Our World “Leaders”: Under the Influence of the Dark Side?

On a first glimpse this article could look like just a little fun, if you check the comparing images below. But if you already have a little understanding of the occult practices all of these secret society members carry out you know there is some probability of a sinister truth behind the demonic eyes of “our” leaders. I’m definitely not sure if the self-proclaimed unhuman blood lines of the elite families are real or not, I would only like to ask all of us if such people with that kind of aura and spiritual frequency are really the ones we would choose as leaders of our nations? Or why we still need leaders at all? Have we become conditioned to an all-dominating ignorance so much that we would not see the devil right in front of us any more? Do we really not care any more about who leads us, rules us, enslaves us, decides the fate of humanity? How much more in our face must it be until we start searching for the spirit of positivity and love inside of us?

16 thoughts on “Our World “Leaders”: Under the Influence of the Dark Side?

    • Hey Ayaka,
      “One has wonder if the Elite are even human after seeing photos like these.”
      At least they are investing big deal to make us believe they are superior and different… and to scare the ones that try to stand up against the cabal. Perhaps every soul gets that different when dispersing in the evil frequencies?
      They may be “something” different but nothing can really scare me thanks to our loving God and his messengers. If we have learned one thing out of the VC drama: We should not make the mistake of giving them power by fearing them. We should take power away by understanding the depth of their wickedness.
      Peace, Chaukee


  1. ´Howdy, dear Chaukee! 😉
    Deine Bilderauswahl und welche du den jeweiligen “Personen” gegenüberstellst,
    finde ich wirklich sehr “aussagefähig”.
    Du hast hier was wichtiges dokumentiert, was wir gerne vergessen:
    Gesichter und vor allem die Augen unserer Mitmenschen, “sprechen” zu uns.
    Allerdings “spricht” die Physiognomie des Bösen auch – wie man sieht, auch sehr kräftig ..
    Wir sollten stets aufmerksam sein und solche Gesichter nicht mit einem “ach, hatte bloß nen schweren Tag” entschuldigen. Meine Oma, jedenfalls denke ich das, sagte uns, daß
    die Gesichter der Menschen VERDIENT seien, JEDER bekommt das Gesicht, für welches er
    würdig ist, im guten, oder nun ja …

    ich wünsche dir schöne Tage, mein Freund


  2. Hallo Chaukee,

    welch ein Gruselkabinett. Ich glaube wir reagieren nicht, da die schon so lange unter uns leben und uns weiß gemacht wurde, daß die Elite was tolles ist. Also kann unser ungutes Gefühl, daß wir bei den Blick in die Augen vieler bekommen ja nicht stimmen.
    Am krassesten find ich immer unseren Papparezzi, wie die Italiener Ratzinger nennen, da springt der Dämon förmlich aus dem Gesicht.

    LG Mirjam


    • Hi Mirjam,
      Appropos Razinger: Hier kannst du sehen, wie der Papst und seine Lakaien in einer Ostermesse Luzifer (!) anbeten:

      Du magst dich erinnern an unsere Diskussion über den Kirchenaustritt: Die Entscheidung ist gefallen 😉
      Liebe Grüsse, Chaukee


      • Hallo Chaukee,

        das ist echt der Hammer, daß sie das so öffentlich machen. Jetzt ist auch klar, warum Ratzinger das Latein so bevorzugt, da versteht dann niemand oder kaum jemand was da so gesungen wird.
        Gratulation zur Entscheidung zum Austritt 🙂

        LG Mirjam


  3. 14 pics of people and 12 off the top of my head are Jewish.

    That’s quite an oversight don’t you think.

    Blavatsky, Bailey, Crowley: God Haters United. Hmm all 3 Jews again.


    • Hey Chris,
      If you count every role from Hollywood as jewish, I can follow 😉
      Honestly, I think right at the moment there is a massive campain on the web happening, using countles agent provocateurs, that try to provoke anti-jewish statements from “us” activists. The target of the campaign is the truth movement. The goal is to shut all of us down, because so called anti-semitism is still number one incrimination in public, followed by sexual allegations.
      To avoid such pitfalls, we need at least be a little more specific by adressing zionists, askenazi jews, talmudic jews, or pharisee. Because there the satanic part of jewism can be located, the part that rules the world. Just remember all the brave, mostly separdim and thora jews, who oppose Israel and Zionism!

      Humanities true enemies are supremacists and racists, so don’t we become like them by wrong generalizations!

      Cheers, Chaukee


      • I not falling into any trap. The overwhelming majority of the pics are of Jews..
        Who owns the media, Banks, war industry etc?

        Tora Jews. Please don’t make me laugh. If they were genuine they would be following Christ not the oral traditions.
        A parasite has many defence mechanisms.

        “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe — whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists — we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.” — Herman Wouk in This is My God; the Jewish Way of Life

        “The Bavli [Babylonian Talmud] has formed the definitive statement of Judaism from the time of its closure to the present day.” — Rabbi Dr. Neusner


      • Hey Chris,
        I see, you are not falling, you are already in one… If your thoughts stay on such an unfocues level, blame “the jews”, and use nazi wording like “pics” and “parasite”, instead of addressing individuals, secretive groups, concepts and ideas, you will also stay a helpful idiot to the very ruling, powerful, hidden hand you try to fight. And its about the level of hatred I allow in the comment level of my blog, just to let such nonsense unmask itself.

        I think it would be very helpful for the hateful state of your soul that at least SOMEBODY would make you laugh.

        The problem with fundamentalist christians, like you seem to be one, is that in your world view, you need everybody to find and accept Christ as their saviour, before you ever feel that the word is save and you can be happy, and you hate everybody or most of the people who do not comply with your expectations. That’s not how it works, down here. If jews are not able to accept Jesus’ gift of guidance, wisdom and love, mostly because of their scriptural brainwash and wrong concepts about the spiritual world, that’s essentially THEIR problem they have to solve, and God gives everybody of us enough lives and time to find back to him and Jesus. You found Jesus? Good for you, you should be happier…

        I’m sure you find other places than my blog to spray racial toxins.

        Now I should say “I pray for you”, isn’t that the favorite insult fundamentalist christians throw at others online? 😉 Instead I say: I’m sure one day you find back to love.

        Peace, Chaukee


  4. Tut tut Chaukee.

    The back door kabbalist attempts to take the moral high ground. ave’n a giraffe?

    I guess genuine differing points of view don’t fit into this tree of life. How Bolshevik of you.

    To label someone “fundamentalist Christians” for merely reciting Jews writings or your oversight(deliberate imo) speaks volumes. “Hate everybody or most of the people”, suggestive disingenuous nonsense. Expecting a cognitive dissident moment….. I don’t think so
    How can you label someone a “fundamentalist Christian” when you have no idea what Christianity is?
    Don’t you think an apology is in order?

    Thankfully you didn’t spout the Jewish lies that Christ’s teachings are based on Eastern crap.

    As for using the word Nazi. At least Hitler tried to free Europe from Jewish perpetual interest slavery(The German Federation for the Abolition of Interest Slavery Presented in Public Debate in Wagner Hall, Munich, 11 April 1921).

    “I’m sure one day you find back to love.
    Peace, Chaukee”.

    You brandish these words about like shaking off the dust of your feet.

    “There is no freedom to sin at the cost of posterity and hence of the race.”
    “The prerequisite for action is the will and the courage to be truthful.”
    “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”
    —Adolf Hitler

    Good day


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