Anonymous vs. Illuminati – A Structural Comparison

Update as of 06.02.2013: The following article must be considered as one of my more naive writings – many things have happened in the last two years that made clear that Anonymous was at least hijacked on several activities by the wicked global imperialists, especially in the case of the arab spring revolutions. As a conspiracy theorist, what concerns me also, is the use of occult symbolism like the satanist/masonic V-symbol and the Guy Fawkes mask, celebrating a jesuit influenced fanatic catholic who tried to blow up the english parliament in 1605 – clearly not a proponent of democracy or nonviolent resistance.

Some time ago I’ve read an excellent article on a german online IT magazine ( about how the movement “Anonymous” works. Immediately I was struck by how completely different this self organized, free will based movement functions compared to its main antagonist, the world-wide Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy, that is based on a regressive pyramid of power. I’d like to present my findings and hope I can help to raise the awareness for the importance of such grass-roots movements as the “Anonymous” are.

What is Anonymous and how does it work?

I’m personally not yet involved in the Anonymous movement, but here’s what I’ve found from various sources. Mainstream media has quite talked a bit about it (especially about Operations Payback, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Libia), but only few understand its essence. Most of the active persons in the Anonymous IRC sessions (Internet Relay Chat) are not classic hackers or crackers, but ordinary, deliberate people getting involved. Here is a spot on article on Puppetworld Post explaining why Anonymous is not about hacking.

There is NO hierarchical structure, and thus no leadership in Anonymous. For specific campaigns individuals can be involved more than others, but this normally changes from topic to topic. It is impossible to talk of a common “intention” of Anonymous, as well as exactly tell the number of involved individuals in a campaign, nor to really manipulate or control the movement. Everybody can join in and see the information and statements. If people don’t agree on a specific action or idea, they don’t contribute, but may be in again for the next operation.

The basic structural attributes of Anonymous are:

  • The activists are and stay unknown to each other, thus “anonymous”
  • No designated leadership: “Anyone can lead where everyone will follow”
  • Open information
  • Total free will, every individual decides for itself – grass-roots democracy. Everybody contributes according to his/her interests and capabilities
  • Distributed technical structure
  • Only small common agenda: Defense of freedom of speech at any cost

Much of the oppression in the world is done by stealth, in secrecy: the villains are anonymous whether they be part of dictatorships, democratic governments, corporations, or secret societies of the ultra-rich. For a protest group to be anonymous levels the playing field.
From: Puppetworld Post

Structure of the Illuminati/Top-Freemason Cabal

The "Illuminated Elite" - Arch-Masons directly involved in Black Magic Power Rituals and Paedophilia

The basic structural attributes of the Illuminati are:

  • Hierarchical chain of command
  • Completely compartimented structure in vertical and horizontal way: Strictly regulated information flow from top to bottom (including deceptive information on various levels)
  • Infiltration of all powerful organizations (banks, governments, UN, corporations, media, military, churches)
  • The people on the lower levels of the pyramid are known to the upper levels, but not vice-versa
  • Ruthlessly forced power by blackmailing, creating dependency by money/existential fears, fear in general
  • Massive, secret and harmful agenda on top level (keywords: one world government and religion, social engineering/manipulation of society/mind control/media, world population reduction, UFO/Alien cover up, secret weapons/HAARP, suppression of alternative energy sources and technologies in general, occultism/Satanism)

It’s probably not too wrong when we conclude that the Illuminati are the complete opposite of the Anonymous! This is a rather interesting finding when we extend it to the spiritual question:

Illuminati spiritual characteristics which are driven by:

In that context I’m about to say that Anonymous is one movement that helps the positive spiritual orientation on this planet to succeed. The ideas of human rights, fairness, equality, thus positivity in general, are definitely on the good side, if you call that side God does not matter that much, does it?

Attacking Freedom Fighters by Attacking the Internet?

Well informed and organized masses are very hard to control or to beat. Mankind seems to awaken in many respects and I guess the elite feels that their stand is lost. Nevertheless they don’t give up, as this is not an option in their reptile mind-set. So we might expect some draconian attempts of getting control over the internet or even shutting down parts of it in the near future.

Their problem at the moment is how much their corporations have embraced the internet. If they try to shut it down they risk immense financial loss or even a worldwide economic breakdown. So censorship is more of a realistic option here. But as long as some sort of internet is running, the free people of the world will find holes to use it for the relief of mankind.

I would suggest to watch the stock prices of companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Ebay, MSN. If they all decline in parallel out of a sudden, the elite sells their share and gets prepared for internet takeover. You might also want to see my article Wikileaks OR Have the Illuminati/Freemason underestimated the Internet?

Thanks to Anonymous, our Future has begun

The main fear of the dark cabal is numbers. They are few, we are legion. Thanks to the internet, our legion gets self organized and thus unbeatable.

Anonymous has waken up to protect freedom and the rights of all humans. Anonymous will use any available means to fight this fight. Up to the end, whatever this will be.

Update: Anonymous declares war on Pentagon

Funny coincidence: Only a couple of hours after I’ve posted this article I found the following video on the RT America YouTube channel:

Anonymous declares war on Pentagon:

Is it wise to declare war on the Pentagon because of one tortured individual, Bradley Manning? I mean, today we find ourselves in a situation where the powerful elite is just waiting for reasons, or merely provoking them, to turn the Internet Kill Switch and boot up their totalitarian police state. But from an ethical point of view “Anonymous” is absolutely on the right side. Bradley Manning, this poor and courageous man is a hero for human rights and needs our help, support and prayers.

There are again the super sceptic voices that think this Anonymous Operation against the Pentagon named BRADICAL is false flag. Who knows? But if you’ve read my explanation about the structure and functioning of Anonymous above it should be clear that manipulation is VERY improbable.

I’m very curious on how effective Anonymous’ weapons of information war are against the Pentagon and if there are many freedom fighters joining in, knowing that they attack a quite aggressive, powerful and dangerous enemy… On the other hand, no real damage is needed – symbolic or timely effects on the military networks are sufficient to activate mainstream media and raise worldwide pressure against U.S. torture practices.

83 thoughts on “Anonymous vs. Illuminati – A Structural Comparison

  1. Whoa. that illuminati hierarchy pyramid is excellent.

    Many times the question is asked , or wondered, well “who” are they and “what” is the difference between x,y,z.

    As I suspected but did not have the knowledge to break down until seeing that, they are all a collective with diff positions.

    But, one of the questions that have been posed are if anonymous is who they so they are. Some believe it is a clever rule for the NWO to impose their internet control and censorship laws.

    Interesting theory about if the “elite sell their stocks”.

    Usually I pay no mind to stocks as I have no stocks to sell, HA, but I will keep this in mind



    • Yeah, lady, this pyramid is quite a nice overview, its widely distributed on the web and unfortunetely I did not link to the source of it. Just to say that it was NOT ME who created it!

      As for Anonymous, since I wrote all these Wikileaks and Anonymous articles many months ago I came a long way in looking at them much more sceptic and much less enthusiastic. Its quite frankly impossible that such a powerful tool as the Anonymous is NOT on the radar of the elite and their agencies. Many of the Anonymous operations that year completely aligned with George Soros goals and I’m not sure if those web kids still act on their own decisions, or rather from the masked input of some counter-agents.

      To be treated carefully, especially in regards of the internet plans of the elites, thats for sure!

      God bless you, Chaukee


    • Hmmmm… the pyramid lost me at pedophilia. How does pedophilia fit in? Pretend this is an SAT Test and pick the activity that does not fit in with the rest: Military Control, Banking Institution Manipulation, Mass Media Organization, Pedophilia Rings…


  2. Anonymous vs Illuminati. Anonymous is a non centralized group fighting for freedom of the people. the Illuminati is a cult trying to control everyone


  3. Iluminati are the bad worshipers they are things that were not created by god they coame from the 4 th dimension they want control the word by the third mondial war wich will come after something important like the london Clock will be destroyed


    • this info is very important
      dont trust anybody, trust noone, everyone can lie to you, everyone can want you to die, trust only yourself and noone else, cause thats the way you will win


      • fuck the NWO, but to say trust no one thats the way to win. Is the most brainless, cowardless, dumbest, idea i ever heard. How thats the way you win? unless thats what you are!…OMG! Trust in GOD have faith…. to beat these low life elites scums, is easy, HAVE FAITH and The People. The People is Power! You and me when we all come together. to stand up side by side with others u no nothing about is trust and faith. trust no one n u win, lol more like trust no one and you lose all alone by your lonely self….really!…. HAVE SOME COURAGE MY FRIEND


  4. Iluminati and anonymous are enemies right? because they are opposite. Is anonymous at cyberwar with iluminati? Seems about right to me, because if iluminati takes over the world the freedom of the people are gone. And anonymous is for keeping the peoples rights.

    Or could they be the same group?
    They both have connections to europe mainly, could it be a off branch of iluminati to take the attention off them to let them proceed with a plan?
    Illuminati does not act that way, if anonymous is apart of them, Thats the best way to take the heat off them. to give them room to to proceed with a plan.


    • Maybe Anon is a rogue faction of the Illuminati. Maybe they were a group of people who realized what they were doing and broke off in order to right the wrongs


      • That is exactly what it is. We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us Or Perish.


  5. illuminati will fall!:) Make THem Suffer` Illuminati` have no chance`:) Underworld Clan, Black Metal Militia, Angels of Hell , Church of Satan, Temple Of Seth will Kill Them!


  6. Greetings,

    It is important that the Anonymus community get’s the fight to the Illuminati Leaders. The power of Anonymous is not only the structure of our network, but it is also bringing the TRUTH and information to the people.
    This is a non-violent war! We have to stand for our and every rights of each person. Respect, and Help between every Human is important and that’s wy we will win against corruption. You are free to tell your opinion!

    Freedom of Speech has to stay, And if they take it from us, we will stand together and fight together.

    We are Anonymous

    We are Legion

    We do not Forgive Illuminati

    We do not Forget de Speech of the one and real President JFK

    Join us

    Expect us


    • Hey Richard,

      On a deceiving mission, are you?

      First off it is a very strained attempt trying to separate freemasons from illuminati. The illuminati do not exist any more as a proclaimed organization for a long time, and the term is mostly used today to identify the top levels (around 33 degree) of freemasons and other secret societies. As many top members attend to different of those organizations, they are all more or less tied together. But you know that.

      By stating that “we have done nothing wrong” you first admit that you are a freemason, and that you guys are innocent? When being initiated to the first level of freemasonry, didn’t you have to swear SECRECY over all you get to know inside the lodge? Didn’t you have to swear to NEVER harm anybody in any circumstance from your organization? If not, you are not a freemason but another imposter.

      So by participating in an organization that uses secrecy and a straightly fragmented, hierarchical chain of command, you are working against the principle of equality among humans. Second, by swearing to not harm another brethren, you are distributing and contributing to corruption in our society. Show me were corruption has not harmed anybody, then say again that freemasons have done nothing.

      There is another very illogical part in your statement. Freemasons block the information of the higher levels quite strictly against the lower levels. If you are not a top freemason you can thus not know what the guys above are doing in the name of the cabal you are cheering for. Either you do not know about the satanist levels, you ignore it or you are deceiving. Which one is it?

      Then you state to “Also Do not fear what you do not know”.

      Be assured that many of the awakening souls on this planet do not fear secret societies or hate its members – we just found that the time has come to take our stand in the war between good and evil. You godless people and moral relativists just twist and turn to cheat yourself. You have the right to be an agoistic and elitist person, but to lie about it is plain poor.

      But you know that too, its not important to you when distributing another piece of disinformation.

      God bless, Chaukee


  7. I wudnt agree that this is a non violent war. because the illumanati are stoping at nothing either its violent or not. the truth is indeed written in blood. if anonymouse has to kill or take another life. so be it. how far wud u go to protect the free will of humanity?


  8. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. Malcolm X


  9. I love everything this organization is doing, years ago when i first researched into the Illuminati, Bilderbergs, etc, I saw there worship of idols such as a giant owl in a forest, with a demonic voice coming from it, which brought on some curiosity (to say the least) and as i continued researching, this so called conspiracy turned to fact, but no one can convince another by simply stating this, the research must be done by the individual…but ever since, I prayed that a group would rise up and fight against this atrocity, and here they are, i can honestly say I cried like a baby, with tears of joy of course lol you people put a light at the end of the tunnel, and i commend you for it, keep it up, and be the change you want to see in the world =)


  10. Also Chaukeedaar, something that has stumped and disturbed me for years is whether anything about Cathy O’Brien and her book TRANCE formation actually true, or whether you’ve read it…because if it is actually credible, this world is more fucked up then I thought, seriously, the book was said it couldn’t be released for National Security Reasons, but I kinda stopped researching after the mind boggling lol…


    • Hey This Guy,
      Thanks for your comments: “be the change you want to see in the world”. Definitely! I would only disagree that “Anonymous” has done much for a real grassroots change until now, just check their role in the Arab Springs and what essentially came out if it yet for the people and for the elite!

      I haven’t read the book of Cathy O’Brian, I’ve heard its quite explicit. There is a load of MK Ultra victim’s testimonies and some convincing evidence for that program in my eyes, so it looks to me that these awful things were and are done. Its just VERY important that we don’t let us get pulled down emotionally by such heavy stories of these satanists. But you surely know that. I wouldn’t call this world fucked up, although “she” is suffering from other crimes of ours, but some incarnated individuals down here seem to have jumped out of hell quite clearly… But we knew that before, just have a look to our two world wars.

      Keep on researching, and thanks for stopping by!


  11. so/ you must trust yourself – provided you are not trying to hurt anyone / the elite ? I say – look at those wonderous flocks of bats, or birds, or insects in the millions. they fly and swirl as if in one organic mass. Seemingly choreographic / somehow so elegant. It almost seems intelligent. It is not led by one leader. It is simply organic. Same with people and power. Those birds and insects cannot control what they look like and the manner they get somewhere, although they do get somewhere. So, don’t worry about the elite except for one thing. Just like those organic insects and birds – so beautiful in their flight – the elite cannot truly control what they are doing. The fact that they cannot control it is the freightening thing. It is not good, and it can end badly for them and all. However – they know this, perhaps – and maybe all they care about is that they are surviving to pick up the treasure when it all fails? My attitude – I may have my life / not rich, but it is mine. I may not have art, but I have those treasures of my family. it is unique, and it is mine. It is priceless. Maniacally being driven to wealth will make you a farm animal that will derive misery to you, and someone will be there to pick up the pieces when you finally discover that secret / that secret is that no one owns anything, really. You can be a slave to evil, or a king of happiness. Just survive and do not harm.


    • If you dont understand the magnitude of this nations evil, then watch the interview Ted Gunderson gives, should be on youtube surprisingly, theres evidence, witnesses, and massive corruption, not only here but threads all over the world, I’m telling you its like a backwards version of Assassins Creed and the assassins are looking to be our enemies Lol


  12. I think the Illuminati are more daring and achieved their obejtivos, the fools of the anonymus are fantaseosos step and will fall


      • One thing I haveto stress is if there is evidence of satanism, and they’ve prospered over all these years with their agendas and remaining in shadow, then they’re HASTO be some kind of intelligent force guiding them, and if their is demons and satan, then there is a god without a doubt, and your 100% right we need to get right with god and in touch with our souls, the holy spirit, its just sad when your conditioned to a world that isn’t in touch with their spirituality, and in fact get ridiculed and condemned for it =/ sorry thats just a point I wanted to make, let it off my chest =P


  13. Everyone that wants to be anonymous can be anonymous, you only need to go to a “member” and help them.


  14. i want to be anonymous. i know this is one of my mission here on earth. i want to live my life to the fullest.


    • I feel the exact same way, I feel the ones blessed with open eyes are to take responsibility, especially for the ones who haven’t woken up yet, and do what we can to spread awareness or something, and anonymous seems like the surest bet to have a fighting chance, BUT I have my doubts about them, I’ve seen tons of anonymous people acting strange, almost as if to discredit the agendas, when in reality, thats what the group is dedicated to, but I guess you really cant label a whole group when just about anyone can join right?


  15. Anonymous: There are people that wanted to branch off of Anonymous and made small groups so they could cover more ground. These groups are amazing and we look to Anonymous and “anonymous events” to happen. This is good hope that there is a yin to the Illuminati yang. There is supposedly a conspiracy paper that covers a lot attempting to be published in Fort Worth Texas by a student. It apparently exposes every thing from Illuminati to masons, bohemian grove, bilderberg, control of media and celebraties and more. I look forward to hopefully getting my hands on it.


    • Hey Org-X,
      The branching-off of some groups from anonymous is very good news. Its ideas that change the world (and its normally the dark side that uses this knowledge against us for centuries now), so it can be called “anonymous” or anything else, the IDEA of electronic collaboration to fight together for fairness worldwide and against the cabal is what makes it all powerfull. Its the same with wikileaks: Assange has been turned or always was pro zionist elitists and Wikileaks thus useless in the quest for real truth, but the IDEA of technically ensured anonymity for whistleblowers changes the world by itself.

      I would look forward to hear about this conspiracy paper – but if it gets published, its normally only the parts they let us know willfully 😉

      Thanks a lot and peace, Chaukee


      • I hope only to inspire the people. Heroes are those who use their own life to fight for a cause. To be called a hero you are said to fight for good. It’s simple. There is good and evil and the line between them is suppose to be clear. It’s suppose to be simple, but it’s not. When that small line becomes hazed from the good walking over to evil and evil to good it is uncertain. What do you do when your hero walks down the center. When the vigilante you first thought was hero, does not even see themselves as hero or a criminal. You wish you could ask who they fight for, but you can’t. All you can rely on is some type of faith, faith that hopefully the good you know of is the right one…I believe right, wrong, or in between this is a cause that must be fought no matter what………in other words and as cliche as it is………….bring it on government


      • Does anyone know what they were conferencing about in when the Benghazi embassey was attacked?


      • Chaukee, your alright in my book Lol keep up the good work and spreading awareness, I think I will check in on this site regularly now, maybe help those that need understanding of these things or even just to peak my interest lol theres very little I dont know about all this, but I’m always willing to learn more if possible =P


  16. Also. Please do not forget tomorrow. It is related to the last year post and few post throughout the past months. It is November 5th 2012: Day zero Operation V. Please Google or Youtube the video and gather in front of your local senate or courthouses to protest. We do not forgive or forget. We are Americans, we are legion. EXPECT US!


      • One of my favorite games of all time refers to this, Assassins Creed lol the way I see it anyway, the templars are illuminati, and anonymous is Assassins XP I know it doesn’t directly refer to it but, I see it their, and I love pretending it either way Lol


  17. To the anonymous user that may, or may not, have seen my inquiry about Bengahzi. Thank you. Coincidences are always key when they show up at the right time.


  18. Nice Anonymous….. Enemy of Illuminati?? fighting for freedom?? HAH! they can be part of the web its hard to trust with this happenings illuminatis are not to be taken lightly the web of illuminatis are very big they make some organisations to fight them but its just a front those organisations are still part of illuminati just a decoy to have many followers theres only one question are the anonymous part of web?? I know information which illuminatis want to close
    they want anyone to it (but i it) im not joiking guys Illuminati buried many information
    I give one information as a bonus ILLUMINATI KNOW NON-HUMAN ABILITIES I SEEN ONE
    thats why “we” fight LIGHT WITH DARKNESS illuminati means light thats why we fight it with darkness what happens when light is covered in darkness light is defeated right??
    when it happens a new light is born the true light that the information only a little \




  20. *****Truth******
    the illu are not from this world, they came to earth in the early ages of the development of man, they presented themselves as gods or teachers that will lead man to better living. The true species of there kinde is reptilian. Looking at the of the dragon that came apon the Chinese culture. It presented itself as a god and made a prince to rule of the nation and its people. But They’ve shape shifted into looking like a humin and they use this skill to interact with our society and make changes as they like. You might not have notest but theres reptilian symbols that show there leadership in the world. Please look at a “medical symbole” which as 2 snakes rapped around a pole. This indecates there controle over our health and lives. But now you know. Plz help us stop them.


  21. Illuminati, control the world?
    Were they not the one that tried to prove science exist?
    The Church has branded the Illuminati as evil for years has they not but why?
    The church does not want it’s people to loose faith in them. The church has killed countless of people that went against them. The Church had once said that the Earth was flat, is it really? The Church also said that the sun moves around the flat earth but does it really? Here’s is another example: The Priory of Sion, a secret society holding onto the truth regarding Jesus and Mary Magdalene being husband and wives, the protector of Jesus’ bloodline. Yet the church who had said that Jesus has never married let alone has a child, had tried many times to destroy this group. Why? because the church is scared. The Templar Knights has served for the church for many years yet was destroyed by the church. Why? The church fears them growing too powerful.

    Maybe, it isn’t the Illuminati that is wrong but the “Church” (I don’t have anything against god, its the people serving him, the Church).


  22. Anon is bunch of losers who think they have some sort of power and are gonna attack the elites in charge. Funny thing they dont even know who the ones in charge are LOL. The illuminati is not the top of the pyramid they are 2nd in the chain. Goes to show they are still a tool of the elite and was prob created by them. At least they were allowed. If they wanted to stop them they could have every computer nerd killed and no way of knowing who they were. Because they pose no real threat they allow it. Its a good distraction for them. The real criminals keep going while these idiots focus otn he ones not in charge. Real bright folks.


  23. people need to grow up .all this is the secret societies game plan ..evil fighting evil !! lol y’all not safe think more than twice


  24. hi, do you give me your ok when I take the pic with the many mask-people on my personal homepage? want to make an anonymous group in the west of austria and I’M just makin my pagees……nice greets sandy


  25. remember illuminati motto order from chaos. they need an entity to create chaos so that they can impose laws or start wars. what better tool for chaos than annnynous.


  26. Anonymous is a our offense allies and our shield. This so call the Illuminati “The All Seeing Eyes” was a poison to this free world. Anonymous is done with this fucking “The New World Order”…say who is gonna order us when the illuminati plan has success? A man? A god? or a devil?. Anonymous stand up for us! a legion of savior to our kind! not to to the devil illuminati.. those fuck up no life human still lingering in this god damn world. Hey world… pls wake up!


  27. But remember there are other organizations that are preparing to fight against the illuminati and defend the people when the big hit comes for example Wolverines Nation. If you try to search for Wolverines Nation you wont find them because they are in ghost protocol until the big hit of the illuminati.


  28. That article is confused
    There is not a single secret order, they don`t share the same agenda, and anonymous is pretty much operating like multiple secret orders sharing the same name and tools (anonymous) but diverging in their purpose, including infiltration by most worldwide spies agencies of all major and opposing countries …
    to think there is a single Illuminati order
    or a single anonymous group is to be blind


    • Hey funny name,
      I agree, the article is confused. But you are wrong if you think that virtually all secret society share a common agenda (one world government, one world religion, world depopulation,…) – see William Coopers Mystery Babylon series with tons of quotes from THEIR books.
      But I share your view on Annonymous.
      Peace, Chaukee


  29. *Anon is bunch of losers who think they have some sort of power and are gonna attack the elites in charge. Funny thing they dont even know who the ones in charge are LOL. The illuminati is not the top of the pyramid they are 2nd in the chain.*

    Here speak the dude who can`t lace his shoes
    FYI both americans and Russians spies agencies (among other) used Anonymous for covert attack. So much for Anonymous being loosers … Anyone, even the so called new world order, or the so called Illuminati, can use the anonymous tools and names to achieve a goal

    You know, even McDonald or Malaysian Airlines could use the hacking tools and the mask to pull off a publicity stunt if they wanted to. It`s that easy

    The same is true for secret orders. They run the gamut from simple philosophical groups (modern rosicrucians) to money grabbing schemes (ordre du temple solaire, google it, creepy)

    The Bavarian illuminati are long gone and never did anything major.

    The real most powerful order was called the Fama Fraternitatis, was linked to the original rosicrucian order )not the modern one) and sponsored both the american revolution and the french revolution

    you have t see them as what they are. ordinary peoples meeting secretly for a common goal. in this case it was the hope of using the colonial situation to topple the monarchy. A lot of verry famous verry good peoples were part of the fama fraternitatis. I would say they achieved part of their goals. not perfect, but better than the horrible middle ages.

    today anyone can do the same. from helping human rights groups to writting to your deputy or world leaders when critical situation happen. you can do it anonymously or not. doesn`t matter.

    i recommend you join the ancient and sacred order of the flying weasel on woodpecker back. They can be trusted


    • “The Bavarian illuminati are long gone and never did anything major.”

      “A lot of verry famous verry good peoples were part of the fama fraternitatis.”
      Sais the initiate? 😉

      “today anyone can do the same. from helping human rights groups to writting to your deputy or world leaders when critical situation happen. you can do it anonymously or not. doesn`t matter.”
      This is exactly the hierarchical sandbox the elite wants us to act in. May I propose some solutions that base on self-responsitility?

      “i recommend you join the ancient and sacred order of the flying weasel on woodpecker back. They can be trusted”
      You got me laughing on that one 😀


  30. * illuminati means light thats why we fight it with darkness what happens when light is covered in darkness light is defeated right??*

    and I thought it couldn`t get more confused.
    The Bavarian illuminati are long gone, never mattered, ever had powered.

    The oldest Illuminati like orders are egyptian mysteries scvhools in the old kingdom of egypt.

    Now, you can`t fight light with darkness, that`s silly. light is always strongest, but darknesss is larger. bringing light (or life) to the world is hard work.

    Do you know where Jedi come from …
    Google Djedi… read the info about the papyrus
    That`s it, you are now wiser
    I`ve shed some light on that ancient subject
    you are 100% wiser on the subject now
    gain 10 xp, buy a new ability

    with luck, you will reflect
    maybe you`ll become a doctor, save a life


  31. *Plz help us stop them.*

    I caught a giant python lurking in the swamp
    I`m sure he was one of them
    I sold it to the local zoo
    the swamp is 100% safer now

    taking over the world, one python at a time
    reptilians must be stopped
    muhahaha !


  32. Hypothesis
    China wanted the technology
    They had to make the plane disapear to obtain the technology
    while denying they did it.

    The dudes from the corporation are officialy dead.
    In fact, they may still be working at a secret lab in china.
    The rest of the unlucky travelers were ùsed` for other purposes
    (from organ transplant to slave workers in mines, China got plenty of needs)

    This theory fit the known tracking of the plane

    yep sometime the simpler hypothesis is correct

    hypothesis 2
    russia needed to test new weapon capability
    plane was in range, convenient
    they tested a second time in ukraine
    what a coincidence


  33. Have people not noticed that the illuminati already have world domination, their symbology is all over the world. Well not completely, all that’s left for them to do is to openly resurface without the people of the world noticing or not giving a fuck.


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