That’s the Speech Trump will have to live up to…

That’s the speech Trump will have to live up to… Will he follow JFK, or rather enjoy the little fame, carry out the commands of the shadow government and provide the military-industrial complex with more wars? Be that as it may, saving ourselves we must, by   self-responsibility, sovereignty, consciousness. There’s no other option. Everything else is just looking up the pyramid, the same old game. Love, Chaukee

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

Update: The World Government has already given a Statement…

Message from the Cabal

Message from the Cabal

Update 2:

Trump at AIPAC, war mongering against Iran, sucking up to IsraHell. Nope, my dear alternative illusionists, no pyramid system will help us.

Update 3 (it sucks to be right):

Loops like Trump is going to call a former Goldman-Sachs guy as treasury secretary…:
We will build a great swamp, a tremendous swamp, it will be the biggest swamp you have ever seen!
Even looks like Steven Mnuchin was creating funds with SOROS! The Swamp will span half of the earth…

Update 4: “Creating a second Flint does not make America great again”

Update 5: Already there: All those alternative Trump hypers failed big time

2 thoughts on “That’s the Speech Trump will have to live up to…

  1. Hi there, my friend!

    While I HAVE lost hope in “our democracy”, he does spew TRUTH. I sincerely doubt that he’ll be “granted” the POWER to “make it happen”, though. If “all the world is a stage”…. Donald ain’t excluded. 😉 In the words of George Carlin, “it’s a BIG CLUB– and “WE” ain’t it”! I will add this– it’s pretty darn cool that he got away with (so far) calling the Clintons CRIMINALS and saying that Bill was a rapist. Now that is TRULY “one for the records’! 🙂


    P.S. ya’ll… the “voting machines” have been RIGGED since the INFAMOUS hanging Chad!! 🙂 And by the by… “what” does that Illuminati Card Game” say about a potential “trump”?? 🙂 Time WILL tell! 🙂


    • Hey my dear,
      Yeah, Trump definitely is in the club called “Mystery Babylon”, his symbols and signs are obvious enough. And if he gets the “enough is enough”-card, his follower Pence will be as bad as Killary and initiate the big chaos they dream of. Wiked times we are in. And funny how many “alternative” forget about the staged spectacle as soon as one of “ours” gets selected. So what? I’ll keep on cultivating my garden 😀
      Hug, Chaukee


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