Masonic Symbolism and Disinfo: Unconscious Initiation or Disorientation for the Awakening?

Pink, the Pop Singer, getting her Masonic Initiation in Public (click picture for source article at Vigilant Citizen)

Now here it is: the strongly hyped year 2012. Some pushing its meaning in the sense of a possible Armageddon of any sorts (comets, Planet X, solar outbursts, earth changes, pole shifts), others in the sense of a spiritual or dimensional ascension of earth and mankind or simply the official disclosure of Alien presence. And as I try to show in this article, all of them working to finally implement their long “overdue” New World Order. They have prepared a global police state and financial and religious world government so hard in the year 2011 that everything looks like 2012 could also be the year they have created enough chaos as to have their new order come out of it like their symbol, the phoenix. The informed among my readers have surely noticed the orchestrated destabilization of the old monetary system, the signing of the Defense Authorization Act by the current US shadow government puppet Obama, the power up of the FEMA camps, the hijacking of the worldwide Occupy movement and the preparations for World War III around the Iran rattling. Why do I have the feeling that those different conspiracy topics somehow all come together with the well prepared “brand” 2012?

First weird Thing: Secret Society Symbolism in the Entertainment Industry (Music and Film)

I was raised and educated in Bern, the capital city of Switzerland. Not for a second in 15 years of eduction and university have I been told by anybody about the meaning of masonic symbols that are ALL AROUND in the old buildings of my city. In fact, I did not see them until I read about pyramid symbols, columns, all-seing-eyes, square and compass, skulls a.s.o. For the younger of my readers – yes, there has  been a time when all this stuff really was secret…

Today, the situation looks different, the occult symbols are all around, especially in the entertainment industry, and anybody who wonders can find some version of explanation on the internet about them:

Why is masonic symbolism and information going public in such an obvious manner lately, namely in the western music and movie industry?

Second weird Thing: Disinfo Agents for the Elite on the Internet and in Books

The last one and a half year that I spent in the anti-conspiracy/truther movement has left me somehow quite largely disturbed when I realized that most of the well-known players in that movement have themselves a masonic/secret society background.

  • Take David Icke: No proof for his reptile claims after, what, 20 years? Using masonic symbolism and statements in his books and divulging of New Age ideas that clearly have been uncovered as purely Masonic in origin (see Lucis Trust, and the video of Icke supporing these ideas). And last but not least: Not honest about his information sources (spiritual entity…)! See for example Icke in his Book “Love Changes Everything” that is fabulously not for sale any more: “Since the publication of The Truth Vibrations I have learned so much more as I have communicated almost daily with Rakorski, the one known as Lord of all Creation, who is directly responsible for the changes the Earth will undergo. I also communicate often with the one we know as Jesus, the Spirit of the Earth, and many others.” [Source]

  • Take the Vigilant Citizen (the website): Spreading paranoia among its numerous young readers that is triggered whenever coming across Illuminati symbolism in the entertainment industry whereas lacking of promoting any strategy AGAINST the cabal. Advertising for pro Illuminati and occult products and services. Even suppression of any solution oriented comments in his blog section as well as forum, massive totalitarian style censorship. You only have to check the absurd flood of Cointelpro the group around VC spread in the comments section of my little tiny article about “him”, written by a unknowing little blogger like myself.
  • Take Secharia Sitchin who strongly influenced the ancient astronauts theories whilst being a high freemason and essentially popularised speculations about superior alien visitors by placing the myths about Nibiru as Planet X and the alien slave-driver race, the Annunaki.

    Sitching and Maxwell – Masonic Handshake [Source]
  • Take Alex Jones, number one fear monger who has been convicted for lying too many times and adopts Cointelpro techniques against fellow activists in perfection. Taking his side on the Vatican/Jesuit faction of the secret societies war, repressing the Zionist aspect of the New World Order.

And that’s only some of the more “famous” guys obviously playing double roles in the spiritual warfare. How many more unknown secret society insiders are behind deceptive sites like and

Are we uninitiated people just victims of different cabal factions fighting each other, like the Rothschild/Zionists versus Rockefeller/Skull&Bones? Jesuits versus the Scottish Rite or Ordo Templi Orientalis or Nights of Malta (anybody kept a perspective on all of them)? Or is there even a common agenda of the cabal behind all of this?

Third weird thing: Promotion of the Alien Disclosure Agenda after Decades of ridiculing it

I’ve already written about this phenomenon a little on my article “Alien Disclosure in the near Future: How to Distinguish Positive from Negative Visitors“. What role does disclosure play in the elitist’s plans?

Externalization of the Masonic Belief System

After reading a bit on Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley, all three having contributed a wast part on the intellectual preparation for the satanist/luciferian New World Order, I found out why so many forces are externalizing the masonic symbols and belief system these days (I guess). For the realization of their envisioned occult world state, to “externalize the spiritual hierarchy” as they say, they need the support of many more deceived souls:

The objective is “the helping of the Great Ones and the rendering to Them of that intelligent assistance which will make Their plans for humanity materialize.

Remember: Occult people believe they can influence reality by consciousness, the more contributors the better, that is why they manipulate public opinion by their media in the first place. New Age is the perfect tool to gather spiritually searching people and draw their attention away from the all loving, eternal God, and instead focus on channeled entities (in the case of New Age it’s mostly demons) and their messages. The “Ascended Masters” of Bailey obviously need our consent to create the kingdom of the Anti-Christ on earth. Symbolism and half-truths about secret societies are the bait to attract other negative, power-hungry humans (see the Global Information Network of Kevin Trudeau), as well as spiritually unstable people. Is it too far to conclude that the elite has analyzed their great delay in implementing the New World Order and found that they are too few in numbers?

Blavatsky, Bailey, Crowley: God Haters United

The same goes for the disclosure agenda: Many sceptical people in the field suspect alien visitors for not being physical, three-dimensional entities, but etherial ones that mask themselves as “classic aliens”. The whole “Galactic Federation of Light”-scam essentially can be broken down to an attempt to convince more truth-seeking people of the benevolence and ethical superiority of the “visitors”. Combined with the real, hyped or created world problems we face today, some people actually would and will invite these forces to save us. Tricked again!

Secret societies tend to plan in long terms. When they attack our youth today, they are preparing the elite of 2025, the year Alice Bailey prophesied the coming of “The Christ” (=Antichrist). As “The “A” Team” commented so eloquently on my VC article:

Symbols have no power with the exception of the power you give them. The idea that symbols rule the world is absurd. It’s “man” that rules the world and the power he has accumulated via his network and knowledge gained through that network. Understanding human psychology is paramount. In the occult the neophyte is indoctrinated to the meaning of said symbols and a strength of belief is wielded into them as their indoctrination continues. If anything they serve as a medium of communication, and most probably are now being used as a marketing ploy. Someone pointed out above that Alice Bailey’s corrupted organization claimed there would be an externalization of the hierarchy ordeal happening at some point. More accurately I think the “mysteries” are being slowly exposed to the youth of today to train them in the meanings, or otherwise slowly indoctrinate them. Exposing these symbols therefore helps to bring attention to them.

Femalepharaoe, another ex-VC poster went a step further and suspects sites like the Vigilant Citizen to initiate us without our knowing:

From the occult perspective, it has been said that Masonic images and other things appear purposely because through giving us these secrets they stick to their own codes and basically initiate us without our knowledge. If you are a read person of revelations, as I do not claim to be, one of the questions was “if you know the mark of the beast why would you receive it”? Obviously, it is through trickery and only the wise will refuse it.
THE SITE IS AN INITIATION! Remember the question of: “are we just seeing this more because we realize it, or are they doing it more now for publicity” .
HA! It is both! And the publicity is getting us accustomed to their rank and file in the order.

I guess there is no other way than to become more sceptical and analytical about the information overload we are dealing with in the alternative media. Let us train thought, intuition and good faith and help ourselves out of mistakes!

Armin Risi, a great Swiss spiritual writer, also has about the same thoughts (translated by Chaukeedaar):

Theories that claim that a secret world force is controlling the whole world have their roots in blind paranoia without any trust in God, or they are a bluff of those in power who want to present themselves as more powerful than they really are.

World Conspiracy theories are therefore primarily disinformation: Some absurd conspiracy theories are produced which  then are refuted and condemned, so that the whole issue is made invalid, and that’s the trick, because: There are actually powers who strive for power over the human race! But they can not be identified with any religions or nations. Because there are multiple fronts aspire to this power, and among them there is struggle, hypocrisy and competition. This makes the effect of the dark ones even more obscure, so that the danger is great to not see the wood for the trees and get lost in this forest.

Chaukeedaar’s message to the occult elite: This planet nor your tiny, little, greedy souls will ever heal from new hierarchies, be it the political New World Order, the New Age/World Religion, or a central New World Bank. Leave us alone with your manipulations, suppression of truths, distribution of lies, crippled education and centralized world organisations and let humanity heal with God’s help!

Namaste, Chaukee

58 thoughts on “Masonic Symbolism and Disinfo: Unconscious Initiation or Disorientation for the Awakening?

  1. Great read Chaukeedaar. If you keep writing articles like this, your blog is going to get very popular.


    • Thank you so much, my dear, you are fast as anything! 😉
      Well, perhaps if I could write in english like Femalepharoe can…

      So, no, really, I need some sleep.
      Blessings, Chaukee


  2. While I believe there may possibly be grains of truth to the various theories proposed by David Icke and Sitchin, I do agree that what they are revealing to us, (or what they may have selectively chosen to reveal), may be feeding into the NWO agenda. Overall, I think it’s important to discern information using the spiritual knowledge and wisdom one has gained along one’s truth seeking journey.


    • Couldn’t agree more, dear io!

      I think there are even some major grains of truth in the messages of these people. They haven’t invented most of their concepts in the first place, but stolen it from old spiritual and mystical traditions. What I especially don’t like is how they abused estern spiritual knowledge and now are corrupting the whole ideas of karma, self-responsibility and “consciousness”, among others. All in the name of power, of course.


  3. Darling,

    Your english is not only great , your writing is superb and your positivity shines through. Great article.

    So , just a few minutes ago I was trying to relax and enjoy one of my favorite tv shows, the american crime drama Law and Order: special victims unit. I was really excited because I had a glass of chocolate milk and this was a new episode, though this season has been noticeably…of f.

    Moments in, and there is a group of cloaked black men raping a woman as they wear GOAT MASKS.

    MAN…I don’t know if I was more upset that the illuminati were up to their old tricks, or that they had ruined my regularly scheduled program! ! Lol

    I really enjoyed the way you broke down the.possible dis info agents.

    On icke: the problem with his reptilian theory to me is not that it is improbable, more that I would indeed feel crazy once I stated to believe it. That doesn’t take away from the fact that “the queen” has been linked to a mass native childrens grave a couple months back and just this month they found a dead body of a young girl ON THE PALACE GROUNDS. They claim no one knows how she got there, what hapened but I seriously doubt people are able to freely roam the castle grounds.

    Sacrifice for the reptilians?

    Also, there was a video made by another kooky lady who analyzed backwards voices. She said Icke stated that he had been hurt and used by the “messengers” demons.

    I do believe this is true, and he may not know it is dis info.

    Thanks for making me think and smile as usual.


    • Hey beautiful,

      Thanks a lot, and great to hear that there is some positivity in my article… I don’t want to focus too much on the dark side, and the limit is reached now I guess. The next one most be something that builds up 🙂

      I can relate to your Law and Order shock. I had to throw out quite a load of CDs and mp3 that where accumulated during the time and did not understand the background of some illuminati bands…

      Yeah, I read about that Queen rumors and am not surprised at all… Who knows what we will discover after we’ve left this word…!

      Cheers, Chaukee


      • You definitely won’t be in the same place where she (the Queen) will be! But what we hopefully will be able to do (on a certain level of development on the other side) is travel in time and space to any time and any place that has ever been in creation. Jakob Lorber – a great prophet, whom I highly appreciate – tells us so, and I’m looking foreward to that privilege.


  4. I agree with everyone else very good article. I like the presentation on of the wierd things going especially since you linked them all to one big agenda. I am also glad someone finally said something about the Alien Disclosure event. It has been all over media recently from The Event to V and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

    I found it funny, that the other day I was in a political debate with a fellow christian and explained that I fimirly believed that Demons were posing as Aliens and communicating with the world powers. He laughed at me and acted as if that idea was absurd. I then explained that soon the “Aliens” will reveal themselves and all will be made clear as to whats really going on.

    I have some topics I would like to discuss, but will not post here for sake of being called a disinfo agent myself. By posting here you (Chaukeedaar) have my email if you can pls email me so I can disucss such things with you.

    “gotta go fast”


    • Hallo lieber “noicon” 😉

      Vielen Dank, dein Urteil bedeutet mir etwas! Muss zugeben, dass ich im Moment völlig hintendrein bin mit RSS-Feeds lesen, komm dann nächstens auch zu deinem Blog 🙂

      Grüssli, Chaukee


  5. I was thinking and I realised that something was wrong with what the Occupy statement says. Something profoundly wrong which makes one hopeless if one does the maths.
    They said we’re the 99% and the elite is the 1%
    This shows that for every 99 people, there’s one of the elite.
    This simply can’t be true, the percentage has to be lower.
    There are only 14 families of the Illuminati, correct me if I’m wrong.
    Of which only one is Asian.
    There are billions of people in Asia. The Illuminati’s members can only be 0.0000001% or something

    Same for the US and Europe though the percentage would be higher but definitely nowhere near 1%

    When you think about this, 1% ruling over 99 is pretty humane-ish, However, the ground reality is different. One person rules over millions.

    If you disagree, do tell me why, it’s just a theory I have


    • Hello truthseer and welcome back!

      Yeah, sure, the elite would wish that they are 1%… Whereas, they will not only try to reach this 1% by recruiting more secret society members, but by trying to reduce population (which they already admitted on various occasions).

      You’re absolutely right, but I don’t know if there is much deception behind this wrong numbering, “We are the 0.00001%” just doesn’t read and speek so easily. The big deception behind the Occupy movement is rather the attempt to create revolutionary chaos for leading into the NWO, as I already thought about here:

      Peace, Chaukee


    • What you dont and many others dont realize is that we are nearly all porch masons.When you go to school you are initiatted into the control system the school system has classes and houses with the head wearing the masonic black mortar board,the school tie is an ancient symbol of slavery.
      The Police,military,medical,clerical all follow the masonic traditions and forms of hierarchy.
      Even crime gangs such as yardies and hells angels are practically run like lodges.
      Without knowing it we all serve the system to one degree or another weather we know it or not.


  6. Dear Chaukee,
    perhaps you may take some interest in the latest show of this unpleasant lady and there is an interpretation following, which I find quite interesting:

    I’m going to write you a personal e-mail, but I need some time and rest to do so.
    Till then – warm greetings


  7. Hi Chaukee! Nicely done once again! I’ve been trying to leave a comment on this one for a while (internet problems).

    I happen to think that this year’s Olympics (as researched and disclosed by the late Rik Clay) is going to actually manifest the infamous Project Blue Beam

    And after this year’s stupidbowl (Superbowl) event we are ready to be plucked! Instead of calling in to vote for your favorite “american idol” we should be praying on a massive scale to overcome this mass deception. Thanks again for exposing this disinfo agents. They are a pain in my side.



  8. Chaukee, I just have to add that your above article is fantastic and I thank you very much for your analysis and the spiritual guidance, which you can really give pepole that way!!! It’s what we all urgently need.


    • Thanks alot, dear Veneremos! I consider this article as my most important so far, so I appreciate your feedback a lot, as well as the support you gave my view on David Icke on Lupo’s blog. Just did not find time myself yet to give some background on my claims about Icke over there. First, I get quite recalcitrant (=”bockig”) when somebody addresses me with an over arrogant tone like this Andy-guy, second I had an incident at my inner familiy that needs my full attention these days. Real life, you know 🙂

      Big hug, Chaukee


  9. There is a suspicion about the death of Whitney Huston being given reference in these videos and again symbolism plays a dreadful part in it:

    This has been given to me by a youngster who has started to open his eyes wide and the world of music and artists teaches lessons, which can’t be denied.


    • Hi Venceremos,

      As this rumour is spread primarily by the Vigilant Citizen and Godlike Productions I have a hard time to just believe it. Its sure possible, maybe even probable. If so, Whitney Houston must have know the drawbacks of the “contract” she was signing, so this is not really a big story to me. The elite is sacrificing thousands on a daily basis with their uranium and other satanic ammunition in all their “peace missions” around the world, that is the big deal to me (I’m sure you think the same).

      So, yeah, satanism works that way, one more reason to stop consuming the music and movies that are coming from it.

      Blessings, Chaukee


  10. Wie arbeitet man mit Symbolen? Ist es so wie Reiki – man projeziert Heilung durch das Universum?

    Interessanter Blog… Danke. werde oefter mal reinschauen.


    • Hallo Irmie,

      Wie kommst du darauf, dass hier jemand weiss, wie man mit Symbolen “arbeitet”? Im Artikel gehts darum, wie Symbole von Geheimgesellschaften verwendet werden, um unsere Jungen zu indoktrinieren, nicht darum, damit “zu arbeiten” (was auch immer du dir dadurch erhoffst) 😉

      Lg, Chaukee


      • Für was braucht man Symbole? In den Runen werden sie Projeziert wie beim Reiki, also alt-Nordische Geisteswissenschaften nutzten diese Symbole zweckse Meditation, so auch die Symbole des Tantra, z,B. in Indien. Es ist normal. Ich weiss wenig über die Symbole der Deutschen, deshalb frage ich, erwarte aber keine Antwort


  11. I enjoy your blog, and the positive energy I feel behind it, very much. Thank you from here in New Zealand x


  12. Hey Rebecca,

    Thanks for that wonderful compliment! Its actually somehow sad that those negative topics (like in that article) have to swash over to New Zealand, but unfortunately the machinations of the secret societies and their New World Order could negatively affect about most of the people in this world.

    So, in this regard, much peace to you guys down there!

    Cheers, Chaukee

    PS: I enjoyed your islands very much back in 2003 (estimated year of my visit 🙂 )


  13. Hallo, lieber Freund!
    Wunderbar, gut geschrieben, da habe ich lange drauf warten müssen- hat sich gelohnt! 😉 Aber, ich möchte DRINGEND vorschlagen, die Verbesserung von diesem Statement von ” von einem unwissenden kleinen Blogger wie mich” in von einem unscheinbaren, aber gut belesenen, nachdenklichen Blogger –
    Bescheidenheit ist eine Zier, aber es gibt keinen Grund, das eigene Licht kleiner zu machen als es ist!

    Das ist in eminen Augen eine Tatsache! 😉
    Kindly Regards


    • Vielen Dank, lieber Freund! Nun ja, so gut belesen bin ich leider nicht, sicherlich bei Weitem nicht so wie du, und daher steht mir Bescheidenheit doch gut an… 😉 Und das bisschen Intuition kommt ja nicht von mir selber, sondern von einigen Stufen höher 🙂


  14. That quote from femalepharoe is so true! I knew there was something wrong with reading all those interpretations of music videos. You’re being showed occult symbols and then being educated on how to understand them (which is for the “illuminati’s” agenda). I had this feeling I shouldn’t be reading those articles and I believe it was God convicting me. I knew I should be educating myself from other sources.


  15. Namaste ap kaise hai?

    I wondered what you think about the while MK ultra stuff?…In my 2yrs or so i have read much of intrest on the subject and considering that its not only celebs but ordinary people also who are targeted individuals i would like to say i have heard how possibly children of people who attended Ickes early conferences were possibly monitered some way…. I have to say the reasons i found my way to these places like yours (nice to make aquaintance btw….i found your place yesterday) have opened up a whole can of worms..well first time i saw Ickes picture i got chills through me because i felt he means no good no matter what he preaches…altho i have read a couple of his books..ive never ‘trusted’ him


    • Hey Thursday,

      Thanks, I’m great 🙂

      I’m not too read into MK Ultra stuff, so what I say now is just some blurred opinion of mine: I’m pretty sure the cabal is still using the results of the MK Ultra cruelties on a regular schedule, but I doubt that ALL the celebrities are under such abuse as reported by VC and others. I think its mainly with assassins when the results of MK Ultra comes to public surface. Ever wondered why virtually all murderers of public persons are considered “disturbed” and psychologically instable by ordinary police? Sure you did 😉

      And yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about with can of worms and your bad stomach about David Icke, here’s what I’ve commented on an article of mine (
      “I actually have gathered a whole record of evidence from the web that a lot is fishy about David Icke. I personnaly believe that he is
      1. not honest about his background (Freemasonry)
      2. not honest about his personal information source (channeling of some spiritual entity)
      3. preparing the world for an alternative new world order by use of the dialectic method
      4. a luciferian or God-hater – I have found no statements from him talking about our all loving father/mother, the source of everything (could be wrong on that one, I welcome any counter-evidence!)

      I had a bad feeling from the very first video I saw from him, he looks like obsessed to me…”

      Greetings to you and thanks for sharing your experience,


  16. Another most worthful reading from Zen Gardner concerning disinfo from the new age distraction corner:

    Short exerbt:
    “Fulford-Wilcock Leads to Nowhere
    There’s not a lot that needs to be said about the Fulford-Wilcock affair. It may mean well but it’s spun around a very strange dynamic of secretive information and supposed interpretation. What I resent is being tooled along with it all, as if it’s real information and something to pin my hopes on.
    And many sincere folks are falling for it because it brings hope.
    It’s much like new age or religious info where you are strung along on supposed “facts” from doctrinal or channeled information and etherial suppositions.
    Sorry, I’ve been tooled before. No longer.
    This just smells completely wrong. The “dragon family” will supposedly replace the Bavarian Illuminati and all will be well? Hello? Anybody home? Millions of ninjas and Asian mafiosos will scour the existing power structure and bring harmony to the good of all?
    Are we in a comic book?”


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      • I’d like to contact you, via mail. I have some information that could possibly further expose “The Vigilant Citizen”.


      • Never mind (the mail contacting). I’ll just share with everyone what i have found SO FAR and please, do CORRECT ME if i’m wrong.

        Government “Fan” Page:

        2+0+1+3+9+0+3+5+8+3+7+6=47; 4 + 7=11

        Joined facebook on 29/11/2009 (INFO-section) (created even before the official VC page)

        – Day= 29; 2+9=11
        – Month=11
        – Year=2009; 2+0+0+9=11

        hence 11/11/11



        The Vigilant Citizen’s logo for facebook: VC

        The letter V in Hebrew is “Vav” and its numerical equivalent is 6
        The letter C in Hebrew is “Gimel”(also the letter G) and its numerical equivalent is 3
        In other words, 6’s in threes. 666
        Also note the 666 in his FB page -url

        The website’s “The Vigilant Citizen” logo: “THE” is carefully placed on the letter G, referring to “The G”;
        Symbolic for ‘Geometry under The Great Architect Of The Universe’ in Freemasonry.

        As for his website forum:
        No stars=”Smelly Wino”
        1 star= “Profane”
        4stars=”Royal Master”
        5stars=”Knight of the Royal Axe” (read Albert Pike’s Morals & Dogma.
        6stars=”Order of the VC”



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  21. Hey all,
    It looks like freemasons don’t like my blog (what a surprise)… Today I found that on a forum of them somebody put a link to this very article, making fun of my ignorance of true freemasonry, then a couple of hours later, the link and post were gone. See here:
    Looks like something on my article was too true for them… These people are so paranoid in forms of protecting any information about them that they regularly unmask themselves by censoring. They absolutely don’t like when they are called what they are: a sect of brainwashed satanists!


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