Alien Disclosure in the near Future: How to Distinguish Positive from Negative Visitors

Winged Draconian Alien – not so nice!

Recently I was reading and writing a lot on Steven Black’s Blog about the nature of disinformation from New World Order/Illuminati groups, New Age movements and the Shadow Government that is spreading the internet more and more these weeks. I came to the conclusion that many bloggers like myself often get abused by reproducing disinformation and involuntarily support the agenda of the negative world elite and their external rulers.

I for example have posted some articles about the UFO and Alien truth and about how disclosure was near. When I analyse my own motivations to do so it surely has to do that I’m convinced of this hidden and dark reality (e.g. the abduction phenomenon) and that I want my fellow humans to be prepared when it is officially disclosed. But I must also admit that it has to do with “wanting it to be real”, to have the proof that I was right all these years with my intuition. This can be a dangerous motivation knowing how the Secret Government and the negative extraterrestrials operate on this planet for the last couple of thousand years.

Discerning Alien Disinformation by Montalk

Discerning Alien Disinformation by MontalkIf one day you find yourself in the position that you know about Alien presence and want to understand the problems in dealing with its implications for this planet, the foremost important reading I can suggest is Montalk’s book Discerning Alien Disinformation which can be downloaded on his website. It’s the most precise, careful, logical and up-to-date approach to the alien agenda I’ve ever found.

Whoever followed the alien phenomenon in the media, the movies and the internet must have recognized the paradigm shift from bashing alien believers to slightly promoting its truth in the last couple of years. Literally no single week passes without several ET movies on TV and/or new scientific speculation on life in our solar system.

Montalk’s book gives a great and detailed explanation of the background of these changes.

So if the dark elite is working on preparing alien disclosure, how will the majority react and how do we all evaluate the intentions of the visitors? Keep in mind that the earth elitist manipulators as well as the gray, reptilian and mantid visitors are experts in mass mind manipulation and deception.

How Positive Visitors would Present Themselves on Earth


First off, they would not want to interfere in our own business. Never would they take action without being asked by the majority of this planet. Extraterrestrial activism is a clear sign of negative spiritual orientation of the visiting group.


Positive entities respect individualism and do not oppress specific human groups for supposed higher goals. Any trace of increase in control and/or totalitarian world government is a clear sign of intergalactic fascism and racism and a negative extraterrestrial agenda.


Positive visitors would only help us so far as to remove the effects of negative alien interference from the past, if at all. Humanity has to evolve by itself, all other progress is no real progress in spiritual terms, and they know it.

Artificially created problems like climate change, financial crisis, world hunger and energy shortage (ever wondered how fast the elite has changed from pro-atomic to contra-atomic after Fukushima?) would not be abused by positive visitors to take over world leadership. Every contact that does not respect the free will of humanity up to 100% is to be considered hidden negative.

Non-Prophetic / No Worship Wanted

Positive aliens do know their relative position in the spiritual realm and have a deep connection to the Creational Source of Everything the highest God. They will never try to impress humanity and to create a God-like view of themselves (like the dark elite prepared with Project Blue  Beam). See also The Gods of Eden by William Bramley to discover the history of alien presenting themselves as God.


The initial source of all apocalyptic world views and ascension beliefs is freemasonry and luciferianism, thus closely related to the Secret Government and its historic cooperation with negative aliens. Positive visitors will not play with collective fear of apocalyptic events, nor will they proclaim a bright, illusionary future (that in the end shows to be a nightmare of planetary slavery).

Divine Help is Already Here: Don’t wait for Aliens!

Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now

I suggest everybody to start to concern ourselves with consciousness and the divine nature of our true existence. There are many reasons, personal as well as global, to acknowledge huge changes to mankind at the moment. There are so many people waking up from a life long half-sleep in a materialistic, consumption-centered illusion, and gaining ongoing increases in consciousness! The easiest and spiritually most neutral starting point into discovering your true self I can give you is Eckhart Tolle’s teachings.

God knows that these are hard times on this planet, and the negative extraterrestrial influence has harmed every last one of us. He/she helps us not by sending extraterrestrial visitors, but by making us regain our positive, spiritual power, to take matters back in our own hands.

23 thoughts on “Alien Disclosure in the near Future: How to Distinguish Positive from Negative Visitors

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    • Thanks dear Flo, actually a very funny site! So you bought the book and its worth it?

      Really funny AND probably true: “The Second Coming is imminent, and you may as well get ready. This is a particularly good idea because you’re it. You are the Second Coming.”


  2. This book is absolutely great. I read it tree times and still find wisdom and entertaining aspects. This is the realistic version of Douglas Adams Hitchhikers guide…


  3. As a matter of interest, outer-planetary visitors have been coming and going from earth since time immemorial. Any of the Light Portals of the ancient sacred sites makes any form of outer-planetary communication more possible. It is up to us, as the entire group of humanity, to ensure that we resonate with sufficiently high frequencies (of unconditional love) so that earth is an unpleasant experience for the lower echelons fromthe outer-planetary environment. It is this that will protect us from them, and ensure they give our planet a wide berth. Clearly there are goodies and baddies out in the Universe, just as there are on earth. The goodies will never interefere with our free will, as stated, but they will happily give knowledge and information when asked to do so. Considering that this is indeed occuring at the present time, it is clear that sufficient numbers amongst humanity have asked for this positive communciation. It is this information which clears up the questions and highlights the untruths which are rife in our history. Those humans who work with the baddies have a time-honoured tradition of power and control, underpinned by greed. It is this darkness which has engulfed earth for many long centuries, yet the goodies watched patiently from the sidelines, until we called for their help. Let us ensure we do not act from our patterns of fear, which we have been programmed with by a controlling elite, when considering communications from other places in the Universe. One of the easiest ways of discerning between the extra-terrestrials (baddies or benign) and the ultra-terrestrials (goodies) is to look at their vehicles. If made of physical matter, they are not of a sufficiently high resonance to warrant our atttention. If made up of Light, it would behove us to sit up and take careful note.

    If humanity worked out that any form of deification of anything or being is contrary to our individual progress as powerful DIvine beings in our own right, then we would all surely realise that the so-called God we all speak of is not a being, but a state of consciousness. Any individual, ancient or otherwise, who is referred to as a god-being, is only known as such, as an emissary of the state of being of God/Source consciousness (a state of Divinity). Deification was never intended or required. Humans ascribed them the God-being status – see how the priesthood of Ancient Egypt rode this wave and encouraged deity worship on a large scale. In truth, they were feathering their own nests. This continues to this day.

    Our only ‘salvation’ lies within our own highly capable hands: meditate daily to develop and expand the pineal gland, a cone-shaped high frequency resonater within the centre of the head. It is this which will open the Third Eye, awaken the 13th strand of the DNA and, consequently, enable our inherent ability to connect with All That Is, so that we may know and feel all. Love and Light to all.


    • “One of the easiest ways of discerning between the extra-terrestrials (baddies or benign) and the ultra-terrestrials (goodies) is to look at their vehicles. If made of physical matter, they are not of a sufficiently high resonance to warrant our atttention. If made up of Light, it would behove us to sit up and take careful note.”

      I would suggest to read Montalk’s book – ultra-terrestrials may as well be negative, e.g. interdimensional reptilians. Physical UFOs also radiate light, as a result of gravitational propulsion, even when its solid on the invisible inside. So NOT a good advice just to go by light emission, and generally NOT a good advice to sit up at all!

      “we would all surely realise that the so-called God we all speak of is not a being, but a state of consciousness”

      Isn’t “consciousness” actually the very definition of a being? What problem do New Age and esoteric people have with the concept of a highest source of all that HAS PERSONALITY? I can tell you: Lucifer is very jaleous…


  4. Woah this blog is excellent i love studying your posts. Stay up the good paintings! You already know, a lot of people are looking round for this information, you can help them greatly.


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  7. I think an important thing to remember about Extraterrestrial beings and Dimensional beings and all manner of others, is that we don’t even know which humans are good or bad.. When we base ones actions or intentions on their physical appearance simply in human standards what does that lead to?..

    We can educate ourselves based on what evidence has been acquired, but how much can we trust the evidence and where would it lead to?

    If a mass invasion force came and began to destroy or enslave us (if they haven’t already) then we would have the absolute truth.

    If human astronauts have a secret space program which some believe they do, or if things like the “SERPO” story are true, then would you say those humans were representative of yourself? would you be happy being judged by an entire race purely on the actions and intentions of a small crew of US government employees?

    It’s good to learn and gather evidence and knowledge, however if we do things the correct way and evolve our souls we will already be able to gather ones intention when it is required.


    • Of course I do completely agree on your addition! The question of dealing with the spiritual orientation of alien visitors cannot be dealt with from a “racist” point of view, but needs to focus on subroups or even individuals. Sadly too many humans still do not have a means of overcoming racism among ourselves, so how bad will “our” decisions be when confronted with visitors? And as you mentioned in your examples, really BAD entities are already and for a long time incarnated in human form and live for a satanist agenda. It is what it is, we still can do the right thing, each and everyone on his own decisions every day.

      Thank you and all the best to you, Chaukee


    • Thank you for your polite contribution and your opinion. I would agree that some if not most of the encouters with negative “aliens” is actually with interdimensional entities that religious people call demons.


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  10. I have been saying this for a long time. I have had many dreams about mok-alien invasions and they are never fun. Actually they are very frightening. . What do you think Hollywood is preparing us for! Christ is coming back.. but before He does, many false christs will appear – and I think by the project blue beam. WARNING: Christ said His feet will not even touch the ground, and He will come with legions of angels by His side and ALL eyes will see Him – and not by a news reporter!!! Know the truth and the truth shall set you free!!


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