There is no such thing as humanistic violence

I fundamentally oppose violence in the name of “Humanistic Interventions” – whether that be in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria or Ukraine. The intended denazification of Ukraine will lead to a very long fratricidal war with more civilian casualties than the never-ending shelling of the Donbass by Ukrainians since 2014. Knowing all the details of the conflict and the shameful behavior of the West since 2014: I Disagree, Vladimir!

Peace, Chaukeedaar

2022: Forced Vaccination – War – Chaos – New World Order

Best picture for all the believers in justice and state out there! The lodges have set up our states and are now transforming them into the global corporation. Defend yourself, but intelligently and well-considered!

Congratulations USA!

… and have fun in the pedophile world order!

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Klaus Schwab & His Great Fascist Reset

Everything you need to know about Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset, in a stunning elaborate on the OffGuardian.

My conclusion: What kind of suffering this Schwab must have gone through to have developed such an abysmal contempt for nature, naturalness, creation, humans and animals, but also overestimation. Has he already burned the Masonic “Man becoming God” into his soul? My condolences to this being.

Klaus Schwab & His Great Fascist Reset

Klaus Schwab, NWO