Short Warning: Vigilant Citizen is a Illuminati Disinfo Agent!

For those of you that are in the conspiracy movement longer than I am – sorry, probably nothing new for you (perhaps you like then my article about Sitchin? ūüėČ ). For the rest that wants to get informed about the dark networks that are running this world and check blogs like the one of Vigilant Citizen: Beware! This guy is 100% a disinfo agent.

Is Chaukeedaar getting paranoid?

Ok, here is the story. I only occasionally run across the blog articles of VC the last couple of months and I’m only registered to new articles for some weeks now. I found them always interesting, somewhat very founded information there, just remember the famous article Sinister Sites ‚Äď Astana, Khazakhstan for example. Thought he was just someone who worked in the Illuminati industry for some time and then decided to uncover the cabal. You probably thought about the same, right?

What I found strange was that logo for “The Global Information Network” on his site. It looked to me like one of these US-three-letter logos of these private cabal armies CIA, NSA, DHS, you name it. When today I saw that VC charges 10$ for his new e-book, I got suspicious (sorry, that’s just me) and decided to follow that GIN-add:

What I found was quite shocking to me: GIN tries to attract people who are interested in the Illuminati more of a subconscious feeling that they would like to be IN themselves, to feel that power to be special and inside a secret society:

One thing I will say though, is that Global Information Network markets on playing with people‚Äôs desires to feel ‚ÄúSpecial‚ÄĚ and be included in some sort of ‚ÄėSecret Society‚Äô. Now, why people buy into stuff like that I don‚Äôt know, and how ‚ÄėSpecial‚Äô is a secret society that makes you pay $150 a month and $1000 to join‚Ķ well, I‚Äôll leave that for you to decide.
Omar Briones [Source]

GIN tries to create an atmosphere of human equality and fair information participation:

There is a New World Order forming that is designed to increase the gap between the wealthy and the average working man. GIN does not agree with this movement of total control over individuals. GIN believes that EVERY person has the right to know the secrets of creating the life they want and enjoying freedom, pursuing happiness, and achieving all their dreams and desires.

But on the same page

Not all applications will be accepted and not everyone qualifies.

Kevin Trudeau, again…

I did not have to read a lot on that site to be remembered of Kevin Trudeau (I already reported about that Illuminati shill before) and right, GIN is actually another marketing and money machine of the master of cheating.


Back to topic: So there we have Vigilant Citizen advertising for GIN. Before, people have seen ads for a book about Aleister Crowley, the infamous Satanist and top freemason, on VC’s site. You also find dozens of people who report that VC has censored their comments when they were obviously not 100% in line with VCs opinion, or should I say, agenda.

So WHY does he play that game?

they are linking people to proven disinformation agents AND trying to make money off of their readers for referring them to the disinfo material…sorry, but real truthers and fighters of the new world order would not do this. It is a deceptive marketing technique by the agents. I will admit the website is loaded with lots of truths and good info….BUT – THAT is exactly how disinformation, or counter intelligence agents work. Trust me, they are not genuine. 90% of truth movement and illuminati exposing websites are in fact setup by agents – it was all manufactured because they knew people were starting to wake up. this has actually been an ongoing battle for many years now online. but i am sure you are at least somewhat aware of this by now.
UsualSuspekt [Source]

I guess VC is there to make us believe that the Illuminati are all-powerful and everywhere and program us to think we are already lost. Plus: To make some bucks from it, occult people love money and power foremost…

You know, I get so TIRED of my good faith getting abused regularly by these Illuminati manipulators! I would already be happy if my article only prevents ONE other person to feel that same frustration…

PS: I do not censor any comments. VC, if you are out there, you are free to respond. Or one of the team behind the name!

PS 2: For the case you ask yourself why chaukeedaar is on the web on october 28th, when the resistance is supposed to stop the system for one day: I crawl out of the globalist system step by step in my own pace. I don’t need a specific date for that, and I don’t want ALL the system to be stopped as I cannot take the responsibility of all the dead and suffering people from such an event… I want the top and globalist part of the system to end, not everything, as I’m not a communist nor an utopist.

Update 12/20/2011

As of today, this short article of mine got 699 comments in about two months. My post about VC’s sinister connection to the Illuminati scam site “GIN” has kicked off a discussion that uncovered other unethical/totalitarian habits of the VC crew (especially in regards of censoring posts that contained unwanted questions towards VC and banning a load of members without warning and reason). We had a full spectrum of COINTELPRO techniques spreading out on my blog, many weird imaginary “people” have come over from the VC forums and tried to hijack the discussion first towards religion, then to fake impersonation games, and also to pornography. But also many honest, bright thinking people stepped in, you may want to search for the comments of “femalopharo”, “Not Your Ordinary Citizen”, “Pluto”, “truthseer” and “io”. It really was a shitstorm, but it was worth it if I read comments like that one from femalepharo:

From the occult perspective, it has been said that Masonic images and other things appear purposely because through giving us these secrets they stick to their own codes and basically initiate us without our knowledge. If you are a read person of revelations, as I do not claim to be, one of the questions was ‚Äúif you know the mark of the beast why would you receive it‚ÄĚ? Obviously, it is through trickery and only the wise will refuse it.

THE SITE IS AN INITIATION! Remember the question of: ‚Äúare we just seeing this more because we realize it, or are they doing it more now for publicity‚ÄĚ .
HA! It is both! And the publicity is getting us accustomed to their rank and file in the order.

Namaste, Chaukee

German Lawyer charges Merkel for not informing the Public of Nuclear False Flag Attack!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Another NWO Puppet?, a german alternative media blog, wrote an article about the german lawyer Torsten¬†van Geest who passed in an action for¬†provisional injunction against Angela Merkel, ¬†Chancellor of Germany, to force her to inform the public about the planned false flag nuclear attack on the opening of the 2011 Women’s Soccer World Cup in Berlin, Germany. This possible attack is debuted for some time¬†among truthers in Germany, similar to the New Madrid rumors in the states.

The 400 page long charge¬†details out how 9/11 was an inside job and that Bilderberg¬†and other New World Order/Illuminati organizations¬†are working on a next false flag operation for Germany and that Mrs. Merkel might know of it as she attained the elitist’s Bilderberg meeting before. Steven Black, an Austrian blogger who I trust one hundred percent, checked back and wrote Mr. van Geest to see if the charge was just another hoax. The answer was short and clear (translated):

Dear Mr. Black!

The action for provisional injunction is authentic. You can also find it one my website. I would welcome the distribution of this document very much!

Best regards,

Torsten van Geest


There are other insider information¬†around stating that a unusal number of fire service drills are executed these days and that at least¬†one of those, especially the one preparing for a bomb attack at the Dresden Dynamo Stadium,¬†was done in secrecy…

The Resistance against¬†the Bilderbergers¬†and other NWO¬†folks seems to grow. In the beginning of this year, some activists and a member of the parliament in Switzerland frightened George W. Bush¬†enough that he did not attain a meeting of a Zionist group in Geneva for fear of being arrested for his war crimes…

Or¬†is the Satanist¬†shadow government just creating¬†another, new¬†scape¬†goat (Merkel, Bilderberger)? There seem to be internal fights inside the dark cabal (American top Freemasons against British¬†Rothshilds¬†against Japanese Illuminati), this might just be another distraction for us truthers…

Here some pages of the charge:

van Geest: Action for provisional Injunction against Angela Merkel

van Geest: Action for provisional Injunction against Angela Merkel

van Geest: Action for provisional Injunction against Angela Merkel

Letter to the Ruling Class

I normally don’t like to just copy-paste other content, but this message from Jesse Ventura needs to be distributed worldwide:

Letter to the Ruling Class

You control our world. You’ve poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in your wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You’ve liquidated our savings, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed. We are slaves to your corporations, zombies to your airwaves, servants to your decadence. You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You’ve profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You’ve monopolized our freedom, stripped away our education, and have almost extinguished our flame. We are hit… we are bleeding… but we ain’t got time to bleed. We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution!


The Serfs.

From¬† Jesse Ventura’s new¬†website “We aint got Time to bleed”:

Here’s my favorite episode from Jesse Ventura’s series “Conspiracy Theory”:

Statement for a Fairer World

The Neoliberal/Materialistic Brain Wash

Many structural and organizational aspects of our world’s societies have shown to be very problematic for the majority of this planets population and the planet itself. For more than a century now, political, scientific and religious leaders have repeatedly taught us that these “truths” are inevitable and must be followed by:

  • The world is purely material¬†and any change and evolution is due to accident and pure physical laws
  • Humans only consist of¬†their¬†material existence, we are our bodies and our minds
  • Humans are completely egoistic by nature/biology
  • Competition is the only valid driving force in¬†economy
  • Hierarchical power structures are natural and inevitable
  • Representative democracies¬†are¬†actually real¬†democracies
  • Supra-nationalism and world government are needed and inevitable
  • Statism is inevitable
  • The debt-based, virtual¬†monetary system is the only option
  • Interest rates are a normal phenomenon
  • Economic growth is inevitable to keep economies running
  • Financial bubbles are inevitable and normal
  • Powerful¬†and rich people deserve their status

Please realize: These are dogmas, we as a human world collective DO NOT NEED to follow them.

Results of Us Following the Elitists’ Dogmas

Straight to the point, these concepts and the people pleading for them are responsible for:

  • Un-sustainable exploitation and destruction¬†of nature and the planet in general
  • Extremely uneven distribution of food, goods, water, energy and political power¬†across the planet
  • Extreme financial¬†accumulation on individuals
  • Completely corrupt governmental and supra-national¬†organizations all over the world
  • Big, intransparent and¬†corrupt global¬†corporations running outside the law and co-creating laws
  • Mind-control and manipulation of the public opinion¬†with owned media, bought scientists and political mock battles
  • A very small group behind the scenes can remotely control all parts of society by their money and secretive organizations (from top to bottom: Rothshilds, Zionists/Cabalists, Rockefellers, European aristocracy, the Council on Foreign Relations, the FED, the Trilateral¬†Commission, American masonic Presidents, Bilderbergers, rest of the Illuminati rat hole). Remember for example¬†that the big important reserve boards are all privately owned and that it’s always the same names appearing when things go wrong!
  • Killing people for resources¬†in the name of “human rights” and “democracy”

Some (Possible) Solutions

I’m really not a believer in utopias as I studied history and know¬†very well where the Nazi and¬†Communist experiments leaded to. From my entrepreneurship of¬†a¬†small company I also know that our economy can work without¬†the above dogmas.¬†These are¬†my base¬†suggestions to solve most of our problems:

  1. Exhaustive investigation of all crimes and complete removal of the dark cabal/Illuminati/Freemason conspirators in all countries
  2. All kind of organizations lose their right of secrecy, citizens have the right to know all that they want (Wikileaks to the max, all intelligence agencies and secret societies are forbidden). On the contrary, overarching privacy for individuals  is again put back in place and can only be bypassed on reasonable suspicion
  3. Replacement of all worldwide governmental systems by Direct Democracy with at least as much people power as in Switzerland’s direct democratic system
  4. Move ownership of all worldwide reserve boards away from private corporations to the people/states
  5. Complete ban of interest rates. Financial service providers may only charge for services, interest rates are forbidden, as in the islamic banking system (*)
  6. Democratization in the economy: Benefits are distributed among the workers of a company by contribution, not among investors (see also ban of interest rates above)
  7. Expropriation of wealth that surpasses the limits that are needed for a comfortable, safe and secure life with our inner family members. See also my article Statement for a fairer Economic System. Nobody deserves an asset of 53 billion dollars, they only use it to broaden their egomaniac influence
  8. Ban of taxes for individuals. The sad tradition of taxation of human work is a poor remnant from ancient times and has no ethical base
  9. Taxation on the consumption of resources. Today, corporations can exploit nature for relatively small fees and consume the exorbitant profits from the produced goods (worst are uranium, oil, gas, metals, plantations, water). Resources belong to all people and all living creatures on the planet or in a specific region. Resources are going to be taxed in a way that corporations are forced to produce sustainably
  10. Federalization: Relocate as much power and responsibility back to the small: Get rid of the UN political and military aspects, remove or democratize supranational formations like the European Union, move as much power back to the regions and communities as reasonably possible.
  11. Democratization of science/scientific results, removal of the patent rights system. Every human has the right to get and use all knowledge available

* Interest rates are the main power vehicle for the hidden plundering of the world’s wealth by the dark cabal (see Illuminati list above).¬†One very¬†important benefit from banned interest rates is the shortfall of the need for constant economic growth and thus a better shelter for the worlds resources:

Interest causes a consecutive growth of monetary assets and their concentration in the hands of a few. The destabilization of society caused by these facts have been realized in former centuries. But because interest is necessary to insure traditional money circulation and the system would crash without interest, interest was never abolished. After World War II the negative effects of the interest orientated system could be compensated by a growing economy but the effects get worse as the economy ages. This is the origin of various social tensions. In the long-term there is the danger of an economic, ecological and social crash of society.
Dr. Erhard Gl√∂tzl, “The How and Why of a New¬†Monetary System

My suggestions might all look pretty utopian on a first glimpse, but we really do not need any of the changed remnants above. The complete removal of statism, money in general and free markets (see for example Zeitgeist/Venus Project) is not on my scope as they are an even more giant leap from the current situation and need more time for humanity to evolve thus far.

All of these suggestions have to be analyzed further scientifically and verified for all side-effects. We should also place any system changes with prudence and with time to allow the societies to react and digest the changes without human suffering (except for the Satanist elite criminals). Such a huge change also cannot be forced but only encouraged by good example.

Lets Finish with a Very Funny Introduction to the History of our Monetary System

New Age Belief Systems: Please be Careful and Intuitive!

New Age or New World Religion? The base geometries of Metatron, a New Age God, matches those of the masonic symbol: Coincidence?

I recently ran across an evident intermixture of New Age/2012 scenario with Satanism/Masonry. This post is intended to keep our alertness and intuition alive when dealing with New Age “information” that is all around the blogosphere¬†, YouTube and the web in general and I’m very curious how my readers comment on this.

New World Order Plans

Even if you think all this web-talk of Illuminati and Freemason has nothing to do with reality and is just pure conspiracy theory you have to acknowledge some facts that do sum up to a sea of evidence all heading in the same direction.

Bilderberg Group

Every year, 300 of the most wealthy and/or powerful people of this planet meet on the Bilderberg meetings. In contrast to other meetings like Davos, public or media is not allowed and the discussions are 100% secret. This is not conspiracy theory, but fact. See the official Bilderberg website and the list of the Bilderberg participants of 2010 in spain. You can do a quick search on persons from the lists of 2008-2010 like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Gates, and you find yourself in the deepest mud of war and economic criminals. What do they discuss or even decide every year? See also Bilderberg Group at Wikipedia.

Exactly the same statements go for the Trilateral Commission.

Bohemian Groove

Since¬†Alex Jones’ famous video footage from inside Bohemian Groove its¬†undeniable that¬†the participates¬†in the annual Bohemian Groove meetings are into¬†occult¬† rituals. These people are the top elite taken from the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and others, important to note: also many U.S. presidents… Here is a good overview on the participants. The top freemason are known to worship Lucifer, mock God and try to become Godlike with the help of Satan/Lucifer. They are also into child abuse and child pornography, just see my post “Still sceptic if the NWO/Illuminati are into Satanism?

Alex Jones from¬†for example has gathered together an overwhelming amount of evidence and prove¬†that these people, generally summed up as Illuminati and top Freemason, sometimes also called the Black Kabal¬†or Secret Government, are planning a world government under their rule for more than two decades now. George¬†W. Bush, a top Freemason, announced the New World Order in all openness when he was President of the United States, but they are still far away from their final goal. Here is an extensive article on most of the¬†known Illuminati, their organization and their¬†agenda¬†on MattMariott’s Blog.

The New World Religion

So far, nothing new, you might say. Now the interesting and confusing part starts with their planned New World Religion. This fabulous article on the Illuminati Conspiracy Archive shows the core of their belief system. Freemason W.L. Wilmhurst wrote in this book “The Meaning of Masonry“:

He begins his Masonic career as the natural man; he ends it by becoming through its discipline, a regenerated man… This the evolution of man into superman‚ÄĒwas always the purpose of the ancient Mysteries, and the real purpose of modern Masonry is, not the social and charitable purposes to which so much attention is paid, but the expediting of the spiritual evolution of those who aspire to perfect their own nature and transform it into a more god-like quality.

The goal of a One World Religion is also clearly specified in their texts:

‚Äú[Freemasonry] makes no profession of Christianity, and wars not against sectarian creeds or doctrines, but looks forward to the time when the labor of our ancient brethren shall be symbolized by the erection of a spiritual temple whose moral grandeur shall be commensurate with civilization; a temple in which there shall be but one altar and but one worship; one common altar of Masonry on which the Veda, Shastras, Sade, Zend-Avesta, Koran, and Holy Bible shall lie untouched by sacrilegious hands, and at whose shrine the Hindoo, the Persian, the Assyrian, the Chaldean, the Egyptian, the Chinese, the Muhammadan, the Jew, and the Christian may kneel with one united voice celebrate the praises of the Supreme Architect of the Universe.‚ÄĚ
The Kentucky Monitor, p. 95, Grand Lodge of Kentucky

The “secret” jewish sect of Kabbalah (yes, the one with Madonna and Britney Spears) also promotes the same Satanist¬†ideas among its adherents (you are meant to be a receiver and become God-like). The Truther Girls on YouTube sneaked into a Kabbalah starter course, the restrained statements of the Kabbalah-Rabbi speaks for its own: Truther¬†Girls Infiltrate the Illuminati: Kabballah.

An example of New Age – Masonic Mixture

On YouTube you find the video 2012 Transformation into LOVE secret hidden ancient TRUTH Manly P. Hall¬†created by a user called Burkard. I really liked the message of the speaker Manly P. Hall, a 33. degree freemason,¬†in this video and the visuals consist of the known intermixture of sacred geometry and New Age angelic figures. But I was very disturbed by the positive message coming from a freemason. That’s why I asked in the commentaries of this video how this is explainable. You can check the answers from different readers¬†yourself, here are the core quotes:

yes, you are right! this text is spoken by Manly P. Hall ( it is said that he was a freemason 33rd degree with huge knowledge about our ancient ancestors from atlantis) also the crop circles are done by our ancestors of light soul from a higher dimension.
Lucifer brings the light into life! he is the 5th element (ether, light). the only true religion of the soul is free masonry to become aware. the only religion of our ancients was free masonry. FIAT LUX…our gods will return…

don¬īt worry im searching for the truth of life and the only true religion is symbolism look at our ancient past, symbolism is more than words can explain

and you source for the one central consciousness is wrong…..Not because I think so, because HE is your creator. and he sent his son and you should not deny him! LOOK UP LAMININ and a picture of it and see that by HIM we are ALL held together.

That’s¬†strong, isn’t it? Lets have a short summary:¬†Lucifer brings the light and is the creator, masonry is the only true religion, and we accept extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional visitors as our Gods…!!!

Is this just coincidence, the work of an especially disturbed soul, or is this an example of fabricated seducement of spiritual humans?

Well, the answer is, it’s no coincidence! Many New Age ideas have masonic origins, again the Illuminati Conspiracy Archive gives a great overview of New Age Concepts.

Here is another obvious video example: Transformation 2012: Crop circle message mayan prophecy 3rd eye chakra pineal gland

Why Intermixture of Alien Beliefs is Important for the New World Religion Plan

From various insiders, for example Phil Schneider, R.I.P., it is known that the U.S. black programs of the CIA work together with malevolent, manipulative aliens since the fifties (this seven-part video of Phil Schneider is a MUST for every searching human!). The Black Kabal is said to place their New World Religion in a final, staged Armageddon and fake Second Coming of Jesus Christ around 2012 with the help of extraterrestrial technology (large holographic projections over the skies, UFOs flying around) and a fabricated/alien/genetically engineered Messiah that covers all known big religions. This scenario goes under the name of Projekt Blue Beam.

If this is true, the staged Second Coming from the Illuminati is hard to distinguish from the Ascension event of the New Agers. The same goes for some New Age believe systems  and Freemason Occultism.

I must admit that the central messages of most New Age believes is very positive and helpful:

  1. Be loving, unconditionally, love should be our central intent
  2. You are not your body nor your mind, find your true self/soul
  3. Be self-dependent, take full responsibility for yourself, your actions and your situation/problems
  4. Be interconnected with all living beings, the planet/Gaia and nature/the creation in general
  5. Acknowledge and be aware of your relation to the creator/source of everything (this is not part of all New Age believes)
  6. Avoid fear
  7. I guess there are more that don’t come up my mind right now, I’m curious about any input!

If the whole turnover of the 2012 hysteria leads to some of us humans live by the above principles, we as a human race have won a lot. I just have the suspicion that some of the movements are fabricated and manipulative and that’s why I stay attentive.

Perhaps you too might want to stay observant when your New Age gurus talk of you becoming a God or Freemasonry being the only true religion. You might be bluffed by your enemy.