The 45 Billion Swiss Francs Present to the NWO by Philipp Hildebrand, Head of the Swiss National Bank

Philipp Hildebrand, Chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank

Lets have a short trip back to the year 2010: Philipp Hildebrand, the Chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank (SNB), decided to buy Euros in exchange for several billion Swiss Francs in an apparent attempt to back the Euro from its downfall, which is a problem for the Swiss exporting industry. The SNB corresponds to the FED in the United States or the EZB in the European Union.

Well, the Euro nevertheless dived along with the U.S. Dollar, and meanwhile, Philipp Hildebrand is responsible for a loss of 45 billion by this unsuccessful – and – unscientific attempt. Even as a non-economist (he is a political scientist), in his position he has many well decorated economists around him who should and probably have told him that such currency manipulations rarely work from the historical and scientific point of view. Why did he sell out so many Swiss Francs to the world anyway? Remember: Switzerland is very small, 45 billion Francs correspond to around 6500 Francs or 8400 dollar per inhabitant of this central european “island”… To understand his REAL motivation, we must know his background and his connection to the top New World Order leaders.

Playing in the Globalist’s Financial Spider Web

George Soros, Financial Speculator or Manipulator?

According to “Die Weltwoche“, a Swiss weekly political magazine, Philipp Hildebrand got in touch with George Soros, main delegate of the Rothschild and Rockefeller elitist secret world government, when he worked for the World Economic Forum in Davos. From him he got in contact with the top world financial manipulators like Louis Moore Bacon (MCM), Ben Bernanke (FED), Timothy Geithner, Jean-Claude Trichet (EZB), Mario Draghi (Italian Central Bank), Mark Carney (Governor of Bank of Canada), Larry Summers, and many more… (see and ASR blog). Hildebrand is also member of the Group of Thirty, the quasi world financial government, founded by Rockefeller.

With such cross-linking with the New World Order global manipulators one may rise the question where the loyalty of the head of the SNB lies: At the service of the Swiss People or rather on the side of his Illuminati friends?

Where have the 45 Billion Swiss Francs gone?

It’s astonishing how every last article in the NWO controlled media about this financial disaster focuses on a “wrong strategy” by Hildebrand, assuming that backing the Euro in relation to the Swiss Franc was the real goal. No one seems to be able or willing to change the perspective. When the SNB bought billions of Euros, somebody got Swiss Francs in exchange, right? Of course I am not able to track back to whom all these Francs have been sold to, but knowing how the Rothschild and the other top freemason banksters always made money from catastrophic events, be it planned wars or planned financiel troubles, it should not be a too big step to conclude that these transactions have been prepared in these global manipulators headquarters and the Group of Thirty, just to ease a little bit the loss they got from the diving Euro… Clever as always, they have bought Swiss Francs back in 2010 in a relatively stable environment – the supposed buying of Euros by the SNB kept the exchange rate quite stable for the duration of these planned transactions. Today the Euro still keeps falling, and some banksters moved part of their wealth to the island of stability at the right time!

Exchange Rate Swiss Francs / Euros since 2010


Switzerland has been in the hidden grip of Freemasonry since its official founding in 1848 (see pictures below from noicon blog), and its independence is still partly an illusion that helps the powerful play their corrupt and egomaniac games.

Swiss Parliament and Government Building with Freemason Symbolism

But the resistance  is already everywhere:

NWO Resistance, near Bern

1 thought on “The 45 Billion Swiss Francs Present to the NWO by Philipp Hildebrand, Head of the Swiss National Bank

  1. Forex traders trade many kinds of currencies. But in terms of quality, stability, and assuredness, none compare to the “safe haven currency” of the Swiss Franc. Switzerland’s currency is so stable that forex traders flock to it, particularly when they are desperate for an “even keel” in their forex portfolios. I know there are times when I was on the edge of my seat while investing here and there… until I put my money into CHF. And I slept soundly.


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