Silence in Untouched Nature – Canada Wilderness Trip 2006

Tchentlo Lake, Nation Lakes, British Columbia, Canada

I’d like to share my first YouTube video, from our Canada wilderness trip back in 2006. It was great to still find some real untouched nature, even though I had to search for a while to find such places, especially for canoeing in British Columbia. To find lakes or a river that is free of nearby forest logging, roads, railway lines, civilization in general, we have to travel quite a distance these days in BC.

The wonderful Nation Lakes in northern British Columbia, near Fort St. James, come really close to this ideal. Four lakes connected with three small rivers, wonderful sandy beaches, silence, a great place to be.

The second stage in the movie is a three-day hike trip in Willmore Wilderness Park, Alberta, third stage a four-day sea kayak trip on the Broken Group Islands, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

I’m really sorry for my awful filming, but I hope you enjoy the silence and the vibration anyway!

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How the World looks after Man has gone…

Tschernobil: 25 Years after the Catastrophy

The polish photographer and movie maker Arkadiusz Podniesinski visited the zone of Tschernobil with just a helmet camera and moved around. The result is a scary piece of reality. It is also an eye opener regarding the question of the heritage of our materialistic, unnatural civilisation. For aesthetical and nature-loving people, these pictures go deep.

Alone in the Zone: