and Kevin Trudeau Exposed: Frontline Illuminati Impostor

Yesterday, when I was researching on the freemason occult history I stumbled upon the website On the front page they have a quite well written summary about the New World Order elite and some of their crimes against humanity. Cool, sounds good, one more co-fighter, right?

Things got weirder when I realized that virtually every link on that blog comes back to this same introductory page, to some advertising pages of Kevin Trudeau’s books and DVDs or to some community feeds with various deceptive freemason sources. And on every page the very prominent YouTube frame of a video interview with Kevin Trudeau. First conclusion: The introductory page and the titles are placed to attract us truthers, but instead of real information they try to sell you Illuminati dysinfo material and essentially direct you to the Your Wish Is Your Command YouTube video.

At least the domain name is to the point: You really meet Illuminati members on that website…  According to WHOIS for, the domain owner is a Jeffrey Smith from Nebraska, which corresponds to the YouTube channel owner name that presents the Kevin Trudeau video. is pure and poor online advertising AND lying to the interested web surfer!

The “Your Wish Is Your Command” Advertising Scam Video of Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau is “interviewed” by Skip Lindeman, pastor at the “La Canada Congregational Church”. It’s actually not a real TV interview, but one of these staged infomercials.

Kevin Trudeau admits having been in “The Brotherhood”, a top freemason ring, where he supposedly learned the mystical secrets he pretends to expose in his books and 10.000 dollar courses. The video is really interesting as he is exposing part of the secret freemason “knowledge” (e.g. Law of Attraction, your brain is a transmitter and receiver of frequency, you can manifest your thoughts). But the really interesting part is to see how these Illuminati twist the perception of the listeners. The video is full of suggestive, repeated messages and texts (“Your Wish Is Your Command”), counter-questions, sales-story-telling, completely wrong proclaims and so on. For example, Trudeau talks of a missing element in other “Law of Attraction” books and claims that he is delivering it. Guess what, that exact final information of how his technique works is missing (but he gives a hint, that it is about Magic, 09:47)! He also admits that in his book he is going to virtually reprogram the brains of the readers…

The real missing link is: When you stand up in your life and give commands to your destiny, demanding wealth and power, you increase your attachment to this material world in a most massive way, which then influences your current and next lives in terms of Karma. If you want to stay in this material existence for a very long time, lay down your modesty towards God and Creation and start giving commands to your destiny…

What he also does not tell is that the top freemason group is practising Satanism/Luciferianism to achieve their goals. You might want to check out the recorded testimonies of these Illuminati music industry puppets to see what they needed to master the Law of Attraction (Katy Perry, Kanye West, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan):

Here is another well done video proving that Lady Gaga is a Satanist.

There is your missing link: Sell your soul to the Devil and you can manifest your desires…

Kevin Trudeau’s video “Your Wish Is Your Command” has 19.042 views on YouTube but only 18 comments – guess what – only the positive ones survive, the critics get censored, as did my comment:

Now that’s one great chance to see an illuminati in action: The suggestive, manipulative, mind-controlling speech and discussion techniques. Watch closely and learn their ways, lovers of freedom!
The same goes for this pure advertising blog “meetilluminatimembers-dot-com”
Honestly I did not expect those freemason to act so blatantly, poor losers of faith, ethics and true spirituality…
We are the resistance!

Truth is not welcome to the Illuminati. One day later my comment looked like this (“Kommentar entfernt” in German means “Comment removed”):

This is Deception

I am convinced that Kevin Trudeau is NOT out of the brotherhood, and that’s why:

  1. He is still alive
  2. He is not a perfect liar: Watch his eyes after he mentions that he left the brotherhood (25:10)
  3. He is just another front line puppet they use and manipulate without his knowing. In the video John Stossel Exposes Liar Kevin Trudeau you see that Trudeau has been in prison twice for fraud. The perfect black sheep to use for their special technique “hiding in the open”. From now on, whenever somebody brings up Illuminati inside knowledge in public, they can say that he or she reads too much Kevin Trudeau…

I think its ok that everbody can choose his/her experiences in life, be egoistic, materialistic, worship Satan and all that unconscious, silly crap. The problem comes when you lie, blind and hurt people.

See also “Infomercial king Kevin Trudeau former Illuminati member?” by Mark Dice:

Update: The Marketing Machine Reacts

Only a couple of hours after I posted this article, my WordPress comment inbox was filled with 6 spam entries with pingbacks to different advertising sites of Kevin Trudeau. His marketing machine is quite impressive!

19 thoughts on “ and Kevin Trudeau Exposed: Frontline Illuminati Impostor

  1. Anyone who falls for one of trudeau’s obvious scams probably deserves to get taken. Hopefully they will not vote or reproduce!


    • Unfortunately Kevin Trudeau is a very brilliant scam artist. People should not feel too badly if they get taken. Some of what he says is true and useful information and some of what he says is a crock. It’s too bad he’s sold out, because he could have been a useful force for good. Yes he is a scam artist though.


  2. The secret is a crock-higher law says this, everything balances-all in life is fair. When you get your wish of riches-then you will eventually lose it. It always flips to the opposite. The evil people in power now-are so by this same law-they were in the past the oppressed-criminals-prison inmates-these are eventually reborn-in positions of power-they will get that power-and the most evil ones will exact revenge for what was done to them far beyond what they suffered. That is how empires fall. Evolved beings-do not exact revenge-they forgive and do not do the same evils that they did not like done to them. The rest go around in circles-insane-cops and criminals each switch places life after life-growing more and more virulent. The politicians who make new laws and punishments more severe and those who are punished by them-each change places. Those people the Gov. Kills in War-will return and have the option to do the same to the ones who slaughtered them. The guy who had people die in the sweat lodge ceremony-is living proof-he used the secret-he is paying in this life-as it all turned around. He had wealth & respect-and then lost it all and became a pariah. It depends how much karmic debt is piled up-those with no debt-get karma back immediately-those with more debt-pay in their next lifetimes.


    • And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive. Matthew 21:22

      The “secret” in and of itself is not evil. Jesus taught it extensively in his teachings.

      The corrupt people now in office sold their soul to a dark power. This is not a consequence of using the secret.


    • I have said, You are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. Psalm 82:6

      Is the Bible Luciferian?


      • RG-
        That is scripture taken out of context and ripped from it’s meaning. Here’s the context and see if you can see/hear the sarcasm of the ‘ye are gods’ part. It’s a reference to them being judges (ie as gods, little g):

        God presides in the great assembly;
        he renders judgment among the “gods”:

        2 “How long will you[a] defend the unjust
        and show partiality to the wicked?[b]
        3 Defend the weak and the fatherless;
        uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.
        4 Rescue the weak and the needy;
        deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

        5 “The ‘gods’ know nothing, they understand nothing.
        They walk about in darkness;
        all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

        6 “I said, ‘You are “gods”;
        you are all sons of the Most High.’
        7 But you will die like mere mortals;
        you will fall like every other ruler.”

        8 Rise up, O God, judge the earth,
        for all the nations are your inheritance

        So, NO, the Bible is not luciferian. We must be careful of calling good, evil and evil, good.


      • Hey restintheway,

        Thanks for clearing this up! I guess nobody took that trivial provocation for serious as no one answered. Masonic dialectic at work, too abvious 😉

        By the way, I do not care about the old testament that much (in terms of finding spiritual truth), the jewish tradition has been undermined by pharisee/egyptian/secret society/luciferian forces from the beginning, so its no surprise to me that this part of the book has so many unwise passages. You only have to compare it to the different spirit Jesus brought to the new testament (even though that one has also at least slightly been altered by the almost same forces as above…).

        Peace to you!


  3. J. Davis- have you heard Kevin say that one of the only good congressmen left is Ron Paul. Hopefully those people will vote- the U.S. needs them to vote for Paul!

    Faux- What’s the point of “ye shall be as gods.” This is taken from Genesis in what some folks cobbled together and called the bible. But these early texts of the bible are obvious simplified and changed versions of the earlier Sumerian texts- stories the “Jewish” people picked up in Babylon. The “gods”, plural, were the ones from heaven (space) that created the human race from the already existing homo erectus to form a slave race. One of the “gods (aliens, ancestors of humans) at some point tried to teach the humans knowledge but another “god”, in didn’t want them to be taught anymore than they needed to know; the one whom tried to teach the humans was actualy right and on our side.

    jennifer Chen- I appreciate your comment but I disagree with much you wrote. First, the secret is trying to explain the law of creation/ attraction- this is something all the great spiritual masters had an understanding of.

    For example, the great enlightened master, Paramahansa Yogananda said that we become successful or unsuccessful based on our thoughts and will power. He explained that these thoughts about your self carry over into the next life. I disagree with your scenario of evil people in power were oppressed criminals necessarily. Because your thought is the most dominant force in your life. I strongly disagree that when you get your wish of riches- then you will eventualy loseit- as far as this being a cosmic dictate. To those whom have, more will be given and to those whom have little- even the little they have will be taken away. There is a snowball affect with success- it breeds thoughts and confidence of more success.

    The guy in the sweat lodge ceremony you are talking about is James Ray. First you say that the Secret is a crock and then you try to use it for your argument against James Ray to prove your point. First of all, you and I were not on the jury and we didn’t get all the facts so we can’t say that he “had people die.” In fact, it has come out that the people whom died had poison in their blood. The tarp that stored the sweat lodge top- did so in a place with a lot of rat poison in stiffling heat. It has become known that the rat poison may have evaporated, stuck to the tarp and then came off again in the heat of the sweat lodge- mabe it dripped on folks; not sure.


  4. Hey Shannon, thanks for sharing your perspective – or may I say – the perspective of an iniciate? You and me, we could not disagree much more on these topics, but that’s OK I think, we all have the chance to live by our own believes and see where we get from there.

    Ron Paul: I like his position, but I’m sure he has a hidden agenda, like ALL the presidential candidates from the two pseudo parties have. He is also a Freemason, and just like Obama, he will never live up to his promises when in charge, but execute the orders of the shadow government. So a statement from Trudeau about Ron Paul does not put him i a different light for me.

    Here’s what I think about the credibility of the Sumer ancient astronouts theory you represent:

    Then, having an understanding of spiritual laws is something completely different than abusing that knowledge for egoistic and materialistic purpose. I’m also not sure if the law of carma works as simple as it may appear from jennifer Chen’s comment, but action-reaction really seems to play an important role in our soul’s lives, at least in connection with the physical world. For that I have no proof for, just wanted to make clear that I’m a very convinced proponent of the Karma idea.

    Peace and wisdom to all of us!


  5. I Really Can’t Understand the Point of this illuminati thing but one this is for sure,they are Wasting their Lives for Nothing. What is the Purpose of Gaining the Whole World but Losing your Soul? all this Things Would Eventually Fade away. i feel Pity for them 😦


    • Hey Ephraim, thanks for your comment! Yes, the way they experiment with spiritual laws only to enhance their wealth and power is just short-sighted to say the least. As I understand the law of resonance, feeling pity for these negative and egoistic manipulators is the best and least harmful emotion we should and could spend on them, so congrats to that awakened view of yours!
      Namaste, Chaukee


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  8. Chaukee…I’ve been reading your whole blog all day and night…i’ve emailed you my thoughts…i appreciate your angle greatly. One’s path is a lonely one, because that is how it has to be lest we all go around building pyramids ourselves…but it’s always nice to hear others walking a parallel path out there…it makes the journey more palatable.
    Emma Magenta


    • Hey Emma,
      Thanks my dear for your precious thoughts here and in the e-mail – I’ll answer later, it really deserves some effort (and I have a lot of work right now, not to mention my limited english…).
      As you said, we all walk our own path, but it is a warm feeling to know that our big friend behind the scenes has sent more of us down here with the same frequence of honesty and genuinity.
      Catch you later, Chaukee


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