Chaukeedaar’s first Birthday!

Happy birthday to my blogging nickname 🙂

On december 14th 2010 I posted my first article after I decided to be a guide for newbies to the alternative reality that is out there, mainly suppressed information on spirituality, alien visitors, globalist conspiracies. That was three months after my “strange encounter“.

I’m not sure if I really did a good job, at least some comments were quite constructive. I’m personally quite tired about reading all that other blogs that post on a daily basis, mostly copy-pasting other sources, or articles that are written in a flush with no backup and founding links in it. That’s why I decided to go another way, post seldom, and try to cover a topic in a broader, explaining way.

As in terms of quantity, 66000 page hits is not awesome, even more considering that half of the hits were done on the comet elenin post, an article that I regretted haven written long before it was clear that is was another scam / fear mongering event. The reason being, that unfortunately many readers obviously did not really get the speculative way it was written and the unease it may have distributed among trustful people…

My personal favorites are the ones about the Occupy movement and real resistance, on how to distinguish between negative and positive aliens, a statement for a fairer world and New Age and Luciferianism.

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by and especially to the people who left their comment and shared their lovely spirit!

I hope I did not do too much wrong, thank you Krishna for letting me have this interesting experience!

Yours, Chaukee

My Information Sources

My posts got quite controversial lately when I stopped believing all alternative/conspiracy web sources, namely the Vigilant Citizen, Zecharia Sitchin, the “Occupy” movement in general and last but not least, the Alien Disclosure hype. On another blog I got beats for my sceptic opinion on the movie “Thrive”.

Now three times I was more or less diplomatically asked if I was a disinformation agent myself 😉

Source: 25 Rules of Disinformation

And after Blake’s careful question about my information sources I realized that it is about time to update the information on my background (extending my second written article “Who is Chaukeedaar?“, so to speak, that shows my way until I started blogging), and additionally have a blog roll of my own. She put it down so eloquently that I allow myself to copy her full comment:

I am relatively new to the search for information on the topic of Illuminati or any “conspiracy theory” for that matter. I have commented on another post of yours about Sitchin. It wasn’t that long ago, but I spend a lot of free time researching. I learn something new everyday. My original intention of my research was to find evidence that we aren’t alone in the universe when it comes to other intelligent life forms. But lately I’m getting confused and turned around. All this information is just stacking on top of more information and mixed into all of it is opinion and perhaps corruption. When I read other blogs where the authors seem so knowledgeable and confident about certain things I have a hard time believing it. If something like the Illuminati is so powerful and so secret how could anyone know so much about it, without being apart of it? I am not saying you are, but I guess I am just stuck on where to find real information. I came across the VC website. I found it interesting and also had a suspicious feeling about it. I realize using my head is the best way to discredit someone such as noticing they are selling things or referring everyone to join this group to get all of the inside info. I guess i am asking you, where do you get your information from? And what makes your information the trump over anyone else’s? I am not trying to attack you or say anything you say is false. It’s just I keep finding myself coming to your blog and usually your blog is saying that all the information I just read, is false or misleading…

First off, I do not think that my information trumps every one else’s! I’m exactly in the same (disturbed) position as anyone else on the web, swimming in a sea of copy-and-pasted information and opinions. But the one thing I can reassure you is that I DO NOT HAVE ANY HIDDEN AGENDA, my only agenda is trying to be as honest and truthful as possible and make as few mistakes as possible.

The reason why I got controversial is probably that I’ve personally come a very long way in terms of a view of the world. I’ve seen religious and even sectarian brainwash from the inside (when a child), be it the catholic church or an evangelist sect, I’ve gone trough a more scientific education but always had a strong sense of spirituality all the time. I now rather get suspicious on information sources not by what they say, but by what they do not say…


I think the most resilient background I get from real books or e-books. Here are the ones that are important to me at the moment:

TranscEnding the Global Power Game by Armin Risi

The Gods of Eden by William Bramley

Discerning Alien Disinformation by Montalk

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Communication with the Spirit World of God – Its Laws and Purpose by Johannes Greber

Life after Life by Doctor Raymond A. Moody

Bhagavad-Gītā As It Is

Die Schönheit des Selbst by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (could not find the name of the english version of this book)


These are the blogs I follow, but not all from a perspective that I could recommend them, but to keep an eye on the suspected 😉

I’m just wondering by Zen Gardner

Why O’ Why?

Puppetworld Post

Occult Propagenda

Science of Truth

Photonic Portal 2037

Humans are free

Divine Cosmos (more of disinfo curiosity…)

Benjamin Fulford (I don’t think the master of bull needs much comment…)

The following blogs are in german:


Noicon: First class detector of occult symbolism

Skywatch Melle

Grenzwissenschaft Aktuell

We are Change Switzerland


lupo cattivo – gegen die Weltherrschaft

Alles Schall und Rauch


YouTube Channels

On my YouTube Channel you find the vids that I really can stand behind.
Here’s some of the channels I’ve subscribed:


















German spoken channels:


If you pick the first one or two of each list you get a pretty close look on what my mind is up to at the moment.

This is really a good time to sharpen our intuition… 🙂

Namaste, Chaukee