Zecharia Sitchin: Inventing the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie on Behalf of the Illuminati

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Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

It must have been around the infamous year 2003 that I ordered a book by Zecharia Sitchin – “The 12th Planet”. Absolutely innocent I was looking for information on Aliens and UFOs and stumbled upon the Zeta-Talk website (unbelievable, but this crap is still online!). This whole earth-cataclysm-pole-shift-armageddon scenario was very new and very shocking to me at the time, so by Sitchin’s work I planned to deepen my information on that subject. He is the one who introduced the ancient myths about Nibiru as Planet X and the alien visitors of the Annunaki. His claims are propagated all over the web, so I won’t reproduce them here.  Fortunately I never came post the first couple of pages – this stuff was just boring and with no scientific persuasive power. Now, almost a decade later and by the help of my friend Stefan from stevenblack.wordpress.com, I understand why my intuition hindered me from wasting my time with Sitchin.

Ancient Sumerian Tablet, The 1st recorded civilization on earth

The “Ancient Languages Scholarship” Lie

Sitchin’s self-introduction on the back of his books and on the internet always tried to imply that he had graduated in ancient languages and history. But the simple truth is:

Sitchin graduated from the London School of Economics, University of London, majoring in economic history.
2012hoax.org, Wikipedia

At the time Sitchin wrote his books, there was absolutely no chance of correctly translating ancient Sumer without thoroughly studying this language and the ancient tablets for a long time, and surely not by studying Economic history! One of the most distinct and qualified critics of Sitchin’s thesis is Dr. Michael Heiser, M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages. The scientific questions in his Open Letter to Sitchin from 2001 were never answered convincingly, nor will they ever be – not because Sitchin died in 2010, but because his claims were a complete hoax.

Zecharia Sitchin is not a scholar of ancient languages. What he has written in his books could neither pass peer review nor is it informed by factual data from the primary sources.

Likewise when Mr. Sitchin tells readers things like the Sumerians believed there were twelve planets, the Anunnaki were space travelers, Nibiru was the supposed 12th planet, etc., he is simply fabricating data. It isn’t a question of how he translates texts; the issue is that these ideas don’t exist in any cuneiform text at all.
Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Sitchin’s Involvement with the Illuminati / High Freemason

Crest of City of London

To produce fake “scientific” research results and to invent another, most entertaining ancient astronauts story – this can have different motivations. Did Sitchin just try to copy Erich von Dänikens success by abusing the Sumerian sources that are only really known and “debunkeable” by a handful of people on this planet? Was it money, or did he even believe in his own theories?

To give another light on this question it is most interesting to dive into the real role the “London School of Economics”, where Sitchin studied, takes in the world of the powerful global elite, the dark cabal of the Illuminati/top Freemason/Zionists.

The London School of Economics is a part of “The City of London“, the financial and factual power center of the western world, owned and ruled by the Illuminati faction of the Rothschild’s, and serves as talent factory for their economic leaders. We can safely assume that most if not all of these students are initiated on various degrees of the local masonic lodges, their secret “knowledge”, their occult rituals and apocalyptic belief systems.

The Goal of the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie

As Armin Risi describes it in “TranscEnding the Global Power Game“, various secretive organizations have always believed in a coming political messiah that would run their planned world government / New World Order, stating of course that Jesus was not the announced messiah. Belief in alien Gods as well as etherial entities is a core component of their “secret knowledge” and rituals, as well as the key masonic and apocalyptic principal, “Out of Chaos Comes Order”. If we combine all these aspects of this brotherhood belief system, Zecharia Sitchin comes right out of this tradition: The apocalyptic planet Nibiru, the Annunaki, genetic masters and “Gods” of mankind.

I really cannot say if Sitchin was knowingly distributing these lies, or if he was just abused by masonic deceivers *. In their goal of creating a global atmosphere of Armageddon, the Illuminati made a clever move by injecting the tale of Nibiru into the UFO and New Age communities. As a blogger or YouTube author, you only have to include a word like Nibiru and you get immense hits and feedback from the scared audience. It’s shockingly easy to program our minds!

* Update: It’s proven that Sitchin was a high freemason, so he surely was not abused by them, but played a major part in distributing luciferian disinformation:

Zecharia Sitchin and Jordan Maxwell Masonic Handshake?

Zecharia Sitchin (FREEMASON WHORE and CIA operative) Sumerian Tablets=BAALshit

Update 26.01.2017: Nice video giving a better interpretation of Zachs Planet-X-Tablet as well as putting him into the bigger context of the masonic deception:

171 thoughts on “Zecharia Sitchin: Inventing the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie on Behalf of the Illuminati

    • Vielen Dank, lieber Stefan! Was mir erst nach dem Veröffentlichen des Artikels in den Sinn gekommen ist, war dein 70% KMT!

      Even now that we know that Sitchin’s connection of the ancient astronouts theory with the Sumerians is a complete scam, this does not necessarily mean that all the parts of the message are wrong. But the pure fact that the Powers-to-Be started off with these stories should be evidence enough to be sceptical of its truths.

      Big hug to you, my dear friend!


      • And they lifted up a 230 thousand ton solid stone pieces with wooden rollers and some ropes, give it a rest, your the one who is ill informed. They could barely build a pyramid today let alone back then without the help of someone far more advanced than we were at that point in our evolution and yes the pits to make the brick etc. are there since the Anunnaki didn’t make them out of thin air.The Illuminati are the Ashkenazi’s, a hybrid Jew (look it up) who have been around since the 5th century AD and currently run Wall Street along with most of the world’s oil and gold (Rothschild) The pyramid on the US dollar is the eye of Ra, Thoth etc.and is connected to the Free Mason’s as well which is historically linked back to the Anunnaki directly. You and the baby Buddha featured above need to lock yourselves in a monastery and spend about 30 years in research averaging at least 2 books per week then you’ll be qualified to discuss this subject in detail.The truth can be ugly at times and once you figure out who the real Jesus, Buddha and the rest of the god clan actually are, write to me along with reading Michael Tellinger’s The Anunnaki’, slave species of the god’s, one of the leading archaeologist of our times and see if he’s out on the topic.along with his ‘temples of the Anunnaki (tens of thousands of them to be seen if you go to Africa like I did,) It’s not a conspiracy theory, just plain old reality and if it scares you, don’t hide behind the little amount of research you’ve accomplished to date but keep on searching and you’ll see the light eventually. You’re probably half my age (65) and have no doubt not spent 30 years of your life in this field and numerous others (from Hawking’s quantum physics to Dawkin’s molecular biology etc).Best of luck with what you find, Steve (BA- Lit & Psychology, MA- the historical evolution of world religions) Check out the temple walls in Peru and see why even a razor blade cannot fit between the seams along with an earthquake proof bottom cut irregularly for that purpose and on and on the facts they flow.Who warned the Hopi of an impending flood and numerous other cultures around the world, Noah (Ziusudra) by cell phone or did the flying machines of the Anunnaki bring him there and many other places and cultures. (A little anthropology wouldn’t hurt you either.)

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    • Sort of curious how the pyramids were made and how as a survivor species of a flood which is ubiquitous in all myths from the Book of the Hopi on down, we suddenly arrived at the state we are presently. The only person full of shit is you, not Sitchins and perhaps your anti-s emetic as well. Strange how all of the North American Indian stories and myths (factual) talk about the star people who created them. You need to read a lot more, about 30 years worth like I’ve done, then maybe you can make your broad and general accusations in a new light, Steve Vasseur.


    • A genius can graduate from one field and be knowledgeable in many others via research and study, like I did. Let’s here your theories on the pyramids and how homo-erect-us arrived at this point so quickly in the evolutionary scale, good luck, Steve Vasseur..All the native people are not part of the Illuminati or are they in your mind?


      • Haha Zechariah Sitchin, a genius!?!?!? So do you ignore accepted Egyptology, and that’s why you’ve never heard the explanation for the pyramids? Or you just don’t like what you’ve been told (which is backed by evidence) so you chose the more fantastical idea of aliens. All the evidence points to the Egyptians making them. We have quarries where the Rock was taken from, we have old pyramids that show the evolution of the building process, we have hieroglyphics that show how the moved the stone. We have hieroglyphics that show how they were built. Yet you go, nope they couldn’t of done it, it was aliens because if we can’t build it now they couldn’t then. The Egyptian pharaohs had the entire Egyptian civilization under their control, and they could mobilize it at anytime to do anything they wanted. We can’t build the pyramids today, not because we don’t have the expertise, but because it would be pretty hard to get enough workers, skilled laborers, architects, money, and time to build them. Our priorities just aren’t there. Then again l, I highly doubt the ancients could build something like the Eiffel Tower or the Ghurka.

        On to your comment about the speed at which we developed. What exactly are you comparing it to. What other intelligent being do we have records for that show we went through the process faster then they did. None. Your comparing our development to nothing. There is no basis for how fast we “should” develop. Furthermore a lot of people like to claim that civilization appeared overnight. Well it didn’t. There is plenty of evidence that shows it was gradual. People coming together building small hunter gatherer communities and progressing on their way to farming, building, language, writing, etc. I find it crazy that people can claim we advanced to quickly. Too quickly compared to what? Other animals? Well there is no other animal like us or with the intelligence of us on this planet. Just because you don’t understand something does not mean it is wrong.


      • @fantomlimb: I share your laugh about Sitchin being a genius 😀
        Never attack the groupies hero… As for the points made, I do not see either the ancient astronouts gurus nor established “science” in a situation where they could claim the attribute “truth” to their theories. There is some significant chance that neither of those groups is somehow close to reality with their ideas… The topic is interesting, but should not be subject to religious behaviour (which is VERY hard for us humans).
        Peace, Chaukee


    • I’m sorry, how is old is Chaukeedar, 8 or 10, must be a wealth of knowledge in that child’s brain, not? I didn’t see either of you offer actual books of accredited research on what you’re bashing or perhaps you are anti-Semite and really haven’t got a clue what is going on. As the old saying goes, If you don’t know where you come from or where you’re going to, then you don’t know where you’re at. Death is no doubt final so I must change what is here for our children’s futures and denying the truth won’t assist any of us with that goal. Even Bertrand Russell, the famous British mathematician and philosopher, discussed alien races with Albert Einstein (Jewish, so he must be Illuminati to you) and their veracity, so I don’t think baby Buddha and you have much to offer the public with his tiny amount of knowledge and your collective cynicism, regards, Steve V. I’m sure you’re nice people, just not educated enough to offer any criticism on this vast subject to date.


      • Steve Vasseur; I’ve been reading your comments and have developed a decidedly bad taste in my mouth. What are you so afraid of? You’re absolutely ranting on a subject about which you obviously know very little.
        You’re using some really skewed logic by insisting that ancient civilizations couldn’t have built the monumental structures we see today. The simple and inescapable fact is, they built them. Citing Sitchin as a way to support your claims is an exercise in cultic thinking.Sitchin’s theories have absolutely no basis in fact; His “translation” of the word nihilim didn’t even come close to the meaning of the Sumerian term. It didn’t mean “the fallen”.or “they who from the heavens come” The plain unadorned truth is that Sitchin did not and could not translate Sumerian cuneiform ,or any other ancient language system.
        . Now, speaking of language. If you want grown ups to take your comments seriously, you really must learn how to spell, and how to write a coherent paragraph. Adult readers of this blog really don’t want to read the juvenile ravings of someone who demands respect for his advanced years, without saying or doing anything to demonstrate that he has earned it. People who write polemics do not deserve, and rarely get, respect from anyone.
        One final point. The last resort of the man without a logical leg to stand on is the personal attack on those who don’t agree with him.

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      • Dear Rose,
        “Cultic thinking” sounds like a very precise aggregation to me for the many comments of some hurt “groupies”. Never question an idol. Thank you for your eloquent plea!
        (I personally tend to let comments of a certain type and level speak for themselves, sometimes there’s no better way of unmasking a theory than let its proponents speak out… 😉 )
        With much respect, Chaukee

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    • What does Ezekiel see in his vision of the wheels, a hot dog or an advanced craft and who are the Nefilim, especially the one who impregnated Mary or as we like to call it, the flying sperm theory, Yoda?


  1. Interesting how all the comments searching for ‘scientific’ backup of the presence of Comet Elenin (no matter whether or not it is Nibiru), the many doubting Thomases, and the many scathing attacks directed (in one way or another) towards ancient spiritual sources, have all but dried up. Is this because the publiscised website ( http://blog.imva.info/world-affairs/elenin ) on that comment stream gave sufficient scientific data which indeed shows that an immense amount of information is being witheld from us? I am very suspicious about the origin of these apparently logical searches for the truth. The Illuminati presence is powerfully present in our world, and we would all be utterly horrified if we knew the extent to which it has informed us, forms our day-to-day reality, and continues to confuse and discombobulate with lies, as this organisation of world power uses and abuses members of humanity: the unsuspecting pawns the world over. To ensure it is not yourself who is the worker-bee of this darkness, simply go with your intuition – and that has nothing to do with what you fear, or the arguments and doubts which your mind creates. Leave your intellect at the front door of your consciousness as you drift into a fact-finding meditative journey. Therein lies your vaster intelligence as you enable your ability to tap into the field of truth, which is the truth of the entire Universe. Oh, and be sure to jot down those dates found on the aforementioned website so as to know to keep away from the coastlines and weak points on earth at that time. Love and Light to all.


    • Dear Maya, I agree on the growing importance of intuition these days. But why not use logic IN ADDITION to that? When logic tells us that Sitchin is a liar that also tells me that the hyped Nibiru and Elenin fear has suspicious roots. When my intuition tells me to NEVER give in to the fearful and – to this day – objectively still completely speculative scenario of a doomsday, I live by it, keep fear out of my mind and try to live a positive life. I have read a couple of comments from your side on the Elenin topic and I start to suspect that you somehow wish that Elenin will have a devastating effect, just to be right? I hope not, its just that at least to me your texts radiate a bit of this desire.


      • logic tells you sitchin is lying OR holding something back. you see all three of these “conspiracies” exist on some level and with some degree of truth. the annanuki are one of two races that have some agenda with earth, the other being the illuminati. The annanuki were ‘aliens’ to earth that came here to collect resources, so they created a species to inhabit the planet and collect resources for them out of the genetics they got from the planet and a small percentage of their own dna. they soon found opposition in the natural intelligent lifeforms of the planet, the illuminati. The illuminati are a reptile species the continually evolved into a species of superior intelligence. once the illuminati caught on to the annunaki they began a war. Free masons were formed as a rebel group of sorts, defending humans from both the annunaki and the illuminati. Lastly The thirteen families often referred to as the illuminati bloodlines are simply people who sold out annunaki technology


    • Correct, they were here for thousands of years and about to attempt the completion their sinister mission but we can still stop them. Check out “I’am the Witness”.com and go onto the site titled, ‘The Synagogue of Satan’ and learn the harsh economic reality of the Ashkenazi Jews of Wall Street, not to be confused with the good Jewish people like the Palestinians etc. regards, Steve


  2. While you make very interesting points and bring forth information not well known or maybe ignored by the ancient astronaut theorists, I’d have to say that your arguments are weak and not backed up very well. I will never believe one doctor or person who is trashing another person. You make it sound like that mans life work was to destroy Zecharia Sitchin’s credibility. Even if it wasn’t. Z.S. had one view of many on this subject. And secret societies are not the only ones who believe in an “apocalypse”. Every major and ancient religion has the same basic framework and several cultures embrace the “sky people” as part of their ritual and daily life. Everyone looks to the sky. And the Sumerians aren’t the only ones who “allegedly” foretold Nibiru coming. There is physical evidence on this planet of a pole shift. Besides I’m sure all of your evidence and research on the illuminati came from sources that claim credibility like Zecharia Sitchin did and who would ever know the truth with all this deception going around. It’d be best not to put your foot down, nothing in this world is for sure and do you want to be the one shitting your pants when something disastrous like a huge planet colliding with the Earth happens. I think not. Or you’ll probably say that’s not what I read on the internet.I’m not trying to be rude or tear you down. I just think everyone wants to be right and say “yea I figured it out! Told you so!” How childish. Anything can be discredited if you’re persistent. Like I said who could know who is right these days. Everyone wants something or has some motive to their actions. If such a seemingly intelligent person like Z.S could be deceiving us then that doesn’t leave much hope. It is obvious people are searching for the answers why let our differing opinions drive us apart when it could be the very thing that joins us together and maybe we would have a chance to be heard. If there are so many people doing the research and dedicating their lives to finding the truth why are all of us labeled “weird”, “crazy” and in your case a little bit arrogant. At least that’s what I feel coming through your writing. The truth is, Intuition and logic don’t go together, they never will. And I think it’s funny how logical people like to tell intuitive people that they know anything about their intuition and worst of all that they have it. Logic gives a false sense of intuition because you’ve learned to calculate so fast it feels like a gut reaction. Intuition is action, Logic is reaction. I’m not trying to say I’m smarter than you, or have read more than you, or done more, seen more or anything of the sort. I just think it’s time to come together and realize that this “bigger than us” thing really is bigger than us. I don’t think it has really “hit” everyone yet. Its not just conspiracies and cover ups anymore. Its beyond our imaginations. I’d like to hear what you have to say feel free to email me. Jacksontown.meadows@gmail.com I may not be back to your blog for a while. so much knowledge surfing to do.


    • Hey Blake,
      Thank you for your open feedback. The one point I agree with you is that my arguments are not backed up very well. I normally try to keep my posts as short as possible, but with as much quality source links as I can find and leave it to the reader to dig deeper to find backups for my arguments. Thats one way, there are other bloggers that have the time and skills to lay out all of their reasoning. Thats a completely valid method too, taking the risk that most readers will jump out soon or don’t start to read at all when they see that the post is several pages long. After publishing an article I often think – damn – thats not really clearly put how I came to that conclusion. Thats bad and I’ll work on it, its just so frustrating and time consuming to first translate all my toughts into a foreign language.

      Sad to hear that I sound arrogant, in real life I never get that feedback, to the contrary, so I wount take that personally.

      On the rest of your points I mostly disagree, some of it in short:
      “Anything can be discredited if you’re persistent.” – Nope, only if you leave or ignore your basic personal value system.
      “It’d be best not to put your foot down” – Whats the alternative: Shut up, believe everything what they say and be scared of the future? No option to me
      “Everyone wants something or has some motive to their actions” – Yes, but what kind of motives, selfish or altruistic? Thats no excuse to pretend false scholarship and stories like sitchin did.
      “If such a seemingly intelligent person like Z.S could be deceiving us then that doesn’t leave much hope” – Intelligence has not much to do with good or bad motives, completely ilogical argument
      “The truth is, Intuition and logic don’t go together, they never will” – lets agree that we do not agree on this one.

      Namaste, Chaukee


      • To back up your argument or make your argument valid that Sitchin was a liar I’ll say this. It’s a fact that not one single other person has translated anything close to what Sitchin has put forth in his books. If you still do not believe me you can go online and translate it yourself. Or you can take the word of any numerous qualified individuals who have shown exactly what Sitchin was and is, a hack. In all honesty the only “text” that has ever been prophetically accurate is the Bible.


      • Please how did the every culture on earth have a deluge myth, how did every culture evolve theriantropic fables, how did every culture get to be looking to the sky for their comeback gods or God? A lot of stuff was pure myth and laughed at by snob nosed ‘scientists’ until they were literally dusted from the earth: Nineveh, Dharka, Babylon, Sumeria, etc. The Egyptians and the Sumerians were so smart, according to you and the snob nosed scientists,to build their great civilizations by themselves and yet if you asked them they would say, and did say emphatically, that their knowledge was transmitted to them by their gods, who arrived from the sky in whatever manner. The same Egyptians and Sumerians were so smart to build their civilizations but too dumb and stupid to say it was the gods that handed their knowledge to them? Nobody has all the answers, not yet, but dont go sounding like the early Egyptians and Sumerians were stupid and smart at the same time


    • In ZS translation of “The Book of Enki” – it describes elaborately a way station built on Mars… there is also a story of a person being buried in a cave under a mountain that was then carved with beams from their ship… the likeness of the man… on google mars… there is first of all a face carved on the mountain… and near it is a whole city of pyramids and other structures… matching the description… many many other phenomenon are explained that are not in any other way… like all of the energy producing quartz structures forund in the millions all over south africa… when “science” tells us there were only 5000 goat herders living there… ZS being illuminati also does not mean that he is lying… quite the opposite… the royal families and others (illuminati) are direct blood descendants of the Annunaki hybrids… this is their history… and obviously they are proud of it… my logic and instict both tell me that his translation is authentic… i have cross researched many abstract elements and have hit bulls-eye every time… Tbh… the sumerian tablets are the first account of out history that actually makes any sense… ZS book is written in an even tone… not evangelical to any degree… it feels like a factual account told by someone long ago… and thats exactly what it is…. the Bible is a ridiculous mashing of details taken from these more ancient documents… customized to make the slaves believe these kings were gods… and Allalu (the face on Mars) is GOD himself… My advice to you all is to actually read it… decide for yourself… no amount of spin is gonna help u decide… don’t listen to people who try to embarrass you for looking at information… even if you decide its no good… you are always right for looking… in these times of desperate misinformation… its all important to view the evidence for yourself… coz we can’t count on anyone out there to tell us the truth.. peace and love ❤


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  4. I think you make a valid arguement. I have also came to the conclusion z.s was spreading misinformation or belieiving his own bullshit so to speak. Trying to find if his translations had any bearing in reality is a tough one though. From what i can see the idea of a twelf planet is a phallacy, it appears the well versed scholars agree that the sumerian people knew of less than half that many planets. I’d like to know if the sumer texts do suggest anything about an alien race actually being present in ancient times and if it suggests they did play a part in the evolution in man, whether spectatively or genetically.

    I have pretty much came up with two conclusions on whether we are being visited/observed/abducted etc.

    Either we are and all the information adds up to a pretty grim picture(i think we could be one big experiment, lab rats and that this time of ignorance is a good time to live compared to the future that could happen if they are indeed malevolent). Or the illuminati/nwo etc are doing a massive operation of misinformation to make people believe we are being lied to, either way we are being lied to but if aliens\extra dimensional beings\ humans from the future etc are not playing a part in modern times(and ancient) then the powers that be are leaking out information and playing this “we’re hiding evidence” game into fooling humans. Maybe to get acceptance weaponising space but with their power its not like they need our approval. They are obviously many steps ahead. If they have this massive propaganda campaign of disinformation and brainwashing going on maybe it fits in plan with their conquest of global domination.

    Personally i think we are being visited\controlled\observed\studied, i’m not sure why they are here if they are and have no clue who they are. I discount them being extra terrestrials if they do fit the uniform grey image because i cannot conceive of them being true aliens and sharing our adaptations and shape. The easiest thing for me to conceive is that they are humans from the future. That would explain why they look similar. The extra dimensional theory is gaining alot of attention these days, i really have no clue. I dont have the evidence for anything more than speculation on this matter.

    My vast study of this subject has lad me to know whole heartedly that it is really happening or the goverment wants us to believe it is. I lean towards the side of it really happening. The lowist form of evidence is human account. This only substantiates the evidence. On its own would be nothing. The pictures and video’s are the best but expecially these days there is so much rubbish. All the supposedly leaked documents never truly hold their ground for me. Though they also add to the evidence. On the top of the pile we have NASA and ESA evidence. The proof of this evidence being altered(altered images after release when anomalies are found and the photoshopping of the moons surface thats been happening for over fifty years). I dont know how much you have looked into this evidence but it points to one conclusion. We are not alone or the powers that be want us to think we are not alone. Theyre are videos of ufo’s. Pictures of ufo’s. Theyre are live feeds that show ufo’s and then quickly change to a differant feed( we all know these feeds are on a delay so one curiosity is that if they wanted to hide the truth they could do so much better) There are pictures that get released only to have a ufo found in them and then later releases of this picture get released from NASA with the ufo omitted. There is either a base on the moon or they want us to believe there is. Again i believe there is because even if you totally discount all of nasa’s content with its thousands of ufo’s and smudged moon base pics with its 2mile high towers and its obvious geometyrical shaped buildings. The videos being recorded by normal people cement it for me. i would say 95 or even 99% of ufo material is either unexplained natural phenomenon or faked but there is some (especially some great night vision captures) videos that to me dont seem fake at all.

    You seem very well grounded so i would be interested in your opinions. Sorry for the long essay and type errors. Is almost 4am and was intrigued by your post.

    I believe in the nwo, i think so much out there like the ufo field is speculation that gets tossed around like fact. I know we are being lied to, i think alot of the craft we see in the sky could be humans, i think its very possible we have sped through the technological age through the help of their technologies afterall only a hundred years ago we were using horse and cart to travel. I do not buy into aliens building the pyramids although i dont discount the possibilty they might of helped us along the way through evolution whether for a benign or malevolent purpose. I think if they do exist they could very well be in charge of the nwo, even possibly without the higher ups even knowing it. If it is the case i wouldnt bet on it though. It looks like they are aware of the ufo agenda, i just dont know if the nwo works for them or apposes them.

    As an end note i find it mad that z.s has created such a movement when the general consensus agree’s his translations dont hold up in the educated world. Thats why ancient aleins the show and people like eric von danniken piss me off. There is room for these theories alongside the information we have found to be true, i cannot blame the world for thinking it makes you a loonie to believe these things when people like z.s and eric danniken get famous on the backbone of false archeology. Anyway again i’m sorry for the long post. First time i’ve had a rant about what i think. Maybe i should have a blog lol 🙂 Let me know if you have any reason to discount anything i’ve said. Other than we are definately being lied to i have nothing really set in stone.
    Thank You

    UK – England

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    • Dear Griff,
      Thank you very much for your precisely put thoughts and arguments and I especially liked your careful choosing of your words! Your and my mindset and experience almost align 100 percent! And it really feels good to know I’m not alone with this kind of thoughts and perspective.

      I’ve probably came across most of the evidence you are talking about (e.g. moon bases, UFO videos and pictures a.s.o.). Interested in the UFO and alien field we MUST come over the same sources, videos and pictures on the web one day 😉 Discerning truth from disinformation is although not really easy, as you already said. The only point I think differently is the idea that the gray aliens come from our own future. I understand that their look is funnily very close to what we would picture our own deteriorated succession 😉 But from different sources I got the idea that the humanoid base form is either automatically distributed by the creational field/force around our part of the univese or that it automatically forms from natural laws of efficiency and logic (I tend to the first version).

      At the moment I am personnally convinced by the following rates:
      – New World Order Conspiracy: 100%
      – World manipulation by secret societies and religions: 100%
      – Gray alien and UFO reality: 100%
      – Reptilian alien reality: 50%
      – Positivity of Galactic Federation of Light and the like, New Age channelings: 1%
      – Higher dimensions/densities: 90%
      – Spiritual reality and its cover-up: 100%
      – Disinformation campaign of the powers to be in all the above topics: 100%

      Have you heard of Montalk’s “Discerning Alien Disinformation”? Thats one (online!) reading I can really suggest!

      And besides: Yes, I think you should have your own blog! If this was a rant of yours, you are ranting VERY civilised and educated 😉

      Its great to have met another kindred spirit!

      Greetz, Chaukee

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  5. I also read Sitchin’s first book and it is bullshit.
    And your remarks on Illuminati is also crap, your remarks on Masonry as well and your mentioning Zionists smells of Nazism.
    All you conspirationalists are afraid of the bare facts that present themselves in the discoveries on the history of this planet. You are sheepish followers of centuries-old theories, be it on physics, evolution or something as stupid as occultism.
    Do yourselves a favor, start thinking for yourselves.
    And do us rationalists a favor, stop polluting the Net.



    • Dear Soba,
      Thank you for sharing the perspective of an ordinary person that stays at the information level of mainstream media and mainstream education. For us “Truthers” its sometimes valuable to get remembered how far away OUR information and understanding has gotten away from the “knowlede” THEY allow us to get from their brainwash channels.

      Your intermixture of Zionism with Jewism is just uneducated, even from the position of mainstream history. Real jews (genetically and spiritually speaking) themselves oppose Zionism and the State of Israel and its implied fashism and satanism.

      What can I say? Keep on ignoring or start understanding the world, either way is ok for me 😉

      If one day you find out that some things are going very weird on this planet (and I truly concede that to you) you might want to get literature or google on the following topics:
      The role of secret societies in politics, society and religion for the last 10’000 years up to now
      The role of negative extraterrestrial and ultraterrestrial entities to the course of our system
      The nature of Zionism (Ashkenazi “Jews”)
      – The role of the materialistic world view opposed to a spiritual understanding of our existance, for example in regards of public mind control
      – Many more topics on my blog and many more, far better sources on the web.

      I wish you many interesting discoveries!

      Greetz, Chaukee


      • It seems as you believe, along with most a much more fantastic conspiracy. Evidence is not needed for the alin astronaut theory because it is the only logical explaination. look at all religions and their similarities. they all came from one belief and one true story. ancient sumer is where we need to seek our orgin. they point to stars and star gods not a god. who created god? There is more to th. e picture than any human can understand. i think that we all should accept that we wete created ad slavesy. n.


  6. Cheers Chaukeedaar. Just read your reply. Will read that link you gave me. I bet i will find it to my liking as we seem to be on the same level. Bloody hell you have to put up with some little minded people( i dont think soba is sober:D). “rationalist” He/She’s having a laugh?? When reality is stranger than fiction can you really call yourself a rationalist if you think dismissing everything just because it is out of the realm of social understanding. He has to realise that most people lump extraterrestrial life in with the supernatural/ghosts etc. To me that is a massive failing of society whether they are among us or not. The way i see it is that there only has to be life one other place in the universe and that not only means there is alien life out there but that we are aliens to them and it goes without saying that there is bound to be vast numbers of life in the universe given its size and age and its ability to turn stardust into “life”. Might go over peoples heads and thats fine but when it smacks them in the face and the shock to their system makes them have to dismiss it as nonsense because they have been programmed by the media thats a problem. I am not saying that us true rationalists havent. Both you and i have been programmed atleast to some degree by the media. Not an intelligent person out there that hasnt. What you have to do is approach everything with an open mind. Anyone who does that and studies the facts will realise that there is a big lie being fed to the masses and no matter how smart you are its bloody hard to pick the evidence from the mis/disinformation. As they probably have some middleground. Soba if you read if this before you get defensive and feel you have to go on the offensive again, do some research and for the love of spaghetti god if you wanna have a go at someone polluting the net go bitch on youtube about why justin bieber and lady gaga get more hits than anything educational or useful to the future of our species.

    I dont need to stick up for Chaukeedaar as he stopped your rubbish talking in its tracks with his reply but atleast he is trying to get people to open their eyes. You may not know it soba but your attitude hinders our conscious evolution. If you dont agree or think you have reason to suggest someone is misinformed you show the evidence or reasoning behind your thoughts and then that way people can move forward. Me and Chaukeedaar do not agree on everything, i am yet to be convinced of anything spiritual as i am a see it to believe it guy and i have not studied it enough to say one way or the other, sadly for me religion has imprinted onto spirituality and i should learn to seperate the two because i detest religion(though i dont detest the religious) So just because i dont see things exactly how Chaukeedaar does it does not mean i think he is polluting the net. Do yourself a favour and if you are gonna call yourself a rationalist, be abit more rational. I’ll admit most conspiracies are just that a conspiracy. The fact that the whole world is being lied to by the goverment is obvious if you do your research. There is no definitive answer but there is obvious deception and if you want proof, I’ll happilly compile some evidence.

    Anyway sorry about that Chaukeedaar, If i had my own blog I’d be a nightmare as i dont have any friends to talk about this stuff so when i had someone like soba spouting their ignorance i wouldnt be able to help but go on a rant. I can be arguementative if its something i truly believe in.

    I think i might look into making a blog. Just put all the evidence i find interesting on a page thats easy to follow. Just nasa video’s and pictures that show an obvious technological presence far beyond what we apparently have. The endless anomolies of craft that move and zip in and out of range of nasa’s camera’s, the obvious fact that they use low resolution camera’s in an age where HD camera’s are dirt cheap by nasa standards. Showing the doctored images hiding the moon base and the ufo’s found round the sun. People then cant deny its validity as its genuine nasa material. When you study it, you see that we are being lied to. They can then decide if its aliens or just humans flying around in those things 😀 Sorry for going on again mate, like i said I’ve never spoken about this to anyone before. Hope you are well.



    • Hey Dan,

      “Bloody hell you have to put up with some little minded people”

      Well yeah, it’s not too often 😉 I normally step back for a couple of days until I have a halfway diplomatic response to such ranting as it does not help anybody on this journey of experience to only fight back. But of course, there are nicer things in the life of a blogger, like your comments!

      “Might go over peoples heads and thats fine but when it smacks them in the face and the shock to their system makes them have to dismiss it as nonsense because they have been programmed by the media thats a problem”

      Absolutely! Thats essentially the main reason why I blog. There is so much wrong out there and someday people will have a hard wake up and I feel sorry for them as they have not chosen the brainwash society and state they life in.

      “sadly for me religion has imprinted onto spirituality and i should learn to seperate the two because i detest religion(though i dont detest the religious)”

      Don’t worry about that, because you are already conscious about the difference between religion and spirituality as well as the damage that organized religious dogma has done to all of us in various extent. I needed about 15 years to shake off the christian lies and mind programming from a catholic childhood, adopting a mostly materialistic world view afterwards. Consiousness is everything, and yours will lead you to spiritual understanding and even proof, eventually and automatially, no need to force that one, believe me.

      Montalk’s book by the way assumes spirituality as a fact so I’m not sure if you will completely enjoy it. Additionally I’ve read it in a fabulous german translation and I don’t know if the english version is as good. I’m looking forward to any feedback of yours, if possible.

      “Anyway sorry about that Chaukeedaar, If i had my own blog I’d be a nightmare as i dont have any friends to talk about this stuff so when i had someone like soba spouting their ignorance i wouldnt be able to help but go on a rant. I can be arguementative if its something i truly believe in.”

      We could be brothers! Before I created my blogging alter ego I hardly had somebody to talk about these topics as well. My own tendency to argumentative outgrowths in private has happily ceased with age 😉

      Please let me know if you need any support creating your own blog, I’ll send you an e-mail so you can contact me directly.

      Take care and happy uncoverings, Chaukee


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  8. WOW!!! You are so misguided. Sitchin has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with a 2012 planetary disaster (in fact he wrote that there would be no such thing in 2012), Armageddon, the Apocalypse, Rapture, etc., etc., etc. Spill your vile poison but do not try to attach some hint of legitimacy to your vitriol by criticizing someone whom you should respect!

    You are so completely wrong that YOU must be the Illuminati Troll!


    • How cool, I had to wait quite long, but finally someone throws a name like disinfo agent or illuminati troll against me. These days it’s almost become a decoration in the current truther war 😉

      Now for the serious part: I’m very curious where you find any connection to 2012 in my text. Ok, wait, there is a link to 2012hoax.org, but that is a URL, not a statement. And if you follow that URL there it is even said that “While definitely both a pseudohistorian and a pseudoscientist, he was not, strictly speaking, a 2012 proponent”. Isn’t it typical for narrow minded people that they attack statements that have never been made in the first place?
      As for the armageddon connection: Please correct me, but Sitchin writes about physical pole shifts triggered by his invention, Nibiru.

      I know it can hurt to see one’s own icons attacked. The next step would be to think about the ARGUMENTS and if you can disprove them. I’ve been wrong before and I’m very fast in accepting any corrections in my believe systems if they are reasonable enought.

      Peace, Chaukee


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  10. He never said there are twelve planets- Nibiru is the twelfth Member of the solar system-his editor chose the title. And it took him 30 Years to gather info for The 12 Planet- I think in that time he could have learned some ancient languages. I do agree, however he should have stated sources, though. I don’t think you should discredit everything he said- would you rather believe a ‘God’ made the universe in 6 days?? Yes,, because That’s Completly Logical…


  11. Hey Kota,

    “would you rather believe a ‘God’ made the universe in 6 days?? Yes,, because That’s Completly Logical…”

    No, I would not. I would rather combine the findings of modern science with a creational force/God as a source of energy, wisdom and creational laws. I believe evolution has a creative aspect behind it, and science will not find such things as long as they stick to the purely material world view.

    And I give high probability that extraterrestrials tempered with our genetic code and are responsible for sudden leaps as well as supression of spiritual abilities.

    I just don’t like masonic deceivers, thats all.


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  13. This should be obvious to anyone who is acquainted with the themes of other Luciferian ploys. Listening to several hours of William Cooper would be instructive. All of the ploys, regardless of the angle, converge on the same key concepts. They all contain some conception of a figure, whether Nimrod, Mithra, Enki, Zarathustra, Satan, Lucifer, etc., who introduces unknown concepts to man. They also contain some means of convincing man that all should come together under a single banner to defend against some sort of threat, etc., etc..


  14. Definite proof that Sitchin was a freemason:

    Why is it that all the critics of my claim about Sitchin come in, throw around some unbased nonsense and disappear? Disinfo works that way:

    Rule number 6: “Hit and Run. In any public forum, make a brief attack of your opponent or the opponent position and then scamper off before an answer can be fielded, or simply ignore any answer.”


    • “It’s proven that Sitchin was a high freemason, so he surely was not abused by them, but played a major part in distributing luciferian disinformation:” Is this proof in this video? It is a private video that cannot be viewed. Do you have valid proof for this claim? Just wondering. Also there is speculation mentioned in regards to what Sitchen could have been involved in while in college but is there evidence of this? I am not trying to prove or disprove either way, just wanting to know if there is valid proof.


      • Thanks cathy for pointing out the private videos. I found the two videos on other channels and linked them in the original article above. Yes, you can see high level freemasons if you know a bit of their signs and symbols they wear.


  15. Thanks for taking the time to post this. I learn something new everyday! There are many people talking about Sitchin’s theories and beliefs lately. It is nice to find information questioning these theories and beliefs. Sitchin’s beliefs are quite entertaining and do read like a great sci-fi book.


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  17. Richtig? Are you kidding me.

    The illuminati, aliens, nibiru–this garbage IS to pot smokers–what jesus is to christians–dogma to believe in.

    And just about as believable.

    If the illuminati really existed, Germany would not exist after Auschwitz.
    I’m assuming, of course, that illuminati is till just a code word for jew
    bashing asseholes.


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  20. Chaukeedaar, I think you made some good points. One is certainly about Sitchin not having had the education he’s claiming. This is public. Consequently, his job can’y be taken much seriusly. Third, his masonic tie is very intriguing.

    However, even if he’s fabricating fictional facts, the sumerian tablet shown at the page clearly shows a star surrounded by 11 planets and the Senmut grave in Egypt clearly shows a planet surrounded by what appears to be water (following the hieroglyphs). Those are clear evidences that both Sumerians and ancient Egyptians knew things that they simply could not know if not in possession of powerful instruments only invented thousands of years later by the human mankind. The only two logical conclusion to this is that: a) the human mankind was very evolved thousands of years ago; b) Sumerians and ancient Egyptians (and maybe others) had access to non-terrestrial technology.

    I think that average persons like me can easily distinguish between real scientists and charlatans, and so I did since when I first read things written by Sitchin or even Icke.

    However, I think they deserve some credit for at least contributing (in their own way) to make people think about things they may not even consider otherwise.

    This is the good thing about freedom, freewill and the existence of blogs like this where normal people can talk about things that should be considered normal to talk about.


    • Hey mauro,

      I can actually subscribe to every sentence of yours! You are right that the potential truth behind the ancient astronouts theory is missing in my article. Especially considering that disinfo works the way that the lies are always intermixed with SOME real truth that waits to be discovered, extracted and compared. I’m personally very positive that extraterrestrial presence and tinkering with our genetical heritage in the ancient times is a highly probable. Like I and some much more educated people in that field don’t see the egyptian pyramids having been built without occult/interdimenstional knowledge or help or high-tech much more advanced than anything we have today.

      I just intended to ring another alarm bell in the direction of new age/freemasonry/disclosure hype realizing the motives of Sitchin and his work. For one, its good to help us broaden our view, but its also paramount to stay very attentive about the ways of the wicked.

      So thanks for your contribution and clearification!

      Greetz, Chaukee


  21. Chaukee, If you agree with Mauro then most(if not all) of your claims are under suspect also! religion and science are both great bullshit artist; one scares you with hell and damnation and the other baffles you with tricks and crazy illogical explanations, interestingly both ask you to have “faith”.

    knowledge does scare people and your blog is testimony to that fact, if Sitchin was lying, what was his goal?
    People are such sheeple ..lol..


  22. Hey Kyle,
    “If you agree with Mauro then most(if not all) of your claims are under suspect also!”
    Supsect of being what? I suspect Sitchin of having a hidden agenda, would you please try to show MY hidden agenda…? 🙂 My agenda is open – search for truth and share it with others, nowhere do I claim that I’ve FOUND the definitive truth to everything. I welcome discussion as a great feedback and grinder of my own ideas and thoughts. A little more specific would help 😉

    “if Sitchin was lying, what was his goal?”
    Thanks for asking, thats actually a point that needs clearification:

    Hypothesis 1: Introducing a part of the truth – that there have been contacts to extraterrestrials already millenias ago – but abuse that information to help construct the myth that todays secret societies are the keepers of the knowledge from these times. Thus, give his organisation more power in the minds of searching people.

    Hypothesis 2: Raise awareness for extraterrestrial contacts as preparation for a false flag alien invasion scenario that these organsations develop for a longer time (project blue beem).

    In the end you don’t have to look far for finding the motives of high ranked secret society members: Power

    Cheers, Chaukee


    • Hallo meine Liebe,
      Danke, ja, du machst mich ja noch verlegen… Nee, natürlich nicht, ich identifzier mich auch nicht mehr durch mein Bloggertum oder meine doofen Meinungen 🙂
      Habs schon ziemlich schnell mitgekriegt, sah aber dann an den Kommentaren, dass ich mir etwas Zeit nehmen sollte, um Stellung zu nehmen. Dass hab ich soeben gemacht 🙂
      Machs gut!
      PS: Ich schick dir noch gleich ‘ne Mail


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  24. Pseudo science, Mr. Sitchin and similar authors are dangerous. They should be forcefully debunked wherever they spread their lies. The best way to control people is to make them stupid, waste their energy on the wrong things, confuse and divide them, total mind control.


    • Hey Michael,
      Thanks, that’s right on the spot – mind control!

      A commenter on the german translation of this article at http://www.politaia.org/geschichte-hidden-history/zecharia-sitchin-lugner-fur-die-illuminaten/ probably found the deeper motivation of Sitchin/his masonic control freaks:

      “A few percentage of spin suffices to turn the true elements of a story. And you should also never forget that all Sitchin is NOT saying, has just as much weight as the explicitly served up lies … But where’s the core of Sitchin’s disinformation campaign? I see it especially in the lie, presented with “academic” cunning, that the master geneticist of the Anunnaki are our Creators and that he creates sort of some new para Christian submissiveness and humility towards an autocratic prevailing creation instance, a kind of a Christian Majesty reservation 2.0, a renewed father-son relationship in which any autonomous movement of the son is stifled by the sheer superiority of the father.”
      Hope I could translate that one understandable enough…

      Peace to you and thanks again for stopping by!


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  26. O.K., I’m going to tell you a few facts. I started reading this as I was researching how the Annanuki and Freemasonry are connected and as a result have decided to “share” a few things. Oh boy, here goes….I live in a city that’s a “headquarters” of sort for the Illuminati. Maybe it’s

    THE headquarters, maybe not, but I know for certain that the vast majority, maybe 75%, of the people who live here, are involved. The one thing they have in common is that they are all Kharzanian Jews by the way. Anyhow, they have a keen interest in me and for years have had people watching me in addition to abusing me, harassing me etc. Rumor has it they need something from me and are trying to cut me down to size before they ask me for it. The people who watch me or stop by my house for asinine reasons have something in common also, they’re all very tall, big men. And I’m a very tall, big woman. I know, earth shattering, but it has seemed to me for some time that the “giant” alien stories might be true. The Kharzanian Jew stories are, I can assure you of that, but I really find it a coincidence that I get “visits” from these big men on a regular basis. FYI- They’re afraid I’m going to try and take off, so they’ve been keeping a real close eye on me lately. I wish I could,(take off) but I have no money thanks to them and they’ll find me sooner or later, so why not hang around and get it over with.

    So that’s my story. It’s not from the internet, it’s from life. I’m sure you think I’m a fruit loop and that’ O.K., but I’m really not asking you to believe much. (If I were nuts, I’m guessing I would have written a story to curl the hair on your back.) The big deal about what I just wrote is that they are facts, cold, hard facts. You can count on it. If it helps to explain my situation any, my father was a high ranking Mason who was very well known in town. My sisters and I used to joke we weren’t Bonnie, Carol and Sandy, we were ____ _____’s daughters. Another thing is that i’m RH negative and have more royal blood flowing thru my veins that the entire British Monarchy put together.

    Good luck figuring stuff out, if I come up with anything new, I’ll let this blogger know. Trying to figure out what the hell is going on is how I spend 50% of my time. I spend the other 50% fending off their attacks, or recovering from them.


    P.S. I’m posting my real e-mail and first name because they’ve gotta figure I write on websites all the time, who in my shoes wouldn’t. Actually, I’ve written to several conspiracy writers who have no interest in me whatsoever. Probably because they’re involved. For all I know, you are too. Woohoo! Welcome to my world!


    • I understand you ! Jews run France as well ! We, goyim live totally under their power. C’est horrible.
      France has the second community abroad, and we do suffer from them ! (Policy, media, finance, medecine, research, porn, gay lib…are run by Jews, Pauvre France !)
      see my blog…


    • Hey Bonnie,
      I’me sorry to say, but your text looks a bit too crafted to me, plus I’m not a believer (but you were nearest having me with the point of the Kharzanian Jews). Unfortunately, investigating the hidden truths doesn’t progress by so many witnesses who say they have “facts”, but by reproducible evidence and analythical thought. We have seen enough of those agents and actors selling us detours. So even if your story or interpretation of it WAS true, it wouldn’t help our couse at all. One more story in a million of stories.
      Cheers, Chaukee


      • You know what really bugs me Chaukee? The fact that they use a hack like you to write a dis-information web site. You can’t write your way out of a paper bag and here I sit twiddling my thumbs. Damn, could I write a web site to dis-inform the pants off the public or what?! I’d have them eating out of my hands and fighting over the crumbs. But alas, it is not to be. Apparently they “need” me for something else. (Hopefully nothing to do with riding a bike or long division, I suck at both.)

        Ciao and Hey to Irmy!



  27. Regarding secret societies being keepers of secrets, i.e. alien visitations and so forth, they’ve tried to give me the idea that I’m “not of this world.” That I’m from someplace else. Once again, vague, but a fact. These are the big boys I’m playing with, so I’m pretty sure what they expouse is the party line. Because of all these giant men who make up my fan base, I’ve been trying to figure out if they’re telling the truth or just have a lot of members who ate their Wheaties. Don’t know.



  28. Arizona wilder exposes Zachariah Sitchin when she mentioned that he attended a few of her satanic rituals when she was acting as the mother Godess and being mind controlled by the illuminati. She no longer is, in fact they did away with her for exposing them.


  29. Dude clearly not every student of the LSE is initiated in local lodges. Cummon, only a little experience of the uni (or any uni) would show you this. Its so much more subtle than that. It is also deeply structural – embedded in the established norms of our view of reality. We gotta get a grip here!


  30. I can read Sumerian… And you can see what ZS told in the tablets 🙂 All the gods and goddesses and how they created us…. so sorry but you are wrong……


    • Hey Helen,
      If I was wrong, this would not be so bad, because I’m not the specialist, its Michael Heiser. As you are so educated, can you answer the peer questions he asked Sitchin in his open letter years ago? http://www.sitchiniswrong.com/letter/letter.htm
      If not, it rather looks to me like I’m too close to the truth because my Sitchin criticism gets attacked with believe-statements like yours all the time.
      Cheers, Chaukee


      • Hi chaukee I’ve been reading your blog and at first thinking most of what he was saying was credible and now am seeing your point. But now I’m getting confused about what is real about the whole subject and what’s not. I try backing my sources for authenticity but it seems their are always people going both ways on every subject. Is their any where on the Internet to actually get legitiment facts?


      • Hey Ian,
        Very legit question 🙂
        No, sadly, I don’t think I can give you an internet address that is 100% reliable – its not because the people behind it are not honest, but that the poison of lies is much too deep in the minds of all of us, in the fabric of our societies, education, even science. I’ve been very wrong on some topics too, and I’m sure my view is still not very close to the real truth. But I try 😉
        So there you are in the same position like all of us, learning not to BELIEVE anything that is not verifyable by yourself. Its a difficult task, but all of life is like that, isn’t it?
        Peace, Chaukee


      • Interesting site 🙂 .Dr Marcel Vogel, one of our greatest scientists working for IBM patent holder of 100 etc.was born with the ability to become a great scientist ! he had it all in him .one does not have to be a university mouse to get somewhere at the level of the highly educated few. same goes for sitchin
        Some people r born as great thinkers, some as scientists, some as linguists .
        So stop the whole crap and do not waste the child with the water.and another thing, does being a freemason make u part of the big cabal ruling this ERIDu/EARTH? ;d in one way or another – we r all used by the same in our everyday life! so……there where creatures not originating from this world messing up our genes way back ,some old scriptures will tell u exactly the same..
        Long live” SITCHIN “as he as others opened up my way of thinking at a whole new window of history and nowaday life !


  31. Hi Chaukeedar,
    I,m not sure if Zach S was 100% correct, or even 10%, but he sure wrote some interesting and provocative stuff.
    If you want a new and highly interesting account of the Sumerians [and their cousins in anc Egypt] check out a recent book called BEFORE THE DELUSION by Wm Gleeson [on Amazon]
    Gleeson has done an amazing job of surveying pre-Christian literature and archaeological records [with references] all woven into a novel account of human history. According to him Sitchin’s alien elohim were just superior human ‘lords’ [not ‘gods’]
    Highly recommended


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  33. Where does the role of woman come in? Were these alien beings also of a patriarchal society? Much of what is valued by women and would be of the woman’s perspective is lost or ignored. Once, God was actually a woman and goddess worship thrived in these areas. What of that? We only record history from the time the patriarchal societies wiped out the matriarchal societies. Are we to think these extra-terrestrials are as domineering and oppressive as our world has become?


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  35. all of this talk pro and con sitchin is interesting , the prolem with writing this theory off is there are many ancient structures on earth that still can not be duplicated and or with great difficulty. The simple explanations we hear of how these were constructed are just that , simple and do not work. I have many yrs. engineering / construction background and am fully aware of the technology needed to cut and transport stones that we can’t do today. To write this off closes the door on a key problem in the explanation of the earth’s history and our existance..


  36. jimeer d,

    I would most definitely agree with your statement. Yes, perhaps Z.S. had his own agenda and perhaps he is not 100% correct or even 10% correct for that matter. However, truth is, there are still many unexplained structures and enigmas throughout our planet that clearly exhibit “difficult-to-explain” characteristics. For example, Pumapunku, Baalbek, Stone Heads on Easter Island, Adam’s Calender, and just recently (though still controversial and debatable) the 200,000 year-old stone structures (or at least remains of them) in South Africa spanning for hundreds of square miles.

    Another interesting book to read, although I do take it for a grain of salt, is called “African Temples of the Annunaki”. I at least give the author some credit for not only his academic research, but as well as his actual field research and collaboration with other researchers and scientists “in the field”. Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/African-Temples-Anunnaki-Technologies-Mines/dp/1591431506

    I personally think the title of the book is not entirely congruent with the findings and research in Tellinger’s book, but I do find the book to be very “intriguing”.

    Anyway, with regards to the unexplained structures on our planet…there remains an unexplained history of what REALLY happend on our planet, long long ago. We were not living back then, so we are only left with pieces of history and what the mainstream media, as well as disinformationists, throw at us average people.

    Again, I am open to constructive dialogue, and I a very thankful that I found this forum. I hope to keep touch soon. (forgive me if there were any typos in my post as I was typing late at night).




  37. Addition:
    …More so, we are left with “pieces or accounts of history” that is passed off onto us by “mainstream” education establishments, scholars, so-called skeptics, as well as the media. Unfortunately, we were not around thousands of years ago (possibly hundreds of thousands of years ago), to know what really happened in “ancient times” or “pre-historic times”. And while we can genuinely discredit some of the findings out there, we cannot entirely explain the dozens of other enigmas that remain out of the scope, and knowledge of “mainstream” scholars and researchers.

    Let us continue to find truth,



  38. hi chaukeedaar,

    I really do enjoy this site. Unfortunately, Chris White is a Christian Fundamentalist, and there are several topics and enigmas that he does not bother to point out and explain. Here is a link to Philip Coppens review of
    Chris White’s perspective: http://www.philipcoppens.com/aaq_art5.html

    Furthermore, try reading Philip Coppens Book “The Ancient Alien Questions”. Unlike books written by Sitchen or even Erich Von Daniken, Philip is seen by believers as a skeptic, and seen as a believer by skeptics. Either way, I think this book was well researched and well though-out. If you have the chance to read his book, I would recommend it.

    There was also an interview between Chris White and Alex Tsakiris: http://www.skeptiko.com/conservative-christian-chris-white-debunks-ancient-aliens-theories/

    In case you were wondering about Chris White, here is a good reason to also be skeptical of Chris White’s “stance” (for as much skeptical as one should be of some AA theories).

    Additionally, I happened to stumble upon an interesting online forum discussing concerning both Sitchen and Heiser (the more interesting posts are in the middle-to-later parts of the thread):

    Again, these are just some things to consider. I’m up for constructive dialogue and thoughts, as we all want to seek truth.



  39. Heiser and White have an agenda – a fundamentalist Christian agenda – and Sitchin had another agenda. Whether Sitchin had good intentions in the beginning and was then bribed to the wrong track, or whether he was going into a certain direction from the beginning, we will most likely never know. Sitchin had his office close to the Rockefelller’s office, think about it. And we should also wonder: who is it who brings up stories of an approaching apocalypse all the time, and why? Who might be interested in continuously threatening people with death? Is there anyone who can be influenced in a better way than someone who is afraid of a deadly event approaching? And is there any better way to occupy people’s minds with an apocalypse when someone wants to hide his actions?
    I have also found big mistakes in White’s “Ancient Alien’s Debunked”. His whole work is full of denial, sometimes ridiculous, which has no other goal than spreading conservative Christian messages. Heiser’s agenda is the same, he has more knowledge available but is still limited by his own convictions.
    Always stay away from people with agendas. They will never give you the truth. They’re only good to make us think – and then walk our own path.

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    • Hey mystica,
      Thanks for the additional information about the (probable) Sitchin-Rockefeller connection. And I completely agree on your caution towards people with agendas!
      Peace, Chaukee

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      • Yes, we have to be careful to consider the agenda and evaluate the information separately. However, It is possible to get past the agendas, combine the information with other data, and come to reasonable conclusions.

        Here is something to consider when evaluating Sitchin’s story. The critics have been answered, including Heiser. Here’s a link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/61802805/Nibiru-Final-Update

        Here’s something else. Did you know that NASA put the Golden Record in the space probe Voyager. On it was a greeting in 55 languages. The first language was Akkadian, the language spoken in Sumer 6,000 years ago. Why do you think they did that?

        There are many pieces to the puzzle. Enjoy the search, and continue to share what you learn. Hopefully, enough of us will wake up before…

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  40. The moment you think you can trust a peer review or any educational institutions word then you have been fooled. Many more tablets have been found all around the world and then were snatched up to never be seen again. Robert Kryder of Kryder Exploration found more tablets here in New Mexico dating back pre-flood and were taken by Texas A&M. If you were to try and get a peer review saying the King Solomon was here in North America they would laugh, yet King Solomon’s lost mine is here in New Mexico. There’s also a spaceship 250 feet long buried here New Mexico also dating back pre-flood. Too much ignorance in this world how about you get out from behind the computer and actually get out in the field because that is what ZS did.


  41. The Annunaki ARE the Nephilim, of Genesis 6. They mated with Adapite women, to create the Gibborim (giants), skeletons, all over this planet. Some of these giants were the Igigi (elected leaders, appointed by the Ann.unna.ki, to rule over the masses of early mankind.


  42. Go and fuck yourself, there is some many facts against your bs opinions, nothing you talked about on this page has ANY PROOF, and it’s just your worthless twisting of facts that more people than just Sitchin have said, shame on you, i bet you are a Chisitan trying to save the last bit of your religion… LOL


    • Telling someone to go fuck himself is not a good way to earn credibility. It’s very unprofessional.

      Speaking of attacking someone’s character, I noticed that Michael Heiser often uses his PhD as the most obvious way to bias his own credibility against Sitchin’s (no PhD). When I read Michael Heiser’s comments, I feel as though I am reading between his lines to say “Sitchin does not have a PhD, therefore he’s wrong, period.” And this is just an attack of character. While credibility makes a good gauge that helps you decide whether or not you are wasting your time, credibility is not identical to the truth. Regardless of how credible you may be, you are still an imperfect human capable of making fatal errors in your conclusions. Some of the greatest founding fathers in science and astronomy had very little credibility. Their theories and ideas were condemned by the [credible] scientists and philosophers of their time. If all the [credible] scientists in the world disagreed with the ideas of one [incredible] man, it still does not make him wrong. Credibility does not prove right or wrong. You need to read and investigate things for your self, and discover for your self if what you believe is right or wrong. Attacking someone’s character does not make you right. Showing the world that you have a PhD and the other guy does not, still does not make you right.

      I don’t believe anyone is ever 100% correct on everything all the time. I have NEVER noticed Sitchin claiming to be 100% right. And on the same token, I have NEVER noticed Sitchin ever attacking another person’s character or credibility. I have noticed however, that Sitchin HAS admitted that there were still things that remained unknown to him; that he did NOT know everything. There were still many “blanks” for him that needed to be filled. In my opinion, Sitchin was very humble, very genuine, and was well mannered. He did not compare himself to another in any sort of way to discredit anyone. If you believe my assessment of Sitchin is wrong, please give me some insight, in a professional manner (not “go fuck your self”).

      Prove to the world that you are right, without attacking another person’s character and credibility, AND without flashing your “I have a PhD” card,
      and then you will have earned my respect.


  43. Today’s Hungarian language closely resembles (still) the Sumerian and is almost eerie how easy it is for Hungarian scientists to decipher the Sumerian tablets. These scientists are laughing at the West -and how Sitchin fooled millions with his fake theories. There is more, but this is not the place, time and space to divulge…Thank you for your blog, your intuition serves you well ♥

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    • Dear Elizabeth,
      Thank you very much for that valuable input and the appreciation of my tiny work. After some short research your claim seems to be more than true, Hungarian has roots in Sumer – that’s more creadibility than most of Sitchin’s groopies where presenting so far… 😉
      All the best to you and God bless you, Chaukee


  44. It seems that you have a problem with being self taught. Why is that? Many of the most famous achievers of the past were self-taught.

    Your next premise is that Sitchin went to The London School of Economics. Here’s information to answer that from wiki:

    Sitchin was born in the Azerbaijan SSR, but was raised in Mandatory Palestine. He received a degree in economics from the University of London, and was an editor and journalist in Israel, before moving to New York in 1952. While working as an executive for a shipping company, he taught himself Sumerian cuneiform and visited several archaeological sites.[

    The University of London (informally referred to as London University) is a collegiate research university located in London, England, United Kingdom, consisting of 18 constituent colleges, 10 research institutes and a number of central bodies.[3]

    London is the second-largest university by number of full-time students in the United Kingdom, with around 135,000 campus-based students and over 50,000 distance learning students in the University of London International Programmes. The university was established by Royal Charter in 1836, which brought together in federation London University (now University College London) and King’s College (now King’s College London).

    For most practical purposes, ranging from admissions to funding, the constituent colleges operate on a semi-independent basis, with some recently obtaining the power to award their own degrees whilst remaining in the federal university. The nine largest colleges of the university are King’s College London; University College London; Birkbeck; Goldsmiths; the London Business School; Queen Mary; Royal Holloway; SOAS; and London School of Economics and Political Science. The specialist colleges of the university include Heythrop College, specialising in philosophy and theology, and St George’s, specialising in medicine. Imperial College London was formerly a member before it left the University of London in 2007.

    I tried to watch your videos. They are not working. So, as for your Illuminati claim, I don’t see it. However, Sitchin’s work does explain the whole bloodline thing that we see so prevalent in those secret societies.

    As for Michael Heiser, I’ve listened to him, and he is severely lacking in my view. I have listened to Zecharia, and his story is has so much additional supporting evidence that goes way beyond Michael Heiser’s opinions. Here is an answer to why Michael Heiser comes up with his opinions:

    A Message From Lloyd Pye: …here is my nutshell defense of his work against any and all criticisms. It is simple and it is true. Please feel free to share it with others on the internet, and/or use it to respond to any critic you care to address.

    Anyone who says Zecharia Sitchin is a fraud or mistaken in his translations of Sumerian texts, or anything in that vein, is busily grinding a heavily worn axe. They base all of their complaints on the fact that in certain key areas of the Sumerian writings, he deviates markedly from the “classical” translations, the vast majority of which were completed before 1947, before the terms “UFO” or “alien” came into common usage.

    When the early translators came upon passages that could have been and should have been interpreted the way Sitchin interpreted them, they had no conceivable frame of reference for such terminology. Thus, they shoehorned it to fit into their own restricted world views, and because this nonsense was created by “experts” of that time, modern experts are inevitably brainwashed by their education process to believe no other translation is needed, much less preferable.

    This intellectual claptrap has become established as the “preferred” and “accepted” translations that critics claim Sitchin should have respected and stuck with in the way they are obligated to do. Sitchin rightly jettisoned the nonsense and translated the texts more like they were actually written, calling an alien an alien, so to speak, and this gross offense to modern academic sensibilities is what classic scholars consider a sacrilege to their mindset.

    I have no doubt that, in the fullness of time, historians will consider Zecharia Sitchin vastly more correct than any mainstream pundit alive at this moment. Why? Because modern scholars endure years of intense training that forces them to consider the work of prior scholars sacrosanct, which produces a virtual army of close-minded sycophants who, ultimately, will be dismissed as laughably wrong.

    Here are two videos you may want to watch. One is Zecharia Sitchin telling the whole story and showing support for his interpretation. The second one is by someone who has added to Sitchin’s work and found the largest archeological site ever, and it fully supports Sitchin.

    Zecharia Sitchin – Sumerians & The Annunaki: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THWrzaF3bMI

    Michael Tellinger – Ancient technology: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcD1h9DYitg

    I’m personally skeptical of the Wilder story, although I do acknowledge Cathy O Brien and others.


  45. Forgive me as I bypass the validity of Sitchin’s work…as I wanted to comment on the bigger picture that always bounces back and forth. That being whether or not we are alone in the universe….and people’s strange ability to skate over and accept some remarkable and almost unbelievable basics….allowing them to just ‘be’…..yet in the next breath, completely ruling out any possibilty of extra terrestrial beings and labeling the thought almost ridiculous. I try to think of a few simple things that ‘job public’ just accept as ‘how it is’. Firstly…..the fact that we live on a huge ball known as Earth, floating around in a void that’s the universe… that just goes on forever and ever. Pretty much everyone just happily accepts this as completely normal….not strange in the slightest. On our own..and should anyone dare to say that another race or life sustaining planet may exist in our infinite floaty void, then they must be mad! Another is megalithic structures and the way they were built. People seem quite happy with the ‘oh well, they were strong back then…and there were loads of em all pulling and pushing’ explanation. I’m not claiming to know whether or not there’s life out there…..or even try to explain how or who moved 400 ton slabs of rock in ways no one has ever done since. But I can 100% confidently say, that some people need to seriously slow down and look closer at what they accept as the norm. Do I believe in aliens?….well ruling the thought out would be crazier than not being open to it. Is the illuminati real? I don’t know…..but it scares the hell out of me how films like ‘the matrix’ cram so much blatant masonic symbology inside without raising a few eyebrows!!


  46. Have you stopped to think for one moment, that it was Sitchin’s involvement with the Economic World that initially may have drawn him to become a Mason(future employment advantages), & because of this, knowledge & secrets gained, he then felt compelled to “expose” his thoughts on the TRUE history of man & our origins????

    When people set up Websites to DEBUNK a person,theory, or conspiracy, I for one , tend to lean on the side of “ITS UPSETTING SOMEONE> There must be some truth in it!!!!”

    Zawi Hawass, of Egyption Antiqities, received a Fullbright Scholarship & was “Trained” in the USA.His REAL job has to deny any digs & research & promote the Pyramids are Tombs agenda.
    The FACT Pyramids are now appearing all over the world(eg Bosnia & more denials) aligns with Sitchin’s writings & Anunnaki settlements & mining operations in>

    Sumeria > Ziggurats, cunieform tablets, elongated Puabi skull
    Egypt > Pyramids, Granite machining,Akhenaten,Nerfitti,Tutankhamen elongated skulls
    India > Pyramid temples,cave temples,Dwarka Mohjendero
    China & Asia > Chinese Pyramids,Metallurgy, Angor Twat
    Peru > Carcal pyramids,Nazca lines,Puma Punka,Band of Holes,Paracas elong. skulls
    South Africa > Gold mining at ADAMs Calender,Rds,Terraces(vast metropolis)
    Landing Platform> Baalbek temple in Cedar Forest of Lebanon(Trilithon)
    Central & Sth America > Aztecs,Olmecs,Incas & their bldgs & Pyramids

    Sitchin’s writings make sense, & the places are REAL!

    Heiser would have us believe that angels(malaak), gods(elohim),sons of gods(bene elohim),Baal(the Lord), El(the high father) & YHWH,Yaweh or Adoni(GOD) are 1 & the same thing & that this is the start of the TRINITY??????


    • Very good! thanks for posting. I have thanking this biped for indicating me the excellent Zeta-talk!


  47. sichen was azerbergani born back there you are thought from early age some translations of sumerian text , for you idiot who are freemasonically passing on your germanic religion views of his fakeness and critizing he has no education to read them, for you you need to go to school to understand history of sumerian and iraqi and persian texts for him and alike who grew up there is it much easier.
    this blog is idiotic and so is the blogger .


  48. Oh.. thank you very much for indicating me the excellent site of Zeta Talk. It is because of rubbish like the ones you write that we get to know what matters…Fernando


  49. I’m responding to you because their seems to be an all out war on alternative theory’s . Specifically on Zecharia Sitchins attempt to make reason out of spiritual text that had beef altered for years to facilitate just the opposite of what your claiming Sitchin is doing.
    He never forced any one in any of his books to believe his theories. He was
    trying to make a plausible argument for

    the mistranslations and blatant removal of theocratic text pertinent to the canonical continuity, that were removed
    ( Intentionally and otherwise ).
    How could you possibly condem , then draw a conclusion about an author when you’ve only read a handful of pages.
    Suspicious is the disinformationist heiser always comes up to slander not just Sitchin but any independent theories outside the limited and stifled beliefs of the hard nosed left hair brained scholars.
    Eisenstein said imagination is more important than knowledge and the attempts to seek alternate interpretations are because of the revelations on the most valid English translations of Sumerian / Hebrew and equivalent ancient writings.
    Heiser blames Sitchin for mistransp
    How you could possibly Draw a c


  50. Heiser is a yahweh/ENLIL follower and sitchin just tells lies cause none of the two talks about ALULIM After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridug. In Eridug, Alulim became king; he ruled for 28800 years.” thats 8 times 3600years these antidelluvian kings were our real ancestors and the 7th king of the antidelluvian period was Emmeduranki ruled for 43,200 years was the great builder of those nice natural power plants called pyramids now.


  51. I also attempted to read Sitchins books and found them to be fanciful and more like fiction than fact. I believe there are two versions of the Sumerian Texts, one is a Semitic translation and the other is a correct translation which is verified by historical information on the history of the ancient Sumerians. The ancient founders of Sumer were not Semitic speaking people, in fact there is a close similarity between ancient Sumerian and Latvian. The Sumerians were a monogamous people, women had rights, could own land and the Laws of the land were not harsh etc. When the Semitic assyrians conquered them and created Babylon, they introduced polygamy, prostitution, concubines and reduced Ninhusag, who had became Innana, who then was renamed Ishtar, the “Whore of Babylon” – Goddess of love/sexuality, to degrade the Goddess/Feminine, laws were introduced which were extremely harsh. This is not a feminist rant, but a few very important facts that need to be taken into account. This can be verified in various books written by ancient historians. I have a copy of Jacquetta Hawke’s book, The First great Civilisations – Sumeria, the Indus Valley and Egypt as well as other ancient history books written by experts in their discipline, such as, Brinto, Crane, Wolf; A History of Civilizations – Prehistory to 1300 4thed. 1971 which verify her accounts. I read in The Larrouse Encyclopedia of Mythology, Ed by Prof Pierre Grimal 1989 under the section: Empires of the ancient Near East; the Hymns of Creation by M Vieyra this is found under the heading: The Flood and I will wrrite the entrie passage – “This mythical geography, appeared again in the Sumerian Myth of the flood. Although the introduction is fragmentary, it nevertheless tells, in a rather obscure context, of the origins of mankind and of royalty, and of the foundation of.five antidiluvian royal cities. The beginning of the introduction is missing, it staarts where a god speaks of primeval times.” “After An, Enlil, Enki AND ninhursag had fashioned the black-headed (people), Vegetation luxuriated the earth, animals, four legged (creatures) of the plain were brought artfully into existence”
    In the Sumerian texts that I have read, no mention is made of Ninhursag been a co-creator of the black-headed people! Is there another version of the Sumerian texts that does mention her? Obviously M Vieyra must have worked from a copy of the texts approved by Prof. Pierre Grimal or known to him. The Semitic people even before the advent of Islam, did not regard women too highly therefore there is no mention of her in the text that is available to all today. There is absolutely no evidence that these ancient people were gods. It is a well known fact that highly evolved and advanced people, who came into contact with those less evolved were considered “gods”. There is no evidence whatsoever that the Annunaki are linked to the Merovingian line, rather the ancient Iranians, the Alans are. In Dr. Oric Basirov’s lectures which are available on the net, he mentions in the Marres or Mares family history, that the Alans (see his lecture on; “The origins of the Pre-Imperial Iranians) moved westward and became the Franks. It was out of the Franks that the Merovingian line issued. The whole “history” of An, Enlil and Enki as well as the Annunaki being Aliens is a new age fantasy, which unfortunately has taken the more gullible by storm.
    The tree of knowledge of the Ancient Sumerians, is similar to the tree of Ygdrassil of the Norse. Who and where the Ancient Sumerians were is a mystery, but that does not mean that they were Aliens. My personal belief is, that the founders of Sumer where either absorbed genetically into their conquerors or may have left their land and remnants of their descendants are either the Kurdish people and or the Iranians. I would like to know if Dr. Heisler has also studied the Latvian language or knows that there is a link between Latvian and the ancient Sumerian language. King regards Ellena

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    • Thank you dear Ellena for sharing your knowledge and view! But I fear that this is all not fancy enough for the “religious” alien-believers to be taken into account 😉
      Best wishes to you and keep on being genuine and sincere,


  52. You guys need to read more books than come back to Zecharia’s.Because in every record ever translated and the guy himself tells you that, He puts the name of every guy that ever studied this subject so the only thing you have to do is check the Fellas from the 14/15/16/17 century etc and figure it out on your own dont judge just by one book or series. And dont be lazy to do a research to a subject you are interested in.


  53. I was just wondering how, if at all, your stance on the idea of alien contact has changed now that you can go on Google sky and see a satellite image of a planetary body that exactly resembles what the ancients referred to as Nibiru, which just happens to be approaching our solar system and appears to be the mysterious planet X?


  54. This theory is affirmed in corey goode’s recent interview with david wilcock on the gaia.com video, “cosmic disclosure” dated 2/8/16. Corey’s source implicated 3 cabal/illuminati sources who apparently dictated the source material sitchen transcribed into books. Interesting validation.


    • Wow, David Wilcock, the master-agent-story-teller of all new age bullshit artists is still out there? Yes, that definitely affirmes Sitchins agenda, but from the other side you might think… Thanks for mentioning.
      Greetz, Chaukee


  55. The annunaki may have tried to manipulate our dna, but God sent the flood to wipe humans who had unpure blood, Noahs line was pure and multiplied. Annunaki are fallen angels and did not make man.


  56. I’d like to point out that since 2001 massive amounts of artifacts, relics, tablets, sculptures, vases, and all manner of archeological evidence of the past is being destroyed. Evidence that might affirm or deny the history of man has become rubble and dust in the wake of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Arab spring, and ISIS. There is video of them going and smashing murals and statues in a museum, with no remorse. YouTube it.

    If you really believe NWO or Illuminati are behind all wars, governments, and strife, then wouldn’t it make sense for them to deprive the world of its true history? It would make it frustrating for the elites to have to constantly deny this history crap, why not get rid of it so no one has reason to ask about that time or to doubt our version of history?

    I don’t usually voice my opinions. But I liked how The Lost Book of Enki by Sitchin felt when I read it. It felt like it was written by someone who was deeply shaken by what had happened. Enki and Enlil having a moral debate about how all the events progressed, the question of fate or destiny, the father of all creation and his emisary; It’s feels so honest. A tale of caution that we may understand the past and present.

    Ps. I really think that should the translations of Sitchin be accurate, it would strengthen our faiths and open our eyes but only if we attempt to reconcile both with a very open mind.


  57. You’re on the right track with Sitchen and his misinformation. Trying to tell us the Supreme Being was a piss ant alien passerby. But did you ever know Sitchens history before he came here? It’s on Wikipedia! He was born in Azerbaijan SSR in 1920 the I guess forced to move to Palestine. The Communist Party thrived in Palestine. I believe he was a Communist sent here to spread disinformation to the masses! I can’t prove it yet but I’m researching him. Illuminati I don’t know? But I was born in 1947 and lived thru the Commies and their damn lies!

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    • Sitchin a communist – that may well be. According to Bill Cooper (RIP) most of the high freemasons are or were communists (see the famous Mystery Babylon series).
      Thanks for your visit and may God bless you, Chaukee

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  60. One can still believe that aliens DID have a limited role in the makings of our first civilization(s). It is also possible to simultaneously work “intelligent alien beings” into the Biblical concept (in both Christian and Jewish Bibles) as ANGELS (with an appetite for Human women), while STILL noting the blatant and glaring issues with Sitchin’s translations and sources (or total lack thereof). But worst still… as someone very familiar (but not certified with a doctorate) with the Grammar and language of the Hebrew Bible itself, he even gets many of the Biblical translations wrong, or blatantly out of context! Sometimes, the Biblical quotes just were not there at all. In many other cases, he took the liberty to connect the dots, and use his own definitions. Other times, a simple reading of the Biblical text (in context) shows he must have used a concordance (or lexicon) to find instances that backed up his views in the Hebrew Bible, without looking at the rest of the verses that preceded or followed them. No serious study was focused on the usage of Biblical words elsewhere in the text was considered. In my opinion, these are obvious omissions, that screamed for basic editing. The fact is that he did nothing to directly address the challenges directly leveled at him by Michael Heiser, when Sitchin had the chance. It is beyond question (for example) that his views on the morphological plural of E-lohim was 100% incorrect. By seeing the word used throughout the Hebrew Bible (systemically), its undeniably clear that the Hebrews used a “plural” word to refer to the Singular – throughout the scriptures. ONCE I REALIZED THIS, i was bitter at Sitchin. He should have known better. I can’t say whether Sitchin was influenced by the atheistic Commees or Masons, but I don’t doubt the possibility for a minute.

    ALL THIS BEING SAID: if it wasn’t for Sitchen, none of this would be so heavily explored right now. Although, I’m not sure this is a good or bad thing. Mostly a waste of time. But in the end, anyway taking Sitchin hook line and sinker, merely because it connects a lot of interesting dots has cranial rectumitus. PS: Traditional Hebrew sources (ie; Saadia Gaon) have always promoted the idea that G-D himself created the Adam, and specifically mentions that Angels were NOT involved. Of course, some will call this more ENLILI-atizing. But I just call it the reality of authentic, dogmatic transmission.


    • Thanks a lot for your contribution! I may see it similar, there are many possible options that may have led to where humanity is at now, but obvious bullshit and lies of the manipulators should be treated with clear words 😉
      I’ve personally come all the long way from investigating the Alien question to realizing the physical forms we and they appear in are not the key point, everything is spiritual in the end, and its a spiritual war going on, for a very long time.
      The nice thing, most of that spiritual war happens inside of us on a very individual basis, some use it to progress.
      Hare Krishna,


  61. What I found interesting is the wonder or sign of the woman in heaven, Re 12:1&2, is apparently going to take place in the heavens, as a astrological conjunction of stars, planets and two constellations on Sept. 23, 2017.

    Revelation 12:1-3 KJVS
    [1] And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: [2] And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. [3] And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads

    If you are not familiar with this see the first article at http://www.justifiedfreely.com
    There is a second wonder that is to appear in the heaven shortly after the wonder of the woman. The great red dragon. Now the verses above are quite specific and coincide perfectly with the wonder that is to appear in the heaven on Sept. 23,2017 involving the constellations Virgo, Leo and the sun, moon and three planets. Mars, Mercury and Venus. It would stand to reason that the second wonder mentioned, great red dragon, is going to be fulfilled by a actual astrological object. Also the sixth seal and some of the trumpets could take place due to a object mentioned in other mythologies and is commonly known as Nemisis, the Destroyer and Planet X. I noticed this a couple months ago that is related to the subject at hand.

    At the very beginning there is a time stamp shown at the bottom. I set the location for Brazil in my Stellerium app, free download here-http://stellarium.org/, and viewed the east at dawn on 13/9/2016. The moon nor any other planet is even close to where this object is in reference to the sun on that day at dawn. Mercury is higher and slightly to the right of the sun that day and is much smaller and likely not visible in full sunlight. A earlier feed from the same camera.

    Same camera but in April it is bigger. If you compare the two feeds you can see the red object in Sept. is further to the right and smaller than the video in April They claim Planet X has a elongated elliptical orbit. Is it heading towards the sun and will come around and head out of the inner solar system?

    Planet X could be a brown or red dwarf sun and this solar system may be a binary star system.

    The resolution in this video is poor. I went through the video scanning for any shimmering motion on the red glare on the water. Resolution too poor for that but in and around the 14:50 mark a dark bird is visible flying through that area. A couple times the bird is clearly black as it flies over the water with the red reflection. But at around 14:50 it flies lower to the water and at the proper angle for the red shine from the object to shine off it’s body. That would require unusual attention to detail if the image was photoshopped or manipulated with other video software. I am not a expert in the field but have a eye for detail as I am a woodworker. It matters not if Zecharia Sitchin’s work is true or not true. I myself place great trust in the New Testament.


    • Thanks Luke for the story time. I missed Planet X/brown dwarf tale for some years, but good it is still around in the minds… 😉
      I sometimes wonder why people accept “Revelations” as genuine/godsent part of the new testament. Predictive programming is obviously ages old.
      Cheers, Chaukee


      • Time will tell.

        On Sunday, September 25, 2016, chaukeedaar’s blog wrote:

        > chaukeedaar commented: “Thanks Luke for the story time. I missed Planet > X/brown dwarf tale for some years, but good it is still around in the > minds… 😉 I sometimes wonder why people accept “Revelations” as > genuine/godsent part of the new testament. Predictive programming is ” >


  62. I have just started my investigations in order to figure out exactly how close one can get to the real facts. Yes – close because to get there would be practically impossible – you can be thrown with data from high up people and never be certain if it is accurate. For istance, you get all those beautifull shots from NASA, yet, there is footage from a Russian Space guy showing toins of lights in space speaking about aliens and communications with them. Hey, I won’t suspect of his legitimacy…
    Still, the main focus is, how on earth we get from a stage of affairs to another stage of affairs? What came before the Sumerians that gradually led to them with their all great “developed” tech?
    I do agree that the “ancient space-men” theory is too radicall. Come on guys.. if it is like that you’re not gonna write stuff on stone or depic symbols like they did. You would have to find ultra advanced devices… maybe someone did…
    One thing is true and scientifically proven. There is a (strange) gap in the man evolution line…


    • I agree, thanks for your perspective Andre.
      Besides the weird evolution of man, there is even a strange impossibility in classical evolution theory, basing it solely on chance and selection. Just too view time for that, too many “wrong” chances in possible genetical mutations. There is some other, constant, creative force around. Combined with the observer paradoxon of quantum theory I suspect some sort of consicousness being that force.
      That said, human evolution looks tampered to me too. And I do not have the feeling it was a positive force behind this…
      Peace, Chaukee


  63. This wasn’t a fair critique of Sitchin’s work. In fact, it was more of an attempt of a “signature murder”; discrediting him as a person – and not his work. First of all, Sitchin never tried to convince anybody that he was a scholar of the ancient languages. It’s his collaborators, fans, individual researchers who have done so. Second, you use can’t discredit his work by referring to Heiser. There are two reasons for this: 1) Heiser uses only the Bible to counter Sitchin, while Sitchin used a range of sources. Within the realm of social science triangulation, corroboration and correlation is a must if the research is to be considered valid. This academic requirement Sitchin adhered to. And 2) the relevance of translations and interpretation. Here Sitchin applies a new perspective when he applied the contextual method. Previous attempts to understand biblical scripture has been done through the symbolic and metaphorical perspectives. So when Heiser is not able to neither grasp nor understand this then misunderstandings arise. Someone’s work cannot be countered based on misunderstandings.

    With he recent discoveries of Planet 9 and giant planets having a retrograde oval orbit, it becomes simply to immature to reject Sitchin’s work. We simply have to wait and see.


    • Heiser is a expert on Summerian and early Hebrew languages. He essentially questions Sitchin’s translation of the clay tablets. That is a far cry from just using the Bible as you put it. I do believe something is incoming but the whole Sitchin narrative has never been accept in any peer review publication. I have not found one expert in the Summerian language verifying Sitchin’s account. I take Carlos Munoz Ferrad’s work more seriously. Perhaps you would be surprised that Re 12:3 mentions a wonder in the sky, a great red dragon! And that is apparently going to take place in and around 9/23/2017. See first article on my website. http://www.justifiedfreely.com. I just noticed this news article- http://www.blacklistednews.com/Incoming_Space_and_Missile_Defense_Command_General_commits_Suicide/54942/0/38/38/Y/M.html

      The problem I have with Sitchin is his account essentially has extraterrestrials creating man. Which obviously refutes to a large degree the creation account in the Bible. It is the same fundamental question of how did we get here. Creation versus Evolution. If the 3rd to 7 th seals and the seven trumpets take place between now and 9/23/2017. Then the Bible is spot on.

      On Saturday, October 29, 2016, chaukeedaar’s blog wrote:

      > Kro commented: “This wasn’t a fair critique of Sitchin’s work. In fact, it > was more of an attempt of a “signature murder”; discrediting him as a > person – and not his work. First of all, Sitchin never tried to convince > anybody that he was a scholar of the ancient language” >


      • a mixture of both. evolution up to the monkey men then the creation of modern man by genetix, ivf and selective breeding. keeps everybody happy and does explain the lack of the missing link cos lets face it we’ve found skulls of homo this n homo that so surely we should have found examples of the missing link by now. its not as if there were just a couple of them hiding in a cave deep in communist china or summat.


  64. Our spirit is our truth . We know what is and what is not about a lot of things. Why do we argue about what we don’t know. Creation story. Why does it matter who is right? What difference does it make? Whether or not we were created by a single all powerful being or a group of smaller equal powered beings or in fact just by chance OR maybe since we are in the creators image have always been a part of that energy and were simply put into created bodies and we are here to learn , be enlightened or it could be because of Karma.It may even be that all events are true. I don’t care anymore. What should be more important to all of us and what I have decided to be most important to me is that we learn to stop letting others change what we feel in our hearts. We were born with optimistic hope. With a genuine happiness . It seems a waste of everything that is to waste another single moment on lies and hatred and fear. . Stop letting all the fear mongers steal our happiness. Start being kind again and think about why you must feel the way you do when it comes to love.. I am CONVINCED beyond any and all reasonable doubt that those who are doing the fear mongering ,, human or not have always wanted to control us This attempt to control us by our minds with fear has caused so much negative in our lives that we don’t even see it anymore. We wont even stand together against this garbage and they love it. SO what if a planet hits us? We won’t know what hit us anyway. If the planet shifts we will deal with it then . Ill be caught off guard and die with all the others but until then I am going to live and I am going to be as happy as I possibly can. I don’t want to know anything else about possibilities of anything . I only need to know right now. I want to help others understand that there is a choice we all have to make. We need to figure out if were going to keep the same negative interactions with each other or if we can help each other change all of it. I honestly believe this is why we are here.. They will not steal what is left of my life. These mongers are interviewing Sitchin as of November 21, 2016. Yes I realize he has been dead since 2010. This is what brought me here. My search for the truth almost had me drown in lies .I’m going to spread the word. This whole business is sickening. What good is it doing to keep people in fear? What are they trying to do with us?What have we been missing because of it ? All this has done is cause a rift in our connection with each other. This is where our strength is.. Fear is one of the strongest emotions that we have. Love is opposite of feeling unsafe. If all we can think of is what we are fearful of we don’t have much time for anything else including each other. Depression sadness and anxiety are all negative results of the poison in our everything . We have to stop this . We have to learn to love again.It all starts with attitude.. Negative ?… NOT ME done! Thanks for letting me get that out. I needed it . Much love to everyone.


      • Thank you. Its good to be here. I went on a rant there. I am doing much better.


  65. It just surprises me on some of the comments made here that some people think that they have the right to belittle and insult the ancient peoples intelligence😡 They were just as inventive and intelligent as we are! They were more than competent to do things on their own and invent ways to do them! People should be ashamed! Put this in perspective,it’d be the same as people of our future saying the same thing about us and us not having the brains to do things and invent things ourselves,and that we were to brainless to invent things like smart phones.

    Liked by 2 people

    • well the human race was quite thick between the end of the egyptian empire and the rennaisance and it took about 13000 years to move from cuneiform clay tablets via papyrus to paper and ultimately the invention of the printing press. surely if they were that intelligent that would have been a no brainer…..just hoying that one in there for debate.


  66. well I agree with Sitchin.and the whole world will as we get closer and closer to disclosure..we all will know what we are who created us and why!!…


  67. as much as NASA and the US government has tried to crush his theories i for one believe his translations, good luck with you’re phony Bible.


  68. A aspect about the various mythologies and their assorted gods world wide is overlooked by many. Psalm 82 gives us a peek at the various sons of gods that were sent to earth to rule wisely and fairly. But did not.
    Psalm 82:1-8 KJVS
    [1] God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. [2] How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah. [3] Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. [4] Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked. [5] They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. [6] I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. [7] But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. [8] Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.
    These sons of god were made mortal and died like men as a judgment against them for their transgressions. Jesus Christ quotes Ps 82:6 in the gospel of John.
    John 10:34-36 KJVS
    [34] Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? [35] If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; [36] Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?
    The pre incarnate Jesus Christ was the Word of God who addressed the congregation of the mighty. Remember no one has seen God at any time, 1 Jn 4:12. Many are confused regarding the meaning of Jn 10:34 and claim Jesus was calling those he was speaking with “gods”. But the Pharisees wanted to stone Jesus for claiming he was a son of God, Jn 10:36. These sons of gods in Psalm 82 are likely many of the various figures of mythology who also saw that the daughters of men were fair, Gen 6:2.



  70. I’m no Sitchin follower, and I was with you for a bit but- well, the characterization “luciferian” for his alleged disinformation is meaningless, you must know that. Also, I am naturally repelled when the rhetoric is dismissive and sarcastic and and delivered with hubris. Nevermind the logical falicies. And by the way, not everone interested in stuff like this is fearful, and/or accepting it as reality. I merely think it’s an interesting subject. Thanks


  71. it’d make a canny film. can anyone answer me this? if allalu had to blast his way through the hammered bracelet using nukes and ea’s ship used water cannons to divert the asteroids how did our satellites cross the asteroid belt to explore the outer planets cos its not planar, you cant just fly up and over it. surely, the asteroid belt remains as hazardous no as it would have been millennia ago or was someone at nasa sitting there playing asteroids everytime a satellite reached it? that’s my biggest problem believing that the book of enki is true


  72. Thanking you for this video.I m so shocked to find the gullability of some of my dearest friends.The world does not benefit from these BS sellers like Sitchin and Icke.Their personal magnetism draws in punters who can t be bothered to examine anything what so ever!I m grateful for your detailed expose on these sellers of fables.


      • I am a SITCHIN LIKER and i love it !

        ________________________________ Van: chaukeedaar’s blog Verzonden: maandag 5 maart 2018 16:45 Aan: joshua120264@hotmail.com Onderwerp: [New comment] Zecharia Sitchin: Inventing the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie on Behalf of the Illuminati

        chaukeedaar commented: “Thanks Moniq, I’m thankful for your appreciation and precise words. “Gullible” is actually the topic at hand 😀 Best wishes for you, Chaukee”


  73. lF, as YOU HAVE claimed above that you D0N’T know he was aware of ‘all the lies’ or if Sitchen was ‘just being abused by “the Illuminati,” ‘ why then do you assert that he was working for the Illuminati to spread the lies ???

    …you sound just like another shill who goes by the name of Michael Heiser.


    • Please read the part starting with “* Update: ” in the article: Definitive assertion of Sitchin membership in the brotherhood come to me after I wrote the article.
      …you sound just like another hurted groopie 😉


  74. Pingback: Bullshit Detection:Posted on 17/08/2012: [COPY] and TNX to | homelessholocaust

  75. Der Schwachinn, den der Lügner Sitchin verbreitet hat, ist leider von zu vielen Leuten als Wahrheit angenommen worden. Und der Käse wird auch noch weiter von anderen ausgebaut.


  76. here’s the thing. This is an article and doesnt explain anything. Why would believing in alien genetics be luciferien?
    and reading sitchin now im hoping for more explanation but when it comes to you, what idea are you claiming to be a lie? And where’s your proof?


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