Star/Pentagram Cult

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

The sick wave of casting shows has one, designed learning effect on the audience and the egocentric candidates: You have to fully prostitute yourself, obey the stupidest of your masters wishes, and let go of all your former values, then “the system” will reward your selling out. As Mike Kroeger from Nickelback (another puppet in the illuminati music industry) said it in his song “Rockstar”:

I’m gonna trade this life For fortune and fame I’d even cut my hair And change my name

Is it a surprise that the propaganda agencies of the tv networks preferably use the pentagram in the logos of these shows? Why is the “star”, as a symbol of success in the entertainment industry, used in the first place?

The Rise of a Dubious Symbol

The five-pointed star, as used in todays star-cult, geometrically is identical to the occult pentagram:

A pentagram (sometimes known as a pentalpha or pentangle or a star pentagon) is the shape of a five-pointed star drawn with five straight strokes.

Lately I see dozens of star tattoos, on a daily basis. I guess 99% of the fashionista tattoo wearers have no idea what the hidden background of the star-cult is they unconsciously follow. On the other hand, most people will sense that getting and having a tattoo has some ritualistic, unnatural, almost occult aspect to it – that’s why it’s so “cool”, right? Then there are others like Rihanna who know damn well what master they owe submission to

The willful popularization of the pentagram in the entertainment industry leaves its traces in the mind-controlled masses:

Pretty, isn’t it? At least better than the six-pointed (also occult) hexagram?

Mass Mind-Control: Acclimatization to What exactly?

Considering who owns todays media corporations and what their agendas of forming  reality by mass mind-control is, they do not use symbols like the five-pointed star accidentally. To the contrary: It has a long history from the ancient mystery religions, through cabalistic/talmudic judaism, injected into all secret societies of the modern age, and now present in the greedy minds of the wicked globalist “leaders” of politics, economy and religions/new age movement, and of course hollywood and the music industry.

Among the many meanings the pentagram as a symbol has had throughout history, it’s use by todays worldwide, hidden hand (freemasonry, zionism, secret societies in general), is clear, but officially denied: the symbol of their “god”, lucifer, the “blazing star”, “goat’s head of baphomet”:

Nevertheless, the potency of a symbol has more to do with its associations and its commonality than with its antiquity and the pentagram today is ubiquitous amongst neo-pagans.

Symbols mean what the users want them to mean—and meanings change.

Some major part of the masonic symbolic believe system comes from the mystery religion’s knowledge of celestial movements. Venus, the “morning star” and home planet of lucifer, sketches a pentagram into the solar system by it’s the celestial motions.

Baphomet, Satanic Figure with un-inverted Pentagram

Does the direction of the pentagram make a difference?

Historical depictions of the pentagram were as likely to be points down as point up- a distinction between one or the other was rarely made by the ancients


In relation to Satanism it obviously does not matter if it’s pointing up or down, just see the baphomet figure at right.

It’s not only the music industry, maybe “inspired” by Satanic Hollywood, hyping the coolness of the five-pointed star , but dozens of countries seem to have a crush for the pentagram:

The Pentagram and the Occult Elite

The pentagram is used as a distinctive mark among all the nations that have been founded or undermined by the masonic and/or zionist elite:

So, What’s my Point…?

In my humble opinion, the believe in some occult forces coming from symbols is just some silly superstition of people being blinded by the crafted “mysteries” around secret societies. BUT: By opening your eyes to “their” symbols and codes you can learn how they communicate hidden – in wide open public, that is (you may also want to do a quick research on the eye of horus, the pyramid with illuminated capstone, and masonic hand signs), and more importantly, don’t fall for their system of mind-control and conditioning they’re spreading by their media and products. This is just one more little call to the people out there to open your eyes, see the obvious connections for what they are and wake up!

Namaste, Chaukee

15 thoughts on “Star/Pentagram Cult

  1. Wirklich, hübsche Sterngesichter .. 🙂
    Doch, lieber Chaukee, die Richtung macht einen Unterschied ..
    Aber, gäääähn, ich bin furchtbar müde jetzt, gute Nacht, mein Freund
    Sayonara .. 😎



  2. Hallo,
    HUI, was war ich gestern müde, aber ich wollte noch unbedingt einen “Punkt” machen:
    Nein, das war ein Scherz :mrgreen: worauf ich hinaus will, zweifelsohne bedient sich die Elite in Missbräuchlicher Weise dieser Zeichen, keine Frage.
    Trotzdem, lieber Chaukee, der Missbrauch der heiligen Geometrie von den Illuminati und ihrer multinationalen Industrien, bedeutet noch lange nicht daß diese Geometrie schlecht, bzw. negativ zu verorten wäre. Heilige Geometrie ist das Werkzeug, der lebendigen Gestaltung von Gottes Schöpfung.



    • Hallöle Stefan,
      “Trotzdem, lieber Chaukee, der Missbrauch der heiligen Geometrie von den Illuminati und ihrer multinationalen Industrien, bedeutet noch lange nicht daß diese Geometrie schlecht, bzw. negativ zu verorten wäre”
      DAS wollte ich auch nicht unterstellen. Ich versuche nur vermutete Verbindungen aufzuzeigen, WER das Pentagram, in welcher Ausrichtung auch immer, verwendet, und was diese Gruppen verbindet. Den Leuten einzureden, dass das Pentagram an und für sich etwas “Schlechtes” ist, ausstrahlt oder bewirkt, liegt mir absolut fern (auch, da ich nicht an eine Wirkung von Symbolen an und für sich glaube, sondern höchtens als Kommunikationsmittel).

      “Heilige Geometrie ist das Werkzeug, der lebendigen Gestaltung von Gottes Schöpfung.”
      Ich würde aus meiner Sicht anfügen, dass es EIN Muster innerhalb der Schöpfung, der Materiellen, ist, und dass ich den seelisch oder auch geistigen Bereich ausserhalb von Raum-Zeit sehe, also auch ausserhalb von Geometrie. Ich weiss, dass das mit dem gängigen, esoterischen, merkabah-inspirierten Multiversen-Mainstream kollidiert 😉

      Schön hast du vorbeigeschaut!

      Liebe Grüsse vom Chaukee


  3. nothing actually exist if you think about it. All the ideas educational system was trained into everyone’s young brain. What does “Ideas” mean: Something, such as a (thought or conception), that potentially or actually exists in the brain as a (product) of mental activity. 2. An opinion, conviction, or principle: …* Someones “Idea” how society engineering control authority should be institutionalized to the public. All these concepts-words-images are ideas. Nothing actually exist. As far as reality goes, what is it. Is it Consciousness? Everything even the world-universe-time-space are IDEAS. Once you fully comprehend these ‘ideas’ of a body, me, I, subject-objects, etc., are ideas. The mind-brain is a tool…using it wisely! c:


    • Generalizations over ethnical or religious groups is lack of thought and heart. When I discuss Zionism or Thalmudic Judaism I’m talking concepts, being aware that most individuals pertaining in such groups have their own shades of gray and motivations. Generalizations over humans (like “the Jews”) is the first step to murder and genozide.


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  6. I’m no expert on the matters but couldn’t it be Rihanna and whoever manages her exploited our believes about the links with illuminati? Maybe it’s a newer, younger organization that has built upon the foundations made by illuminati believes and that only uses it as a media-exploit maintaining other symbols for themselves. It just feels to obvious calling her an illuminati princess, more like a way they want to present her than as the puppet she probably is.

    Why they use the star symbol in so many shows is, in my opinion, because all the shows want to find the brightest talent out there to light the place up and honor them with a place between the many in the sky (although nobody will surpass Draco from that dragon movie, imo :p ). I won’t deny there could be any other symbolic use to it, this is only from the standpoint of what is presented to the viewer not what is meant by the initiator(s).

    And the last picture, with the girl tattooed full of stars on her face, was actually from some weird ‘happening’ here in Belgium. She claimed to have fallen asleep while being tattooed and that the person tattooing her (who had no problems with face tattoos because he is full of the himself) went to far out with his work. They tried to sue him and so on, I don’t know what really happened although it’s hard to understand you could get a face tattoo where the process makes you fall asleep. Again I won’t deny it all was influenced by an underlying hype that’s grown out of occult symbolism. I’m no expert on any of these matters, just sharing my thoughts here.


  7. @ chaukeedaar
    16/07/2017 um 05:22 auf bumibahagia

    “Gott ist gross, aber auch „klein“ 😉”

    Gott – sein Name:

    Hesekiel 1:10 Ihre Angesichte zur rechten Seite der viere waren gleich einem Menschen und Löwen; aber zur linken Seite der viere waren Ihre Angesichte gleich einem Ochsen und Adler. (Luther 1545)

    Die vier Tiere beziehen sich auf die vier Elemente:

    M ensch (Wasser”Mann”)
    A dler (Luft, als Tierkreiszeichen der Skorpion, aber auch als Schlange, stehend für “gut und böse”)
    L öwe (Feuer)
    O chse (Erde “Stier”)

    Die Anfangsbuchstaben ergeben das Wort/den Namen MALO, siehe dazu:,Malo.html
    Malo, Mali,slawisch “klein”.

    Rückwärts bedeutet das Wort OLAM, hebr.-arabisch Welt, Universum, steht als Wort/Name also synonym für “groß”.

    Wie herum ist es nun richtig, OLAM oder MALO, oder ist gar beides richtig, weil Gott ist ja groß, aber auch klein?


    • In meiner bisher erfassten Kosmologie der Existenz ist glückliches Sein das einzig real Vorhandene, Bleibende, Seiende, Ursprüngliche, Göttliche. Dieses scheint mir keinerlei Ausdehnung, Grösse oder Masse zu haben -> deshalb “Gott ist auch klein”. Danke fürs Nachfragen.
      Herzlichst, der Chaukee


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