UFO Over Jerusalem: Possibly The Most Genuine UFO Footage Ever

Update as of 21.01.2015: Please note that after some more years of research I’m convinced that most “Alien” contacts have been demoniac/interdimensional in nature. This older article of this blog essentially lacks the information about the staged disclosure hype by New Age and Masonic disinformation agents. Please at least also read my article “Alien Disclosure in the near Future: How to Distinguish Positive from Negative Visitors“.

Two weeks ago I wrote an introducing blog post “You should get accustomed to UFO and Alien Reality now!”.
For the case you missed it or thought that you might ignore the topic any longer – here is a first reason and prove that the alien disclosure process is accelerating these days. Below I explain why this footage is much more genuine than most others and also the technical background of why alien UFO’s (and the reverse engineered copies of the U.S. black government) navigate the way they do.

Jerusalem UFO, Two Videos Synchronized, Best UFO Footage ever
(click the YouTube button to enlarge the video panel):

Some explanations of what you have just seen

This UFO over  Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem was filmed four days ago on January 28., 2011, 01:00 AM with several cameras from different positions and view angles. In this video, two films are combined and synchronized, the left video even contains the person filming in the right video. Here some arguments, why this is real extraterrestrial technology on the videos and not just faked by a very good video artist:

  1. First off: The two films are timely well synchronized, observe the “Wow” of the two people from the three sources (see the other videos below)
  2. The distances and angles the UFO is in relation to the surroundings matches exactly a three-dimensional positioning. You can see this if you are trained in spatial visualization. Or you can verify it by measuring and calculating the spatial vectors if you are good in maths… 😉
  3. The acceleration and movement of the UFO is identical in all 3 videos
  4. The size of the craft in the different videos correlates the distances of the cameras from the craft
  5. The craft moves noiseless. This is typical for gravitational technology. A helicopter could be heard from that distance at this silent night
  6. The third video shows the typical disk shape of the UFO
  7. The craft emits a constant white orb of light. This comes from the outer body of the craft when its atoms get excited by the large energy from the gravitational field that’s generated inside (explanation follows)
  8. After moving down over the dome and hovering there for some seconds, two flashes of light are emitted by the craft. The size and the intensity of the light bulb compares well in all three videos, taking into account the distances to the cameras
  9. The UFO flies away in a speed that would crush any biological entity when done in conventional “flight” manner. If this craft was “manned”, gravitational acceleration is needed for the passengers survival
  10. After minute 1:00 there are other red UFOs blinking one after another, a clear indicator to signal intelligent life is behind the phenomenon. This is the part that convinces me that the UFOs are not re-engineered/man-made

More videos of the same incident:

About gravitational propulsion

Bob Lazar, a physicist and former employee at S4, a secret underground research facility in the U.S., describes the results they got from backward-engineering UFOs in this 5 part interview (the real thrilling stuff starts after minute 4:45).

Essentially, UFOs can create gravitational fields that can be exactly focused and channeled. It is used to bend spacetime in exact shapes around the craft to make it move and even to virtually disappear (spacetime is bent so much that outside observers don’t see the craft any more, see Wikipedia article about spacetime). Another feature of travel by gravitational waves is that for the craft itself, the “movement” and “acceleration” forces are simply not there and not felt at the inside. That’s how the incredible acceleration and the often very sharp turns can be accomplished.

The following article on ATS describes Bob Lazar’s information quite short and easily understandable: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread59624/pg1
More detailed explanations and graphics: http://www.zamandayolculuk.com/cetinbal/PhysicsUFOPROPULSION.htm

Anti-Gravitational Engine of UFO’s, by Paul E. Potter

Extraterrestrial visit or reverse-engineered craft?

In new age circles there is much talk of the New World Order conspiracy planning a staged second coming of Jesus Christ somewhere from now to December 21st 2012. The argument goes that on that date, announced by the Maya’s for centuries, our world will completely change and be uplifted to higher/heavenly dimensions (4th density). The New World Order/Illuminati/Satanists are then said to be trying to circumvent this grand world change by orchestrating the whole world into chaos and making the majority of the world population become negatively spiritually oriented, and also creating a fake world religion, essentially a satanist/luciferian one, by this staged second coming, with the goal of keeping their negative power over the world and completely enslave humanity (when you recognize the role of many religions here on earth, that part is even passable for atheists, I guess). The whole performance would be implemented with large holographic projections and UFOs flying around, see Project Blue Beam for the source of all that…

That was quite much of a spiritual conspiracy information in one paragraph, wasn’t it? 😉 I have NO clue about, or prove for any of these thesis. In this new age cosmos the UFO of Jerusalem could be a part of the staged second coming, making people scared and ready for some really churning stuff.

There is even a “source”, called Sorcha Faal, that talks of the two light flashes encoding some information “beacons” with the message “Be of no fear as [we-it-I] return“.

I’d like to point out what my intuition tells me when watching this footage: The speed, timing and rhythm of the craft’s movements and light emissions must originate from benevolent visitors. The “end dance” of the UFOs (from minute 1:00) is clearly a sign of positive living beings.
As long as there is not the slightest proof for any of the above new age theories, despite the overwhelming information and sources on the web for the 2012 scenario, I go for the most logical interpretation: The UFO of Jerusalem was extraterrestrial in origin and is part of the slow acclimatization of the human population to alien presence.

12 thoughts on “UFO Over Jerusalem: Possibly The Most Genuine UFO Footage Ever

  1. Sorry, this Garbage…and here’s why:

    1. In Israel, anything like this would have scrambled the Israeli Air force immediately!

    2. The people at the Dome of the Rock would have reacted and/or this would have made headlines

    3. The glow of this “UFO” is inconsistent with the glow of lights the camera is capturing.. proving it was inserted later.

    The comments on the Youtube site raise additional questions..

    The Israelis videotaping this must have been high on something… Nice try though!



  2. Ok, Garbage, hehe.
    1. Do you think technology thousands of years ahead of ours cannot create complete stealth characteristics? On the web you will find HUNDREDS of testimonies of UFOs appearing and disappearing on radar. You also overestimate the Israeli military!
    2. How many people are at the dome of the rock at 1:00 AM? In the third video you see a car driving Jerusalem at that time. How many people did you see outside? If its making headlines, then its on the web, because mainstream media is controlled by the enemy.
    3. A very strong light source can produce such differences compared to weaker light sources on a cheap camera like a phone camera.

    I’m very open to proof of the contrary but your arguments are a bit short-handed and you do not seem to know a lot about the UFO phenomena, do you?


  3. Don’t misunderstand me.. I am a firm believer of the existence of superior beings (Aliens) somewhere in the heavens. I also believe that they have been seen but the governments of the world and their insecurities prevented them from sharing this with us.

    I’m simply suspecting the video’s authenticity. Just as I question the claims of Virgin Mary appearing, say, in Guatemala! What a joke!

    Again, the brilliance of the blob (light source) hovering is not as intense as the man-made lights. Your argument or attempt to explain it fizzles in scientific explanation. Light captured through a camera/ lense, would be “calibrated” by the capturing video to produce an equal and consistent brilliance!

    Let’s assume that the Visitors have a technology that makes lights seem dimmer – for whatever purpose, then the blob is more suspect because it shows no outline of anything: a method ignored by pranksters to disguise the video production.

    As for how many people are at the Dome at 1:00 am, I’ve been to Jerusalem and there are always people hovering about – not as much as during regular praying/ tours times, but in and around the old city, life seems to be a 24-hr event! So, why hasn’t anyone seen else this? Why are we only seeing videos (4 as you claim) and they all seem to be of the same exact quality and view… well, if they showed a little more or a little less, I would believe them… but it just so happened that all these videos captured the same exact “footage” as the other videos? Even News reporters have different shots when they are capturing the same event! Lastly, read people’s comments… enough said!

    The mainstream media being controlled by the enemy theory is amusing: what enemy? The Zionist media or the Israeli-controlled Palestinian media?



  4. Who is the “enemy”? It’s the same people that truly rule world media, big corporations, secret agencies, black U.S. government and hide the following truths from the world: Alien existence, spiritual and self-healing powers of every human beeing, true financial and political (behind the scenes) ruling of the world a.s.o. Search for the top of the pyramid, the Illuminati, the Freemason, the Zionists (Winsors, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bushs, …). You find them well aligned meeting at Bohemian Groove every year discussing their satanic New World Order plans: http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Wicca%20&%20Witchcraft/bohemian_grove_exposed.htm

    They are quite good at oppressing information on mainstream media, but not (yet) on the internet 😉

    In the above comment you see the fourth video that was posted much closer to the dome. I’m sure there will be many more testimonies and videos coming from that incident, until people really have to open their eyes.

    This time the UFO footage seems so clear to me that I have a hard time understanding how people still force themselves to ignore it, perhaps some kind of self-protection, fear?


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  6. Ok, we are talking here about the fourth video only: The argument that a flat screen was filmed is wrong, as you see the three dimensional “distortion” when the camera moves around in the original video.

    But I was also missing the flash in the fourth video when I first saw it. But the totally wrong argument about filming a a flat screen leads to suspicion that the HOAX video could be dysinfo at all…

    Happily we are free to think what we want and I welcome your comments as I have a sparring partner to check my observations and intuitions 😉


  7. 🙂 I’m more eager than you for the day Aliens (hopefully not like the Visitors!) will contact us directly and we learn a thing or two about the universe.

    Meanwhile, keep your eyes on the skies.. I am!



  8. Another thought: I recently dug much deeper into the background of freemasonry and found that the Temple Mount has a very central significance in their occult belief system. The Illuminati/American shadow government clearly has alien technology for decades. With this maneuvre over the the dome they could have signaled to all the Illuminati worldwide that the final stage in world take over by these satanists has begun…?!
    Some benevolent ETs have signaled the Illuminati that they know their game and will not allow staged world chaos to happen…?!

    Either way, what happened in Jerusalem well matches the assumption that UFO appaerances often have a contextual significance from the place and or time chosen, same goes for crop circles.


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