The Real Significance of Wikileaks as seen by Stefan Molyneux

I’ve been a supporter of Wikileaks for some time (just see Why most Wikileaks Write-up is hypocritical, Wikileaks OR Have the Illuminati/Freemason underestimated the Internet? and The Illuminati Plan to abuse Wikileaks is rolling…), both financially and mentally. The following text is taken from the video below of the famous web philosopher and host of, Stefan Molyneux. He puts down the point about the real significance of Wikileaks so well, I had to transcript it for you to enjoy too (I’m sorry for my bad english).

The Wikileaks thing is beautiful. It is a complete sunrise of light lending on the absolute stinking evil of the ruling classes. It is beautiful, because, you see, the morality that we live under, its like a big rock rolling down a mountain side towards a little village of average citizens. Its only one way, it only bounces down the hill, it only goes one way.

But with Wikileaks its going two ways. You know the government can go through all of your bank accounts, through all of your health records, can send  their ferocious little spider cookie robots into every knuckle and cranny of your existence. And here, whats happening is, they are getting a tiny taste of whats like to be on the receiving end of that. A tiny taste! And they are going completely insane. I mean, if you’ve got literally dozens of US and Canadian and I think even a couple of Australian nut job dirt bad ass clowns at the top of the media in these countries calling for a literal mafia hit on this guy.  A literal mafia hit on this guy,who has been very careful about what he’s revealed. Who has revealed his information only through “Der Spiegel”, “The New York Times” and other mainstream articles. They’ve all published it first. And it had far wider reach.

I mean, Assange is a complete genius when it comes to marketing, because he knows, if he just dumped a hundred thousand files somewhere down the internet, nobody would give a red sock because it would take forever to go through it. But he sat down, he worked with all of these mainstream media organizations to release all of this information through them, gave them exclusives. Now is the government calling for the assassination of the head of the New York Times? Of course not! Because they need the New York Times to keep the docile masses lulling around, not seeing the thunder-cloud of the pending Fiat currency disaster that is coming down. So they’re going after this guy. You’re seeing the glove coming off the fist, the sword coming out of the  scabbard, the velvet cover falling away from the gun, and you’re seeing those hysterical crazy sociopaths, calling for the slaughter, the hit, its like it seeing out of a mafia movie.

And so I think its pretty unsettling to people to see “oh my goodness”, if we do one tenth of one tenth of one percent to the ruling classes what they have done to us, they call for murder. I mean, it’s completely insane, it’s completely hysterical, and its usherly revealing. It’s finally becoming light enough in the room that even people without the infrared goggles of philosophy and libertarianism and anarchism are actually seeing what is going on in the corridors of power. So I take my hat of him for that. I mean, the man has balls of titanium,  he really is quite an outstanding character.

He has its own issues, he was raised in a cult and he spent most of his teenage years on the run from one of his mother’s slaughterous or murderous ex boy friends. So he’s got his own issues for sure, and I’m not saying that he is a clear-eyed moral hero, he has his flaws, he bangs around with the groupies, I would say, a little bit too much. Dips his wikch in a little bit of a post feminist asset – but – who among us is perfect and I certainly don’t want to cast the stone in that direction. I think it’s a beautiful and revealing thing.

And whats happening now of course is that the Bank of America is in this guy’s sight, right? And so whats happening is: The Bank of America’s data, he has got 5 Gigs of e-mail and stuff, and all considered to be unbreachable internal by the Bank of America. And whats happening is, if the Bank of America knew that their foreclosures were illegal, because nobody owns these houses any more. The deeds have been blown up and scattered all into the four winds. If the Bank of America foreclosed illegally, there is gonna be lawsuits that will simply take them down, there is no money left for bailout. So I mean he is doing an astounding job of exposing the corruptions in the U.S. economic system and legal system and – I can’t even call that a legal system, system of armed predation – He is a beautiful floor tragic hero, he’s just amazing.

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio Interviewed on ‘Infrequently Asked Questions’.
Move to minute 10:53 for the Wikileaks part:

The Illuminati Plan to abuse Wikileaks is rolling…

This weekend, Reuters Germany published the following rather unspectacular information (translated from german):

U.S. are protecting persons mentioned by WikiLeaks
(original article)

If you know a little how the powerful think and manipulate this world, it’s quite obvious that this is one little step in their whole outlay of achieving a one world government:

  1. Discrediting and thwarting Wikileaks did not work, the back-pressure from the free world (media, governments, consumers, internet, hackers) was surprisingly enormous
  2. The weeks of searching a juristic proceeding against Wikileaks/Julian Assange was fruitless
  3. There is no known collateral damage of leaks to innocent people known until today. The reputation of Wikileaks is an affront to the U.S. government

Here is how the New World Order people are used to think and make a disadvantage to their own advantage by tweaking, twisting and manipulating:

  1. Rise the public awareness that people’s lives are in danger because of Wikileaks by using their illuminati controlled media (see quote at the beginning).
  2. The moment the next leaks about the Bank of America are released, distract public attention from that by letting the people get killed that supposedly are in danger from WikiLeaks. This is done by
  3. using the New World Order – Saudi – Islamist connection and black ops to prosecute the killings under false flag
  4. Announce that Wikileaks has proven to be a threat and thus have a reason to shut down liberty on the internet, apply broad media censorship and to boot the well prepared U.S. police/military state.

Before considering this possibility as being paranoid, remember that we still have no proof by whom and why these wonderful people were assassinated:

  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • Martin Luther King
  • Robert Francis Kennedy

I hope I’m wrong on this one and nothing will happen. If it does, remember you have read it before and do your own research on illuminati / freemason / new world order / bilderberg / trilateral commission / rothshild / luciferians / satanists / reptilian / kabbalah.