Statement for a Fairer World

The Neoliberal/Materialistic Brain Wash

Many structural and organizational aspects of our world’s societies have shown to be very problematic for the majority of this planets population and the planet itself. For more than a century now, political, scientific and religious leaders have repeatedly taught us that these “truths” are inevitable and must be followed by:

  • The world is purely material and any change and evolution is due to accident and pure physical laws
  • Humans only consist of their material existence, we are our bodies and our minds
  • Humans are completely egoistic by nature/biology
  • Competition is the only valid driving force in economy
  • Hierarchical power structures are natural and inevitable
  • Representative democracies are actually real democracies
  • Supra-nationalism and world government are needed and inevitable
  • Statism is inevitable
  • The debt-based, virtual monetary system is the only option
  • Interest rates are a normal phenomenon
  • Economic growth is inevitable to keep economies running
  • Financial bubbles are inevitable and normal
  • Powerful and rich people deserve their status

Please realize: These are dogmas, we as a human world collective DO NOT NEED to follow them.

Results of Us Following the Elitists’ Dogmas

Straight to the point, these concepts and the people pleading for them are responsible for:

  • Un-sustainable exploitation and destruction of nature and the planet in general
  • Extremely uneven distribution of food, goods, water, energy and political power across the planet
  • Extreme financial accumulation on individuals
  • Completely corrupt governmental and supra-national organizations all over the world
  • Big, intransparent and corrupt global corporations running outside the law and co-creating laws
  • Mind-control and manipulation of the public opinion with owned media, bought scientists and political mock battles
  • A very small group behind the scenes can remotely control all parts of society by their money and secretive organizations (from top to bottom: Rothshilds, Zionists/Cabalists, Rockefellers, European aristocracy, the Council on Foreign Relations, the FED, the Trilateral Commission, American masonic Presidents, Bilderbergers, rest of the Illuminati rat hole). Remember for example that the big important reserve boards are all privately owned and that it’s always the same names appearing when things go wrong!
  • Killing people for resources in the name of “human rights” and “democracy”

Some (Possible) Solutions

I’m really not a believer in utopias as I studied history and know very well where the Nazi and Communist experiments leaded to. From my entrepreneurship of a small company I also know that our economy can work without the above dogmas. These are my base suggestions to solve most of our problems:

  1. Exhaustive investigation of all crimes and complete removal of the dark cabal/Illuminati/Freemason conspirators in all countries
  2. All kind of organizations lose their right of secrecy, citizens have the right to know all that they want (Wikileaks to the max, all intelligence agencies and secret societies are forbidden). On the contrary, overarching privacy for individuals  is again put back in place and can only be bypassed on reasonable suspicion
  3. Replacement of all worldwide governmental systems by Direct Democracy with at least as much people power as in Switzerland’s direct democratic system
  4. Move ownership of all worldwide reserve boards away from private corporations to the people/states
  5. Complete ban of interest rates. Financial service providers may only charge for services, interest rates are forbidden, as in the islamic banking system (*)
  6. Democratization in the economy: Benefits are distributed among the workers of a company by contribution, not among investors (see also ban of interest rates above)
  7. Expropriation of wealth that surpasses the limits that are needed for a comfortable, safe and secure life with our inner family members. See also my article Statement for a fairer Economic System. Nobody deserves an asset of 53 billion dollars, they only use it to broaden their egomaniac influence
  8. Ban of taxes for individuals. The sad tradition of taxation of human work is a poor remnant from ancient times and has no ethical base
  9. Taxation on the consumption of resources. Today, corporations can exploit nature for relatively small fees and consume the exorbitant profits from the produced goods (worst are uranium, oil, gas, metals, plantations, water). Resources belong to all people and all living creatures on the planet or in a specific region. Resources are going to be taxed in a way that corporations are forced to produce sustainably
  10. Federalization: Relocate as much power and responsibility back to the small: Get rid of the UN political and military aspects, remove or democratize supranational formations like the European Union, move as much power back to the regions and communities as reasonably possible.
  11. Democratization of science/scientific results, removal of the patent rights system. Every human has the right to get and use all knowledge available

* Interest rates are the main power vehicle for the hidden plundering of the world’s wealth by the dark cabal (see Illuminati list above). One very important benefit from banned interest rates is the shortfall of the need for constant economic growth and thus a better shelter for the worlds resources:

Interest causes a consecutive growth of monetary assets and their concentration in the hands of a few. The destabilization of society caused by these facts have been realized in former centuries. But because interest is necessary to insure traditional money circulation and the system would crash without interest, interest was never abolished. After World War II the negative effects of the interest orientated system could be compensated by a growing economy but the effects get worse as the economy ages. This is the origin of various social tensions. In the long-term there is the danger of an economic, ecological and social crash of society.
Dr. Erhard Glötzl, “The How and Why of a New Monetary System

My suggestions might all look pretty utopian on a first glimpse, but we really do not need any of the changed remnants above. The complete removal of statism, money in general and free markets (see for example Zeitgeist/Venus Project) is not on my scope as they are an even more giant leap from the current situation and need more time for humanity to evolve thus far.

All of these suggestions have to be analyzed further scientifically and verified for all side-effects. We should also place any system changes with prudence and with time to allow the societies to react and digest the changes without human suffering (except for the Satanist elite criminals). Such a huge change also cannot be forced but only encouraged by good example.

Lets Finish with a Very Funny Introduction to the History of our Monetary System

Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Extinguishing Earth in October 2011?

Some days ago an interesting video was uploaded on YouTube by several different users (see at the end), showing an animated orbit diagram from the official NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory website. I could not find the initial source, but the narrator presents himself as Mike from

The video shows the expected orbit of comet Elenin as it will go through our inner solar system this year. It seems that every time this comet aligns with the Sun and the Earth, major earthquakes happened on Earth. Its pretty easy to check the following dates for yourself in the model (Java needed) and see the alignments:

  • Alignment 1, February 27. 2010: Chile earthquake (8.8)
  • Alignment 2, September 4. 2010: Christchurch earthquake (7.2)
  • Alignment 3, March 15. 2011: Japan earthquake (9.0)

Future dates from the orbit:

  • Alignment 4, September 27. 2011
  • Alignment 5, October 12. 2011: Physical pole shift?
  • November 5. 2011, Earth passing the comet tail (*)
  • Alignment 6, November 23. 2011

* comment: This is the only little “error” I found in the video because the author forgot about three-dimensionality. Earth is actually not passing directly through the tail of the comet as you can see on the second graphic from a turned perspective:

Earth passing the Tail of Elenin November 5. 2011

Different Perspective

The time between the comet passing the Earth orbit and the moment Earth actually gets to that point might be enough for the dust of the tail to spread, but the big parts should not be in our way.

For all the alignments this three-dimensional approach should not change the findings as the comet passes pretty low on the ecliptic (Earth orbital plane).

The Hypothesis of Elenin being a Brown Dwarf

Jupiter has about the Size of a Brown Dwarf

From the alignment dates’ correlation with massive earthquakes the assumption is made that Elenin is not an ordinary comet, but a Brown Dwarf. These sub-stellar objects with the size of Jupiter and a mass of 10 to 90 Jupiter masses are wannabe-stars that did not quite make it to ignite fusion because of lack of mass. I really recommend the Wikipedia article on Brown Dwarfs. On that article you will also find this interesting statement:

It has also been predicted, by some astronomers, that the Sun may be orbited by an as yet unobserved brown dwarf (sometimes referred to as Nemesis) which interacts with the Oort cloud.

Wikipedia also explains the hypothetical brown dwarf “Nemesis” that could have caused mass extinction every 27 millions years here on Earth.

So the idea of Elenin being a Brown Dwarf is not far off scientific possibility. For stellar objects to have enough gravitational pull to cause earthquakes in the given distance, several Jupiter masses are needed for sure. If the orbit diagram of NASA is about correct, I’m sure that debunkers will have a hard time arguing against the Brown Dwarf hypothesis…

But lets also keep in mind that Planet X doomsdayers have already been wrong in 2003 and that deception takes many forms around New Age and New World Order groups.

The comet is passing VERY close to Earth in October 2011 in about a distance of 0.23 AU (astronomical units, mean Earth-Sun distance). Why is it that a comet passing so close to Earth has almost no coverage in mainstream media?

For the astronomers out there: Is there a way to calculate if the sharp turn the comet is taking around the Sun corresponds to the mass of an ordinary comet, or would this be another indication for a much more massive object? I used to be good at physics and math, but almost 20 years without such calculations is too long, I’m sorry… 
There are also different spectral approaches to check if Elenin is a brown dwarf. Is there any scientist around with enough balls to check for the spectral attributes and make the results public?

“Planet Elenin – Nibiru – Whatever You Want To Call It, It’s Coming” (click the YouTube-button to enlarge the video): and Kevin Trudeau Exposed: Frontline Illuminati Impostor

Yesterday, when I was researching on the freemason occult history I stumbled upon the website On the front page they have a quite well written summary about the New World Order elite and some of their crimes against humanity. Cool, sounds good, one more co-fighter, right?

Things got weirder when I realized that virtually every link on that blog comes back to this same introductory page, to some advertising pages of Kevin Trudeau’s books and DVDs or to some community feeds with various deceptive freemason sources. And on every page the very prominent YouTube frame of a video interview with Kevin Trudeau. First conclusion: The introductory page and the titles are placed to attract us truthers, but instead of real information they try to sell you Illuminati dysinfo material and essentially direct you to the Your Wish Is Your Command YouTube video.

At least the domain name is to the point: You really meet Illuminati members on that website…  According to WHOIS for, the domain owner is a Jeffrey Smith from Nebraska, which corresponds to the YouTube channel owner name that presents the Kevin Trudeau video. is pure and poor online advertising AND lying to the interested web surfer!

The “Your Wish Is Your Command” Advertising Scam Video of Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau is “interviewed” by Skip Lindeman, pastor at the “La Canada Congregational Church”. It’s actually not a real TV interview, but one of these staged infomercials.

Kevin Trudeau admits having been in “The Brotherhood”, a top freemason ring, where he supposedly learned the mystical secrets he pretends to expose in his books and 10.000 dollar courses. The video is really interesting as he is exposing part of the secret freemason “knowledge” (e.g. Law of Attraction, your brain is a transmitter and receiver of frequency, you can manifest your thoughts). But the really interesting part is to see how these Illuminati twist the perception of the listeners. The video is full of suggestive, repeated messages and texts (“Your Wish Is Your Command”), counter-questions, sales-story-telling, completely wrong proclaims and so on. For example, Trudeau talks of a missing element in other “Law of Attraction” books and claims that he is delivering it. Guess what, that exact final information of how his technique works is missing (but he gives a hint, that it is about Magic, 09:47)! He also admits that in his book he is going to virtually reprogram the brains of the readers…

The real missing link is: When you stand up in your life and give commands to your destiny, demanding wealth and power, you increase your attachment to this material world in a most massive way, which then influences your current and next lives in terms of Karma. If you want to stay in this material existence for a very long time, lay down your modesty towards God and Creation and start giving commands to your destiny…

What he also does not tell is that the top freemason group is practising Satanism/Luciferianism to achieve their goals. You might want to check out the recorded testimonies of these Illuminati music industry puppets to see what they needed to master the Law of Attraction (Katy Perry, Kanye West, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan):

Here is another well done video proving that Lady Gaga is a Satanist.

There is your missing link: Sell your soul to the Devil and you can manifest your desires…

Kevin Trudeau’s video “Your Wish Is Your Command” has 19.042 views on YouTube but only 18 comments – guess what – only the positive ones survive, the critics get censored, as did my comment:

Now that’s one great chance to see an illuminati in action: The suggestive, manipulative, mind-controlling speech and discussion techniques. Watch closely and learn their ways, lovers of freedom!
The same goes for this pure advertising blog “meetilluminatimembers-dot-com”
Honestly I did not expect those freemason to act so blatantly, poor losers of faith, ethics and true spirituality…
We are the resistance!

Truth is not welcome to the Illuminati. One day later my comment looked like this (“Kommentar entfernt” in German means “Comment removed”):

This is Deception

I am convinced that Kevin Trudeau is NOT out of the brotherhood, and that’s why:

  1. He is still alive
  2. He is not a perfect liar: Watch his eyes after he mentions that he left the brotherhood (25:10)
  3. He is just another front line puppet they use and manipulate without his knowing. In the video John Stossel Exposes Liar Kevin Trudeau you see that Trudeau has been in prison twice for fraud. The perfect black sheep to use for their special technique “hiding in the open”. From now on, whenever somebody brings up Illuminati inside knowledge in public, they can say that he or she reads too much Kevin Trudeau…

I think its ok that everbody can choose his/her experiences in life, be egoistic, materialistic, worship Satan and all that unconscious, silly crap. The problem comes when you lie, blind and hurt people.

See also “Infomercial king Kevin Trudeau former Illuminati member?” by Mark Dice:

Update: The Marketing Machine Reacts

Only a couple of hours after I posted this article, my WordPress comment inbox was filled with 6 spam entries with pingbacks to different advertising sites of Kevin Trudeau. His marketing machine is quite impressive!

Anonymous vs. Illuminati – A Structural Comparison

Update as of 06.02.2013: The following article must be considered as one of my more naive writings – many things have happened in the last two years that made clear that Anonymous was at least hijacked on several activities by the wicked global imperialists, especially in the case of the arab spring revolutions. As a conspiracy theorist, what concerns me also, is the use of occult symbolism like the satanist/masonic V-symbol and the Guy Fawkes mask, celebrating a jesuit influenced fanatic catholic who tried to blow up the english parliament in 1605 – clearly not a proponent of democracy or nonviolent resistance.

Some time ago I’ve read an excellent article on a german online IT magazine ( about how the movement “Anonymous” works. Immediately I was struck by how completely different this self organized, free will based movement functions compared to its main antagonist, the world-wide Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy, that is based on a regressive pyramid of power. I’d like to present my findings and hope I can help to raise the awareness for the importance of such grass-roots movements as the “Anonymous” are.

What is Anonymous and how does it work?

I’m personally not yet involved in the Anonymous movement, but here’s what I’ve found from various sources. Mainstream media has quite talked a bit about it (especially about Operations Payback, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Libia), but only few understand its essence. Most of the active persons in the Anonymous IRC sessions (Internet Relay Chat) are not classic hackers or crackers, but ordinary, deliberate people getting involved. Here is a spot on article on Puppetworld Post explaining why Anonymous is not about hacking.

There is NO hierarchical structure, and thus no leadership in Anonymous. For specific campaigns individuals can be involved more than others, but this normally changes from topic to topic. It is impossible to talk of a common “intention” of Anonymous, as well as exactly tell the number of involved individuals in a campaign, nor to really manipulate or control the movement. Everybody can join in and see the information and statements. If people don’t agree on a specific action or idea, they don’t contribute, but may be in again for the next operation.

The basic structural attributes of Anonymous are:

  • The activists are and stay unknown to each other, thus “anonymous”
  • No designated leadership: “Anyone can lead where everyone will follow”
  • Open information
  • Total free will, every individual decides for itself – grass-roots democracy. Everybody contributes according to his/her interests and capabilities
  • Distributed technical structure
  • Only small common agenda: Defense of freedom of speech at any cost

Much of the oppression in the world is done by stealth, in secrecy: the villains are anonymous whether they be part of dictatorships, democratic governments, corporations, or secret societies of the ultra-rich. For a protest group to be anonymous levels the playing field.
From: Puppetworld Post

Structure of the Illuminati/Top-Freemason Cabal

The "Illuminated Elite" - Arch-Masons directly involved in Black Magic Power Rituals and Paedophilia

The basic structural attributes of the Illuminati are:

  • Hierarchical chain of command
  • Completely compartimented structure in vertical and horizontal way: Strictly regulated information flow from top to bottom (including deceptive information on various levels)
  • Infiltration of all powerful organizations (banks, governments, UN, corporations, media, military, churches)
  • The people on the lower levels of the pyramid are known to the upper levels, but not vice-versa
  • Ruthlessly forced power by blackmailing, creating dependency by money/existential fears, fear in general
  • Massive, secret and harmful agenda on top level (keywords: one world government and religion, social engineering/manipulation of society/mind control/media, world population reduction, UFO/Alien cover up, secret weapons/HAARP, suppression of alternative energy sources and technologies in general, occultism/Satanism)

It’s probably not too wrong when we conclude that the Illuminati are the complete opposite of the Anonymous! This is a rather interesting finding when we extend it to the spiritual question:

Illuminati spiritual characteristics which are driven by:

In that context I’m about to say that Anonymous is one movement that helps the positive spiritual orientation on this planet to succeed. The ideas of human rights, fairness, equality, thus positivity in general, are definitely on the good side, if you call that side God does not matter that much, does it?

Attacking Freedom Fighters by Attacking the Internet?

Well informed and organized masses are very hard to control or to beat. Mankind seems to awaken in many respects and I guess the elite feels that their stand is lost. Nevertheless they don’t give up, as this is not an option in their reptile mind-set. So we might expect some draconian attempts of getting control over the internet or even shutting down parts of it in the near future.

Their problem at the moment is how much their corporations have embraced the internet. If they try to shut it down they risk immense financial loss or even a worldwide economic breakdown. So censorship is more of a realistic option here. But as long as some sort of internet is running, the free people of the world will find holes to use it for the relief of mankind.

I would suggest to watch the stock prices of companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Ebay, MSN. If they all decline in parallel out of a sudden, the elite sells their share and gets prepared for internet takeover. You might also want to see my article Wikileaks OR Have the Illuminati/Freemason underestimated the Internet?

Thanks to Anonymous, our Future has begun

The main fear of the dark cabal is numbers. They are few, we are legion. Thanks to the internet, our legion gets self organized and thus unbeatable.

Anonymous has waken up to protect freedom and the rights of all humans. Anonymous will use any available means to fight this fight. Up to the end, whatever this will be.

Update: Anonymous declares war on Pentagon

Funny coincidence: Only a couple of hours after I’ve posted this article I found the following video on the RT America YouTube channel:

Anonymous declares war on Pentagon:

Is it wise to declare war on the Pentagon because of one tortured individual, Bradley Manning? I mean, today we find ourselves in a situation where the powerful elite is just waiting for reasons, or merely provoking them, to turn the Internet Kill Switch and boot up their totalitarian police state. But from an ethical point of view “Anonymous” is absolutely on the right side. Bradley Manning, this poor and courageous man is a hero for human rights and needs our help, support and prayers.

There are again the super sceptic voices that think this Anonymous Operation against the Pentagon named BRADICAL is false flag. Who knows? But if you’ve read my explanation about the structure and functioning of Anonymous above it should be clear that manipulation is VERY improbable.

I’m very curious on how effective Anonymous’ weapons of information war are against the Pentagon and if there are many freedom fighters joining in, knowing that they attack a quite aggressive, powerful and dangerous enemy… On the other hand, no real damage is needed – symbolic or timely effects on the military networks are sufficient to activate mainstream media and raise worldwide pressure against U.S. torture practices.

UFO Disclosure is almost official: Former Canadian Defence Minister steps forward!

My recent article You should get accustomed to UFO and Alien Reality now! has obtained very prominent and respectable affirmation, from Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer:

Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defence Minister

We lived too long in a sense of isolation, thinking that Earth was the center of the cosmos, that we were the only species and, therefore, probably the most advanced. And when we come to the realization that we’re not any of those things, then I think we should be aware of it, learn to live with it and certainly try to take advantage of anything that we can learn from visitors from anywhere

This video of Mr. Hellyer’s talk at the X-Conference at the National Press Club, Washington D.C, should no longer be ignored by the public:

Other valuable articles with Mr. Hellyer’s statements: