Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Extinguishing Earth in October 2011?

Some days ago an interesting video was uploaded on YouTube by several different users (see at the end), showing an animated orbit diagram from the official NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory website. I could not find the initial source, but the narrator presents himself as Mike from

The video shows the expected orbit of comet Elenin as it will go through our inner solar system this year. It seems that every time this comet aligns with the Sun and the Earth, major earthquakes happened on Earth. Its pretty easy to check the following dates for yourself in the model (Java needed) and see the alignments:

  • Alignment 1, February 27. 2010: Chile earthquake (8.8)
  • Alignment 2, September 4. 2010: Christchurch earthquake (7.2)
  • Alignment 3, March 15. 2011: Japan earthquake (9.0)

Future dates from the orbit:

  • Alignment 4, September 27. 2011
  • Alignment 5, October 12. 2011: Physical pole shift?
  • November 5. 2011, Earth passing the comet tail (*)
  • Alignment 6, November 23. 2011

* comment: This is the only little “error” I found in the video because the author forgot about three-dimensionality. Earth is actually not passing directly through the tail of the comet as you can see on the second graphic from a turned perspective:

Earth passing the Tail of Elenin November 5. 2011

Different Perspective

The time between the comet passing the Earth orbit and the moment Earth actually gets to that point might be enough for the dust of the tail to spread, but the big parts should not be in our way.

For all the alignments this three-dimensional approach should not change the findings as the comet passes pretty low on the ecliptic (Earth orbital plane).

The Hypothesis of Elenin being a Brown Dwarf

Jupiter has about the Size of a Brown Dwarf

From the alignment dates’ correlation with massive earthquakes the assumption is made that Elenin is not an ordinary comet, but a Brown Dwarf. These sub-stellar objects with the size of Jupiter and a mass of 10 to 90 Jupiter masses are wannabe-stars that did not quite make it to ignite fusion because of lack of mass. I really recommend the Wikipedia article on Brown Dwarfs. On that article you will also find this interesting statement:

It has also been predicted, by some astronomers, that the Sun may be orbited by an as yet unobserved brown dwarf (sometimes referred to as Nemesis) which interacts with the Oort cloud.

Wikipedia also explains the hypothetical brown dwarf “Nemesis” that could have caused mass extinction every 27 millions years here on Earth.

So the idea of Elenin being a Brown Dwarf is not far off scientific possibility. For stellar objects to have enough gravitational pull to cause earthquakes in the given distance, several Jupiter masses are needed for sure. If the orbit diagram of NASA is about correct, I’m sure that debunkers will have a hard time arguing against the Brown Dwarf hypothesis…

But lets also keep in mind that Planet X doomsdayers have already been wrong in 2003 and that deception takes many forms around New Age and New World Order groups.

The comet is passing VERY close to Earth in October 2011 in about a distance of 0.23 AU (astronomical units, mean Earth-Sun distance). Why is it that a comet passing so close to Earth has almost no coverage in mainstream media?

For the astronomers out there: Is there a way to calculate if the sharp turn the comet is taking around the Sun corresponds to the mass of an ordinary comet, or would this be another indication for a much more massive object? I used to be good at physics and math, but almost 20 years without such calculations is too long, I’m sorry… 
There are also different spectral approaches to check if Elenin is a brown dwarf. Is there any scientist around with enough balls to check for the spectral attributes and make the results public?

“Planet Elenin – Nibiru – Whatever You Want To Call It, It’s Coming” (click the YouTube-button to enlarge the video):

131 thoughts on “Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Extinguishing Earth in October 2011?

  1. Thanks for this.

    No harm in marking those dates in the diary and making sure we’re out of town and hunkered down for the week-end!


  2. You’re welcome, dear Freeman, and thanks for the comment!

    Right, whatever comes, some prepardeness is surely not bad. If this IS a brown dwarf, we should mark all dates in our diaries from, say, beginning of September on. From then on the comet is always closer to Earth as the Sun is and would have gravitational effects without the need of some alignments…


  3. I do not know if the Elenin comet is any big and serious issue. Maybe we will not notece it. I heard there was a comet scare around 2003. Nothing happened. The west has a saying somewhere. “If the blind lead the blind both fall into a ditch.” As Buddha is reported to have said, “Don’t believe me. Do the technique, and if it works, then do faith. Put no head over your own.” Osho in his ‘Book of Secrets.’


  4. I completely agree on your philosophy, dear Clayton! I did not post it to scare or convince anybody, as I’m not convinced either. The comet thing in 2003 was the Planet X hysteria I mentioned in the text.

    I was just wondering why NASA would publish Elenin’s path like this. I see four scenarios:
    1. The alignments with the earthquakes are coincidental
    2. Something is wrong with that comet and NASA knows, but the data was put out accidentally
    3. Something is wrong with that comet and NASA has no clue for lack of resources?
    4. Somebody at NASA put the data up for dysinformation


  5. There is no such thing as a coincidence! Take note of the dates as they are likely to be significant. Keep away from the coastlines and be aware that existing fault areas, highly unstable areas as well as places which have already had problems of late, are the most likely problem areas when the ‘comet’ comes closest to earth from end September 2011 to end November 2011. Be prepared by ensuring you have sufficient to survive if a disaster occurs in your area, but don’t become fearful. Listen to your instincts in order to stay safe. Watch the behaiour of the little insects and animals as this will tell the story of changing earth vibrations faster than anything else will. Above all, tune into all of life around you so that you can ‘hear’ what is going on, at every level. We are better equipped with information downloading and sensing abilities than we realise.


  6. It would be wonderful if some private (“amateur”) astronomer(s) would/could perform and publish a spectral analysis and a comparative orbital analysis of Elenin to determine how it compares with the JPL model online.

    If it appears to be a brown dwarf, we could be in for a rough ride – but not neccesarily the end of earh as we know it.

    Problem is, will anyone present an honest report, or will we have fake, pseudo-reports that are dishonest and will mislead the uninformed?


  7. Thank you all for your comments!

    @bushman, I also wish that finally some astronomer takes the chance of helping us out or at least getting famous from thoroughly investigating Elenin. But the truth is, science is as well owned by dirty money as is the media and of course politics, so we might stay on our own and follow YouTube and the blogospheare until we have some sort of confirmation… Remeber the days we did not even have the internet for free, uncensored information! In these moments I feel like a stupid sheep that can’t even operate a telescope…


  8. Just found this site and would like to know if anyone followed through on what bushman et al. stated above -that someone should actually look at the orbital mechanics or spectral analysis to see what the mass of this thing really is.


    • According to Keppler’s third law the mass of the object is estimated to be approximately 8 times the mass of Jupiter(1,89 * 10^27 kg). This was calculated using the following numbers taken from wikipedia:
      Aphelion distance: ~1037 AU
      Perihelion distance: 0.48243 AU
      Orbital period: ~11,800 yr
      G = 6,67*10^-11 [N(m/kg)^2]
      Sun mass: 1,989*10^30 kg
      AU = 149.60×10^9 m

      Eliptical orbit
      => r[median] = (Aphelioin distance + Perihellion distance)/2

      Kepler’s third law: T^2=(4pi^2)*r[median]^3 / (G*(Msun+Mobject))
      => Mobject = 8,57 * 10^27 kg

      Constructive feedback appriciated. It’s been 4 years since I’ve done any calculations of this kind and I might be a bit rusty.


      • never mind, i’ve used the same method for calculating the mass of the comet Halley, and the result was about the same mass as jupiter. this indicates that the calculations above are unreliable.


      • Kepler’s third law makes no reference to the mass of the orbital object or the sun.


  9. Has anyone been able to confirm the mass of this thing through either the orbital mechanics or spectruma nalysis?


  10. If anybody is interested, this information about the arrival of this comet in our neck of the outer-planetary neighbourhood has been released via the channelled method by the ancient god-beings of Light: Osiris, Isis, Thoth and Horus for the last 8 years!!! They warned us of the impending crisis in Japan 2 years ago, stating this would be the first of many problem areas. They have categorically stated that all of our ‘global warming’ and earth catastrophe issues are caused by the magnetic field disturbances of this powerful ‘Planet of Light’ – impacting on the tectonic plates. They have also confirmed that this comet is Nibiru, travelling through the skies on her 3600 year elliptical orbit. None of this is new information and it is clearly detailed in the Sumeriand and Babylonian clay tablets if anybody cares to look. They have told us to look again at all of the historical information that has been left behind by the ancients, especially the Ancient Egyptians. So, what is it that is still a mystery? Only our lack of knowledge about Earth and humanity’s true history – including why this concurrence of events in the skies is important to us. We have the stellar opportunity to utilise all of this outer-planetary high frequency energy to uplift our consciousness and expand our awareness by living from the heart and feeling, rather than thinking, our way through life. Feeling links us into the enormousness of the vast consciousness of soul, of the immaterial and thus of all of life everywhere. Conversely, left brain thinking, although important to us as physical human beings, only links us to all of physical life on Earth. We have to expand our intelligence through into its natural vastness via the mode of feeling, rather than remain limited by only utilising our thinking abilities. By doing this we quickly and easily shift into a higher state of consciousness; one which not only enables our psychic abilities and connectedness to all of life in the Universe, but which more closely aligns our own energy with that of Comet Elenin. Naturally this means we will then be less severely affected by those high frequency energies of the comet, both as individuals and as a planet. There really is very little time left for humanity to wake up en masse and realise what is really going on, considering where Earth is relative to the orbit of the comet. So spread the word far and wide – for the good of all. Without a shift in our consciousness we stay blind, and likely to be lied to, tricked and used by those who want power and control on Earth – just as has happened for thousands of years to date. This whole shift of consciousness into a higher frequency state is what the Light Beings refer to as ‘Living Ascension’ – a reality state where we don’t have to die to become more aware, or to connect with higher states of being. This is why this is the end of a cycle of time, as detailed by the Mayan Calendar. It is time for us to experience a higher level of reality than we have lived to date – how exciting! Visit our websites and if interested in any of this. We are publicising this information via newsletters and books.


  11. Dear Maya, Thank you a lot for the effort of putting together all that New Age view on the current events. I do not mean this in a sarcastic tone, I really think you made a great summary.

    The problem is the credibility of sources, which channeling does not live up to. I and many other people do not just want to believe anything, but we want to check assumptions for ourselves and/or experience these things ourselves. Anybody can say anything these days on the web, who do we believe in the end? I know many of the initial sources of your position as I’m very interested in UFO/Alien and spirituality. But the more I connect the dots, the clearer it gets that you trustful and loving people of some New Age movements are getting manipulated by the Illuminati. Just check for the occult sources of Osiris, Isis, Thoth, Horus and Lucifer (all this Light-Bearer-talk) that is from Freemasonry. If you are aware of it or not, your talking of Nibiru and the end of times exactly matches the agenda of the satanic global elite which you pretend to fight. Please don’t take that as a personal offense, its just a perspective of another human being trying to understand things and work for truth, love and justice.


  12. I take your comments well, never fear!I cannot argue with your view, nor would I. However, I ask you to consider the most salient point when trying to understand what is going on in our Universe, and specifically on Earth at this time: that we need to employ the broader range of intelligence that right-brain/creative thinking links us into. WIthout this we are doomed to wondering, pondering and not knowing. Having said that, the most astounding experience when using this broadened aspect of intelligence is the absolute knowing, certainty and confirmation of understanding that arises. Of course, the developed so-called psychic abilities make life immeasurably easier. Those who don’t have these skills should ask themselves a big ‘WHY NOT?’ Nothing beats knowledge of this nature. Life is easy, understandable and deeply meaningful in the broader sense. It flows and it works well. Assumptions, no matter from where they arise are no better than belief. Experience is everything. Hence the request by higher consciousness beings that we FEEL. This is a difficult concept for us logically minded humans to wrap our heads around, because it primarilly involves that which we have been taught NOT to trust – by those very Illuminati you speak of. We have had everything of the feminine aspect, including creative thought and intuitive abilities drummed out of us in favour of what modern man calls science. This modern science is deeply flawed and incomplete simple because it lacks the broader experiential range that the right brain allows for. Hence the developments in the New Science by brilliant minds such as William Tiller, David Baum, David Schwartz Karl Pribam et al. To their credit they are trying their best to, mathematically and in other scientific ways, describe the so-called New Age aspects of life. They have developed some fancy gadgets to demonstrate the so-called magical which I personally applaud. These are physicists etc of immense standing who are not frightened to go out on a limb and explore the immaterial realms, nor publish papers and speak at conferences about their findings – such as changing the pH of water by telepathic thought – which is a lot easier than you would imagine it to be.

    If you are truly interested in the alien/spirituality link may I respectfully suggest you explore a bit more? The Freemasonry links are certainly not where I am at! Trusting and loving – no thanks :). Check it out and FEEL it as real, otherwise no go. There is a lot of rubbish out there and there are good reasons for this, as well as otherwise nice people being suckered into stuff. FEEL it. Resonance is everything. Briefly, Enki and Enlil are two vastly differnt beings – One Light, one dark. Lucifer you speak of is Enlil/Set (not Osiris, Thoth etc – check out the Ancient Egyptian stories to get more on this), father of duality, and problem-maker of note. Enki is the consciousness of Osiris, Isis and Horus – the aspect of Light. Very differnt. Thoth is a great individual with interesting abilities, to many to go into detail about. By the way, Enlil has requested redemption……………….

    It is very important to note that I do NOT speak of the ‘end times’. This is not that time, just the end of a long, dark cycle which has been fraught with pain and suffering. This is by no means the end of the world, and we are not going to have a massive pole shift. There will be catastrophes etc, but most will survive these. Life will carry on.

    Truth love and justice begin within. If we don’t see it out there in the world and in others it simply means it doesn’t exist inside. The world is the mirror of ourselves. It really is as simple as that. Hence the fact that we ALL clearly need to work very hard at uplifting our own personal state of consciousness – only then will our world reflect who we are within.

    I would never take anything personally, so feel free to comment – it expands our understanding and those of others to have discussions such as these. Very important. If you want some sample chapters to read, as part of your research into these matters, just let me know and I’ll send you some – very illuminating and uplifting, aside from relevant and real. Resonance speaks louder than words.

    By the way, it is very difficult to develop a new paradigm of thought, regardless of the field of study. Our language is so fraught with in-built moralities and judgements that it creates as it is spoken/written – just consider the label ‘New Age’ regarding this. Ugh! This is why any aspect of expanded consciousness is so difficult to describe. However, if we use the limitations of our language wisely, we can get somewhere – this is pretty much what the New Scientists are trying to do themselves, from a scientific perspective.

    Having said all this, I fully agree that it would be great if somebody of modern scientific credibility would let us have some data on Comet Elenin – so many more human seekers would open their eyes and ears then. When we marry modern knowledge with ancient information we will be astounded by the truth that has been staring us in the face for centuries!


    • HI Maya, Hmm, sound’s as though you have put a bit of thought into this. I’m a don’t “know” myself, but always staggered that a caterpillar can dissolve itself then change into a butterfly. Always thought it was a cryptic clue left by God. all the best jim


  13. We are able to see Jupiter as a large star in the sky on many clear nights. If the object Comet Elenin is a brown dwarf the size of Jupiter surely we would be seeing a very large star in the sky by now and as it is said to be nearer that Jupiter by now the size of the star seen by telescopes would be causing concern.


    • Absolutely! Jupiter is Magnitude -3.

      About July 10th, Elenin will pass through Mars’ orbit. It should be obvious by then if it’s more than a comet.

      For the fringe of society like us. We’ll have more than ample time to prepare compared to the sheeple and the ostriches.

      Just hope it’s not going to create mile high tsunamis and set off Yellowstone or Yosemite.

      Sierra Dave


  14. Absolutely right, Clive! I don’t know about the reflectiveness of a brown dwarf compared to Jupiter, but there are probably enough hobby astronomers out there every night that would spot another Jupiter-size object somewhere in the skies.
    The next hypothesis, that Elenin was a black hole, is even more improbable, I suppose. It would be harder to see, even at the current distance, but it would have such massive impact on all the planets’ orbits that hobby astronomers again would remark it.
    Planet Elenin-hysteria: Another attempt of self fulfilling prophecy, another hoax?

    @Maya: Thank you for the clearifications and insights!


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  16. My dearest fellow friends, the extreme and terrible disaster are on its way to earth. Every now and then, earth also experiences natural disaster but this coming years may be a little diferent. This is real.
    However, i am 100% sure there is NO END OF THE WORLD. The world will not end in this way. END OF THE WORLD is still a long long long way to go. BUT terrible disaster definitely wipe out many many many humans. And human will still be here on earth to go on with life.


  17. Earth catastrophes: This IS real and this time things definitely ARE different. Agreed that this is definitely not the end of the world though! However, no time to relax – we all have work to do at shifting ourselves and our planet into a higher frequency (heart-centred and healed) state so as to more easily tolerate the super-alignment of the outer-planetary bodies with Earth. These are creating powerful magnetic pulling effects on our planet which is responsible for what is happening. As these outer-planetary bodies all individually ‘click’ into place they will unlock an opportunity for us to experience a new reality – this is what is referred to as a dimensionsal shift. We are facing the opportunity to move through a wormhole, literally, into an alternative reality – that is the big deal about Dec 2012. Then we end the old cycle and begin another one. Whether we shift into a higher frequency cycle or choose to repeat the old low frequency one is our own personal choice.

    As a matter of interest it will soon become common knowledge that the magnetic field of the comet is causing our earthly troubles of late. This won’t be too far off in the future. Personally I look forward to that and I would be the first person to congratulate anybody who is able to provide more concrete information in this regard.

    In the meantime, this information is not bizarre science fiction, nor is it weirdo stuff. It is fact. Unfortunately, many people will only realise this when things have already happened. Why wait? The best way to check it out is to meditate upon the information and FEEL what arises from within. In this way we bypass that brainwashed, fear-filled system of the mind which is controlled by the dastardly ego. Instead we access other realms; easily and happily. This is where true intelligence and brilliant creativity lie – try it. When modern science marries ancient spirituality (i.e. the way of living and being before religion) THEN we will have the truth.

    Knowing truth equates to absolute wisdom – nothing and nobody is able to manipulate or control us and we truly will live in a wonderful new world.


  18. Just a thought guys. The trajectory plotted by NASA showing Elenin coming within 0.23 AU of the Earth is based around it being an asteroid. Just to make that clear again NASA are saying that Elenin is simply an asteroid.
    If it is indeed a Brown Dwarf as many people are saying (though I’m not sure what the evidence for this is) then its trajectory would be nothing like what is plotted by NASA. If it has a mass many times in excess of Jupiter then the Suns gravity wouldnt have nearly as much impact and its more likely to pass us by without coming anywhere near the earth.

    Second point there were 2102 Earthquakes in 2010. Its pure coincidence that there happened to be quakes on the dates of the alignments. On October 25 there was a 7.7 in Sumatra Indonesia but no alignment, its just something which happens.

    But whatever the actual case may be its all very interesting and given everyone something to talk about. Thanks for posting =)


  19. Also taking the view that this is all nonsense it the best way forward…

    If your right then everyone thinks your clever and knew wha you were on about all along.

    But if your wrong and the world does end then there isnt anyone to mock you for it.

    Its win win. Logic prevails!


    • Hey Tom,
      First class arguments you bring in, thanks for contributing! Well, the only evidence so far for the Brown Dwarf theory is the sun-earth-elenin alignments together with the earthquakes dates… From the 2102 quakes in 2010 there only seem to be about 22 with magnitude 7 or greater (, so there would still be some significance to the elenin alignments. And the comet trajectory for the past isn’t calculated, I guess?
      Actually I don’t mind if people think if I’m clever or not, I’m just interested in the world and try to find out as much as possible with the limited tools I have, but I got your point 😉


  20. …………..and then there’s the other option: that the world continues along its pathway (doesnt end) but after huge amounts of devastation caused by the interference of the magnetic field of a very visible comet (you are still very much alive but could’ve done somthing to help)which the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians have written extensively about.

    PS: I wonder what the members of the FLAT EARTH SOCIETY have to say about all of this?!!!

    Will humanity NEVER learn?


  21. re: the nasa Jet propultion simulator this gental man used. Can anyone send me how to get into this, or tell me the alignment on or around 22 Feb 2011 and if this dwaft star was in alignment, as Christchurch had another earthquake on that day. cheers much appreciated.


  22. It’s always easy to find coincidences when you search for them but perhaps people should ask themsleves, how many other alignments have there been and no earthquakes? How many time did we have earthquakes and no alignments? How many times have stars passed this close to earth before? In order to make educated guesses on must use the scientific method and use tools like the null hypothesis to test our hypothesis for validity, perform sensitivity analysis etcetera…. There are too many parts of this clip that are open to interpretation


  23. We are in South Africa and witnessed something in the skies last winter, as the sun rose, a second sun rose next to our own sun. It was much smaller but as the sun shone brighter we were unable to see it. We were not sure what we saw till today when a person called our local radio station asking if anyone had seen the morning skies as they had seen a bright second sun not as large as our own sun. I got excited when I heard this person on the radio. I dont make this up as I seek the truth. we will now buy a filter for our camera to take pics. I assume its not a sun but by joe it sure is big. Thank you and I am sure NASA hides much from us.


  24. Excellent point about mass vs. orbit. A tiny comet will have a much different trajectory than a brown dwarf sling-shotting around the sun. If the JPL animation is that of a comet, a brown dwarf’s trajectory would be much flatter and possibly collide with “something” in our solar system.


  25. What if, NASA knew full well that Elenin was multiple Jupiter masses, just for argument’s sake, not saying that they do. If an object that large went whipping by within a quarter of an AU, it would blow our doors off, figuratively speaking. It would not then be an ELE, it would be a PEE (Planet Ending Event). Next question, if the theory that this ojbect has an 11,500 year cycle holds true, that means we really can’t know what the trajectories, either inbound or outbound are going to be. For that, it would have to be observed for some time to do is/was calculations to determine velocity and course, and other analysis to determine its mass. Only then could we ascertain what the turn around the sun will look like. Meanwhile, we can’t even get anyone to give us a straight answer whether it exists or not. Lastly, what if the analysis has been done, and they know with a small margin of error what its behavior is going to be. If they know it’s going to hit us or otherwise cause damage beyond the point of no return, what does it matter if they tell us the truth or not? It seems to me at this point that due to a lack of definitive & actionable information, they are keeping their mouths shut so they don’t get blamed/ridiculed for raising a false alarm. But they have warned of other pass-bys that were much farther away, so why are they saying nothing about this one??? At the very least, they should be mounting an investigation with a probe out in space, instead of wasting time and resources on destructiveness against each other on the surface.


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    • I found out about this topic only today and find myself rather intrigued. In this particular video two questions in particular emerge.

      First this. If NASA’s agenda is to keep us in the dark about Elenin, then why do they provide us with such a handy tool to monitor its orbit through our solar system? IF their aim is to “protect” us from bad news and IF indeed the news is bad, then surely this tool is meant to aid the cover-up. When I think this possibility through, I find it a bit unnerving. What does the tool show us? It shows us our planets orbiting in their usual way, undisturbed, and Elenin passing safely through, neatly crossing our planetary orbit, cutting just in front of our earth mid October 2011. No collisions, nothing to worry about. Is that the cover-up? Should we in fact worry about more than alignments and earthquakes? I’m no expert, but IF Elenin is in fact a brown dwarf, would it not have a direct effect on the movements of the planets because of its mass/ gravity pull? Especially when it moves so closely between the four inner most planets? Has any expert commented on the extend and effect of this pull when Elenin is closest to the earth at “just” 0,234 AU mid October 2011? Could the truth be that it might be too close? That Elenin’s mass might attract our earth, pull it away into another orbit of worse still, have it “crash” upon it? And what about the other planets? Again, I’m no expert, so I’d be very interested to hear what the experts have to say about this.

      The other question is: who is to know that the tool indeed is accurate in its description of all the orbits? Has it been independently checked? At the risk of sounding too paranoid, but assuming NASA wants to keep us in the dark then they wouldn’t show us for example collision paths, would they?! Which brings me to the matter of the timeline that needed to be partially adjusted. One explanation is that Elenin’s movements (partially) changed – thus fueling the piloting theory – but another is simply that only the description of Elenin’s movements was (partially) changed. Because that way the path presented a safer picture. Or did the maker of this Youtube video do his own calculations? I think it’s more likely he relied on the data of others…. and how reliable are they? I’m very much agreeing with the importance of independently checkable evidence.

      Anyway, thank you very much for all the hours and effort you’ve put in this. It’s a great read – and I do mean that in a very positive way.


      • Thanks Elisalein, good thoughts! Whats left for us than be suspicious about any official AND alternativ information and try to think for our own?

        In the meantime, almost half a year after I’ve written the article, I don’t believe that Elenin is anything more than an ordinary object. The only real intriguing question was the alignments with the earthquake dates. If Elenin was a brown dwarf, the effects should be obvious until now, taken the current distance to earth. For me, the alignments were either coincidental OR somebody at NASA, probably another secret society weirdo, fabricated the orb to spread fear and prepare the grounds of a coming fake alien disclosure event.


  29. Chaukeedaar, thank you for your posting of this blog. Some very great insights and input from everyone. Before coming across your blog, I watched the Terral video, along with a couple of others, explaining the dwarf star/black hole theory. I have seen videos explaining different scenarios of each position this object may take as it interacts with our solar system. As a long time investigator of paranormal and new age claims, and being a long time fan of astronomy, I can say that the Terral video seems very plausible, but there is still so much we don’t know. I am quite skeptical of anything that cannot be proven with hard evidence, but do keep an open mind on all things. I believe you are on the right track with your take on this possible upcoming event. I believe we can neither take this lightly, nor accept everything that is posted out there as hard fact. Being involved in paranormal/UFO/New Age groups for over 30 years, I have seen so many occurrences of disinformation, half cocked theories, conspiracy theories that prove ridiculous, and false evidence that one must really do their research and look hard at all things presented and individually follow their gut instinct. Gut instinct will prove right more times than blind assumptions, by far. I think there are enough amateur astronomers and professional astronomers who are trustworthy, that we will get better information coming out sooner than later. Just hope that if this latest info, as Terral posted, is correct, that we get it in time to prepare fully for the outcome, or that the outcome is minimal in its affect. Kudos to you on this blog and your insight.


    • Thank you very much, dear Brian, for one of the nicest comments I’ve ever got here! I can completely relate to your approach of dealing with new age, alien and paranormal topics and it feels good to connect with people of the same mindset. I come as well from a scientific take as from a spiritual one, so for me its completely normal to deal with all conspiracy topics in a speculative way until I have hard evidence or proof, I keep these concepts in form of probability numbers in my mind. It would be much easier to just distribute the whole channeling and Planet X and whatever-else hypes unreflected and get much more sensational blog readers, as is done all over the web. But for what purpose? To be another remote controlled, unconscious disinfo distributor? We cannot force the masses to become more reasonable, we just can be reasonable and hope that others jump on the non-fear train. Not spreading fear but calmness and confidence is also a form of love, as I see it.
      Much respect to you and the other commenters of this article!


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  31. Hey guys I read through your discussion and heres a great vid that I found by some matmetician guy mr2tuff who figured out the size, hmm pretty big, heres his calculations:

    And i check the world siesmographic data everyday courtesy of the Jeff Rense radio site…Awesome to listen too
    So check it out tons of new Quakes daily:

    Ring of fire is going nuttier the closer this thing gets, andway theres for all who’d like to know, PS Nasa is lying to us it will be visible:)


  32. Interesting discussion till so far.
    My opinion is that Elenin is more than just a comet and that we are going to face a bumpy ride.

    Here a new point of interest that maybe significant.

    When you look at the chart with the orbit of Elenin at the site, then you will see that on the 6/7th of july the planet Mercure is facing the same problem as earth will encounter and has more or less encounterd at the 11th of march.

    Mercure is then in one line with Elenin and the sun.
    The distance of Elenin and Mercure will be 1,2 AU and
    the distance of Elenin and the sun will be 1.6 AU.
    (On the 11th march the distance between Elenin and the earth was 2,1AU and 3.1 AU between Elenin and the sun).

    The impact on Mercure will be very big and when that happens it cannot be ignored or covered up. So point your telescopes at Mercure on the 6th or 7th of july!!!


  33. Interesting comments from all sides! A few facts that will be borne out in time in the media as more evidence is released and more becomes obvious to us, regardless of conspiracies, real or imagined: 1. Nasa is most certainly lying to us, they know exactly what is going on and have plans for this planet/comet that would shock us all if we knew about them. They have technology which is more advanced than they let on about, as well. 2. The Sumatran tsunami was caused by upsets in the tectonic plates in that area as we know, which themselves were generated by manipulations of weather patterns by the dominant people on the Asian continent. This was a purely man-made event, even if this consequence was not originally intended by the instigators. 3. There is no such thing as a coincidence, merely unexplained/misunderstood events which all link together – there are many, many more laws of physics than those we are currently aware of. 4. There are similar dramatic changes on many planets in our solar system other than Earth, including global warming on Mars – and there are no vehicles on Mars! 5. Energeticaly, this time on Earth, mid-2011, is similar to the time of the end-2012, which means we are potentially in for a rough ride for a while. 6. All of the apparently catastrophic Earth shifts of the next few years create a cleansing effect and, consequently, we will experience a time of unparalleled peace on Earth when things calm down in the outer-planetary neighbourhood. 7. Human beings are experiencing no less of a dramatic cleansing effect in their lives as Earth is. This is the reason for personal difficulties the world over, as we are prompted to get rid of what no longer serves us. 8. Fear is a typical human response to change, especially such enormous change as we face now. Doubt and derision are expressions of fear. However, there is no need to fear if we go with the flow of change and act with love in our hearts. 9. It takes a relatively small number of people working in the Light (6 – 8 000 per billion), with love in their hearts, to effect powerful positive change on Earth – for all of humanity. Let each one of us be one of those people that raises the resonance of the planet and all upon her.


  34. “Let each one of us be one of those people that raises the resonance of the planet and all upon her.”

    On that point I’m absolutely in, dear Maya, as well as on your position on fear/love!

    “All of the apparently catastrophic Earth shifts of the next few years create a cleansing effect and, consequently, we will experience a time of unparalleled peace on Earth when things calm down in the outer-planetary neighbourhood”

    This information could as well come from the elitist’s think-thanks/illuminati/top freemason, as their goal is to diminsh earths population from 7 billion to 500 million to achieve their kind of peace, which means their satanic fashist one world government… In this case, without knowing, you might misunderstand that cleansing effect.
    If they know for some time that galactic changes or Elenin will do great damage in the near future, what better tool to calm down the suspicous and positive/spiritual beings than to convince us of higher cleansing mechanisms and ascension myths by this New Age propaganda. Remember that a lot of New Age concepts have their roots in Rockefeller organizations and are thus Illuminati disinfo.

    There’s an information war going on on the net and we need to re-evaluate our own position all the time. This is a difficult and sometimes frustrating process, but a chance for personal growth, and at least we are living in interesting times!


  35. Oh dear me, how patronising! – no excuses on that one. I most certainly am not/do not inadvertently misunderstand the cleansing effect! I also do NOT subscribe to any of the Illuminati/Freemason/World Elite/Luciferian Brotherhood nonsense in any many of speaking, EVER. Can I be stronger or more vociferous than this in answer? I think not. Please don’t direct such rude judgements, couched in polite-speak, in my direction again. Thank you.

    Furthermore, you would be astounded at just how bad the version of cleansing you speak of is, courtesy of the so-called Illuminati. It affects every single aspect of our lives, from food to education, never mind space, government, medicine or finance. We are VASTLY more under the control of a horrible bunch of individuals than most people can imagine.

    The cleansing you refer to for depopulation of the world involves using weapons of vaccines, food, war and the like to eradicate swathes of people to pare down the numbers. This is beyond fascist, it is incredibly evil. The cleansing I speak of is a resonance-correction of the Earth and, consequently of ourselves – a bit like a pimple coming to a head, bursting and then healing. Take note of the earth events of late and you will know what I refer to. All of the low frequency vibrations that those intent on power or control on Earth have deliberately created (and continue to do so, ref to HAARP), and the wars and the dissent that has arisen in the hearts of man as a result, will be released in the presence of the outer-planetary happenings. Like it or not, agree or not. This occurs plainly and simply because the @#$% is litterally shaken out of us. The tectonic plates move, magma heats up and all sorts of upsets continue.

    The misinformation war is so well fed by these evil-doers that they create doubt about all avenues of information that they do not control. I do not claim to be part of the New Age movement and am suspicious of any group of people who try to claim truth as their own domain. Know that the information from the Rockefellers et al is based on extremely ancient information which they use in their twisted way to achieve what they will – control. This truly is Black Magic. The karma/low frequency energy field they have created for themselves is enormous, but the pain and suffering of humanity is even greater. It is this we have to rise above, and the only way to do that is to raise our resonance, our consciousness and literally evolve our DNA as a result. This takes us closer to the highest resonance state possible – Divinity/Source Consciousness. Love is the key. The outer-planetary happenings support this right now. Use the available energy wisely. But use it.

    The truth of our spiritual beginnings may be tracked back way beyond any human beginnings on Earth, and that includes religions of all kinds. The modern day Illuminati are literal babes at what they do, relatively speaking. This manipulative nonsense has been going on around the planet for aeons, perpetuated by far greater beings than our fellow humans.

    The only way we are really going to understand the truth is from within. We can get all the information we like via our (extremely limited) brain matter replete with its high level, educated logical thinking skills (such arrogance that!), but we need to learn to FEEL it from within us. This we seldom do, but true genius comes when we are able to tap into the field of consciousness where all information lies. This only happens when our brain hemispheres are in synch, rather than over dominated by either side. Until then we remain relegated to the lower ranks of intelligence – where even the greatest genius amongst us resides.

    Our DNA is linked right through to that which is referred to as the Divine, due to the origins of our creation. We are, therefore, entirely and inherently capable of opening up this information highway again. Only when we activate more of our dormant DNA and get beyond the 3% active consciousness that humanity is presently operating at, will we begin to glean this for ourselves. This is where the real fun truly begins.

    Look at the most ancient information systems available to us on Earth, beyond religion they go – although all power-based systems have relied on them too and incorporated a lot of that into their own doctrines, and then called them the original word of the Divine!

    It is totally enough now. It is time to go beyond what we call human logic and start to tap into the vibrations of the Universe, starting with the heartbeat of the Earth. I challenge everybody to do this and ‘hear’ the truth from deep within themselves. By doing this we circumvent the lies, the doubt, the fear and the manipulations of others.

    The balance of power has to shift, and it is. It is shifting because enough people are smart enough to know that the old ways cannot serve us for very much longer. There’s no genius needed in that, just plain common sense and good will towards others. And so we develop more of the sense of the other as the self, of Oneness. Get this right and the entire Universe, and Universes beyond this, open up to us!

    The power Elite can do what they will, a raised resonance state trumps any low resonance nonsense of thinking, feeling or action. This, my dear friend is the source of true godly magic! These are not empty words. They are born from experience. Love conquers all. The Law of Resonance is the only one worth exploring and working with in our lives. Oops, we do that anyway……………….


  36. There is no need to take my comment personal, some of it might sound harsher than meant coming from my rather average english/translation skills. I’ve been talking of a possible source of that cleansing information, not about your intentation nor integrity. Read again and I’m sure you will see. From your texts it sounds that you identify very much with your point of view, which is your reality, not the one of others. If you are convinced of your opinion on future events on earth, thats your right, but how can you expect other people to just adobt your point of view? Perhaps its you patronising?


  37. Everyone on this blog is aware of the fact that the coming period is very important for the history of mankind and everyone is preparing on their own way. The meaning of others is only important as long as you know that you are doing the right thing for yourself and hopefully for the ones you love and they prepare with you, with the right information.

    Even if Elenin is not the event that will physically change the earth completely, it can be a total change in our minds and our feeling.

    The era of pisces is over and now we are in the era of aquarius and that means that mankind will work together and we are learning not to emphazise the differences between each other anymore, but to reinforce each other’s qualities.
    It also is a fact that all ancient cultures already knew that this period would be a period of great changes.

    The balance between the ones who realize that we have to change and the ones who are playing hide and seek is thank god going in the direction of the ones who are willing to change in favor of our planet.

    Our collective consciousness already knows what to do.
    The ancient cultures knew what to do and they left messages for us so we would realize how important it is to listen to the signs and prepare for the great change that is inescapable.
    The keyword for me is love, unconditional love.

    The ones who are in charge in the present world and who are manipulating us constantly, will fall down, even if they try to build for themselves a safe hiding place and ensuring their power with all kinds of measures. Their systems based on power and fear will crumble with the impact of the coming events.


  38. I just received this information and i am perplexed. As many answers (and there are not many) as there are only raise more questions.
    If at 6 AU the “comet” or “brown dwarf” is exerting this much pull on our planet’s magnetosphere to the extent of causing 9.2 magnitude tectonic shifts, why is there not more activity on the other planetary bodies in our solar system? It would stand to reason that if the alignment is the cause then when other planets line up we should see disturbing reactions as well.
    I am not a math geek, but I understand enough to know that the model designed and made by JPL to demonstrate the path of Nibiru or Elinen can be viewed from two perspectives.
    One can correlate all of the dates of the last few years of major planetary disturbances and provide a timeline to fit that criterion. This would mean that the designer would have to time all of the incidents by date to the SINGLE introduction of an extra foreign planetary mass and plot it with the earth and the sun. Not impossible, but certainly worthy of an academy award.
    The other view is that the plot of Elinen actually corresponds to the dates of the tectonic disturbances .in question. Unless someone waited for the events to happen then plotted these (and future) events to explain the model, then there is no coincidence.

    There are enough events to rule out mere happenstance. It is not a comet. At 6 AU, the mass required to generate the magnetic collusion with the sun is insufficient in a comet composed of mostly water and gas. A planetary mass however would have enough mass to do it.
    Just doing some common sense thinking.
    Robert DeBeaux


    • Have you not noticed the moon has tilted approximately 90 degrees in the past 12 months?,90 degrees is too much to explained away by lunar libration it!There’s no explanation so what else could cause this?


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  41. This Elenin alignment earthquake theory is starting to get really painful.
    Comets are so small compared to the earth, the gravitational effects are miniscule.
    The Moon is many times more massive, and many times closer than any comet.
    If it’s gravity was going to cause earthquakes, we would be getting severe, around the clock earthquakes, everyday. Yet we don’t.
    If the Moon isn’t causing a continuous series of severe earthquakes, Comet Elenin surely won’t.
    I hope this sheds a little light on basic science.


    • But that’s just the problem..they’re saying it could be a brown dwarf and nasa ain’t tellin us…so do you know why the moon has tilted 90 degrees?Lunar libration isn’t enough to cause a 90 degree shift?I’m sure..and a comet ain’t strong enough to cause… Brown dwarf??


  42. When we look into our past to see what our future holds we use the ancient texts wisely. Correct information about life on Earth exists in those documents, as does information about this time we are presently living in. Do we really want to continue to be manipulated by the powers-that-be? We are all powerful beyond our wildest imaginings and we have a stellar opportunity right now to shift our consciousness, individually and thus collectively. In so doing we can take advantage of all the new high frequency energy that abounds in our outer-planetary neighbourhood – no matter where it comes from – and become who we really are: high level human beings who are capable of immensely more than we presently perceive to be possible. Additionally, as we personally stimulate more of our DNA into life with high frequency vibrations of unconditional love internally we guarantee our advanced intellectual abilities – and thus we find the answers to all of our questions, easily and naturally. Then no puzzles remain. The so-called God state of consciousness and science meld into one and we realise that any separation between the two – that we previously perceived – is an illusion.

    By the way, there has been a physical effect on other planets in our solar system. Take note of the warming of Mars and the pole shift on Uranus. Rather telling………………….


  43. My dear Chaukeedaar!
    I’ve just come accross this topic more consciously as is making up a big story of it. The Blogger explicitly refers to Russian sources, as he has emigrated to the Ural area. I haven’t had enough time yet to read all these interesting comments here in detail, but I’ll stick to the subject and I enjoy meeting you again on your own website as I remember you well from Lupo’s site, where I liked your comments! What do you think about this man’s statement?

    What really shakes me more than a brown dwarf at the moment is Lupo’s sudden death! He died Friday night and many people among his visitors realize, how much they miss him! You can find an ‘in memoriam Lupo’ line up for instance on the site of ‘’ – 3.7.11.
    Friendly regards


  44. Hello Venceremos, my dear wise friend!
    Thank you very much for stepping by and wrinting in english!
    The article on has one interesting point, that large changes in our solar system would have had to happen already for the last two years if Elenin was a brown dwarf, based on the simulation video:

    The rest is a preoccupied ranting of a scientist that already draw his conclusion long before he wrote his article. My style is different, as you know, as long as I don’t have hard proof on anything, I stay sceptic and keep all possibilities in my mind, I would call it a mind-network of probabilities.
    I don’t think that scientists really help the interested people by sharing their sarcasm about alternativ information, they only enjoy themselves…

    Lupos’ death is a sad thing, I’ve seen the info already yesterday! I disagreed on the radicality of his world view (Rothschild and Zionism were the absolute and only top hierarchy level of the dark cabal/NWO), but always liked his friendly character towards all kinds of people and opinions.
    Most of the time I now comment on stevenblacks blog and I hope I “meet” you more around as I like your writing and thoughts a lot!
    Take care, so long, chaukee


    • Dear Chaukeedaar!

      Thank you for your friendly answer! I share your attitude/conviction from the beginning that the Rothschild/Rockefeller connection can’t be the peak of the pyramid. The satanic fraction goes deeper into the most unknown, untracable, invisible, hidden fields of human existence: the material as well as the spiritual field – and I can’t realize – as most of us – where it ends! The idea that it has to do a lot with the Chabad Lubawich sect in Brooklyn and their leaders (influence and strategies according to the protocols) seems most reasonable to me. I can’t – however – imagine how deep they are involved in a demonic spider web, which amazingly refers to the “Great Beast” image/metaphor of the Bible. (Thank you for the “Jesus is saviour” – Link on Lupos w.s.!!!)
      I perceive you as a brother in mind somehow, which is comfort to me! You certainly know how difficult it is to communicate about the utmost limits of our minds – concerning many aspects – with people in our personal
      environment, a communication, which often does not satisfy our aspirations , impulses and motivations at all.
      It is a problem for me, that virtual companions easily get lost like the wind!
      Looking foreward to meeting/reading you again – here and on Steven’s Blog!!!



  45. interesting site and a refreshingly logical discussion on this after perusing the topic – I think the rothschild/zionism/rockerfellas etc are just usefull stooges for a hidden religious group as religion is the logical historical controlling factor. All roads lead there!
    That asides, has any unusual planetary movement or devastation occurred of any not as elenin has been passing through?


  46. hello to everyone glad i came across this discussion some great points.this comet or brown dwarf or even planet is definetly being covered up atleast, which then has to make you wonder why? i remember hallies comet a few years ago and that was all over the media..our local newspaper even had a daily report following it, i remember it was everywhere..but nothing of this one. you just have to look around the planet to see somethings not right..way more animal deaths then usual birds falling from the sky fish deaths whales beaching..the weather has been crazy and the jet stream was acting strangley as if it was being pulled i remember being reported back in may. i cant remember there ever being earthquakes, volcano eruptions, a tsunami, massive floods,heat waves and snow, in the space of 2weeks, not to mention these giant cracks and sinkholes opening up all over the place..our planet seems to be under alot of stress at the moment more then usual..and someone said other planetry objects would be effected well there was massive storms on mars and jupiter not long ago and the sun has been vey active had a massive cme 2months ago the biggest cme ever recorded..its too much of a coincedence these events happen with this thing around. me i think its nibiru something nasa has always strongly denied ever existed but i dont think its a extinction level event even if it is called ele. i belive this has happened before and humans survived it last time in what was probably a less aware place as a whole then what we are now..but im sure when this thing passes at its closest we are in for one hell of a ride im guessing that the new madrid fault will get effected in the coming months i honestly belive there in for a big one, which then we here in the uk will have tsunamis depending on the size of the eq. it seems the pacific is getting the brunt of it at the moment with earthquakes and floods, very unstable the pacific plate has been the most active of late but all you can do is watch and be aware that is the key. its going to be an interesting few months to put it lightly. peace


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  48. Dear rupert and darren,
    thanks a lot for your valuable contributions. I agree that so far this year has been very special in many regards and that I also feel that there is much more to come.

    Personally, I am not afraid at all of what ever comes, be it Elenin/Niburu, negative ETs (, solar devastation, frequency and density change, a prison planet… I have so much trust in the all loving source of all existence that I’m not afraid of temporary suffering. After years of spiritual, scientific and in-between reading I’m afraid of NOTHING, I just enjoy an interesting ride and try to help out my fellow humans as good as I can.

    Namaste, my friends!


  49. The point is: If there’s something coming towards this planet, we can repel it. We can repel it. From now I ask you all who feel that there might be something other than what NASA explains: Let’s stop watching those videos, let’s stop keeping images of catastrophes in our mind, and let’s start from now to create only images of things getting better and let’s be kind, righteous and imagine with the total power of our will that we’re emitting light from our bodies and that the light is expanding from this planet thus repelling any dangerous object coming towards here. No matter if only once, a few seconds per day, but let’s do it, and 2012 will come, 2013 will come, and we’ll be gifted with the certainty that things always can be much better than we think, there’s no limit for thinking better and better. Just ponder about it. A few seconds a day, everyone, and we’ll turn this planet into a more than safe and happy place to live on.
    All the best!


    • Dear Samuel, thank you for sharing your positive attitude! I’m really not 100% sure if this kind of visualization/meditiation works, but I do it anyway for the last couple of months. I am really not afraid, its just that I want to produce a counter force against all the dark spirits on this planet at this strange age. If its only a couple of unconditioned smiles a day, its already a start to wake up our fellow humans. It feels good to have positive people like you working all together. Hare Krishna!


  50. I have 2 small children and as you could imagine this is very scary for me. I have been praying and hoping that the food/formula/rice I have been stocking up on since I first heard of this months ago will not be needed. I live in Louisiana and I know this is the least safest place in the U.S but after many months of going back and forth between staying and leaving I have decided to wait it out and I will know somehow what to do. I am very spiritual and I know that someone or something will show me the way. I mean what else is there to do? Where the heck would we go…just to wait like sitting ducks. I really feel that if it is your time to go it will not matter where you hide but follow what your gut tells you. I only hope that if this world will only get worse then we will not be here. I pray that if we are taken that I can be with my kids and watch them grow in a better place…or maybe all the evil will be washed away and only the good left. Whatever is to come I will be ready.

    Thank you to the person who posted this! It is really nice to see someone who just wants to inform people not push their weird beliefs on people.


    • Dear Mia, first thank you very much for your appreciation! I don’t write for a very long time and it feels very rewarding when my true self gets recognized by people I don’t know personally.

      Then, PLEASE DON’T BE SCARED! You are already very blessed with the way you carry your responsibility for your kids and your spirituality. IF serious changes will come over this Earth I’m absolutely positive that great people like you will not have to live among the selfish, demoniac and reptilian souls that are so numerous AND powerful these days. As the famous spiritual writer Armin Risi writes in “TranscEnding the Global Power Game”, this planet currently stays in between the higher and lower realms, thats why there is such a wide span of spiritual orientations incarnating here. This will not always stay this way, some kind of split is up to come. There are many scenarios, from ascension to removal of negative entities to gradual spiritual advancement: the future is open and there are many ways to progress. Thats what my heart tells me. The best way to fight these powerful Illuminati and New Age doomsdayers is to not give in their negative and fearful scenarios, but to already visualize and START CREATING the future that we want. It all starts in the deep space in ourselves (see also the teachings of Eckhard Tolle).

      I hope I could brighten your spirit a little bit! You are included in my meditations. Hare Krishna!


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  52. Ever since the pope sanctioned Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuit order on 27 September 1540, we’ve been lied to, everything we know is a lie, the world is run by the Jesuits, Freemasons and they are controlled by the Roman Catholic Church. Lies…lies…lies. Do you think for one moment they would release factual information. It would send the world as we know it, into a riot…and they would loose money. Nice blog.


    • Hey Gonadman, thanks for the compliment! Of course we’ve been lied to all the time, from all the different fractions of the secret societies. But the situation is VERY complex, different fractions of Freemasons, the Catholic Church, Jesuits, Zionists fighting each other in the background. What we ordinary people get to know of all that is only what THEY want us to know, so it is best to stay sceptic of anything that looks like stupid propaganda and CHECK THE SOURCES (as good as possible), as I tried on my article about Sitchin. I don’t know if I’m right, but we are only left with our brains and our intuition in the current situation.


    • Thanks, dear Drax, for the feedback and the input! If this site really is Omerbshich’s work, well, he is much more of a truther than a mainstream scientist 😉


  53. LOL..First just beauce nasa says the orbit is based off of an astro-obj doen’t mean they haven’t figure that it is a brown dorf and that is the brown dworfs orbit..not a astro-obj…stop being a punk…what you guys are saying means can all be don’t say it..just take this as what it is…Fact based on Fact…sorry…anti-brown dworf are wrong…earth is also orbiting another bi-system…THat is why we arn’t in line with the milky way…we arn’t part of the milky way…ASK NASA…I HAVE….MADRID FULT IS ALSO THE NUMBER ONE THING ON EVERYONES MIND… IT IS GOING TO BLOW SOON..FEMA JUST BOUGHT BILLIONS IN FOOD AND BODY BAGS JUST FOR IT….LOOK IT UP…I HAVE..PLUS THE NUKE-RACTORS waist IS FLOODED OUT IN THE SOUTH..LOOK IT UP…IT HAS ALSO BEEN BLOCKED OUT BY TV…


  54. Just found that inteligent point of view about the role of armageddon disinformation by a guy called Mihael Simić. Here is the full blog post.

    It’s all bullshit! None of this is true. It’s all smoke and mirrors. It’s all a great distraction while they are pulling you your wallet out of your back pocket. All this information is only to frighten masses, to fear monger them into delusion, to create the panic, to create the reason and excuse for an EARTHQUAKE, STORM, FLOODS and TIDALS, war and police state, fire and bombings … for everything, there is a blame to give. It’s comet’s fault! Planet – X is guilty.

    Let’s say that we buy into a great “alignment”, that might take place, which will trigger strong earthquakes and seismic activities all over the Planet and meanwhile they trigger the real earthquake with technologies like HAARP and other seismic weapons. The guilt goes to a comet. From then on, people start following the stories about NIBIRU, PLANET X and ELENIN. And because we believe, the cabal deploys its “BLUEBEAM projections on the sky” technology ( and they paint us the PLANET – X into the sky, contributing into the perfect scam and persuasion of the falsely believed reality. We people believe, we are frightened, we are looking for solutions, we are looking for guidance what to do. So, we have a crisis emergency event and we have multiple reasons how this was brought about. The real reason, which will be pointed out by the cabal, will be the one, which is the most exposed and glorified by the masses, either ASTEROID or ELENIN gravity – EARTHQUAKE or EVIL ALIEN ATTACKS.

    NOTHING WILL HAPPEN! And if the EARTH turns around or the POLE SHIFT comes true or if there will be a 3 – day darkness. It has no effect on the growth of trees, it has no effect on the flow of the river, it has no effect on the flight of the bird and it has no effect on the swimming of the fish. Therefore it has NO effect on human, except on those narrow minded and scared, irrational average »TV – FLOCK« population, which will even more dramatically begin to look for different ways out of crisis – and will enter direct into FEMA concentration camps. Again looking for Guru, looking for instructions. Everybody, take your head into your hands, although this is the last thing you are taking into your hands. Do NOT take remotes into your hands!

    Did you really think, that some Star which is just by itself already “dwarfed”, that it can make harm to our fulloflife – blue – green mother EARTH? Nooo, it can harm only those dwarfed the same way, to those which are dwarf – thinking, who are thinking of devastation, those are the first who will get the asteroid crashing directly into their heads. Sometimes we used to call this “hailstone”, but if you include the story about the comet, asteroid and PLANET – X, which is blinding the SUN and is throwing at us some white stones that evaporate, than this is scary. It all depends of the perception. Ok, so be it, 30 days with no electricity. Our elders were whole life without it and they couldn’t care less. So what!? So we’ll have more sex instead, world needs LOVE. Back into the age of Pocahontas and Winnetou. We won’t be cold, we won’t be hungry, we won’t be thirsty.

    THIS is a test. IN A PRESENT MOMENT WE FIND OURSELVES IN A TEST PERIOD. If you believe – buy a story »TERRORISTS MUSLIM TALIBAN – AFGANISTAN, PAKISTAN and IRAN’s VENGEANCE«, than the terrorists will come. If you believe the story »EVIL ALIENS ATTACKING US«, evil aliens will come to attack us, cabal has the back engineered ships and technology hidden for decades. If you believe the story about »ASTEROID«, they’ll throw the asteroid at you; they’ll make the look-a-like explosion like they did in TUNGUSKA EVENT in 1908 and blame it on asteroid without a trace, evaporated. If you believe the story about »EARTHQUAKE because of ALIGNMENT EARTH – ELENIN – SUN«, then they’ll deploy the seismic HAARP attack and create the quake and the BLUEBEAM sky alignment of Planets.

    Whatever the world believes, whatever the mass will follow and feed, that is what THEY will do. If public does not get scared, if we don’t buy nothing what they are selling us, then they will have no more power to manipulate on us with theirs artificially created catastrophes, and they will lose. Whenever you hear »ELENIN, PLANET X, DWARF STAR, NIBIRU, EVIL ALIEN ATTACK, TERRORIST, ASTEROID«, know that this is bullshit!

    If we want »FREE ENERGY«, we’ll get »free energy«, if we want nice stuff, the nice stuff will come true. What you want – is what you get. That’s how the universe works! »As long as it has no effect on the growth of trees, no effect on the flow of the river, no effect on the flight of the bird and no effect on the swimming of the fish, so long it has no effect on US«. If deer’s and foxes can survive, we’ll survive either, although there is a geomagnetic reversal or massive earthquakes. Everything else is manipulation for achieving the goal of new world order. There is no reason for panic. They want panic. Demonstrations are unnecessary. NON COMPLIANCE is the key. AWARENESS is the key. Be LOVE ❣ Women, take things back into your hands ❣ Women, invite men back into your bedrooms


  55. I am new to this whole ET thing, and I only discovered the Elenin (Thing) yesterday. I will say that about 3 years ago I saw a UFO (not necessarily ET, but certainly not like any public known aircraft) move strangely above my hometown, a 2 college metropolitan area, early in the morning. The denial by public officials, but observance in the local paper, opened my eyes as to the blatant lies they can tell. Why would they deny it if it was no “big deal”?
    On to the point of this message. I believe that there is something within our solar system; I believe something will happen to disrupt our current way of life; I believe that the human race is ready for a reboot. I believe that EVERYONE needs to have a disaster plan in place.
    I don’t believe that it is the design of ET’s; I don’t believe that the government has any malicious plan for human destruction (do we starve everyone to feed a few more, or do we sit on a hoarde for the well being of the human race); I don’t believe that this is the will of God.
    What we NEED to do, for our own moral development, is to accept that death is a way of life. Our physical bodies will die but our actions live on. We NEED to embrace one another, regardless of race or religion or political views. We NEED to spread the word to those that will listen and deflect the jibes of those that mock. We NEED to remain calm, to facilitate a calm environment, and accept that there are those that will not believe the coming change.
    Does the concept of a global mass hysteria sound appealing? I would rather sit with my family, with my son in my arms, praying for a peaceful death than being ravaged by an angry mob.


  56. This is all nonsense; why do you want the world to end so badly, you don’t like your life? I read these things for entertainment, then go check real sources to debunk this garbage. Some of you are so f ucking sacked out on this shyt though, that you look to these types of sites filled with rumors, as if they were facts. You people are going off on a tangent for nothing, these are all things that are proven to be hoaxes. Elenin is a small comet , hidden in a large cloud. I don’t even have to post a link, just google ” elenin is not a brown dwarf”. Wow, don’t believe me? What, you also think that contrails are a conspiracy too, right? Oh no, and wait, now people believe that the planes that flew into the twin towers were a hologram right…. Lol.


    • Hey Angie, who are you talking to? I don’t find many commenters, me included, who want the world to end so badly. I see that the comment section has become quite long, but if you would read it, you would see how many people make their real and own thoughts about the topic.

      You can stay either ignorant or check these pictures of chemtrails and try to debunk this:


      It does not matter if the 9/11 planes were holograms or not, the fact is, that the official story is a lie and that the darkest forces of our planet are behind that. By putting all truth seeking people into the same pot you don’t say much about us but about your abilities in argumentation.


    • it would be unentelligent to not think there is a possibility of these things happening.. should we just close our eyes and let go of the steering wheel?


  57. … It’s as I tell my girlfriend… When she asks me if any of this stuff is true, or is it all paranoia? I say… Well, we should probably have a 30 day supply of food, and water anyway. Just in case another more local natural disaster happens (flooding, severe thunderstorm, tornadoes, etc…) Having a stockpile of bandages, and medical tape doesn’t hurt either. If you live in the United States, chances are you are within 50 miles of a Nuclear Reactor. What if it went critical? Chances are low, but still could happen. Iodine tablets won’t hurt to have on supply, and an escape plan to get out of harms way if it does happen.

    What we call paranoia these days, our Grandparents and Great Grandparents called common sense. They stockpiled food and supplies for the winter. I think the biggest mistake anyone can make is thinking that “someone else,” is going to save you. Having the ability to procure your own food, (i.e. rifle, shotgun, bow, sling and a rock.) What harm does it do you to have a plan? Do you not have a plan if your home catches fire? Or, are you going to wait for the firemen to come save you? It’s not about paranoia, or government conspiracies, or any of that. It’s just about being smart, and looking out for yourself and those you love.


  58. Ah, at last common sense prevails!!! This is so important and very true – and more so now than ever before, and definitely for the next few months. It is for good reason we have been advised to grow our own food wherever possible, find alternative sources of power as soon as possible, and stay away from the coastlines. This is not rocket science!!


  59. TPTB have worked very hard to convince the masses that conspiracy theorists are wrong, always wrong, that everything they come up with is a lie and flat out nonsense.
    I believe the ego’s of modern day humans is so high that they mostly will never believe in any ancient knowledge of our solar system, the galaxy etc…….to me, the wisdom of the past is nothing to laugh at. Things will happen for many reasons, the collapse of modern day society will happen, things will change, be it by humans themselves or forced through some celestial destroying event.
    I laugh at nothing, and don’t believe everything but i’m way past putting my faith for a good life into TPTB. If something was/is coming, you can be guaranteed that you are being lied to about it and that in itself should make everyone question everything!


  60. Elenin is nothing more than a small over hyped comet, not nibiru or planet x. There’s nothing ominous about it and Its already visible in the southern hemisphere( google it) and will be visible to the north once it passes the sun around 10 september. In fact elenin is a fading comet and is not a threat to the earth at all.


  61. It’s a comet. It’s not a brown dwarf or anything else. A 3 mile wide snowball. Give me a break already. Channeling? Freemasonry? Illuminati?


  62. if the comets real..the comets real!! may be a brown dwarf or not..whatever it is..theres enough proof..its causing a pull..All theses different sided stories..are confusing whats real and blurring out the truth..we may scare the world for nothing or we may all matter what happens..its how we relate to the truth & lies of going to decide what happens.. GOD IS JUST


      • Ok,
        I doubted all of this, but I went to Google Sky and found that odd object to the right of Mercury. It looks like a Neutron Star to me. It could be a Pulsar but you can’t tell by looking at the webpage. Now for those of you not familiar with this, a neutron star is a very small object of immense mass. And, just for the record just because a comet or brown drarf is8 times more massive than Jupiter does not mean you can see them. They can be hundreds or thousands of times smaller than Jupiter. Jupiter is a GAS giant. Remember in school when you learned a teaspoon full of a neutron star can weigh hundreds of tons. That is MASS. It is just a lot more dense so it is smaller.
        I am speaking in generalities so that everyone gets it. I do know the specifics as I’ve taught this stuff for 28 years. But general is enough. There is an object there that needs further study. It appears to be a star of some sort not a comet. I cannot say if it is moving. All object appear to move since the earth is rotating on its axis. I guess we all need to buckle up and remember we are on this ride together. Lets hope for the best.


  63. For those interested in news from the Angelic Realm, in support of humanity: the object is a comet and it is part of the greater complex which is referred to as Nibiru. This complex contains bodies of various types and sizes. When the largest of them, the so-called planet, arrives in the skies, we will feel a distinct and profound pulling effect.
    Comet Elenin may be understood as the precursor to the rest of the complex of Nibiru. As such it is already having effects on our planet, as we have seen when it is in alignment with Earth and various other planets and/or the Sun. However, this information is not intended to frighten people, quite the opposite. It serves us all to have information which is correct and real, rather than to worry about what is going to happen to us or our children, and whether or not we will be safe. With this type of information available to us we more readily tune out the fear of being controlled by the Illuminati, and we are not manipulable by their actions or devious agendas which we might otherwise inadvertently be subscribing to. We keep an eye on the positive, rather than the darkness of the negatives, which are certainly available for us to notice if that is what we choose to do.
    At this time of rapid change on Earth, the key is to trust that we all have a greater purpose here on Earth, to listen our instincts, and to know that all the Earth events are happening for an important reason. Earth and her inhabitants are not about to go through a mega-catastrophic world-ending event. Instead we are going to feel the bumps and belches as our planet quivers in response to the high frequency energy of these outer-planetary bodies. This may be seen as a cleansing effect. The after-effects will be peace and harmony on Earth.
    Until then the muck will bubble up to the surface for release. This may take the form of civil unrest in countries with oppressive governments, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in weakened zones of the Earth’s crust, with their accompanying tsunamis, and weather upsets such as hurricanes, typhoons, with the accompanying flooding, high seas and the like.
    If we all keep a clear and fearless heart, along with an open mind, about all of this for the next 2 – 3 years, we all contribute to a smoother transition period. Stay calm and peaceful inside, enjoy the beauty of Earth and the pleasures of your physical life, and work at eradicating whatever no longer serves you. In this way, individual improvements and cleansings become the collective experience as the effects are felt throughout our species, as if a domino effect. Love and Light to all.


  64. Hi Rockpicker – not too up to speed on the Hopi prophecies and traditions, but from what my quick research shows the blue star is supposedly Sirius, rather than the Nibiru complex. Now, this is also interesting because it was the Siriuns who arrived on Earth way back in the beginning for the creation project here. They came via the largest planet in the Nibiru complex – Elenin is the precursor to this large planet, within that complex. They used Nibiru to get here because Nibiru is a short hop, relatively speaking, to Earth every 3600 years when it passes close by us. At that time Earth was a pretty barren planet, and its landscape looked very much like we see on other planets, such as Mars (which was once populated much like Earth is today). It had plenty of water – just as it does now – and it had uni-cellular type life in the oceans.
    It was within this context that the so-called god-beings of Sirius/Nibiru started the creation project here. All life on our planet sprang from there, with DNA adjustments here and there. This is why Nibiru is so important to us as Earthlings. Our early history and our very existence began with their arrival on our planet.
    All of the nonsense we see around us today also began courtesy of them. Although they were what we would refer to as Angelic beings, one of them fell dramatically from the Light in the Earth expansion process, influenced by power and greed – most unbecoming to an Angel. His name was Enlil, brother of creator-Enki. It was from him that what is referred to as evil, arose on Earth. Fortunately though, Enlil has requested redemption and this is on-going as we speak. The nice thing about that is that if the so-called devil is redeemed and Light once more, there is no more supportive energy for the evil of humanity any more. And hence we see the collapse of all systems on Earth that are not heart-centred, as we see it occurring all over the globe right now. Low resonance energy fields are no longer supported or supportive, and so they are replaced. Chaos abounds in the interim. What’s on the other side is a new experience of reality, the 5th dimension – which is in open connection to the state of being of the Godhead/Divinity/Universal Consciousness.
    So, whether the Hopi prohecies are coming to pass at this time or not, we are certainly wise to take note of them, along with the Mayan prophecies. These were, after all, obtained directly from the variously named god-beings on the planet – as they moved around to various lands, were given different names or reincarnated into a new physical body to continue their Earth work. Material to the South American prophecies is understanding they came directly from Thoth.
    Fortunately, enough human beings are requesting more information and the Angelics are answering. Their information is coming through fast and furious and it is EXTREMELY interesting. Anybody interested in this can follow it by ordering 2 books from Amazon: The Upliftment of Consciousness, and Isis Mysteries of Love and Light Volume I. Many more books are in the pipeline and will become available on Amazon too. Love and Light to all.


  65. Ok guys, three weeks up to the closest distance to Elenin and so far nothing really big happened. Considering that gravitational effects increase by the square of the distance, there SHOULD be something by now if the alignments theory would have been accurate. It abviously is not.

    There has been a guy on the Godlike Productions Forum claiming he is an anti-gravity spacecraft pilot that has been to Elenin…! According to him Elenin is an E-class asteroid that will trigger no doomsday, but is special in other means. Some of it sounds reasonable if you believe in the secret space program/secret gornment: Anti-Gravity Insider – About Elenin and the Secret Space Program


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  67. More lost people…

    There are three main underlying patterns to look for when it comes to these types of pages.

    1. Little or no understanding of basic science. They hear scientific terms, they throw them around to make it sound like they know something. Sarah Palin is a perfect example of this behavior.

    2. They quote mainstream science sources when the science agrees with their view, or seems to support it. When it doesn’t, it’s a big conspiracy of the scientific world to hide the facts. And they are very selective about what they quote.

    3. Lots and lots of bible quotes and rhetoric. Why? Bible Thumpers operate on blind faith and question little or nothing about their world. God made it happen, it must be that way for a reason. Therefore, it’s not that hard to get them to believe the mumbo jumbo.

    I know the kind of people I described above are going to say I’m stupid and narrow minded. That’s the usual reaction from someone that doesn’t understand.

    See for yourself. Go to the Elenin conspiracy pages, or any kind of conspiracy page and look for the above pattern.

    And since I rarely visit a web page like this more than once, feel free to load on the insults if it makes you feel powerful. What the heck, pretend your computer monitor is my head and put your fist through it.


  68. The only thing I can say is this is so strange.It’s curious that the media don’t pay much attention to it (actually considering the amount of “real” news, it’s comprehensible).
    In relation to the allignments mentioned in previous comments, there are some of them involving Elenin and some other planets instead of the Sun. Coincidence or not, who knows…


  69. Interesting read i want to make apoint here that probably all mislead by NASA on the alignments and all.Nibiru may be in the solar system and exerting magnetic pull on all heavenly bodies evident by shift of moon angle.
    Perhaps no body really knows when it is really going to arrive.Elenin is only a deception or cover up.It is requested that if any one has any recent update others must be informed for coordinated efforts to save as many human lives as possible.


  70. september 27th and october 12th… nothing happened – so much for the fictional planetary alignment and brown dwarf mass comet theories…


  71. A comet’s tail is not directly behind it. The tail is always opposite the sun, so we have, as of October 12, 2011, already gone through the tail and nothing has happened. the only thing that could happen at this time is that bigger pieces if the comet may be drawn into Earth’s atmosphere. That could spell disaster. But the idea that when we cross the orbit if the comet we will be in the tail is erroneous. Comet’s tails always point away from the sun, not behind the comet.


  72. I’ll be glad when elenin gets out of the solar system.
    Then the Eletards can crawl back under their rocks and stop showing the rest of the internet how little the know about science.


    • Hey Harold, don’t be surprised when they keep standing and find alternative explonations, like some space ship has prevented Elenin to be harmful and such – happend all before with Planet X/Niburu in 2003.
      What I personally wonder much more is when scientists find out how little they know about reality, but that is another story…


    • In the interest of sharing information, and for those interested in this type of knowledge………… Unfortunately for all of us, or fortunately if you feel that the Earth is in dire need of cleansing and this is a good way to achieve this, Elenin is merely a PRECURSOR outer-planetary body. It heralds the incoming Nibiru complex, a much more vibrationally powerful system which will be obvious to all in our skies within the next year. Very soon there will be no need for conjecture, guessing, believing the scientists or anybody else. Belief will be replace by hard cold fact, knowable by all.

      Therefore, although the georesonance from Elenin is being felt all over the globe – believe it or not, and regardless of the reports of its effects in the media (or, rather, the significant lack of reporting of intensified climatic and geophysical events) – this effect will be more powerful from now onwards. As we move through the date of 11.11.2011, we enter the final stretch of the last cycle within the Mayan Calendar – this ushers in the intensity of the Aquarian Age (which, unknown to many, we are fully within the cente of right now). These effects are likely to last for a few years until Earth settles once more.

      As a matter of further interest, Elenin’s effects are most powerful when this comet is lined up with other planets and/or the Sun AND Earth. Nevertheless, there is always the potential for Elenin’s effects to be felt at other times of alignment. This is a complex discussion, but it revolves around the already-existing weak spots on Earth, the resonance of those areas and much more. The emotions of all human beings impact significantly on the Earth’s resonance, as together we make up the collective consciousness. A high level of negative emotions, such as fear, will negatively impact on our resonance. This makes any effects of Elenin that much more severe. So, it is always advisable to find peace within, meditate and to move with the flow of our individual soul intent. Heart-centred living is the key. And, hence, we see the youth demanding this at various levels of society – and we wish them well, and trust they will move ahead with peaceful protests.

      For those interested in how to more easily maintain our equilibrium at this time, as well as into the future, it is helpful to do the Thoth exercises as detailed in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, by Dr Doreal (only use this publication as it is the correct translation). This publication accurately describes the North-South alignment exercise which Thoth gave to humanity many moons ago. It is simply put and will assist with maintaining the physical and emotional alignment of the person. This helps us to remain align with what is happening at the moment. It settles headaches and stomach issues, and is also anti-ageing! Incidentally, this N-S exercise is the same as is that detailed by Gregg Braden in one of his books.

      Anybody interested in the new consciousness, the role of the Angelic Realm in supporting humanity through this time, the teachings of the ancient god-beings/Divine consciousness on Earth, the relevance of the Sumerian and Babylonian clay tablets, our true soul pathway, healing to raise resonance, manifestation, and a whole lot more, might like to visit Amazon and purchase the following books: The Upliftment of Consciousness ( ) , and, Isis Mysteries of Love and Light Volume I, and, Isis Mysteries of Love and Light Volume II ( ). Love and Light to all.


  73. Let nature guide you. Do not listen to any messages that have biased views. Watch the sky and make your own decisions. Live with Mother Earth and protect her. God is on our side whether we live or die. Love the Experience!


  74. ………… and watch the behaviour of the ants and other small insects! You will notice that they crawl out of their subterranean homes when the Earth vibrations increase – and this a while before an earth event.


  75. Well kids, I was just out viewing the stars, Jupiter and four of its moons and the Pleiades with 10×50 binoculars on this clear cold night in Sequim, WA. Was using Google Sky Map and trying to locate M31 Andromeda, but could’nt find it our make it out. So a started just panning around the sky, and almost at the zenith saw something that looked odd. A large dull brownish object with what looked to be a dust cloud obscuring the main object. Whatever it was, it looked close and the object was larger than Jupiter by a factor of 2. I pointed my Android phone at the object, and Google Sky map should a couple of Messier objects in the area. Could have been the globular cluster M10, but I don’t think it has a magnitude great enough to be what I saw.

    I saw this at about 7 PM PST, so I’ll check again the next clear night with larger binoculars 15×70, or a small telescope. Probably can be easily explained once I have better bearings, but it looked odd and just gave me that strange, uneasy feeling in my stomach.

    Will post back if I spot it again, and give accurate coodinates.


  76. Honestly, I think you’re all being a little insensitive — shouldn’t it be called a little person of color? Brown dwarf — you should all be ashamed of yourselves.


  77. It was the Andromeda Galaxy I saw back on November 16th. Chalk it up to inexperience at star hoping and Google Sky Map being out of calibration. No Brown Dwarf, oops sorry, little cold failed star of color. LOL!


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