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I thought it would be nice to leave a short sign of life!

  • I cultivate my little garden
  • I’m excited about colleagues, neighbours and friends who jumped on the wagon towards a more self-responsible life
  • enjoy to interchange locally, seek talks with the ones all at the beginning of our journey who only start to have small question marks in their minds
  • unsubscribed from almost all blogs and channels and only left what leaves a positive effect in myself
  • try to be there for my family the best way I can
  • exercise in self-reflexion
  • enjoy the Creation every day

and as you see, most of it happens offline… Do not miss me, but do the same. We spent enough time educating ourselves, now its time to implement!

From the heart, your friend,

Germans for Peace revealing WW3 Nato-Propaganda: Speech of Eugen Drewermann at Bellevue Palace Berlin, Dec. 13th, 2014

Some souls on this planet are starting to take responsibility in face of the global efforts for world war 3 of the hidden hand. Please see the interview and very emotional speech of the famous german church critic, theologian and peace activist Eugen Drewermann as part of the Dec. 13th peace rally in Berlin. The monday demonstrations have gone on in germany for the bigger part of this year 2014, taking a stand for peace in an environment of main stream propaganda having the quality of a second-class dictatorship.

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

I Raise a White Flag for Peace

(Translation: Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels)

I am pleased to support the initiative of my fellow countryman thom ram from the Bumi Bahagia blog. The idea that we informed people, who can see behind the curtain of the power elite, as well as all peace-loving people who feel intuitively that there simply is something wrong in the world, can recognize each other, talk, exchange ideas and encourage each other, seems very uplifting and joyful. To me it is thus not simply a matter of “flying a flag”, but to be able to better interconnect also in real life (according to the motto “act – don’t flag”). I would be happy to not only encounter the national pennants of the Soccer World Cup fans in the coming weeks, but now and again a white symbol of hope.

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

I launch something.
Neighbor Gabriel has put me the idea.
The white flag is swung in wars, and who waves the white flag, sais: I have laid down my arms. I want peace and I am ready for a dialogue.
The vision:
All the world is full of white flags.
The idea:
I was at a Monday meeting at the Brandenburg Gate [note by Chaukeedaar: In Berlin and 50 other german cities there were public meetings for peace every monday night for the last couple of weeks, mainly initiated by people from the truth movement and alternative media, see one of the great speeches of Ken Jebsen]. It was full of people there who want to change things. The people stood there and waited for things to come. When Ken Jebsen put his concise words, they clapped enthusiastically.
That’s good, that’s okay. And it is not enough .
The same people go home and feel alone with their concerns.
But when there are white flags all around, like the flags at Soccer World Cups? Suddenly they are surrounded by people with white logos.
It’s like dog owners. They get into conversation and are thrilled of their hobby .
This way people flagging white get into conversation with each other: I want this. I do that. I’ll do such ….. so peace reigns, and we may live in fruitful harmony.


For the first time I call for something on this blog:
If you also think that this idea is fantastic, spread it.

Imagine. In Munich, cars are driving with white flags. In Washington, white cloths are hanging in the windows. When shopping you will see a fellow-man with a white bracelet.
Everywhere is white. White contains it all. It needs no explanation. I know: This guy flags. She shows white. I can talk to him about anything even remotely related to the world situation, to politics, to monetary problems, to corruption.
And, more importantly, I can talk to him about everything that has to do with a joyful, healthy, creative life.

Please imagine that vividly. Through the means of a simple symbol a massive concentration of forces can be achieved.

Pass on this idea with your own inner fire.
I will poke other bloggers with it.
I’ll try to reach people like Ken Jebsen.
Please share your opinion below.
thom ram, 05.14.2014

P. S.

Here is an example of passing the message.

It comes from Gabriel, which has put the idea to me .

KenFM: Suggestions for Self-Responsibility

(Translation: Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels)

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

After a long time here’s finally a video that I can agree with from beginning to end. And since it contains all the many practical solutions for us who believe in a just world, I recommend it without reservation.

Ken Jebsen is a german internet radio host and reporter who worked for the german public broadcasts for many years until he got fired for being too truthful, namely for daring to criticise Zionism and israeli genocide on the Palestinians, as well as questioning the official 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Update 18.06.2014:

Peace, Chaukee

My Strategy to Spiritually Survive the Current, Demoniac World Order

(Translation: Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels)

It’s really about the time that I present my personal solutions against the mess we have to live in, called modern world. If you happen to be attracted to this article, there is probably no need to repeat the materialistic, dark, destructive and ego-based “reality” we are enduring.

For most People, Life is not a Shopping Trip

Chaukeedaar’s advice #1: Listen to your inside as many times a day as you can and learn that you are not your body, nor your thoughts, that everything outside is not real but just a sick game to make us experience, learn and grow. Others call it the matrix, an illusion, maya, that stands diametral to consciousness, truth, the soul. Truly realize that your past, nor your future, are real or existing – there has always only been the now, and it will always only be the now (Eckhart Tolle helped me a lot with this kind of awareness. I recommend his first book The Power of Now. I have not read his later works yet and I’m honestly a bit suspicious about his late new age-ish and commercial twist).

The most influential and powerful comporations of the NWO, according to a Swiss ETH study

Chaukeedaar’s advice #2: Detach your live from anything global(ist) and focus on whats really happening AROUND you. As you all know, the satanist/elitist New World Order is about centralizing power and control – centralization has become an almost irreversible process mainly in

and so on. Now my personal solution is about gaining your control over your life back and work for decentralization, namely

  • establish a local, parallel, social network in your community with real exchange of views and co-determination
  • disconnect your dependency from centralized suppliers in shutting down your consumption of globalists products and services
  • reduce your dependency from the money supply, especially from interest rates and exchange rates, e.g. by becoming a mini-farmer and using money-less exchange of goods. If you want to invest, invest in real things – your house and ground, your family, your community, not into the virtual bubbles of the speculators
  • stop or drastically reduce your consumption of television, electronic entertainment and gossip. There is propaganda and mind control on so many levels that you may not even know about all of them yet. It’s hard work to constantly block and clean your mind from the lies and the mud “they” are spreading
  • stop believing any dogmas (religious as well as occult/esoteric/new age) and start searching and occupying yourself with our spiritual roots. All the answers are within yourself. If you start to listen, I promise you will become wise!
  • do not try to protect “your” copyright of anything you produce – in the end its silly as nothing belongs to you, you have neither created the matter you are working with, nor the mind that allows you to think and feel, nor the soul that is your essence of existence. Copyright really belongs to God and nobody else, here on earth its only a sign of not wanting to share and trying to elevate oneself above others

And automatically you also become a UNIQUE individual that thinks and feels for its own. The elitist controllers cannot handle diversity and independent thinking very well, can they… But I should not distract myself from the topic – this is not about saving the world, but saving yourself.

Let Your Consciousness Guide Yourself – or – Why I Became a Vegetarian Nine Months ago

For almost 40 years I really liked to eat meat. The religious tradition I feel close to, the Hare Krishna movement of Srila Praphupada, tought me about the true (same) essence of the soul in all animals and to treat them like friends, but the step towards not eating our friends was still too big for me, I guess. Or may I say: it was all a bit too abstract.

The past two years in the alternative/truther scene on the web left me in a race towards more and more knowledge and awareness in many areas. Do you guys also know this feeling of unbelieving hurt and frustration about how the really bad people in this world behave? Starting from ritual child abuse and ending with war drone attacks on civilians? At some point I realized that I can’t change the world, that I should not try to change people against their free will, and to abandon this kind of political, saving-the-world thinking. What I can and should change is me, myself and I.

Now it was the following video that actually made the suffering of our animal friends enough real to me that my consciousness immediately decided to stop eating meat. There was no process of thinking involved – right after I finished the speech of Gary Yourofsky something in myself decided to stop eating meat, and that’s what I did. I don’t miss anything, I’m healthy, well-trained, and much less contaminated by physical negativity.

Warning: The video contains hard pictures of how our animals are treated – if you want to stay ignorant, you better don’t watch:

Become Local: My First Steps in Gardening

Last winter I decided to ask our neighbour, who has become a good friend of ours, if I could use a small part of his overgrown and unused land for some time for my planned gardening attempts. After some short research I ordered the book Mini Farming – Self Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham, which I can really recommend. We are still far away from being self-sufficient, but it’s a good learning experience and a simple way of connecting ourselves back to what it means to be an incarnated individual on earth and its wonderful nature.

Two Garden Beds in the Making

Some first Results


Some of you might have wondered why I haven’t been more active on my blog for the last half a year. Well, its part of implementing this new philosophy I just tried to outline.

Those occult, secret society elitists who brought us into our problems we face today do everything to not let yourself get a breath, step back and see the complete truth for what it is. But you actually CAN do it. It’s a simple decision of your soul, using its inherent free will. “They” have a lot of influence, but there are still many areas you can find your true self and build a world you envision. It’s just not there where “they” draw your attention to.

Namaste, Chaukee

Update as of 07/28/2012

Finally it’s growing and getting greener…

Nature loves it when you garden without chemicals!

True, Human Education by Toshiro Kanamori: Must see Documentary “Children Full of Life”

Finally something on YouTube worth some 50 minutes of your life: This is the education for life YOU did not get, but can be given to our children. Please enjoy (and let me know if you shed more tears than I did 😉 ):

Namaste, Chaukee

Revolutions 2011: Demonstrations vs. Civil Disobedience and Nonviolent Resistance

This year 2011 will surely enter our history books as a phase where ordinary people stood up and took a stand against undemocratic political structures, corporate power abuse and a complete corrupt financial system.

Revolution 2011 in Egypt [Source]

In the long run, however, we will all realize that those revolutions only sold us the ILLUSION of change, not real change at all. Some might even discover that those revolutions where not at all people-initiated, but steered and manipulated by the same hidden powers that the people thought they would fight. For example, many awaken alternative news journalists and bloggers have already shown very quickly that the arab spring revolutions were all planned and staged by George Soros’ Open Society Institute:

Colour Revolutions: Soros foundation and U.S. influence

Opponents of the colour revolutions often accuse the Soros Foundation and/or the United States government of supporting and even planning the revolutions in order to serve western interests. It is noteworthy that after the Orange Revolution several Central Asian nations took action against the Open Society Institute of George Soros with various means – Uzbekistan, for example, forced the shutting down of the OSI regional offices, while Tajik state-controlled media have accused OSI-Tajikistan of corruption and nepotism.


You don’t have to research very long on Soros to find the role he plays in the worldwide Illuminati cabal… So why are the most powerful and wealthy blood lines in the world interested in these revolutions in the first place?

George Soros [Source]

Revolutions as Pre-Stage for the New World Order

The 200 “Illuminati” families that run this world in secrecy still follow their old  and long exposed master plan ORDO AB CHAO (order out of chaos) to achieve their complete global domination (one world government + one world religion). Does anybody need more proof than 9/11 for this statement?

Any chaos that can be created in these days of change that does not lead back to these traitors is welcome for them as they still believe their luciferian plan will work out.

  • Terrorism threat: almost entirely staged
  • Financial troubles: wanted
  • Revolutions: initiated and steered
  • Wars: created and needed for their “economy” and profit


Even if the revolutions that now seem to have swapped over to the United States with the “Occupy” movement will lead to SOME change and some marionettes be replaced, the corrupt core will not change for

  1. the core people (or should I say “entities”) of the dark cabal are not known to the public and even to most conspiracy specialists
  2. the system essentially stays the same, e.g. dept based monetary system, interest system, representative democracy, global corporations and so on

Eventually most of the demonstrations will lead to violence and thus chaos. From one side, the puppet masters’, violence is wanted and easily provoked by the police. From the other side, the “simple-minded” demonstrators still outnumber the spiritually or ethically awakened protestors. It’s hard to keep a revolution peaceful if it mostly consists of people brainwashed by a violent entertainment culture, violent school systems and violent religions.

For all of these reasons I do not find it a good idea to go on the streets for demonstrations. The manipulative elite is hit much more efficiently by consistently following and distributing the idea of civil disobedience.

By demonstrating, you essentially state that you believe in and subordinate under the current order and political system and have a rest of faith that the elite is interested in your opinions and needs and eventually will listen to you.  This is a lack of understanding of how the powers to be function from the inside. They actually look at you this way – complaining sheep that does not understand.

Civil Disobedience as a Means for Peaceful Revolutions

The first principle of non-violent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating.

Cesar Chavez [Source]

Instead of dumb demonstrations I suggest that we start searching for means to change our reality. Lets discuss all over the web, with our loved ones, with our neighbours and co-workers, with people we meet on the streets or elsewhere, what we can effectively do to overcome the problems of our planet in very practical ways. We now need solutions, ideas that work from the small, from the individual, the family, the community. Forget about countries or supranational organizations or even regional political entities. The old systems and power structures will NOT help us at all.

The first small steps can be done by everyone willing:

  • Stop supporting large corporations: Get your daily needs from regional, small stores or even directly from farmers and local producers, if possible
  • Try to get a work that is close to where you live. Less transportation reduces environmental impact, frees you time and money (recalculate!). Also move out of cities: These are the worst and most dangerous places when things go down.
  • Stop dept slavery: Do not get credits or try to pay them pack as soon as possible. Reduce your materialistic needs and replace it with a more fulfilling mission
  • Quit unethical jobs as soon as possible (e.g. military, intelligence jobs)
  • Learn how to sustain yourself and your loved ones
  • Change the world from the inside: Occupy yourself with the ethical and spiritual teachings of your choice. Abandon dogmatic thinking and “believing”, start building your spiritual intuition and sense of positivity

Detach from banks, liquidate what holdings you can, and invest in a lifestyle outside of their world. Don’t participate. They can’t sell their wicked machinations if we’re not buying it.
Zen Gardner [Source]

I would like to close with the following statement from Maria-Lourdes from the lupo cattivo blog (translated from german):

Who wants to change the world comes of best by starting with him/herself… Sure, that sounds like a lame cliché, but in what kind of world could we live if the majority of us only could defeat the worst of our individual personal weaknesses?

Who, for example, has high consumer credits or real estate debt, most certainly has not been tricked or cheated by the banks, the money lenders or power brokers (…), but has taken the loans out of convenience, stupidity, status considerations, consumerism, or too many TV shows etc., only to immediately afford something he / she did not merit or earn already at that moment and most likely is superfluous anyway. No one is forced to sign under their first real estate or consumer loan contract. Yet no one will be forced to read newspapers, watch television or go to the movies.
Who has eventually become aware of his/her weaknesses will not build a house, will abstain from unnecessary consumption, ignore the mass media, never again draw his credit card or account, thus don’t bring himself in dependence of moneylenders and therefore needs no protection laws or scapegoats.
Anyone who believes that violence and / or coercion can never be a solution, will not use force or compulsion (even if he had the power) or call for it, to achieve a goal, not even for a “good” goal / ideal (…).

Back to the roots! [Source]