Mind Control: Why we need Spiritual Self-Realization to free us from New World Order Tyranny

Your Self is much more profound than your Mind

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Bob Marley, Redemption Song, Uprising, 1979

This week I found a 9 part video on YouTube of a course of Joe Marshalla, doctor in philosophy and discoverer of the Law of Repeatlessness, which is scientifically applied to psychology, philosophy, spirituality and quantum physics as well. I’d like to introduce to you his work to show you that spiritual self-realization is the key in this time of change to free mankind from its suppressors and prepare a more positive, fair and loving future. For more details on Dr. Joe Marshalla please see About Joe, Testimonials and his dissertation and book “Repeatlessness, An Owners Manual to the Human Mind” on his website.

In short, the video series I’ve included at the end of this article show many indications that all of us bear around a big burden of induced negativity from a life under mind control. The key of freeing ourselves in many respects is self-realization, the spiritual fact that we are not our minds, but immortal souls that can unplug from our brains and observe our mind, essentially exactly the same message as famous and wonderful Eckhart Tolle teaches us. For your convenience I tried to summarize the content and highlight the information that I found most interesting.

I must admit that the content of the videos is more of an apposition of different research results and ideas, but perhaps this only seems to me as I am not a holotrophic thinker 😉 I will try to connect the dots but might be wrong, any input is appreciated (and I’m sorry for any errors in my transcriptions).

The Concept of the Teacher Teaching us Anything is wrong

First effect of mind-control is the idea of who we learn by:

Everything you’ve ever learned you tought yourself. No one has ever tought you anything – people have shown you things, people have given you information, but with your application of that information were by then you tought your self.

My interpretation of that aspect in regard of mind-control is: We should get aware that every information passed to us in any form of teaching first passes our own self, where we could and should filter it before we go an and “teach” this information to our mind. This interpretation is somehow backed up by the following quote:

Ideas hijack our brains. Probably almost every human being on the planet is being affected by subliminal thinking. The only way that anyone can have control over your brain is if you don’t have control over your brain.

The Outside gives us the Definitions of what we think who we are

The first 18 months of your life you have not a concept of your self. It’s the people around us with their statements about ourselves that define who we are.

Who you are is not in time. Until you know who you are, and really what you are, you are out of control. You’re hurtable and manipulatable.

It’s quite obvious that this definition of ourselves by the outside is only a definition that is burnt into our minds/brain, not our soul. By ending our identification with our mind we can go back and find out who we really are, an immortal soul with consciousness.

Three Studies showing three Aspects of Mind Control

Dr. Marshalla presents three research results that outline the mechanics of mind control that the world elite uses to control us.

1. Automatic Thinking. Every one of us has a very penetrant voice inside ourselves, the scientific therm is subvocalization. Research has shown that we have up to 50.000 of such self-talks per day. Our brains can talk to ourselves four times faster than normal talk. Now comes the interesting part of that: 80% of the self-talks are negative or limiting in some way. The average human being is only aware of about 5% of those self-talks. 95% of our thinking is just happening. This means that so many negativity has been programmed into our minds (by school, environment, media, TV, relatives, “friends”) that constantly influences us on an unconscious level! We have to learn to unplug from it, and the key is self-awareness, the ability to detach from our minds and observe its doings to gain back consciousness over our minds. Everybody can do this, and practise makes perfect.

Later in the video Dr. Marshalla gives us more information about this 80:20 ratio (negativity to positivity): In the world of psychology, a

  • 1:1 ratio (1 negative thought, 1 positive thought) would be ideal.
  • 2:1 = Irritable,
  • 3:1 = Unstable,
  • 4:1 = Post traumatic stress disorder,
  • 5:1 = manic depressive,
  • 6:1 = borderline personality disorder,
  • 7:1 = Schizophrenia,
  • 8:1 = Psychotic.

To get it short: The entire world is living in post traumatic stress disorder!

2. The Learned Helplessness Phenomena: In the late sixties, scientists made an experiment with a little dog and electro shocks. When they just shocked the dog, he run away. When they put him in a harness, they shocked him again until the dog stopped to try to run away. Then they removed the harness and again shocked the dog, and he stood on place, no attempt of escape left! This essentially means that we learn to ignore negativity in our lives (normally through “social” conventions) and stop reacting to it in a natural way.

In order to be free of mind control you have to recognize the patterns of your own thinking. The first level of stress is known as the walk-away-response. When we are not allowed to walk away is when we are going into fight or flight response, this is the second level of stress. When we are not allowed to fight or flight, then we go to third level of stress which is unconsciousness.  Unconsciousness is a coping mechanism, it is the mother of all addictions and the father of suicide. One third of all american people, 101 million people, are on some form of antidepressants. Learnt helplessness. Are there any type of thought patterns that are forcing us that we are not allowed to act, we’re not allowed to say things – and what you see is a whole society of unconscious people.

3. Study of the dreamless mind: In another older study they tried to find out what purpose dreaming has. The probands agreed of getting woke up every time they entered REM sleep (rapid eye movement). After three days the whole project was called off and the public was informed that this research should never ever be made again for ethical reasons.

They all became suicidal, violent, and some were so disturbed that they actually attempted suicide. All because they were not allowed to dream. 20 years later they studied dreams again and they found that there is absolutely no difference about the brain wave activity at night and when we are day-dreaming.

Here Dr. Marshalla connects the three study results:

We want a better life, we want a better world, we wanna see things change, we wanna increase our income and want some changes in our lives and at the very same time that we are dreaming we got that 4:1 negative ratio wakin’ us up – get real, get real, get real, and then we sit in a state of learned helplessness. We have this harness of negative thinking that is occurring and keeps us in a state of learned helplessness.

The role of the TV and Media

We are drug addicts. We are addicts to feel good all the time. The basic control mechanism of mind control is “who you are is not enough, not good enough”.

This is quite obvious but it helps to completely get aware of this concept. The constantly transported lie that we are not good enough and that our lives could be better detaches our mind from the present moment which leads, after Eckhart Tolle, to unconscious thinking. Our thoughts are always in the past or in the future. If I do that, then I will get that and so on.

The Solution: Spiritual self-awareness

The only way to help us is to realize: You are not your mind. As long as you believe you are your thoughts then you are under mind control. No one can change your mind without your consent. Because when you know who you are and what you are you are uncontrollable.

And everything about mind control that’s come at us for the last 430 years has been about separating you from your spiritual reality, because when you are there, they don’t have control.

Everything that mind control is, is about taking you away from your individuated self, taking you away from your point of view. And my friends, your point of view is sacred: You’re the only one who has it! It is your birthright. Your birthright has been stripped from you, it has been influenced, and your mind has been hijacked by ideas and thoughts leading to really unconscious behaviours.

About the Role of Focusing on Positivity

The things that you are holding charge to – you are keeping manifested! Regardless of the target of your negativity, whether it is yourself or outside of yourself, it is you who is depleted. In fact the Bilderbergs and all those groups – they’ve done more for the advancement of human consciousness than any other group on the whole planet. I’m like thank you guys. Because in the law of conservation there is no loss or gain, and as all that heaviness and all that darkness and all that other kind of stuff is hitting me over there at the exact same time there is this big ball of light and all of this beauty and all of this other things. It can be no other way. Where your free will lies, is whether you focus on their darkness or focusing on the light.

About the Law of Repeatlessness

The Law of Repeatlessness states that

there’s no two moments, no two experiences, no two anything that are ever the same. Live is constantly changing, growing, expanding, every nanosecond, every particle, everything that exists in physical form and non-physical form, is either taking on energy or shedding energy. That life is within itself a state of repeatlessness. And the only thing where repeating occurs is to the perception of our minds.

I actually don’t see exactly how this law helps to understand mind control, perhaps in pointing out that one main tool of mind control is the repeating of untrue information until we give up resistance to it, which is very unnatural…? Perhaps my readers have an idea on that one…

Here is the first part of the video (the other 8 parts you can find on this YouTube page):

Why is there Evil in the World?

The top of the Illuminati Pyramid of Power here on Earth

After concentrating my mind on many negative events in the past months, I’m happy and relieved that finally I have the intention of writing a spiritual post.
One central question many if not most of the people, if religious or materialistic, ask in their lives is:
Why is there Evil in the World?

Like for many people this question has accompanied me in my life and recently I think I found a spiritual formula that convinces me. I wonder if others can follow the argument.

What is “Evil” in the first place?

Child in the Gaza War

One central attribute of all living beings in this universe seems to be the ability to suffer. So I would propose this one simple definition of Evil: Thoughts, emotions and actions (material as spiritual) that lead into/increase the suffering of others.
I think this definition should be acceptable for many, although I find it a little human/living entity-centered. To be fully universal, the definition should also be extended to the unconscious part of nature and celestial bodies as well as any entities beyond this material universe. Also remember that the 5’000 years old Bhagavad Gita is talking of spiritual entities (Half-Gods) that inhabit and guide stars and planets, for example Gaia, Mother Earth, who is said to be the spiritual part of our planet.

God, the Source of Everything, loves us individual Souls that much

There is no doubt in any spiritual and religious teaching in the universe that the source of everything is a being of eternal love, wisdom and energy/light. It would have been easy for the Creator to craft our souls as pure positive little “copies” of him/herself, but to put in individuality, FREEDOM has to be granted.

To take it short: My answer of why there is evil in this universe is the gift of individuality (virtual separation from other souls and the creator) and free will. Both are implicit prerequisites for experience and growth. In our existence where time is the main drive of change, giving us free will means giving us choice. Our lives consist of a constant span of happiness and suffering, between which we place our little choices that influence others. As literally everything in our existence is somehow interconnected, from the quantum level to gravitation in large-scale and between souls here and beyond, most of the millions of little choices in our daily lives have an influence on happiness and suffering of others. Evil is created by us when we are in the state of unawakened and unconscious living that makes us egoistic, self-centered, ignorant and arrogant.

I have no doubt that Krishna (another word for God, the Source) suffers with us and from our negative actions, probably in a much more complex way we do suffer. It is his divine love that nonetheless he gave us free will knowing that we would hurt others.

How much Evil is allowed in this Existence/Universe?

This 3+1 dimensional universe/third density has to follow many rules. We humans with our limited science just “know” some of the laws, those that apply to the materialistic/physical world. The Hindus and Buddhist are well aware of one spiritual rule, the veil, which hinders our souls from knowing our prior lives and our one-ness with the Creator and all other beings.
Besides that we do generally not know that there are well-defined rules that govern the interaction between entities from different worlds (e.g. ETs) and densities (e.g. “angels” and “demons”). There is for example the rule of non-interaction between advanced alien species and planets in midst of biological and spiritual evolution as here on earth. Unfortunately there are exceptions, like the one that ETs can be invited in (free will!), what has been done in a most irresponsible act by the U.S. black government in the fifties when they didn’t know yet that these gray aliens generally have a negative/service-to-self/regressive spiritual orientation. They could have known by looking inside their hearts and by being aware of their very own motivations (technological advancement over other nations in exchange of innocent humans being abducted, mutilated, mind-manipulated and otherwise abused). Our future is always defined and created by our intentions, that’s why it is so important that we are aware of our own intentions.

There are clear limits to evil actions here. Damage and hurt to our material existence is allowed quite far-reaching, as we have seen in Nagasaki, Hiroshima, the Nazi concentration camps, the Soviet Gulag and so on. On the other hand, direct attack to our spiritual existence is forbidden and evokes sudden interference of higher-dimensional helpers/”angels”. You do not have to take my word for that, just research the web for testimonies of people who have been threatened by evil entities/”demons” and extraterrestrials (grays, reptilians). People have chased them away by calling the help of God, Krishna, Jesus, Praphupada, Buddha, archangel Michael and other spiritual entities, or by generating as much love and light themselves so that they could chase them away directly! 

There is no reason to be afraid of evil as its influence is strictly regulated. Just stay in a constant feeling of love for yourself, for other people and for the creation, and avoid fear as much as you can.

Free Energy: Supressed by the Oil Connection for Decades?

Free Energy for All of Us? Picture from http://effectpulse2.volblog.at/?itemid=9887

What is free energy?

At the moment free energy is not much more for the public than a promise from mostly hobby inventors and a few companies: They say that energy can be gained from “nothing” or at least not from some sort of fuel. The term “free energy” is not clearly defined and the processes behind it are not proven by science. Nevertheless there are some quite promising concepts, explanations and machines and even physical possibility as I try to explain in this post. 

Einstein and zero point energy

Quantum physics assures and it has been proven that a complete vacuum – space with absolutely no matter in it – always has an energy amount that is greater than zero, first published by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern (Wikipedia on zero point energy). Experiments show that this energy amount is finite, the formulas themselves calculate an infinite energy amount! It’s like, if nothing is there, there is still energy, and possibly a very large amount of energy! This, by the way, is in complete congruence with Nassmin Haramein’s still unaccepted Unified Field Theory. His famous presentation “Crossing the event horizon” is found in the best quality at endederwelt.com (just scroll down a little).

Now what seems to happen in a complete vacuum, is that elementary particles (quantum) are constantly popping out of nothing and eventually disappearing into nothing. I do NOT think that it’s actually popping out of nothing but I’ll go into that in more detail later.
These particles mostly have an elementary electromagnetic charge, thus creating small electromagnetic fields. As the positions, directions and spin of these “ghost” particles are absolutely random, they normally neutralize each other, so from the outside it seems that not much is going on in the vacuum.

Making zero point energy useful

Having overflown some of  free energy device designs available on the internet, I suspect that a substantial number of them work the following way:

First these machines create an electromagnetic field over an exactly defined area. This of course, needs an initial energy put into the system. This electromagnetic field is used to “line up” the zero point energy particles, simply spoken. It seems that the field gets stronger by doing this. By switching the direction and position of the initial electromagnetic field in well-defined angels and geometries, actual current can be won out of such a system. Many inventors affirm that this energy is bigger than the initial energy put into the system. We are talking of a multiplication of 1.x to 12 times!

Whatever the detailed mechanics are: Einsteins formula E=mc2 says among other things that the energy contained in matter is huge. Are we sure that all of this huge frozen energy lying in front of our eyes will always be out of our reach, that there is no hidden passage ever to be found?

What mainstream physics says

Fundamental laws in physics clearly say that perpetual motion (machines always running by themselves) and over unity (getting more energy out of a system than putting in) is not possible. The law of conservation of energy says that you can only get the energy out of an isolated system that you put in or was already in before. Any researcher contradicting to such “laws” immediately looses much or all of his/her reputation in the scientific community.

I see two base problems in such an absolutist standpoint of science:

  1. What we call physical laws is nothing more than a description and abstraction of current understanding of science about a specific part of our reality. Most of the laws ever postulated by physics have been overthrown, enhanced or refined over time. As long as science has not understood and explained every last part of our existence, physical laws are nothing more than more or less accurate assumptions.
  2. The law of conservation of energy applies to isolated systems. Inside our universe I strongly believe that no such system has ever been observed or created. Everything in this existence is interrelated. This is not only a Buddhist wisdom but also a fact know from relativity and quantum theory. But is reality or the universe an isolated system? If not, and there is the strongest evidence for that, as I will try to show next, energy could come from places we do not have the slightest clue about.

Is the universe a closed system?

No physicist today can prove that the amount of energy is a static value in this universe. Some of the problems are:

  • We do not know the boundaries, if there are any, of this universe
  • We don’t have a clue about 98% of the energy in our universe (black matter and black energy). We only have a tiny information about it, which is its gravitation. About its complete sum of energy and if its static, we know nothing
  • We don’t know what is going on in black holes: Is all of their contained energy still to be considered as part of our universe?
  • There are essential wholes in our knowledge (reason for inertia – higgs field?), understanding of gravity (gravitron?), and so on…

With so little knowledge, how dare science to have such a dogmatic standpoint regarding non-mainstream ideas? Are scientists even the new pharisee? 

In contrary, there is evidence from so far away sources as physics, religions and even ET contactees, that the universe is not a closed system:

  1. String theory predicts the existence of at least up to 11 dimensions of this existence. As I understand it, there are interrelations between all of these dimensions, so possibly there is also energy coming in or getting out to such “places”. One upcoming blog post will  be on the question if the dark matter is gravity we receive from other dimensions.
  2. People who report of their contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations (e.g. the Antromedans and Pleiadens) report of parallel universes overlying our universe and having different “densities” than our’s (we are said to live in third density, next is fourth, up to eleventh and lately even 12th). There is a lot of talk in these circles about entities moving between these densities.
  3. Most prophets, wise men and religions talk of other worlds beyond this world. One of the most detailed religious sources about other worlds and universes is also one of the oldest: The Indian Bhagavad Gita. This 5’000 year old book talks in detailed numbers about different inhabited worlds in this and other universes.
    Examples (see bhagavad-gita.org):

    1. “The Vedic scriptures states that humans have existed for 155 trillion years in the current cycle of creation and annihilation and before this cycle there were trillions of cycles. The duration of each cycle is 311 trillion years. Beyond this planet, there are trillions of other planets with living beings”.
    2. “The Vedic scriptures state that there is a spiritual and material creation. The material creation represents 25% of God’s creation. Consisting of millions of Universes, and within each Universe there are numerous planets. This Universe that the planet Earth is in is the smallest one. There are other Universes which are millions of times bigger than our Universe”.

The misunderstanding

I think we should start to consider that free energy is not about perpetual motion or “creating” energy. It’s just about searching in directions that are unknown to current science and trying to enhance the picture of our knowledge. This, by the way, should be a central objective of science…

Inventions and patents

An in depth presentation of many free energy devices can be found at the great site free-energy-info.co.uk/ made by Patrick J. Kelly. I suggest you download from there a copy of the full e-Book to your hard drive. At the present moment, with all the fights around Wikileaks, we do not know how long such information is freely available on a free internet.

Here are some examples:
Stanley Meyer: He discovered a method of splitting water into it’ gas form (hydrogen and oxygen), using very little energy. He found that a common combustion engine could run on a small amount of this “hydroxy” gas if it was mixed with air, water droplets and some of the exhaust gas coming from the engine. He holds several patents.

Thomas Henry Moray: He developed what he termed the “Moray Valve”—a device for extracting “radiant energy” from the “energy waves of the universe”, which he thought to be an inexhaustible environmental energy source. He held several demonstrations of this device (from Wikipedia).

Eugene Mallove: He was a notable proponent and supporter of research into cold fusion. He authored the book Fire from Ice, which details the 1989 report of table-top cold fusion from Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann at the University of Utah. The book claims the team did produce “greater-than-unity” output energy in an experiment, which supposedly was successfully replicated on several occasions (from Wikipedia).

M. DeGeus: He was the inventor of a thin wafer-like material/device that somehow specially aligned the atoms or electron currents ongoing in that material, so that the wafer produced a constant amperage at a small voltage ­ continuous real power, or in other words a strange kind of “self-powering battery.

This list can go on for a long time. Please visit free-energy-info.co.uk/ for a very extensive outlay of free energy technologies.

Two companies working on the field of zero point energy:

Cumulation of deadly coincidences

It seems that almost every publicly known researcher on the field has been threatened or killed:

Stanley Meyer: Following his sudden death, an autopsy showed that he died of a cerebral aneurysm. Meyer’s supporters continue to claim that he was assassinated.

Thomas Henry Moray: In the 1930s, Thomas Henry Moray reported that he and his family had been threatened and shot at on several occasions and his lab ransacked to stop his free energy research and public demonstrations. The 1975 book The Sun Betrayed claimed solar energy production was being suppressed by the US governmental bureau allocated to help its development.

Eugene Mallove: Mallove claims that the results of his cold fusion research were suppressed through an organized campaign of ridicule from mainstream physicists. He was fatally beaten May 14, 2004 in Norwich, Connecticut by an unknown assailant.

M. DeGeus: He might have been killed by an artificially provoked heart attack, just the day he was about to fly to europe to present his invention to investors. Please check the details of this death at rense.com

Conclusions, if free energy suppression was a fact

  1. There would need to be a very powerful conspiracy among the oil industry (Saudi as well as US), the car industry (US and Japan) , governments/secret programs and even mainstream science to execute the suppression. There are obviously people on this world that would be egomaniac enough for that.
  2. These people would have committed the worst crimes against humanity (wars for oil, health), nature (pollution), individuals (researchers) and ethics in general (fraud).

If I combine these two assumptions, I find the same bad guys as are suspected for 9/11 and UFO/regressive alien cover up (Bushs/Freemason + Saudi). Coincidence?
The reader is strongly advised to do his/her own research on the subject and make up his/her own opinion.

Here is a start:
A recent report by mainstream organisation FAS – Federation Of American Scientists reveals that invention secrecy orders are at their HIGHEST level in a decade. A further report from 1971 (obtained under Freedom Of Information) reveals that some photovoltaic inventions in excess of 70-80% EFFICIENCY were subject to REVIEW AND POSSIBLE restriction.

Update: Is China up to release free energy devices/technology?

Among conspiracy theorists there is currently talk of china dropping out of a secret agreement with the US about keeping back free energy technology. On China Industry News there is an article from march 2010 about china having the technology ready. David Wilcock talks of china’s plan to release the technologies as well as putting up an international truth tribunal to handle the forces that were conspiring and manipulating mankind since world war II in his series China’s October Surprise I, II and III.

Welcome to Chaukeedaar’s Blog!

Dear visitor, wanderer, seeker, scholar, agnostic, atheist, deist – let me give you a warm welcome on my blog. Whatever kind of awareness and knowledge you find yourself at this present moment, I’m glad that you found this website. I hope you enjoy some of my thoughts.

This is my first blog entry ever so please forgive me any bloopers. Additionally, english ain’t my first language – this might explain “some” oddities you may encounter while reading ;o)

Chaukeedaar’s Blog is all about the base questions of life and existence – on a physical and spiritual level. I will approach these topics in a very open manner, which might needle some of the more scientific/rationalist persons. On the other hand, a logical approach to spiritual questions might disquiet more religious people who never try to get to the bottom of their believes.

On my next post I will give you some deeper information about me, my life, my sources, my guides and my motivations. With this, you will shortly know if it is worthwhile for you to continue reading…