Bullshit Detection: Unmasking Disinformation Agents

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

The striking thing for me when observing the alternative media exponents in this year 2012 was, how many of them suddenly have changed direction and tone in many key areas. Haven’t you noticed, too?

Since last year when I helped debunk Zecharia Sitchin and the Vigilant Citizen, after taking all sorts of weird “reactions” from their followers, I’ve found quite a few design patterns of disinformation all around that I would like to share with you people, who are  genuine and don’t follow any other agenda than your heart’s. There are still many of us out there, thanks to yoy50, noicon, Politaia, Maria-Lourdes, the living tiki and others for keeping it real!

homelessholocaust has written an excellent article on the various types of disinformation campaigns, namely

  • The Alien Agenda
  • New Age Solutions
  • Jesus Will Save Us
  • Taking Back America
  • Jesuits and the Black Pope Control Everything

There is a propaganda campaign geared at each and every personality type. Some of the propaganda lines encourage people to develop tunnel vision when looking at the global agenda, focusing on one group, when in fact the system is monolithic in nature, encompassing all institutions of power across the globe. Others neutralize people by pushing them off into religious or semi-religious fantasy. Both methods are equally effective.

1. Sudden Shift in Believe System

They may “fight” some aspects of the New World Order for years, talk of the wickedness of Freemasonry and the Illuminati, uncover all lies of 9/11, talk of love and light and God and Jesus – and all of a sudden they publicly submit to known Occultists and Satanists like Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and even Aleister Crowley… Right, the same Blavatsky who wrote down world views like this:

Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling … It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 234

In this case it is but natural — even from the dead letter standpoint — to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 243

What did I miss in-between? It’s like Sonja from the Truther Girls who claims to be Christian but constantly makes fun of religious people. Or Zen Gardner, brilliant writer and most of the time spot on with the hot topics, but having become a typical Ascension/Awakening and thus New Age proponent and defender of master channeler David Icke, the leader of the Consciousness Dogs. Of course there are those who just got sucked in by directing their attention too long towards the dark side, one main goal of occult propaganda in the first place. But many just appear to have collected searching people for the last couple of years and now enroll the masonic agenda of the New Age in 2012. Talking of synchronicity…?!

It’s always simple dialectics: “Fight” a New World Order, and get a New Age Order in return. Same dark agenda, different name.

2. Disinformants Cooperate Among Themselves

As soon as you have identified a source with a high probability of following a hidden agenda, watch out who passes whom around:

  • Alex Jones – David Icke – Jesse Ventura – Muse – The Health Ranger – …
  • David Wilcock – Benjamin Fulford – Drake – …
  • Galactic Federation of Light – Indian in the Machine – Alaje – …

Not everybody who shows up with these cons must be an agent, but the more regular they reappear, the more probable they work for the same hidden hand.

3. The Donation-Button

Of course there are always the poor ones, who may have lost their ability of following a “normal” life in a system that is obviously sick and makes sick, and they may need your donations (although they would better refrain from the web and localise their life). But there are also the big names, with many employees behind the scenes, professional websites and online marketing (like theintelhub), paid by some agencies or cabal budgets, and they still take your donations for lies. The more penetrative the money machine, the more suspect!

When analyzing the Patriot Movement, one must also consider that these people are making an incredible amount of money. Of course, all of the people involved in the “leadership” of any of these movements are making money (which I personally find very hard to reconcile, given the monumental importance of all of this), but the Patriots make it in a very specific, exploitative way: they sell fear.

4. The One Main Evil Group Scam

Based on the fact that Secret Societies have undercut and hijacked any powerful movement since at least the ancient Egyptians, it is always a lie when the agents tell us the controlling group behind the New World Order and the current control system is ONLY “the Zionists” (or even “the Jews”) (like Brother Nathanael Kapner), ONLY “the Jesuits” (or “the Vatican”) (like WeAreONEbigFamily), or ONLY “the Globalists” (like Alex Jones). Or even less precise: “The Bilderbergers“.

But we are also in a lack of good names: “the Elites” including wealthy people who are not initiated high enough, “the Illuminati” only describing one specific aspect of these worshipers of Lucifer (and a ridiculed one thanks to another agent, Dan Brown), and “the dark Cabal” being too close to so-called “anti-Semitism” (check here and here if you would like to understand the lies behind this part of propaganda). “The evil ones“, as the living tiki names them, might be as close as we can get with words. Whatever we call it, it’s secret, it’s ancient, and it’s demoniac. And it’s NOT one of the visible groups only, rather some unknown high level brethren floating under the cover of these groups.

5. Absurd Output

Then there are the bloggers and video creators who flood your inbox on a daily basis, like dutchsince or the Socio-Economics History Blog, and others. Some may be addicted to the little fame their online presence gives them, others clearly lack an explanation for how on earth they can afford a 100% online presence. Information Overload takes you back to square one where you have been before waking up to some degree.

6. There is no God – Except you (?!)

The idea of a loving, eternal and infinite Friend behind the scenes is SO frustrating for the occult who rather try to attract you and your ego with their “Secrets” and their methods of making you your very own “God”. Watch out while they increasingly open state their hatred against old spiritual traditions and any philosophy that contains modesty and love for all living beings.

7. Masked Usage of Occult Symbolism

It’s an easy prediction: The more you learn about the Symbolism of the ancient Mystery Religions, the more you uncover some of them at your favorite truther hero’s site and products.

8. Censorship

Be critical, be thoughtful, and comment where it’s appropriate, then check for reactions (or the lack of it). Some just don’t like anything that would work against their hidden agenda and are even as stupid as to block or delete critical comments, as regularly seen with my own eyes at sites like Vigilant Citizen, Alles Schall und Rauch, We Are Change Switzerland). Can it become more blatant?


I agree that those are not definite criteria and some may appear biased of a specific spiritual world view. Spiritual warfare so to speak. Comparing the essence of the different teachings, possibly validate them in my life, search for the roots of different dogmas: it all helps me a great deal in keeping an overview on the “movement”. Maybe and hopefully some of it will protect you from disappointments, too…

Namaste, Chaukee

58 thoughts on “Bullshit Detection: Unmasking Disinformation Agents

  1. Revelation 2: I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not,
    but rather are members of the assembly of Satan. #freemasons #bnaibrith.

    David Icke and Alex Jones will never talk about Jews so their conspiracy is incomplete. Their intellectual cowardice leaves the picture unfinished. We have to look to the bible for answers.


    • Hey Joe,

      Leaving one aspect of the dark cabal out is actually one more pattern in disinformation, sure! Is there a specific part in the bible you look for answers? The first half with the jealouse, violent “God”, or the second part that luckily conserved at least some of Jesus teachings? 😉

      Cool site of yours by the way, just found it when researching a bit on Marilin Manson this week 🙂

      Cheers, Chaukee


      • the old testament has solomon’s temple where freemasonry began so it’s important but, Revelation is more important because it gives insight into the new age and the new covenant from the new messiah.


    • Your site is suspect when you try to discount the one group theory. Obviously it IS the globalists as they’re the ones implementing the world government, and all the evidence points towards this. Follow the money, the Rothchilds, Rockefellas, morgans etc. Any site that goes on about Jews is definitely a disinfo site and is distracting with racist nonsense.
      Also you’ll notice that Ventura ripped Icke apart on his show Conspiracy theory.


      • Hey Sabretruth,
        Good thing to suspect my site as well, that way you train thought and intuition to unmask the real disinfo.
        Globalists is by far too unprecise as a name for the group that implements the New World Order. It misses some other, provable aspects of them:
        1. There is some major, occultist part playing a role. “Globalists” is only a political/economic term
        2. There IS a zionist and jewish/parisee/atlantean aspect to it
        3. There is a satanist, child abusing, ritualistic aspect to it
        4. others…
        Thanks for mentioning Ventura, I’ve just saw that reptilian conspiracy episode and it was a joy how he confronted that masonic/new age liar Icke. I’m still quite undecided on Ventura, he could be genuine, but abused by the program.
        Cheers, Chaukee


  2. Hey, it’s me (You can see through the IP address or email(Added 2)). Informative article once again, really appreciate it


    • Hey B warrick,

      Thats a good thing, to question… I’m actually not very happy about some name droppings in that article myself. When finishing I had that weird feeling when in my mind I’m convinced about my thoughts, but something in myself would like to stop me. For some reasons these days probably have not been my best in terms of intuition and balance.

      As for dutchsinse: It’s always the same pattern that makes me question about the real motives: What’s the goal of constantly bombarding the web with the same basic messages and news, even if they are true? This YouTube censoring incident with his channel, I guess it was last year, just left a bad taste of fooling the audiance to me, could not help it. But given that I only have some bad feeling as an argument should have stopped me from using “his” name as an example of a possible disinformant.

      Hope I could clearify. If dutch is genuine, I apologize. Only he knows, I guess.

      Peace, Chaukee


  3. Chaukadeer hello,

    I wonder what is your “agenda” with your blog? or Homelessholocausts.

    You see with what we do, we study we seek and we try to discern truth. Humans all have ego and they all have agendas. Is anybody with an agenda a disinformation agent? Especially if you create a blog which I guess is your “opinion” it is not the truth it is your interpretation of the truth at a specific point in your life.

    People walk different paths heading towards the same goals, information is information what you do with it is what is important, one mans dirt is another mans riches. I think some people get so lost looking for disinformation and shadowy agents that they lose sight of reality yet mock people who believe through years of study in ET life and the the abduction phenomena or some of what others say such as David Icke and Alex Jones. Yes you never become a slave and believe or pledge to people, you be yourself and you discern.. with your own being not with anybody elses “opinions”.

    I am not commenting to defend anybody, but without David Icke or Alex Jones, many people wouldn’t know these paths existed let alone be walking on them. People pick and choose and fit it in with their agenda like homelessholocaust has, which is fine really. However it is the disrespectful way in which contents of the article he wrote is written in a condescending and insulting manner, furthermore it is not for his preconceived notion of insulting with truth it is simply being ignorant and rude to people who have most probably put more time and effort into their research than he has in writing that article.

    I respect opinion and all are entitled to it, however to write articles and judge millions of people as wrong based on your dogmatic narrow view is just ridiculous. To point fingers in so many directions and claim disinfo because it doesn’t fit with your opinion .. isn’t that the opposite of what you are supposed to be doing?

    Homelessholocaust mentioned “conspiracy theorist” a few times and how the media mocks people, then proceeds to do the same thing attempting to insult anybody who believes in anything which has not fit into his narrow view. Disinformation speak has become its own genre and if anything that is the trap, not the things you try to point out. Chasing shadows and pointing fingers while ignoring substance and failing to investigate will be your dead end. While people are moving on you can be standing there pointing at shadows scratching your head wondering where everybody went.


    • Hey Pluto,

      There should not be a need to wonder about my agenda, as I’ve always been open about my thoughts, motives and background, see here for example:

      How do I prove that? You can check all my texts at this blog and comments all over the web. What I write aligns with the infos about myself I’ve given. Contradictions would be easy to detect.

      I do never switch to the New Age/Luciferien believe system (to the contrary: some aspects of it I fell for before I now have left behind), I do not cooperate with anybody in the scene (don’t even have a blogroll until now), don’t take ANY money from anybody, don’t focus on one group when talking about the Evil Ones, have a very small output of articles, don’t teach that you can become a God, and I don’t censor (all the countless commenters on my VC article can approve that to you).

      I’ve you have other disinfo criteria, please pass them on (as there sure are) 🙂

      “Is anybody with an agenda a disinformation agent?”

      Sure not, only if the agenda is HIDDEN, there is a problem of ethics.

      ” I think some people get so lost looking for disinformation and shadowy agents that they lose sight of reality yet mock people who believe through years of study in ET life and the the abduction phenomena…”

      I sure agree on that. You know, I try to keep a balance in positive and negative articles and try to talk a lot on solutions that worked for me, like here, https://chaukeedaar.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/my-strategy-to-spiritually-survive-the-current-demoniac-world-order/
      and I am the saddest of all that articles like there do get much less attention than the ones dealing with the negative aspects.

      “To point fingers in so many directions and claim disinfo because it doesn’t fit with your opinion”

      Ok, there we come closer to my motivation why I picked the disinfo topic up once more (you’re right that it has become some kind of a genre of itself): I am very positive that anybody who researches the written fundament of New Age and the “spiritual” background of the Cabal always comes back to the known Satanists of the last decade (Blavatsky, Bailey, Crowley). For that specific question it doesn’t even matter if you believe in God and Satan – they all follow an agenda of enslaving humanity, of egoism and grief and constant lies. And then I find many of these big names in the scene all using the SAME symbolism, dialectics, lies and concepts that go back to the Satanists. I HAD to emphasize once more that they are all around, and that they act more and more uncareful. This has not much to do with opinion: The axis Satanism – Freemasonry – New Age – Awakening Scene is obvious to anybody sooner or later.

      “Chasing shadows and pointing fingers while ignoring substance and failing to investigate will be your dead end.”

      I hear you. If I was so wrong this wouldn’t be so bad, overall, right? 😉

      “While people are moving on you can be standing there pointing at shadows scratching your head wondering where everybody went.”

      That for itself would be ok, I don’t do it for social interaction in the first place, no need for the virtual version of it at all. But thanks for the concerns.

      Can it be that your critical comment comes from me hurting some of your idols? You should be thankful in that case. A little less naivity towards those names and you don’t need any idols at all, any more.

      But thanks for shaking me, there are aspects that I should have pointed out more clearly in the article.

      Greetz, Chaukee


      • Hello Chauk,

        Firstly I must apologise for how poorly written my comment was, it was more a generalised view of the subjects mentioned rather than being directly aimed towards yourself.

        At the end of the day my overall point was that not everybody who is researching or sees substance in something that personally you do not, does not make that person disinfo or wrong. Any seeker should value opinion and discernment, and respect each others views rather than try to mock them for things which are not in the realm of that persons study or belief system. Some disinfo is founded in reality such as VC where there is actual evidence to show how that is run, and your post and our comments hopefully show a few people the truth of that site.

        In the absence of truth we have views and opinion based on our own studies, it is easy to use discernment. However for somebody new to seeking I do not think it is helpful for them to see so much arguing with certain “camps” who believe one thing over another usually based on the age old religious arguments which ignore the underlying facts of life.

        Peace, and once again I am generalising, not aiming directly at you, but Thank you for your responses to some of my comments it is good to see that you discuss topics. I guess we all need to hone our own bullshit detectors and not rely on others blindly ever.


      • Hey Pluto,
        Thanks for coming back and that we are cool 😀 I realized that its you from the VD discussion, so good to have you back!

        “I guess we all need to hone our own bullshit detectors and not rely on others blindly ever.”
        Right on!

        Peace, Chaukee


      • I admit that I have a “Agenda” it is Finding Occult Overseers, and Writing, or Posting Others writings. I am a Christian, 62 Years old, and Have Read Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and studied at the VEDANTIC SOCIETY temple in San Francisco. I Point no FINGERS at anothing, as the one critic spoke, MY LIFE HAS MADE MY OBSERVATIONS SUBJECTIVE. Everything is “Subject to the Holy Ghost & the Torah, as Spake Jesus.” If people do not like Yahweh, the CREATOR, they may well find another religion. Read PSALMS 139,

        19 Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.

        20 For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.

        21 Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?

        22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

        23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

        24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

        Many people say..”Well, the Bible says that, but it Doesn’t MEAN that.” I say, then you seek a Pick-and-Choose religion, Jesus said “Not one jot nor tittle shal fail from TORAH or the Prophets..”

        or Deuteronomy 23
        2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.

        Yet the Money Grubber 501.c.[3] Church Welcomes Unwed Moms & Single Moms- claiming to Save their little Bastard children. Sorry. This is Blasphemy, & tEN GENERATIONS is 700 Years, the Hebrews only spent 70 Years in Bablyonian Captivity!

        When the Church twists Fundamental Doctrines to Justify “MORE MEMBERSHIP” which means “More MONEY” then, Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

        23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

        24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.


    • Do I insult YOU? Good, this means, you are centered on Your Own Belief/Favourite Guru. I answered you, My Beliefs & opinions CHANGE daily. I am 63 Years old, am half Jewish, (Mother a Indigenous American) my Favourite Lecturer’s are Noam Chomsky, I am Very Religious, & I notice this past year Parallels the 1930’s when “The Jews” caused EVERY THING bad! A Broadcast yesterday said “Jewish Death Squads Killed the Children at Sandyhook in retaliation for Palestine being granted UN Recognition!

      But let me return to my point, IF my writing INSULTS you, It is YOUR Self Centered Ego that is Insult. Go watch some of the Wo
      nderful Documentaries on Carl Jung.http://undergrounddocumentaries.com/carl-jung-the-wisdom-of-the-dream-full-version-3-episodes/


      • “IF my writing INSULTS you,” that’s your fucking problem– get used to it”

        Might as well have said that.

        Sounds completely psychopath. AND your English SUCKS The Big One.


      • May I ask you Are you a College English Teacher, or just a shit heel that knows only you are So Smart & everyone else is So Stupid.
        Your gross self loathing is a product of Worship, your TV is the IDOL that connects you Tiny Weenie brain to your Master, the Fascist State.
        IF, in fact, you had a brain, and with in that Brain lays a Mind, you would not just catch on the Latest Big Words that the Bovine Masses are enamoured of- Psychopath. You exhibit the True Psychopathic Demeanour. It used to be a good teaching tool to challenge a person by exposing their Ignorance, they would then Study in Earnest to bring their Intelligence ‘up to snuff.’ However the Present BOVINE HERD only spews silly mindless insults at those of Vastly Superior Intellect, as did White Poor White Trash hurled Racial Slurs at the Coloured Folk in the Jim Crow days.
        You are that White Trash Racist KKK Segregationist 21st. Century style, in the Grip of the Cult of Stupid. I Pity you and your ilk, , for you have no defense against the Masters of Mankind, (Read Adam Smith; “Wealth of Nations.”)
        Might as well have said that.

        Sounds completely psychopath. AND your English SUCKS The Big One.


  4. Interesting way I found your site… My companies server just started to block the VC site. You site reminded me that it is Jesus that I seek and the rest of these type sites are just a distraction. Thank you for the jolt…


  5. Hallo Chaukee,

    gut, daß Du Deine Sorgen um Desinfo wieder aufgreifst, ich teile sie. Wie Du weißt bin ich was David Icke betrifft nicht Deiner Meinung. Heißt nicht, daß alles was er sagt zu 100 % richtig ist und er ist kein Idol für mich. Mir hat sein 9stündiger Vortrag in Zürch auf YouTube einfach zu viel gebracht und mir geholfen einige Weltbilder ins Wanken zu bringe,n in Frage zu stellen. Es geht nicht darum jetzt die einzige Wahrheit zu finden sofort, sondern lernen zu hinterfragen, nicht alles glauben und auf seinen eigenen Instinkt hören zu lernen. Ich würde ja gerne über ein Buch von ihm (lese gerade der Löwe erwacht) mit Dir diskutieren, das wär sicherlich sehr fruchtvoll.
    Übrigens ist das Pentagramm an und für sich kein “schwarzes” Symbol. Wichtig ist, ob die Spitze nach oben oder nach unten zeigt, ganz andere Energie. Also ich habe eins mit nach oben zeigender Spitze und das ist sehr positiv.
    Mach weiter so, ohne Fragen und Reibung keine Antworten und Weiterentwicklung.

    LG Mirjam


    • Hallo Mirjam,
      Schön, hast du vorbeigeschaut! 😀 Stefan hat mir den Link mit dem Icke Vortrag in Zürich auch nochmal geschickt mit der Bitte, es mir doch mal anzutun. Vielleicht werd ich das, aber insgeheim in der Hoffnung, rauszufinden, was der Icke nicht sagt und warum 😉
      Wo siehst du ein Pentagram in diesem Artikel? 😉 Es hat ein Siebeneck sowie ein Hexagram auf dem Löwen zu David Ickes Tour-Plakat, kein Pentagram. Lustig, das du es grad erwähnst, einer meiner nächsten Artikel wird über den Pentagram/Star-Kult sein! Hab das gelesen mit der Spitze nach unten und oben – ist meines Erachtens keine Frage der Energie, weil ich wie gesagt nicht eine inherente Kraft in den Symbolen glaube… Wenn ich nicht diese Abneigung verspüren würde, schon wieder über etwas Negatives zu berichten, würd ich den Artikel gleich fertigmachen… 😉
      Danke fürs Feedback, und keine Sorge, ich stänker noch ein bisschen weiter!
      Herzliche Grüsse, der Chaukee


      • Hallo Chaukee,

        das mit dem Pentagram war ein Irrtum meinerseits. Ja, ich denke auch, daß Symbolen die Bedeutung gegeben wird. Ich sehe das so: wenn ein Symbol dann von z.B. Satanisten lange Zeit für destruktive Zwecke benutzt wird, ist die Information im morphogenetischen Feld gespeichert und so wirkt dann das Symbol für sich. Solange bis die Information durch eine andere überschrieben ist.

        LG Mirjam


  6. Lieber Chaukee,
    danke für diesen Artikel und die Anregungen zum Unterscheiden der Desinformanten! Dies hilft mir sehr, die Augen offen zu halten und mich nicht vorschnell einwickeln zu lassen, denn das Bauchgefühl allein reicht nicht aus.
    Ich finde die Zerstörung im spirituellen / religiösen Bereich der Menschen ganz besonders grauenhaft, weil es an der Wurzel (das Geistige als Priorität vor dem Materiellen) ansetzt, ohne dass vielen Menschen dies überhaupt bewusst wird. Diese Zerstörung durch Unterwanderung und Betrug in diesem Bereich ist so verborgen, gemein und widerlich, dass es mir Übelkeit bereitet, es ist ‘spiritual warfare’.
    Alle, die diesem New Age Mist in irgendeiner Variante zum Opfer fallen, werden gelenkt, ohne es zu ahnen, es sei denn sie sind selbst aktive Mitgestalter an der NWO Agenda.
    Christliche Endzeitsekten – auch viele unter den sogenannten ‘Evangelikalen’ – sind nicht minder verhängnisvoll für das Schicksal der Welt mit ihrer Lust an der Apokalypse, ihrem Auserwähltseinswahn und dem unbiblischen Glauben an den ‘Rapture’.
    Etwas sehr Spezielles hat man den Russen anscheinend gezielt untergejubelt, um ihre religiösen Leerstellen (geschichtlich bedingt) aufzufüllen und das traditionelle Christentum dort auszuschalten und zwar handelt es sich um das Anastasia Phänomen (eine Art von Erlöserin aus der Taiga, die ihnen das alte Wissen wiederbringt), unter die Leute gebracht durch die Bücher von Wladimir Megre. Die Bücher erzeugen bei vielen Lesern eine Art Sucht (ähnlich Harry Potter bei den Kindern) und werden inzwischen weltweit sehr verbreitet. Auch in D. gibt es viele Fans davon und sogar in Australien. Meine russische Freundin hat sich in sehr skeptischer Weise dazu geäußert, sie hält alles für eine gezielte Kampagne und geistige Manipulation. Sie sagt, es sei reines ‘New Age’ auf Russland zugeschnitten. Die machen einfach vor nichts halt und es würde sich sicher lohnen, diesem Phänomen einmal genauer nachzugehn, denn in der ‘Trutherszene’ wird es von manchen mit Zähnen und Klauen als das neue heilsbringende ‘Evangelium’ verteidigt. Anscheinend enthält es vieles, was dem Zeitgeist und den Sehnsüchten entgegenkommt und vielen Leuten wie Öl runtergeht.
    Damit Du Dir mal ein Bild machen kannst, hier eine PDF:

    Click to access Anastasia.pdf

    Lieben Gruß!


    • Hallo liebe Venceremos!
      Danke für deinen Besuch und deine aufhellenden Gedanken! Ich staune manchmal, wie unser Denken so extrem übereinstimmt, man müsste doch meinen, dass bei all der spirituellen Desinfirmationsflut irgendeinmal alle Geister geschieden werden… Schön aber, dass das bei uns beiden nicht so ist 😀
      Ich vermute, wer sich auf die klassischen Tugenden fokussiert, und eine lebendige Verbindung zum höchsten Gott im Herzen pflegt, sich nicht allzu weit voneinander entfernen kann?

      “Alle, die diesem New Age Mist in irgendeiner Variante zum Opfer fallen, werden gelenkt, ohne es zu ahnen, es sei denn sie sind selbst aktive Mitgestalter an der NWO Agenda”
      Interessant! Ich vermute sogar, dass 99% der MITWIRKER bei der NWO- und New Age Agenda nicht wirklich wissen, wobei sie da mitarbeiten und welchen Schaden sie ihren eigenen Seelen damit anrichten. Man muss sich nur mal klar machen, dass das Freimaurertum seit Jahrhunderten ein Stufensystem lebt, bei dem alle paar Initiationsstufen die Lehre komplett auf den Kopf gestellt wird, und eigentlich nur die obersten Grade wissen, dass sie es in ihren okkulten Riten mit Dämonen und dem gefallenen Engel zu tun haben. Die allermeisten darunter, die dem New Age nachhängen und dessen Agenda pushen (meistens, weil es spirituelle Allmachtsfantasien bedient, wie eben bei Harry Potter auch), haben keine Ahnung, dass sämtliche Ideen des New Age von den Satanisten Blavastky, Bailey und Crowley in die Welt gebracht wurden. Dass Christen von dieser Versuchung nicht ausgenommen sind, wie du ja erwähnst, ist schon nur offensichtlich, wenn man die Deckungsfläche zwischen den Gnostischen Christen und den Geheimgesellschaften betrachtet (der Vigilant Citizen als einer der bekannstesten Gnostiker heute, wie auch die Macher des plumpen “I Pet Goat II”).

      Der Hype um das Anasthasia Phänomen ist mir auf Stevenblacks Blog begegnet. Hab nur kurz über den Inhalt gegoogelt und fand mich überhaupt nicht angesprochen von der Thematik. Bin zum Glück nicht anfällig für Allmachtsversprechungen 😉 Das es massgeschneidertes New Age für Russland ist, tönt für mich jedenfalls sehr plausibel. Die okkulten Fähigkeiten, von denen dort berichtet wird, entsprechen ja witzigerweise genau denjenigen der westlichen Esoterik (ausser vielleicht der Kälteresitenz 😉 ), und Russland muss im Fadenkreuz der NWO Kabale sein, weil es zu wichtig und zur Zeit zu unabhängig ist. Ich werde mich aber in die Thematik von Anastasia nicht weiter vertiefen – ich schreibe eh schon zuviele Artikel über Desinformanten und hab spirituell positivere Literatur in der Pipeline 🙂

      Dann sag ich mal danke und freue mich auf den nächsten Kontakt!

      Liebe Grüsse, Chaukee


  7. Lieber Chaukee,
    deshalb hab ich Dich auch so gern wegen der Affinität, die ich empfinde, seit ich Deine Texte bei Lupo gelesen habe. Es ist auch die geistige Integrität, die Du ausstrahlst, die ich spüre. Ist einfach viel Intuition dabei bei mir.
    Ich weiß auch, dass unser Geist nicht fallen darf, weil wir sonst verloren gehen hier und vor allem in der geistigen Welt. Schreib später vielleicht mal mehr darüber, ist zu spät jetzt.
    Das Anastasia Zeug turnt mich ab, weil ich weiß, dass es Falschwährung ist.
    Meine russische Freundin – von der ich auch viel über Russland lerne, die Sichtweise von Russen, ihre Geschichtsauffassung und ihren schicksalhaften Kampf im eigenen Land gegen die Kräfte der Zerstörung – hat auf dem HM Blog geschrieben, dass Megre in einem Prozess (hatte nichts mit seinen Büchern zu tun) öffentlich zugegeben hat, dass die Figur Anastasias frei erfunden ist – dazu gibt es ein Video – leider nur auf russisch, dass dies belegt (hat sie angehängt). Sie hat sich fast totgelacht über die Legende, dass A. und Anhänger in der Taiga nackt umherlaufen, das sei absolut unmöglich (Kälte oder Insekten).
    Noch eins: Nach Lupo hat mich die Erkenntnis, dass man im Internet so wenig Vertrauen haben kann, gerade in der Aufklärungszene (viele bekämpfen und denunzieren sich untereinander), sehr traurig gemacht. Lupo konnte man vertrauen – hatte ihm wegen seiner Gesundheit desöfteren persönlich geschrieben. Ich hab diesen mutigen und hochsympatischen Menschen sehr geschätzt und sein Wissen.
    Über die große Gefahr einer bestimmten Art von Esoterik oder Legende, auf die viele Deutsche reinfallen zu meinem Entsetzen (die ewige alte Täuschung) schreib ich Dir später etwas. Wenn das um sich greift, führt das die Deutschen wieder in den Abgrund – es macht auch die ganze politisch sinnvolle Arbeit (im Widerstand) kaputt, denn es ist absolut kontraproduktiv! Wenn die wüssten, was sie sich damit antun! Ich ertrag diesen Hochmut nicht, du weißt sicher, was ich meine.
    Über Crowley und co. habe ich vor Jahren gelesen und versuchte, meine Schwester davor zu retten, die sich durch Freunde eine Weile damit beschäftigt hatte (nur gelesen!). Da gab es eine Gruppe, die hatte eine ‘University of Hollywood’ gegründet (sehr suspekte Sachen, Magie etc.) und sie steckte in diesem Umfeld., war viel in Südamerika. Bin so froh, dass es glimpflich für sie ausging – sie hat es rechtzeitig begriffen nicht zuletzt durch einen harten gesundheitlichen ‘Denkzettel’.
    Guts Nächtle und alles Liebe!


    • With the popularization of the internet and the monumental increase in the accessibility of information, it was necessary to subvert and neutralize any grassroots opposition to the coming global system and the mechanisms behind it, which would inevitably form if given the chance, by any means necessary. The preferred method for doing this has been to take the basic truths about what is happening, mix it with bizarre, fantastical, or emotionally significant propaganda, and then create “leaders” to distribute this tainted information.


    • Hallo liebe Venceremos,
      Ich hoffe, dir geht es gut! Ich habe mich wieder sehr gefreut über deinen Kontakt und die Hintergrundinformationen. Jedes ehrliches Statement über seine Erfahrungen mit der Propaganda ist sehr wichtig für unbedarfte Neulinge, so wie es z.B. deiner Schwester mit der “University of Hollywood” erging.
      Und ja, ich weiss genau, welchen Hochmut du meinst – das kann einem Schweizer gar nicht entgehen 😉
      Ich wünsche dir ein wunderbar positives 2013 und wünsche uns, dass wir und unsere sanftmütigen und ehrlichen Mitwirker möglichst viele Suchende erreichen mit der Botschaft der Wahrheit.
      Bis bald! Herzlichst, der Chaukee


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  10. Any thoughts on the “Spirit Science” people? They seem like a very grassroots small group of folks genuinely interested in personal spirituality and education and not pushing anything specifically. They have this youtube video series that seems cartoony on the surface but is actually produced pretty well. This is strange because their website is total crap as far as design and usability. I just found them strange because they seemed to come out of nowhere. “Spirit Science 12 – The Human History Movie” was the video I first came across and it really sparked my interest. They have like 20+ youtube short animated films they have put out and the info is pretty intoxicating. I think they would probably be classified in “New Age” but it’s a bit new to me so I’m not sure. I wonder your thoughts because I don’t see the disinfo angle if there is one. They aren’t asking me to buy anything or donate any money. In fact, they aren’t even asking me to beleive. They just say to take the info in and make your own judgement. Is that the ultimate disinfo?


  11. Hey, I’m new to this site. I read a lot of your articles and find them to be really interesting. I’ve always been a little suspect of people like David Icke, and VC. I have some questions: Do you think a lot of “conspiracies” are exaggerated, such as chem trail effects, HARRP effects? Also, what do you think about fluoride in the water supply and how it attacks the pineal gland?


    • Hey Travis,
      Sorry for the late answer – and no, your question is not stupid, but the right question for you to ask 😀
      Like homelessholocaust I also don’t think that “exaggerated” is the right attribute for the conspiracies you’re mentioning. When we look at them from the correct perspective – from their wicked, masonic, satanist, ritualistic, child-abusing, globalist head, they are as bad as one can imagine. Take chemtrails: the slow toxicating effect of aluminium and barium coming down onto our soil is beyond speculation (and I see traces of those fine grained powders on a regular basis on the windshields of my car in some mornings). Take Haarp – compare the places where the big catastrophies of the last years have hit against the enemies and goals of the elite. As of now and don’t give much credits to the pineal gland propaganda campaign of the new age shills like David Wilcock and David Icke and other gatekeepers. More specifically, I don’t believe that our material brain has too much to do with spiritual awareness, but I may be wrong (never tried LSD and stuff… 😉 ). But there are tons of scientific results from testing fluoride on the brain in general, and its more than obvious that it makes us stupid and sick. Never wondered why many celebs only drink Evian…? Well, some of them got stupid nevertheless 😉
      So, thanks for commenting and asking! Blessings, Chaukee


  12. What is happening in 2013 is Full Scale Attack on Humanity! Chem Trails are Killing Birds in Canada & America, also WiFi, and 60 Cycle EMF permeates our MInds causing Serious “Ringing in the Ears & Head.” the Processed Foods are Cancerious, Flouride is the Main Ingrediant in PROZAK, the Mass Killings are done by PEople on SSRI’s, People are eating High Fructoise Corn Syrup, which CAUSES Sugar Diebetis, The other Sugar Substitute-Aspertaine- Turns into METHYL ALCHOHOL at Room Tempertature, and Travis “Wonders” if “Conspiracies are exaggerated?” NO, TRAVIS, NOT EXAGGERATED, but UNDER REPORTED.
    The AGENDA is and has always been “DEPOPULATION.” Hitler’s MOdel for his Genocide was the UNITED STATES GENOCIDE of the AMERICAN INDIANS!

    I Refer you to http://vimeo.com/4194632
    Ward Churchill Speaks: On Colonialism as Genocide


    • OK. Should I give into the right mind pragmatism, I would reply with, two paragraphs of horrors and I would put three links to follow 2 podcasts and one video. (No peer reviewed journals).
      After getting scared by your photo, and thinking that you really must be meaning what you are saying, I would like to make the suggestion that the next time you want to do something about IT (see above), to buy a plane ticket to the Philippines or to Africa and spend two weeks in a remote village.

      No current water, no electricity, no internet, no radio, no tv, no shops, no banks.

      What you will find is what happy people look like.

      Take care



      • Funny Person you are! Honey- I Grew Up in Third World Arkansas Ozarks, no Inside Plumbing-EVEN IN SCHOOL. No current water, no electricity, no internet, no radio, no tv, no shops, no banks. Are you not realising John Zerzan: anti-civilization theorist, writer and speaker
        You might think of John Zerzan as the anti-Steve Jobs. Zerzan is an intellectual leader of the anarcho-primitivist movement, an ideology that regards technology …as the Problem


  13. chaukee,

    Good article. From my experience: I have been reading for some time the alternate economic news (another fun trail of disinformation) and from source to source I get to New Age Energy Creation Ascension…and eventually to the only Official Website …[of]. I use the email, I write a message and I get back the biggest insulting name calling and threatening email I have ever received in my life! ended … ‘In Light’. I don’t know you but I can give you the details just for fun.

    What is scary is that there are people who actually believe in the stuff and might even donate.

    So I agree, write a comment and see the reaction.



    • Hey iChimp,
      Thanks a lot for the confirmation – had to smile a lot: “in Light” 😀
      Especially considering that these wannabe-positive people of those movements don’t even know of the masonic/mystery babylonian origin of their “light”…

      “What is scary is that there are people who actually believe in the stuff and might even donate.”
      That indeed baffles me too – but only until I realize that most of the self-called “awakened” people are perhaps 1% more awaken than the sheeple that are still plugged into the mainstream matrix. A life-long mind-programming is not undone in a couple of months or years on “the web” or in some New Age seminars. Our whole education, economic system and society evolve around ego, thats a very sticky force, telling from my own life… 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and all the best wishes,


  14. However, if STUPID PEOPLE had rather DIE from STUPID- unbelief in Medical Caused Deaths (MORE than ALL Gun Killing, War Deaths, Etc) and the The Television NEVER LIES, good. GO DIE!
    If you Goody Two Shoes doubt the WAR on HUMANITY, read up on Population Control.


    • Dear homelessholocaust,

      I don’t know why I am setting myself up for trouble in answering to you. Maybe because of your photo (still scary) and the CAPS. People are normally stupid. I myself am stupid most of the times. Actually at this present moment, coincidentally, I am about to be extremely stupid, so stupid that I am going to hate myself for the stupidity that I managed to master for the rest of at least…. Anyway. Thinking about the stupid doctors… There are lots of stupid scientists as well out there. I know at least one physicist that does not know the difference between a cube and a tube just because for him they sound the same way. Of course, the fact that his span of attention was less than a second (!) for only getting the end of the sounded word helped a lot. I used to tell him that he is the living proof that the value of the limit exists.

      Yes there are stupid doctors. Every time I see my GP I manipulate the conversation for making him understand what I think my problem is and not what he thinks my problem is. And yes, I was a stupid patient, as I had my appdx removed out of misdiagnosis, and so were my tonsils because it was *medical fashion* when I was a toddler.

      So what can be done about it? Become a *super user*, the equivalent nightmare of any System Administrator. There are loops and holes that make loopholes. 🙂

      But I don’t think you are actually enraged by stupidity… I think you are rather pissed off with the lack of critical thinking and the automatic acceptation of the authority of stupidity only because of its title.

      Huh? Did I make any sense?



      • But I don’t think you are actually enraged by stupidity… I think you are rather pissed off with the lack of critical thinking and the automatic acceptation of the authority of stupidity only because of its title.
        Well Said, and Seeings as how we both same the exact same thing with different words, the Stupid-Asses would say one of the twain is wrong ignorant and a name calling bigot. Which is corrupt argument from logos, starting with a given, pre-set belief, dogma, doctrine, scripture verse, “fact” or conclusion and then searching for any reasonable or reasonable-sounding argument to rationalize, defend or justify it. Certain ideologues and religious fundamentalists are proud to use this fallacy as their primary method of “reasoning” and some are even honest enough to say so.

        I post anything I find interesting or rarefied, if others decry a order or reason, they are the problem that they themselves create…illusion of incomprehension …..they just CHOOSE to be THINK AS A BRICK.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Dear Chaukee,

    I think some people are doing a sort of pseudo re-enactment of The Event NBC series in real life. Well that’s how I perceive it, maybe is the other way round. Just check that which is laying in plain sight: http://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/category/the-event-updates/
    Maybe it is not true, but my sense is that the false flags being *staged*? Where do they get the money to do all that? 🙂 Surely the *organizers* must have found the secret to adding zeros :). Really!



  16. Greetings. Good writing here. Yes, so much disinfo going on now. Whether they are witting or unwitting agents, they are still being used. The one thing that protects you is the Bible, the Word of God, IMHO.

    May I know what is your opinion on the Bible? Look at how the Roman Catholic Church change the world calendar to make the Sabbath on Sunday when it should be Saturday….

    It is not about if Christianity (in pure form) is the truth or not, but rather look at how Satan has been going about distorting and attacking Christianity for thousands of years. So by inference, the more Satan attacks, the more you know it must be the truth.

    A theory I have, is the “accusation strategy” of the elite, who are now deliberately pushing for more “awareness” about how they operate. Take the missing Malaysian plane for example….

    They let the news out, pretend to care, pretend to search with no intention of finding the plane, and then retire the news. When people do nothing about this, they can say -“see, the masses consent”. Read the book of Job. Very similar tactic of Satan.

    And now the dark agenda will accelerate…..

    Even in Cyprus, where they robbed people of money, now they are holding financial conventions there and people ARE attending! They have gotten your consent……

    Many people are misled into thinking they are losing control. No, they are INCREASING the control….

    Your only solution is seek God in such a godless age. Only God can guide you. The world will get more evil until God decides to step in. And this is happening before your eyes….


  17. I recently in effect “outed” the Zen Gardner site, and quite a few commenters witnessed it. The Zen Gardner site is a massive psyop.


    • @Heather Martin, he, he, you’re right, thanks for reminding me of those shills. For me, those two have been so obvious from the beginning that I never followed their throw-offs 😀
      Respect, Chaukee


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  19. I hope you leave my comment posted, as many sites love to erase me, which proves to me, just how many shills are really out there. I am an American who has been at this whole thing for many, many years.

    Who is behind all the chaos and confusion? You can sum it all up in three words, “The greedy ones.”

    The following is a list of those behind the scenes, there are more, but these are well known; Zionist Jews, Zionist non-Jews, The Catholic Church and their evil offspring, MANY of the richest families on the planet, Satanists, many European “royal” families, many African “royal” families, many of YOUR (you reading this) government leaders, Chinese communist scum, Rich Japanese garbage businessmen, Russian thugs of many types, Mass Media and Entertainment brainwashed trolls, and ANYONE who can’t think for themselves.

    Yes, there are many unknowing members of the group who are purposely destroying out world. As the old saying goes, “Wake Up People!” If people are too concerned with sports and Kardashian type rubbish, and you can’t spend a few hours to look up the ACTUAL, FACTUAL TRUTHS which are well posted all over the last true form of “free” press, the internet, then you are only helping “those” who hate humanity.

    So many groups out there think they are so well and “above” you and me. And they use those with money and political power to corrupt everything they touch to fit their personal agendas. We are the same people, every human life is equal beyond a doubt. It does not matter what color your skin is or your mental aptitude, we are all connected. Let the connection take form and only in this way, can we stop “them.”

    MANY of the mainstream conspiracy theories are in fact, truths. My point to yous is this. The one that needs the most exposing if you will, if the 100% FACT that we DO NOT live on a spinning ball shooting through the universe at 490,000 miles an hour, where our supposed galaxy moves with us and the stars, sun and moon stay in relatively the same positions. Use some common sense people, go out at night and look up, look around during the daylight, it IS right in front of your faces.

    “But how could so many people be in on it!?” Herein lies your answer, while there are many people that are in on it due to greed and threats, many people are numb to the facts and well to put it bluntly, BRAINWASHED! There are many cures for cancer, including the simple FACT that cancer CANNOT live/thrive in a healthy body. Now, not all doctors are in on the conspiracy. Yet, the books they studied in “over priced brain cleansing” school come from very few sources. NOT all the people working for NASA are in on the complete BS they spew. Again, they have been simply misguided by believing what they were told without questioning the sources. Copernicus, Newton and even Einstein, were in FACT no smarter than Larry, Curly or Moe.

    Knowing dumb math equations does not make you smart. Realizing and knowing that good, healthy, nutritious, organic, non-gmo foods are wonderful for you and your family makes you smart!

    I do not know the actual shape of the place we call Earth my friends. I DO KNOW FOR A 100% PROVEN FACT (many times been proven over and over again) that we live on a flat, fixed plain. I do know that the United Nations goes to great lengths to hide Antarctica and waters all around the deepest edges of a very large circular shape with a massive ice wall. Again, those men who guard are not all in on it. They may think they are guarding wildlife, international waters, military bases, their countries landmasses, you get the picture.

    EVERYONE should write letters to ALL members of your government demanding answers to questions about this and all your other favorite “conspiracies (truths).” Write and email any and all local business, religious institutions, police, military, fire and medical institutions. DO NOT be afraid to talk to your friends, neighbors and especially families. If we ARE ALL CRAZY, then it must be so!

    We have long been in the stages of a world revolution my friends, it is slowly happening but we need to pick up the pace, the POWER IS IN OUR HANDS! WAKE UP!

    Cool site, Chaukeedaar. You are on the right track. To you and anyone else that should happen to come across my post, feel free to copy and pass it along! I have passed this site and MANY other people’s comments along in my journey. PEACE!


    • Hey XXLTinFoilSombrero,
      You are on the wrong blog to think comments get deleted so easily 😉 (unless they impolitely insult other people than themselves). My strategy is simple: The dumber the comment, the better the text unmasks itself…
      Now to your comment: This would be a perfect example of a well crafted, manipulating agents text, a well-balanced mixture of truth in the beginning, bullshit that discredits a whole truth movement in the middle, and some blatant flattery at the end. What the hell did you (or your sponsor) think when trying to infiltrate an article that actually examines disinformation strategies…?
      Whatever, for the gullible (who I do not expect among my readers) that might read your flat-earth bullshit comment: 490,000 miles an hour is not fast in relation to the distances between celestial bodies. You need much better arguments to convince those who flew around the whole world on their travels and actually could compare the globe in their mind to the globe out of the plain windows.
      Now back to work, the truth movement needs to be seriously mixed up this year as your sponsors are heading for complete world takeover now.
      Cheers, Chaukee


    • The Filthy Spewing of Low Grade Moron Bigot Racist Jew Hating son of a whore who actually claims to be a Free Thinker?
      YOU, SIR, are human offal, the lowest form of a predator plague genocidal mass murdering 21st. Century barbarian. I quote you here:
      The following is a list of those behind the scenes, there are more, but these are well known; Zionist Jews, Zionist non-Jews, The Catholic Church and their evil offspring, MANY of the richest families on the planet, Satanists, many European “royal” families, many African “royal” families, many of YOUR (you reading this) government leaders, Chinese communist scum, Rich Japanese garbage businessmen, Russian thugs of many types, Mass Media and Entertainment brainwashed trolls, and ANYONE who can’t think for themselves.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. I just wanted you to know that regardless of any information included in it this is fucking terribly written.


    • Thank you moodymane for your honest rating. Please be assured that you would be more than welcome to improve/rewrite the text. I can offer you a barter for a text written in german.
      Peace, Chaukee


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  22. Chaukeedar claims to be follower of Hare Krishna cult and Srila Prabupadha who is a virulent racist. Iskon cult has been rife with sex abuse scandals and some of their pseudogurus arrested.
    Chuakeedar is also a proponent of this world is not real/maya etc .. the type of B.S the Brahmins in India used to dupe millions into caste slavery
    And What is the point of homeless holocaust? To Lampoon everyone and offer no solution?


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