Demonic Advertising and Entertainment: Illuminati Endgame 2012?

(Translation: Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels)

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

As expected, the New Age, Galactic Federation and pseudo-Truther agents  completely go nuts in December 2012. The more intelligent among them prepared their dependent already months ago with “alternative scenarios”, for the case that on 21. December neither the world ends, we don’t ascend into higher dimensions, nor humanity awakens to a new consciousness. So they speak of partial ascension, manipulative prevention by reptilian extraterrestrials, a consciousness raising process that would go for years and what other funny ideas. The bolder among them simply claim on 22. of December that the human race has just failed as a “collective,” and the new age is again postponed by a few years. At least as long as to be able to sell a few more esoteric books and courses. That’s the beauty for agents: who has to rely on mumbo-jumbo from the outside, rather than to work on oneself in self-responsibility, is easy to blind. For those who can not be lured by false hopes for the new era, it is sufficient to sell fear. And since everybody expects something on December 2012, it is easier to materialize the New World Order (or alternatively, to “externalize” the spiritual hierarchy).

For the silly thing about all those beautiful change scenarios is: So far there is nothing tangible, but many, many empty claims, mainly from prophetic old and new (channeled) sources – nothing that the critical mind or the fine intuition could really verify itself. What IS fact and reproducible for anybody: There is a global, networked and organized elite that uses all of this to program us mentally big time. Essentially, a large part of the alternative media exponents work on – consciously or unconsciously – initiating a wider audience to the lower levels of Freemasonry , without anybody noticing, of course.

The Demonic Look

Advertising Demon Cult: GyvenchyAdvertising Demon Cult: SisleyAdvertising Demon Cult: SaveAMissAdvertising Demon Cult: McQueenAdvertising Demon Cult: GucciAdvertising Demon Cult: Alex LondonAdvertising Demon Cult: Alberta FerrettiAdvertising Demon Cult: Zalando

What’s the point of all this? Should this just be cool, a new trend for its own sake? Or do we get prepared for a dark kingdom to come? Is there a connection to the soulless eyes of the current worldwide leadership puppets? Is this on the same level as hollywood’s  Satanism/star cult/Pentagram hype? If I were an advertiser I would now use natural, happy, positive people, as they would stand out drastically from the current porridge of inanimate faces.

Vampirism as a desirable Lifestyle

Vampirism as Ideal: TwilightVampirism as Ideal: MoonlightVampirism as Ideal: BladeVampirism as Ideal: Underworld

After hollywood has been featuring vampires for decades there is now, especially since  “Twilight”, a clear trend to portray bloodsuckers in a positive way. If we look at vampirism as a metaphor for energy sucking astral beings, we almost have to ask whether this Illuminati industry tries to prepare ourselves to a possible reality that could come from David Icke‘s imagination. Can we soon recognize if people and our “leaders” are occupied by negative entities from our naked eye, and are we getting accustomed to this by those movies?

Occultism Goes Mainstream

Occultism Goes Mainstream: Harry PotterOccultism Goes Mainstream: Herminie

Occultism Goes Mainstream: GagaOccultism Goes Mainstream: Jay-Z

To serve fantasies of omnipotence seems very easy, and lucrative, especially if you look at the Harry Potter series. Whether one wants to let his children see films that adults can get nightmares from, or reading books in which anagrams of real demon names are used is of course an individual decision.

Everybody can follow these trends and draw his own conclusions. When almost everything is pointing in the same direction, may this direction be an imagination? The New World Order would be a sinister affair in any ways, not only in the physical, but mostly in the spiritual sense. For a description of the spiritual condition of the satanic world elite I strongly recommend the recent article by Les Visibles: The Satanic Schematic and the Devil Inside.

Please be careful what you consume and with what you let your subconscious be influenced. The solution is always the same: Shut down TV, unsubscribe from your MSN newspaper. Also pursue alternative media critically. Read a few good books and get out into nature more often, get connected with our Creator. This helps you, it will help humanity.

Namaste, Chaukee

Get out into nature!

13 thoughts on “Demonic Advertising and Entertainment: Illuminati Endgame 2012?

      • Which is precisely why i said we will wait and see. I’m not giving power to anything. I do not worship the date, but i do believe in it’s legitimacy. i do live in the moment, and this was not meant as an inflamatory comment by the way. Only time will tell if it’s true or not.


      • Hey there,
        Sorry, did not mean to question your stand personally, just having some conversation (thus the smiley).
        Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You contradict yourself hugely!!! You say “shut down TV, unsubscribe from your MSN newspaper” and yet you post all of these horrible pictures!!! That is astounding! Do you not realise just how you popularise exactly that which you apparently object to? What you place your attention on becomes your reality.
    May I kindly suggest that the way through the quagmire of rubbish that does indeed exist out there, and that is certainly going to increase in volume as the so-called Illuminati try to wrest more and more control from individuals, is to become more heart-centred. There really is no better antidote to anything – from doubt, pain, fear, enslavement, or even nasty aliens for that matter – than raising one’s resonance so high that none of this is noticed, let alone experienced as reality.
    Love is the key, unconditional love is the cure. All of this is most easily encountered within the self when in the peace of nature. Namaste.


    • Thank you Bidget for your clear words.
      I’m sure there is a profound difference in looking at negative pictures in a conscious manner, aware what there is behind it and what the intention of the pictures could be – compared to let those images flood the brains of the consumers on a subconscious level. But the line is thin – are people who read this blog aware enough that they can filter the negativity by understanding it? In this regard I’m thankful again for your warning – as I said, follow alternative media carefully, this blog included! Its just, I encounter that “demon agenda” on a daily basis for a long time, and all I want to do is to wake up some people to whats going on. If I doing this in a bad, “Vigilant Citizen”-style of way, I’m sorry and need to try other ways of transporting the message.
      I know this heart-centered theory, as well as the love is everything campaign, it may be a solution, I don’t know. As it comes from the New Age religious corner, I’m a bit reserved. I just observe that the more they use the word “love”, the less they act like it.
      Peace, Chaukee


  2. Can I add that zombies seem to big the trend too at the moment. Is this a metaphor for the middle class. After all I myself am leading a life of drive to work, work, then drive home,eat then sleep. This cycle continues for most of our working lives.
    Add in what’s happening in countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, with high unemployment which can lead to mass austerity food wise…do you think people will eventually get so desperate that they will eat anything?
    Is the media numbing us into thinking that if such an atrocity does happen, it would almost seem not so tragic.
    After all we are quite numb to terrorism now.
    It just seems strange these themes are trending. Are they really trending or is it the powers that be are marketing these themes for their own entertainment?


    • Hey herrman,
      Thanks a lot for contributing that aspect – I was actually thinking about the zombie-topic too when writing this article, then decided not to include it.

      There is definitely something about zombies in the entertainment industry, probably also some kind of predictive programming of the masses. Maybe its preparing the public that people who are infected with some kind of (artificial?) disease are to be considered non-human, so as to be able to eliminate them without resistance from the public? I’m bearing in mind that world-depopulation goal of the elite (Georgia Guidestones a.s.o.). I also don’t know if there is something about that zombie-virus incident in the west of the U.S. (if I remember correctly), but there are surely forces on that planet who try to create such kind of attacks to humanity.

      So again, thanks for bringing that one up and for stopping by!

      Greetings, Chaukee


  3. Do you also have the feeling as if your universe was shrinking?

    I mean the number of trustworthy people out there is already small enough, but the more research you do, the smaller their number seems to get. I find these things so obvious and very hard to believe that most people can be so blind.

    What we are dealing with here is the so called externalization of the occult hierarchy as described by Alice Bailey, one of those Lucifer worshipers. This will eventually lead to a Luciferian initiation on a large scale. Those who refuse will be killed, of course.

    It seems to me that killing is one of their most favorite activities. The ideology doesn’t really matter that much, as long as they can use it to justify killing people.

    You know what the bible says about the coming antichrist: And he had deceived everybody with the exception of those whose names were written in the Book of Life.

    What can I say? Congratulations, your name must be in it, unless you’re a disinformation agent too. Am I getting paranoid now?

    As I said, my universe seems to be shrinking rapidly. There’s even an episode in Star Trek about this. Eventually the bubble gets smaller than the star-ship. Do you also get that feeling, that your consciousness-bubble is getting too small?

    Based on my studies on mind control I have come to the conclusion that most victims are at the same time also perpetrators.

    If you listen to the priest Russ Dizdar you will come to realize that there are disinfo-agents out there, who aren’t even aware of that fact. There are two completely separate personalities using the same body. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

    OK, maybe we’re the ones under mind control, and the other people out there are the sane ones. Sometimes I wonder. Well, anyway, never a boring moment on this toxic little planet, it seems.



    • Hey mikem777,
      thanks for one of the wiser comments I every got – and sorry for that increadibly late answer (I see, its almost a year…). The curse of the growing inbox… 😉

      Anyways – yes, I do also experience that feeling of “we” are getting fewer and fewer on some occasions, especially now that I have very profound tools of recognizing the signs and ways of mystery babylon and their disinfo agents. Thanks to the great radio series of Bill Cooper that I listen to last year. BUT I also come across many individuals who are really genuine and honest and work in the true love of God, like you.

      For the question of my “conciousness-bubble” becoming smaller – nope, actually I’m exercising introspection and that deep, inner connection to God on a daily basis and I’m experiencing quite something different: That I start to see through this reality, that I can sense the true intentions of people (not on the net, but in reality), and that I see ethical questions and their answers almost instantly. I guess that self-honestly is one aspect that is helping to enable those skills.

      Anyways, don’t want to bore you with my current experiences, just want to thank you for sharing your critical and truthful thinking.

      God bless you too, Chaukee


  4. Hi there….saw this weblog thrice on VC’s FB PAGE and they and were deleted (yes, it was there where I found you, where I start to think about why does VC only focus on the music industry). Had been skeptical enough but not courageous enough to unlike the FB page because I’d been monitoring if they will post something bad/will ruin reputation of David Cook (yeah, I’m such a fangirl and I don’t want any sh*t posted there that speaks ruin). And maybe, after posting this comment, I will unlike and block the FB page for good.

    But before that, in lieu of relevance on this blog, I’d found consistent ‘posters’ who post the same similar stuff on Vigilant Citizen’s FB page almost every day. Their names are, in my hypothetical-guess-of-chronological-order:
    Marina parfenova
    Ivita (Kops) Rebecca
    Mia White
    Richard Korkiakoski
    Bijoux Jolee
    Wagashi Hamood

    The top one is a bit shady and persistent photo spammer on the page. Always the one-eye/Baphomet/Illuminati symbolism thingies from the fashion industry and common Illuminati pawns (Beyonce, Minaj, etc.). And has a strange green-blindfolded Michael Jackson as his/er profile picture. The “Korkiaski” character, on the other hand, post some political/conspiracy stuff that might be reservered for the PARANOID and over-acting, narrow-minded people.

    Now, I am trying to believe one of your headlining articles that debunk VC because I saw how one post in his FB page linking to that article of yours got deleted as I was just about to follow that post. With all the proof and brouhaha of all that, I wanted to shut the people/individual in the VC for being such a mean-spirited, snob, and a denying liar.

    Well, anyway, good stuff…Kudos, namaste.


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