Anonymous vs. Illuminati – A Structural Comparison

Update as of 06.02.2013: The following article must be considered as one of my more naive writings – many things have happened in the last two years that made clear that Anonymous was at least hijacked on several activities by the wicked global imperialists, especially in the case of the arab spring revolutions. As a conspiracy theorist, what concerns me also, is the use of occult symbolism like the satanist/masonic V-symbol and the Guy Fawkes mask, celebrating a jesuit influenced fanatic catholic who tried to blow up the english parliament in 1605 – clearly not a proponent of democracy or nonviolent resistance.

Some time ago I’ve read an excellent article on a german online IT magazine ( about how the movement “Anonymous” works. Immediately I was struck by how completely different this self organized, free will based movement functions compared to its main antagonist, the world-wide Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy, that is based on a regressive pyramid of power. I’d like to present my findings and hope I can help to raise the awareness for the importance of such grass-roots movements as the “Anonymous” are.

What is Anonymous and how does it work?

I’m personally not yet involved in the Anonymous movement, but here’s what I’ve found from various sources. Mainstream media has quite talked a bit about it (especially about Operations Payback, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Libia), but only few understand its essence. Most of the active persons in the Anonymous IRC sessions (Internet Relay Chat) are not classic hackers or crackers, but ordinary, deliberate people getting involved. Here is a spot on article on Puppetworld Post explaining why Anonymous is not about hacking.

There is NO hierarchical structure, and thus no leadership in Anonymous. For specific campaigns individuals can be involved more than others, but this normally changes from topic to topic. It is impossible to talk of a common “intention” of Anonymous, as well as exactly tell the number of involved individuals in a campaign, nor to really manipulate or control the movement. Everybody can join in and see the information and statements. If people don’t agree on a specific action or idea, they don’t contribute, but may be in again for the next operation.

The basic structural attributes of Anonymous are:

  • The activists are and stay unknown to each other, thus “anonymous”
  • No designated leadership: “Anyone can lead where everyone will follow”
  • Open information
  • Total free will, every individual decides for itself – grass-roots democracy. Everybody contributes according to his/her interests and capabilities
  • Distributed technical structure
  • Only small common agenda: Defense of freedom of speech at any cost

Much of the oppression in the world is done by stealth, in secrecy: the villains are anonymous whether they be part of dictatorships, democratic governments, corporations, or secret societies of the ultra-rich. For a protest group to be anonymous levels the playing field.
From: Puppetworld Post

Structure of the Illuminati/Top-Freemason Cabal

The "Illuminated Elite" - Arch-Masons directly involved in Black Magic Power Rituals and Paedophilia

The basic structural attributes of the Illuminati are:

  • Hierarchical chain of command
  • Completely compartimented structure in vertical and horizontal way: Strictly regulated information flow from top to bottom (including deceptive information on various levels)
  • Infiltration of all powerful organizations (banks, governments, UN, corporations, media, military, churches)
  • The people on the lower levels of the pyramid are known to the upper levels, but not vice-versa
  • Ruthlessly forced power by blackmailing, creating dependency by money/existential fears, fear in general
  • Massive, secret and harmful agenda on top level (keywords: one world government and religion, social engineering/manipulation of society/mind control/media, world population reduction, UFO/Alien cover up, secret weapons/HAARP, suppression of alternative energy sources and technologies in general, occultism/Satanism)

It’s probably not too wrong when we conclude that the Illuminati are the complete opposite of the Anonymous! This is a rather interesting finding when we extend it to the spiritual question:

Illuminati spiritual characteristics which are driven by:

In that context I’m about to say that Anonymous is one movement that helps the positive spiritual orientation on this planet to succeed. The ideas of human rights, fairness, equality, thus positivity in general, are definitely on the good side, if you call that side God does not matter that much, does it?

Attacking Freedom Fighters by Attacking the Internet?

Well informed and organized masses are very hard to control or to beat. Mankind seems to awaken in many respects and I guess the elite feels that their stand is lost. Nevertheless they don’t give up, as this is not an option in their reptile mind-set. So we might expect some draconian attempts of getting control over the internet or even shutting down parts of it in the near future.

Their problem at the moment is how much their corporations have embraced the internet. If they try to shut it down they risk immense financial loss or even a worldwide economic breakdown. So censorship is more of a realistic option here. But as long as some sort of internet is running, the free people of the world will find holes to use it for the relief of mankind.

I would suggest to watch the stock prices of companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Ebay, MSN. If they all decline in parallel out of a sudden, the elite sells their share and gets prepared for internet takeover. You might also want to see my article Wikileaks OR Have the Illuminati/Freemason underestimated the Internet?

Thanks to Anonymous, our Future has begun

The main fear of the dark cabal is numbers. They are few, we are legion. Thanks to the internet, our legion gets self organized and thus unbeatable.

Anonymous has waken up to protect freedom and the rights of all humans. Anonymous will use any available means to fight this fight. Up to the end, whatever this will be.

Update: Anonymous declares war on Pentagon

Funny coincidence: Only a couple of hours after I’ve posted this article I found the following video on the RT America YouTube channel:

Anonymous declares war on Pentagon:

Is it wise to declare war on the Pentagon because of one tortured individual, Bradley Manning? I mean, today we find ourselves in a situation where the powerful elite is just waiting for reasons, or merely provoking them, to turn the Internet Kill Switch and boot up their totalitarian police state. But from an ethical point of view “Anonymous” is absolutely on the right side. Bradley Manning, this poor and courageous man is a hero for human rights and needs our help, support and prayers.

There are again the super sceptic voices that think this Anonymous Operation against the Pentagon named BRADICAL is false flag. Who knows? But if you’ve read my explanation about the structure and functioning of Anonymous above it should be clear that manipulation is VERY improbable.

I’m very curious on how effective Anonymous’ weapons of information war are against the Pentagon and if there are many freedom fighters joining in, knowing that they attack a quite aggressive, powerful and dangerous enemy… On the other hand, no real damage is needed – symbolic or timely effects on the military networks are sufficient to activate mainstream media and raise worldwide pressure against U.S. torture practices.