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The Illuminati – staged or lived cult?

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After I – average Swiss guy of middle age –¬† have been hanging out in the so-called truth movement on the internet for about two years now, and have been running this english written, after some initial naive phase more and more controversial, cause scene-critical, blog, I found its about time to comply with the wishes of some readers to also translate my new articles (and some selected older ones) into german. The german version of “Chaukeedaar” can now be found under

Most western states were established, and since then dominated, by a secret, occult brotherhood

To my shame, my personal “awakening” did not already happen on 9/11, but way later, in an october night two years ago, when I experienced (or imagined) some sort of interdimensional attack attempt. I needed to understand what happened to me, and begun to dig deep into the depth of the internet. Passing by information on negative extraterrestrials I quite quickly run across the occult power brokers of this world and the pervading nature of secret society conspiracies. When the Wikileaks story run wild, I realized that the world actually IS run exactly as those “absurd” conspiracy theories told, and my resistance awoke
(leaving aside that Assange has been turned for sure by the cabal in the meantime. Considering his ego and delusion of importance this must have been an easy game for the wicked ones).

Demolition of the World Trade Center No. 7 on September 11th, completely concealed by the mainstream media

Some people eventually will hear about the third building that collapsed in New York September 11th, without any airplane hitting it – World Trade Center No. 7 – and they do not have the slightest drive to wake up from their comfy consumer sedation and start to think a little by themselves. How may something like this completely be overlooked by the mainstream media (MSM) and nobody notices? What does a complete misdirection of the western public opinion for the last ten years mean for our self-understanding, for how we come to our world view, and how correct this one can be after all of this? There are educated people who may have read George Orwell, but do not remotely notice that the western media uses pure Newspeak for at least the last ten years. Still others believe in the climate change lie, because it well accommodates their green world view, against massive rebuttals from independent climate scientists. Systematic thinking is in the short supply, also and especially among the educated. And some kind of fabricated eco-fashist-socialism escalates, transfigured as Gutmenschentum, with a great pinch of genocide and doomsday yearning. I was not born to be silent. That’s not what I am. I ask questions, until it hurts.

The Vatican, living out the luciferian apocalyptic worship now in full public

My focus in the alternative media is not so much on the political crimes (see the Alles-Schall-und-Rauch-Blog for this) of the occult (see the noicon blog for that), hidden hand, that operates for at least the last couple of centuries, of course ridiculed by the MSM and the public educational institutions as conspiracy theories, but on the deeper reality behind our virtual existence, obscured by religions and science. At closer examination, the questions between science, spirituality and conspiracies just do NOT lie in the realm of pure speculation or blind enthusiasm, but can be derived and verified by facts and self-observations. As inspiration I also like to use the scriptures of ancient spiritual traditions, especially vedic (by my affinity for the original Hare Krishna movement of Srila Praphupada) and buddhist, but also the New Testament, as far as it could conserve the positive essence of the life and teachings of Jesus. But always by following the biblical wisdom:

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.


But by their fruit you will know them.

Here is more information about my background:

That’s it for the movement, folks. Always looking forward to any comments ūüėÄ

Peace, Chaukee

Anonymous vs. Illuminati – A Structural Comparison

Update as of 06.02.2013: The following article must be considered as one of my more naive writings – many things have happened in the last two years that made clear that Anonymous was at least hijacked on several activities by the wicked global imperialists, especially in the case of the arab spring revolutions. As a conspiracy theorist, what concerns me also, is the use of occult symbolism like the satanist/masonic V-symbol and the Guy Fawkes mask, celebrating a jesuit influenced fanatic catholic who tried to blow up the english parliament in 1605 – clearly not a proponent of democracy or nonviolent resistance.

Some time ago I’ve read an excellent article on a german online IT magazine ( about how the movement “Anonymous” works. Immediately I was struck by how¬†completely different this¬†self organized, free will based movement functions compared to its main antagonist, the world-wide¬†Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy, that is based on a regressive pyramid of power. I’d like to present my findings and hope I can¬†help to raise the awareness¬†for the importance of¬†such grass-roots¬†movements as the “Anonymous” are.

What is Anonymous and how does it work?

I’m personally not yet involved in the Anonymous movement, but here’s what I’ve found from various¬†sources.¬†Mainstream media has quite talked¬†a bit about it¬†(especially about¬†Operations Payback, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Libia), but only few understand¬†its¬†essence.¬†Most of the active persons¬†in¬†the Anonymous IRC¬†sessions¬†(Internet Relay Chat) are not classic¬†hackers or crackers, but¬†ordinary,¬†deliberate people getting involved. Here is a spot on article on¬†Puppetworld Post explaining why Anonymous is not about hacking.

There is NO hierarchical structure, and thus no leadership in Anonymous. For specific campaigns individuals can be involved more than others, but this normally changes from topic to topic. It is impossible to talk of a common “intention” of Anonymous, as well as exactly tell the number of involved individuals in a campaign, nor to really manipulate or¬†control the movement. Everybody can¬†join in and see the¬†information and statements. If people don’t agree on a specific action or idea, they don’t contribute, but may be in again¬†for the next operation.

The basic structural attributes of Anonymous are:

  • The activists are and stay¬†unknown to each other, thus “anonymous”
  • No designated¬†leadership: “Anyone can lead where everyone will follow”
  • Open information
  • Total free will, every individual decides for itself – grass-roots democracy. Everybody contributes according to his/her interests and capabilities
  • Distributed technical structure
  • Only small common agenda: Defense of freedom of speech at any cost

Much of the oppression in the world is done by stealth, in secrecy: the villains are anonymous whether they be part of dictatorships, democratic governments, corporations, or secret societies of the ultra-rich. For a protest group to be anonymous levels the playing field.
From: Puppetworld Post

Structure of the Illuminati/Top-Freemason Cabal

The "Illuminated Elite" - Arch-Masons directly involved in Black Magic Power Rituals and Paedophilia

The basic structural attributes of the Illuminati are:

  • Hierarchical chain of command
  • Completely compartimented structure in vertical and horizontal way: Strictly regulated information flow from top to bottom (including deceptive information on various levels)
  • Infiltration of all powerful organizations (banks, governments, UN, corporations,¬†media, military, churches)
  • The people on the lower levels of the pyramid are known to the upper levels, but not vice-versa
  • Ruthlessly forced power by¬†blackmailing,¬†creating dependency by money/existential fears, fear in general
  • Massive, secret and harmful¬†agenda on¬†top level¬†(keywords: one world government and religion,¬†social engineering/manipulation of society/mind control/media, world population reduction,¬†UFO/Alien cover up, secret weapons/HAARP, suppression of alternative energy sources and technologies in general, occultism/Satanism)

It’s probably not too wrong when we conclude that the Illuminati are the complete opposite of the Anonymous! This is a rather interesting finding when we extend it to the spiritual question:

Illuminati spiritual characteristics which are driven by:

In that context I’m about to say that Anonymous is one movement that helps the positive spiritual orientation on this planet to succeed.¬†The ideas of human rights, fairness,¬†equality, thus positivity in general, are definitely on the good side, if you call that side¬†God does not matter that much, does it?

Attacking Freedom Fighters by Attacking the Internet?

Well informed and organized¬†masses are very hard to control or to beat. Mankind seems to awaken in many respects and I guess the elite feels that their stand is lost. Nevertheless they don’t give up, as this is not an option in their reptile mind-set. So we might expect some draconian attempts of getting control over the internet or even shutting down parts of it in the near future.

Their problem at the moment is how much their corporations have embraced the internet. If they try to shut it down they risk immense financial loss or even a worldwide economic breakdown. So censorship is more of a realistic option here. But as long as some sort of internet is running, the free people of the world will find holes to use it for the relief of mankind.

I would suggest to watch the stock prices of companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Ebay, MSN. If they all decline in parallel out of a sudden, the elite sells their share and gets prepared for internet takeover. You might also want to see my article Wikileaks OR Have the Illuminati/Freemason underestimated the Internet?

Thanks to Anonymous, our Future has begun

The main fear of the dark cabal is numbers. They are few, we are legion. Thanks to the internet, our legion gets self organized and thus unbeatable.

Anonymous has waken up to protect freedom and the rights of all humans. Anonymous will use any available means to fight this fight. Up to the end, whatever this will be.

Update: Anonymous declares war on Pentagon

Funny coincidence: Only a couple of hours after I’ve posted this article I found the following video on the RT America YouTube channel:

Anonymous declares war on Pentagon:

Is it wise to declare war on the Pentagon¬†because of¬†one tortured individual, Bradley¬†Manning? I mean, today we find ourselves in a situation where the powerful elite is just waiting for reasons, or merely provoking them,¬†to turn the¬†Internet Kill Switch and boot up their totalitarian police state. But from an ethical point of¬†view “Anonymous” is absolutely on the right side. Bradley Manning, this poor and courageous man is a hero for human rights and needs our help, support and prayers.

There are again the super sceptic¬†voices that¬†think¬†this Anonymous Operation¬†against the Pentagon named BRADICAL¬†is false flag. Who knows? But if you’ve read my explanation¬†about the structure and functioning of¬†Anonymous above it should be clear that manipulation is VERY improbable.

I’m very curious on how effective Anonymous’¬†weapons of information war are against the Pentagon and if there are many freedom fighters joining in, knowing that they attack a quite aggressive, powerful and dangerous enemy… On the other hand, no real damage is needed – symbolic or timely effects on the military networks are sufficient to activate mainstream media and raise¬†worldwide pressure against U.S. torture practices.

The Real Significance of Wikileaks as seen by Stefan Molyneux

I’ve been a supporter of Wikileaks for some time (just see¬†Why most Wikileaks Write-up is¬†hypocritical, Wikileaks OR Have the Illuminati/Freemason underestimated the¬†Internet?¬†and The Illuminati Plan to abuse Wikileaks is¬†rolling‚Ķ), both financially and mentally. The following text is taken from the video below of the famous web philosopher and host of, Stefan Molyneux. He puts down the point about the real significance of Wikileaks so well, I had to transcript it for you to enjoy too (I’m sorry for my bad english).

The Wikileaks thing is beautiful. It is a complete sunrise of light lending on the absolute stinking evil of the ruling classes. It is beautiful, because, you see, the morality that we live under, its like a big rock rolling down a mountain side towards a little village of average citizens. Its only one way, it only bounces down the hill, it only goes one way.

But with Wikileaks its going two ways. You know the government can go through all of your bank accounts, through all of your health records, can send¬† their¬†ferocious little spider cookie robots into every knuckle and cranny of your existence. And here, whats happening is, they are getting a tiny taste of whats like to be on the receiving end of that. A tiny taste! And they are going completely insane. I mean, if you’ve got literally dozens of US and Canadian and I think even a couple of Australian nut job dirt bad ass¬†clowns at the top of the media in these countries calling for a literal¬†mafia hit on this guy.¬† A literal mafia hit on this guy,who has been very careful¬†about what he’s revealed. Who has revealed¬†his information only through “Der Spiegel”, “The New York Times” and other mainstream articles. They’ve all published it first. And it had far¬†wider reach.

I mean, Assange is a complete genius when it comes to marketing, because he knows, if he just dumped a hundred thousand files somewhere down the internet, nobody would give a red sock because it would take forever to go through it. But he sat down,¬†he worked¬†with all of these mainstream media organizations to release all of this information through them, gave them exclusives. Now is the government calling for the assassination of the head of the New York Times? Of course not! Because they need the New York Times to keep the docile masses lulling around, not seeing the thunder-cloud of the pending Fiat currency disaster that is coming down. So they’re going after this guy. You’re seeing the glove coming off the fist, the sword coming out of the ¬†scabbard, the velvet cover falling away from the gun, and you’re seeing those hysterical crazy sociopaths, calling for the slaughter, the¬†hit, its like it seeing out of a mafia movie.

And so I think its pretty unsettling to people to see “oh my goodness”, if we do one tenth of one tenth of one percent to the ruling classes what they have done to us, they call for murder.¬†I mean, it’s completely insane, it’s completely hysterical, and its usherly¬†revealing. It’s finally becoming light¬†enough in¬†the room that even people without the infrared goggles of philosophy and libertarianism and anarchism are actually seeing what is going on in the corridors of power. So I take my hat of him for that. I mean, the man has balls of titanium, ¬†he really is quite an outstanding character.

He has its own issues, he was raised in a cult and he spent most of his teenage years on the run from one of¬†his mother’s slaughterous or murderous ex boy friends. So he’s got his own issues for sure, and I’m not saying that he is a clear-eyed moral hero, he has his flaws, he bangs around with the groupies, I would say,¬†a little bit¬†too much. Dips his wikch¬†in¬†a little bit¬†of a post feminist asset¬†– but – who among us is perfect and I¬†certainly don’t want to cast the stone in that direction. I think it’s a beautiful and revealing thing.

And whats happening now of course is that the Bank of America is in this guy’s sight, right? And so whats happening is: The Bank of America’s data, he has got¬†5 Gigs of e-mail and stuff, and all considered to be unbreachable¬†internal by the Bank of America. And whats happening is, if the Bank of America knew that their foreclosures were illegal, because nobody owns these houses any more. The deeds have been blown up and scattered all into the four winds. If the Bank of America foreclosed illegally, there is gonna be lawsuits that will simply take them down, there is no money left for bailout. So I mean he is doing an astounding job of exposing the corruptions in the U.S. economic system and legal system and – I can’t even call that a legal system, system of armed predation –¬†He is a beautiful floor tragic hero, he’s just amazing.

Stefan Molyneux¬†of Freedomain Radio Interviewed on ‘Infrequently Asked Questions’.
Move to minute 10:53 for the Wikileaks part:

You should get accustomed to UFO and Alien Reality NOW!

UFO, original or rebuilt, near Area 51

Update as of 17.07.2012: Even though I still believe that the evidence for hidden contacts between extraterrestrials and the U.S. “Shadow Government” between the fifties and nineties of the last century is undeniable, this older article of this blog essentially lacks the information about the staged disclosure hype by New Age and Masonic disinformation agents, as well as the plans for a false flag alien invasion in the near future by the world-wide, hidden secret society cabal, that goes under the name of Project Blue Beam. Truth that is incomplete can be misleading. Please at least also read my article “Alien Disclosure in the near Future: How to Distinguish Positive from Negative¬†Visitors“.
The question if we are already visited by extraterrestrial entities divides the human population into roughly the following groups:
  1. We are not visited by aliens and UFOs, it’s just¬†the talk of confused minds, it’s physically impossible, we are unique in front of our creator a.s.o…
  2. Many things are possible, but I’m waiting for a proof: I don’t believe in anything I haven’t seen with my own eyes
  3. I have seen UFOs but I’m unsure on¬†how to judge my experience
  4. My intuition tells me that we are not alone, that the universe is not made just for mankind or for the sake of itself and that reality holds possibilities our science does not know yet
  5. The evidence is overwhelming and I’m a believer: Aliens and UFOs are for real
  6. I had undoubtable contact myself and I know it

This article is intended to open the minds of people in the groups 1. to 4. which may still be the larger part of this planets conscious inhabitants. My intention is not to be smart-alec but to relieve the shock a bit for as many people as possible when they will be confronted with a complex and frightening reality in the near future. Be prepared to be able to stay positive and loving.

UFO and Alien source 1: Government and military insiders

Captured, Gray Alien

There is already a confusing number of whistleblowers that in the last 50 years stepped forward and talked about UFO reality and the involvement of black U.S. government groups. Most of them have actively been ignored by mainstream media, some of them have been threatened, shot at or killed. Here are some of the most important and convincing:

Paul Hellyer: Former Canadian Defence Minister recently stepped forward and informed the public on his point of view on the UFO and alien cover up. Here are more details and his speech at the X-Conference at the National Press Club, Washington D.C.

Bob Lazar:¬†The physicist and former employee at S4, a secret underground research facility, is very genuine as a person and¬†in his information as you can see four yourself in this 5 part interview¬†on YouTube (please be patient as the real thrilling stuff starts after minute 4:45). He’s the most accurate available¬†source for information on UFO/anti gravitational¬†technology.

Phil Schneider: Phil Schneider, one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Greys , US intelligence and military at the Dulce underground base, was found dead January 1996, due to what appears to be an execution style murder. Watch his talk to know why he was killed on YouTube.

Stanton T. Friedman: Physicist and the original civilian investigator of the Roswell UFO incident. See this article on AOL news and his speech about science and UFO reality here on YouTube.

William Pawelec: The U.S. Air Force computer specialist admitted in his deathbed that extraterrestrial UFO are real. Here is his interview on YouTube.

UFO and Alien source 2: Contactees

Alex Collier, Contactee with the Andromedans

Contactees¬†are people who have met alien visitors face to face and/or have telepathic¬†contact with them on a more or less regular basis. The people are generally quite open-minded¬†and try to transport the visitors messages as broad as they can. So it’s quite easy to compare the content of each of them and with the other sources.

Alex Collier: He is one of the most genuine persons who is in regular contact with the benevolent humanoid ETs from Andromeda (Andromedan Council). His major work is putting out their unaltered message  in his book Defending Sacred Ground. There are also most wonderful interviews and conference videos on the net. If you get into that it may be one of the most valuable experiences you had in your life.

George Adamski: “Adamski was a philosopher who dwelt on a mountain-¬†top in California. In 1953 he was taken aboard a Ô¨āying¬†saucer, Ô¨āown¬†to a mother ship, and entrusted with a mission. He was to communicate to Mankind the wisdom of the Space People” (excerpt from the book “George Adamski¬†– The Story of a UFO Contactee” by Professor Salomon).

Billy Meyer: He is one of the most famous and debated UFO contactees (benevolent humanoid visitors from the Pleiaren). His claim of being the only real contactee harmed his reputation in the field.

UFO and Alien source 3: Mainstream media and governments

Crashed UFO, released KBG Top Secret Files

Public sources are starting to inform the citizens of various countries for the last few years.

The government of Great Britain started to release classified documents on UFOs in 2010.

The Indian government seems to be much more open to inform the public about its alien contacts and cooperative programs than other countries. India Daily puts out a lot of insider news in its technology section.

New Zealand has also opened its governmental UFO files.

It seems that Russia has released a top secret KGB video of a crashed UFO site from the cold war (see below).

Juilan Assange has announced that there will be information on UFOs in some of the diplomatic cables that are up to be released on Wikileaks (see article on The Guardian).

Its said that President Obama was about to inform the public in October 2009 about the alien contacts the U.S. military had since the Roswell incident. Why he stepped back is now subject to speculation in conspiracy theories.

Update: The FBI has made thousands of files available in a new online resource called The Vault. For example, in one of¬†the memos, whose subject line is “Flying Saucers”, Agent Hottel reveals that an Air Force investigator had stated that “three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico”.

A general information of the Indian public by the Indian government (who is in a vast cooperation with benevolent visitors, like China, for the recent years) is said to take place somewhere in 2011.

KGB UFO Crash Video:

You’re still with me?

To not overwhelm you with information, let’s have¬†a stop here. The web is full of such information and it’s quite¬†hard to distinguish between the reasonable and the blatant. I hope this article helped in opening your awareness for UFO/Alien reality¬†a little and motivate you to do your own research. But be prepared that what you find may not reflect the all positive image of aliens that you might have right at the moment. As here on earth, there are benevolent as well as malevolent groups of aliens visiting us. Your heart will always¬†tell you with what spiritual orientation¬†you are dealing with.

Some entry points for your further research (not in any specific order):


UFO Over Jerusalem: Possibly The Most Genuine UFO Footage Ever

The Illuminati Plan to abuse Wikileaks is rolling…

This weekend, Reuters Germany published the following rather unspectacular information (translated from german):

U.S. are protecting persons mentioned by WikiLeaks
(original article)

If you know a little how the powerful think and manipulate this world, it’s quite obvious that this is one little step in their whole¬†outlay of achieving a one world government:

  1. Discrediting and thwarting Wikileaks did not work, the back-pressure from the free world (media, governments, consumers, internet, hackers) was surprisingly enormous
  2. The weeks of searching a juristic proceeding against Wikileaks/Julian Assange was fruitless
  3. There is no known collateral damage of leaks to innocent people known until today. The reputation of Wikileaks is an affront to the U.S. government

Here is how the New World Order people are used to think and make a disadvantage to their own advantage by tweaking, twisting and manipulating:

  1. Rise the public awareness that people’s lives¬†are in danger because of Wikileaks by using their illuminati controlled¬†media (see quote at the beginning).
  2. The moment the next leaks about the Bank of America are released, distract public attention from that by letting the people get killed that supposedly are in danger from WikiLeaks. This is done by
  3. using the New World Order РSaudi РIslamist connection and black ops to prosecute the killings under false flag
  4. Announce that Wikileaks has proven to be a threat and thus have a reason to shut down liberty on the internet, apply broad media censorship and to boot the well prepared U.S. police/military state.

Before considering this possibility as being paranoid, remember that we still have no proof by whom and why these wonderful people were assassinated:

  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • Martin Luther King
  • Robert Francis Kennedy

I hope I’m wrong on this one and nothing will¬†happen. If it does, remember you have read it before¬†and do your own research on illuminati / freemason / new world order / bilderberg¬†/ trilateral commission¬†/ rothshild¬†/ luciferians¬†/¬†satanists¬†/ reptilian¬†/ kabbalah.