Chaukeedaar’s first Birthday!

Happy birthday to my blogging nickname 🙂

On december 14th 2010 I posted my first article after I decided to be a guide for newbies to the alternative reality that is out there, mainly suppressed information on spirituality, alien visitors, globalist conspiracies. That was three months after my “strange encounter“.

I’m not sure if I really did a good job, at least some comments were quite constructive. I’m personally quite tired about reading all that other blogs that post on a daily basis, mostly copy-pasting other sources, or articles that are written in a flush with no backup and founding links in it. That’s why I decided to go another way, post seldom, and try to cover a topic in a broader, explaining way.

As in terms of quantity, 66000 page hits is not awesome, even more considering that half of the hits were done on the comet elenin post, an article that I regretted haven written long before it was clear that is was another scam / fear mongering event. The reason being, that unfortunately many readers obviously did not really get the speculative way it was written and the unease it may have distributed among trustful people…

My personal favorites are the ones about the Occupy movement and real resistance, on how to distinguish between negative and positive aliens, a statement for a fairer world and New Age and Luciferianism.

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by and especially to the people who left their comment and shared their lovely spirit!

I hope I did not do too much wrong, thank you Krishna for letting me have this interesting experience!

Yours, Chaukee

25 thoughts on “Chaukeedaar’s first Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to ya’! I meant to pop over yesterday but I saw you had your hands full! lol!

    Keep up the good fight, my friend!


    • Hey my dear, thanks a lot!

      Well observed, the VC kids keep me occupied on that other post… 😕 Now our two blogs are well connected, some people even think we are the same person 😉

      By the way, I guess I picked up that your online name is Jazz and you’re female, is that right? Or do I over-interpret your avatar 🙂 Was just wondering all the time…

      There we go, next round in the battle for truth.

      My best wishes to you, Chaukee


      • Okay… that’s funny! Yes, I’m a woman and I go by Jazz for the blog! Excellent work, Watson! 😉

        To the knuckleheads who think we’re the same person; “I am WOMAN, hear me roar”! lol And I’m also in my 50’s so in the words of Prince; “Now run and tell you mama ’bout that”! (from Alphabet Street).

        Next round in the battle for truth, INDEED!

        Keep up the good fight, my man!



      • Hey Lady!

        Your are then as cool as cool can be 🙂
        So lets teach the kids some of the old virtues then (I’m hitting the fourties next year so I’m catching up 😉 )

        I’m very positive that in our next life we will all meet and tell our stories about how we “fought” the dark entities on planet earth 😉

        Looking forward to that moment!

        Cheers, Chaukee


  2. As much as I like to think “catch up”? Tiz not possible! We do change as we age that’s for sure! hahaha! But with our MINDS– we are certainly born in the same “space”! You dig?!! 😉

    “I’m very positive that in our next life we will all meet and tell our stories about how we “fought” the dark entities on planet earth ;-)” BEAUTIFUL! I pray that it will be so!!! An amazingly thoughtful thing to say. Now. If you turn out to be this lovely shill– I’ll blast you too! HAHAHAHA LOL!!!

    All jokes aside… It’s time to “heal our land”. (

    Catcha soon, my friend and Happy Birthday again! 🙂



    • “If you turn out to be this lovely shill– I’ll blast you too!”

      You’re right, “trust no one”, but also, “listen to your heart” 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday to your blog Chaukeedaar I will be sure to look through more of your articles.

    As others have said, thanks for your support and for letting us tell our experiences on what has happened in regards the VigilantCitizen. Since they have tried to put a lid on all of this you have being a great host and looked at things in an unbiased way which I respect and admire, what we all have in common is searching for the truth behind things. I can see you are a person who is honest and sincere about himself and others.




    • Thanks a lot to you too, dear MysticShadow!

      I found, at the end of the day, its the same virtues that help in the online world like in normal life, even though its much harder to convince people of ones honesty and benevolence on the web. But thats actually not important and easy to deal with when we disconnect from our egos. The more pleasant to get recognized from good people like you! You really have a good reputation as for what I hear, hope to come across your writings more often!

      Namaste, Chaukee


  4. Happy late B-Day Chauk,

    As I said in my VC post I feel like I am coming in late to everything. I posted on the VC blog, but that thing has taken on a life of its own O.o!!!!!! Anyways I look forward to reading your future blogs, I may not have the same belifes as you but I am complelty open to what you have to say about them. Please keep writing, I am myself doing what I can to battle the “Dark Entities”

    “gotta go fast”


    • Hey my friend,

      no worries, I’m still alive 😉
      In my next article I will try to deepen my understanding of the real goal of disinformation and symbolism. This will need some more serious research so unfortunately you may need to wait for another 2-3 weeks… Actually, thats about the pace I post articles, I have no team for that as VC does plus I have a real and fulfilling life 😉

      God bless, Chaukee


  5. Anonymous. Is. New world order sillies. Check the logo colors etc. they are nwo. That mask is ringer for the face of one of the most vicious and nasty nwo killers so you all look like his army. You are the disinformation. As is Ickes. Obama is a great guy but he can only do so much. They could kill him too you know. Many CIA have recently been tortured to death fighting the now so pay your respects and be proud of your country. You are our only hope for freedom, keep fighting. And god f the queen. Killer queen.


  6. Congratulations, dear Chaukee, go on that way! I’m going to write you a mail, found your mail address.


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