entities. The old systems and power structures will NOT help us at all.

The first small steps can be done by everyone willing:

  • Stop supporting large corporations: Get your daily needs from regional, small stores or even directly from farmers and local producers, if possible
  • Try to get a work that is close to where you live. Less transportation reduces environmental impact, frees you time and money (recalculate!). Also move out of cities: These are the worst and most dangerous places when things go down.
  • Stop dept slavery: Do not get credits or try to pay them pack as soon as possible. Reduce your materialistic needs and replace it with a more fulfilling mission
  • Quit unethical jobs as soon as possible (e.g. military, intelligence jobs)
  • Learn how to sustain yourself and your loved ones
  • Change the world from the inside: Occupy yourself with the ethical and spiritual teachings of your choice. Abandon dogmatic thinking and “believing”, start building your spiritual intuition and sense of positivity

Detach from banks, liquidate what holdings you can, and invest in a lifestyle outside of their world. Don’t participate. They can’t sell their wicked machinations if we’re not buying it.
Zen Gardner [Source]

I would like to close with the following statement from Maria-Lourdes from the lupo cattivo blog (translated from german):

Who wants to change the world comes of best by starting with him/herself… Sure, that sounds like a lame cliché, but in what kind of world could we live if the majority of us only could defeat the worst of our individual personal weaknesses?

Who, for example, has high consumer credits or real estate debt, most certainly has not been tricked or cheated by the banks, the money lenders or power brokers (…), but has taken the loans out of convenience, stupidity, status considerations, consumerism, or too many TV shows etc., only to immediately afford something he / she did not merit or earn already at that moment and most likely is superfluous anyway. No one is forced to sign under their first real estate or consumer loan contract. Yet no one will be forced to read newspapers, watch television or go to the movies.
Who has eventually become aware of his/her weaknesses will not build a house, will abstain from unnecessary consumption, ignore the mass media, never again draw his credit card or account, thus don’t bring himself in dependence of moneylenders and therefore needs no protection laws or scapegoats.
Anyone who believes that violence and / or coercion can never be a solution, will not use force or compulsion (even if he had the power) or call for it, to achieve a goal, not even for a “good” goal / ideal (…).

Back to the roots! [Source]

Conspiracy Theories versus Spirituality

I’ve translated the following article from the german original with kind permission of Steven from There is so much wisdom for the truth-seeking people in it – but also the doomed, egomaniac, psychopath and unloving might wake up from their blood lust. Read with your souls and understand!

Conspiracy Theories versus Spirituality

by stevenblack, October 6th 2011

It’s funny that the comment from Monika to the last post animated me to write about this subject. But the topic itself has occupied me for some time. You see, synchronicity within my articles can also work the other way, from you to me.

What I really find great .. 😉


For those who are not interested in the comments on my blog – which is unfortunate by itself, because this blog only gets interesting from the comments – here a brief play-back:

Recently I got back to my reading of “The Biggest Secret” by David Icke.
According to Icke, it looks like psychopaths are humans that do some preliminary work for certain entities. If we believe Icke, the entire political caste and economy is infiltrated by these people. Wouldn’t we call this system of control rather “stupid” if it would just left the esoteric and consciousness-movement aside?

It’s not about psychopaths, although they certainly have to play their role. But really at the heart of Monika’s comments lies the latent danger of disinformation, which is particularly important for those people who overcome the “conventional explanations” and began to ask their own questions.

And since such people – almost inevitably, one is tempted to say – turn to spirituality, Monika sees a danger coming upon those people by the esoteric – and other sources of the “consciousness industry”.


Of course she is absolutely right about it! And in the same context I would like to mention  another comment:

I even go a step further and think that this scene is an important part of the system so that the business with fear runs really smoothly.

Yes! One could even argue that in effect a significant number of the many offers of the “consciousness industry”  represent pivotal points of a program, a program that I would call “to the last resting place”.

It serves the purpose of lulling us back, those who are already awake and go their own way of self-responsibility. But still we should NOT fear these programs!

Of course there ARE mind control programs within esotericism and also, even especially, in spirituality, the “difference” might only be found in the degree and level of disinformation. They are something like a “last frontier”, to keep us inside the manipulator’s prison.

It may sound strange, but we can even benefit from disinformation, because disinformation actually “lives” from an intermixture of correct information and their lies. Of course, these are “detours”, as it takes time to realize this circumstance – but that should not be a problem if we simply continue on our “path” and keep searching in order to answer our questions.

THAT is essentially what drives me, for example! And I just think that this will also be the case for all other truth seekers: we have questions. And who is halfway earnest with himself, even the worst disinformation presents nothing else than a detour, a nuisance one, for sure.


But, after all, we are currently living in the most dense of all worlds known to us: The third dimension will NEVER be made as such that these answers come to us with ease. And it remains very doubtful if the “transformation process” will change this  – I do not know, but I doubt it. Sure, many things will become much easier, this rigid form of control and spiritual oppression will disappear. (Bye-bye – and don’t you write a postcard 😉 ..)

My realization is that all the experiences we have gone through as a soul – I do not only mean our human incarnations by that – taught us many different lessens. Sure, maybe, we have been here many times in human form, but we certainly have also been astral spirits, flowers, animals – who knows how old we really are as souls?

It seems to somehow be a long time since I began to seek for answers to all the many probing questions that forced themselves upon me, the older I got. Though it have only been 10-11 years in which I read mountains of “smart books”, listened to lectures and seminars, all from people who believed to have the ONE answer themselves..

And probably all of them thought to have THE ONE truth, a pure, true and genuine truth. Although, lets rather say, some of them thought so, as nowhere else there are as many disinfo agents among the “enlightened”, cheaper by the dozen – what I actually only know as of now.

As many other people I’ve rummaged through the sheer mass of conspiracy literature, which, indeed, by the 1990s where not so widely distributed. Still in the years 1970-1980, “Whistleblowers”, true ones indeed, were just killed. Then, since the 1990s, this was practiced more seldom by the powers to be, because there were more and more of these “maverick elements”,  and murder probably became rated as “inefficient way”. After all, a murder was a clear indicator for the direction where it originated from and served as some kind of “indirect proof”.


Who went though this old-school conspiracy literature is also aware that today this very genre has been twisted to an other way of “fear mongering”.

Really, I do not want to sugarcoat anything, there is some information out there that made me have the “hair on end”. This is certainly NOT a simple, nor easy way to get answers. And I can understand why many people say that they prefer to rather not know. Truths are scary, for sure, especially if you only know the “truths” fabricated by the “All Lies Media Corporation”, which only serve to keep us in happy sleep and shape reality according to their own wishes.

All those organizations, secret societies and semi secret, conspiratorial associations, with their negative rituals that even don’t halt in front of child sacrifices and God knows what other evil intentions they may have, may well lead to some people think: “Oh my God – we are all lost”.


The GOOD NEWS, however: This fearful state only lasts for a short time, for some it doesn’t even arise, but as I said, it only lasts for the process of “digesting” that information, processing it and put it into the right context.

This is where the all important “aspect” shows up, why it does not work without spirituality:

Without being “armed” with a spiritual way of thinking, or a positive philosophy respectively, fear is going to “eat you up”. A spiritual view of the whole issue however, which concerns, after all, our very “being human”, will show us that it does not have to bother us – may the “dark forces” and their human henchmen within the various organizations be so many and their intentions so wicked and perverted and their hearts so cold as possible!

The “right context” – in my view – is that we humans are by far more powerful and stronger than they like us to believe. Meanwhile, even that insight itself has become an “old hat”, since quantum physics shook the very foundation of our world view and offered a stable basis for this way of thinking to millions of people.


The “right context” is – we humans have creative powers that are, even in their smallest impact, visible by the so-called “observer effect”. It is said that the “high initiates” in the grades of the Illuminati would have so much knowledge that would be considered as downright fantastic, in comparison with “normal people”. Okay, that may have been like this once, but today it has become just meaningless.

Meanwhile, I’m relatively sure about this, it means nothing any more, absolutely nothing! At least not for those of us who are willing to learn. ALL KNOWLEDGE is now available again, although these groups attempt to dilute the underlying principles. It doesn’t help them any more!

Who REALLY wants to KNOW, gets it! It’s simple! The more we are connected to our true selves , our true kernel, and not with one of those artificial identities 😕 – the more confident and stronger we are inside, the easier we will get this information.

And just by the way, WHAT did they gain through all their knowledge? WHAT have they done with it? Correct: They sold it out for “30 pieces of silver”! It was used to suppress, in order to enrich themselves and directed against their very OWN SPECIES! (Comment by the translator: That is one theory, the other states that the global elite / cabal is partly not human and thus not part of our species 😉 )

They let themselves be lured by the “astral buttheads” (sorry, it just came over me ..) and let themselves be degraded to play their henchmen. Instead, this knowledge could have been utilized to build a FREE WORLD for FREE PEOPLE. There is no way to call this a “wise decision” ..


Okay, let us not overstate it: In reality, we can recognize their limited, oh-so “great power” from the fact that we had to  go through some “detours”, but finally the time has come, IT IS HERE and haunts into their astral long faces: their dead, cold and corrupt system will fall.

The time for fear programs has expired, all of their disinformation will not prevent this. Just as psychopaths try to imitate “normal people”, those elitist losers tried to imitate LIFE! Caught in the irrational belief that they were bigger, better, stronger than the Goddess/Creator/Creation, a very clear case of self-overhypedness.

The sooner we become aware of our repressed and hidden emotions again and allow them to be, the quicker we will get COMPLETE again. We humans are sentient, what after all is the most important “ingredient” from the force of creation. What essentially is the reason – why we are attacked so insistently from all possible directions.


It has become obvious, it’s not just any award, but a reality: KNOWLEDGE PROTECTS!

And finally to once again return to the beginning of this article, where Monika directed us to the fact that manipulation also exists in spirituality:

Sure, the human existence is often complicated, it is complex, as these matryoshka figures, you know, those ever-smaller, inside-each-other, Russian dolls. In fact, on this beautiful planet called Earth, there is “free will”, a concept that in its extreme form, unfortunately, includes the ability to break the will of others, to manipulate it, to seduce,  shape and harass.


Should we therefore go without spirituality? Or without conspiracy or awakening literature? Certainly not! That would mean the victory of these blenders and “owners of half-truths,” those “keepers of dead knowledge” and “soul sellers”. For my sake, leave them their “joy”, nothing more has grown from it than some detours and re-searches. Who really has questions does not stop seeking until he or her has found the answer that vibrates with him/her! That may lead to the unfortunate fact that as a human being you only get those answers you are mature and receptive for – but is that so bad?

It all takes its time ..

My God, let us lough about these buffoons, eventually we might even “give them credit” for that we internalized very well our knowledge we learned the hard way? But never would I go as far as to call them “necessary”, as some do in their very popular “light / dark” examples..


This world will be going much better, and the people on it, if this “variety” is threatened of extinction..

The conspiracy literature is a valuable, important part to bring people to the right track. By the way, interestingly, this is also the case of books about nutrition, they provide a ‘gateway’ to the true understanding of being human and it’s “schism”.

Oh, and to those of the conspiracy authors who thought to proclaim the ONLY truth: It’s even not possible mathematically from the sheer mass of these “answers”. Or, maybe it is? Perhaps it may have been right FOR THEM, that’s how I mean it works.

And that is why it is so important to have your own questions:

Because there are only your own and personal truths out there!

And only then, I suspect, will these truths truly make us FREE! Namely from the inside ..