Why is there Evil in the World?

The top of the Illuminati Pyramid of Power here on Earth

After concentrating my mind on many negative events in the past months, I’m happy and relieved that finally I have the intention of writing a spiritual post.
One central question many if not most of the people, if religious or materialistic, ask in their lives is:
Why is there Evil in the World?

Like for many people this question has accompanied me in my life and recently I think I found a spiritual formula that convinces me. I wonder if others can follow the argument.

What is “Evil” in the first place?

Child in the Gaza War

One central attribute of all living beings in this universe seems to be the ability to suffer. So I would propose this one simple definition of Evil: Thoughts, emotions and actions (material as spiritual) that lead into/increase the suffering of others.
I think this definition should be acceptable for many, although I find it a little human/living entity-centered. To be fully universal, the definition should also be extended to the unconscious part of nature and celestial bodies as well as any entities beyond this material universe. Also remember that the 5’000 years old Bhagavad Gita is talking of spiritual entities (Half-Gods) that inhabit and guide stars and planets, for example Gaia, Mother Earth, who is said to be the spiritual part of our planet.

God, the Source of Everything, loves us individual Souls that much

There is no doubt in any spiritual and religious teaching in the universe that the source of everything is a being of eternal love, wisdom and energy/light. It would have been easy for the Creator to craft our souls as pure positive little “copies” of him/herself, but to put in individuality, FREEDOM has to be granted.

To take it short: My answer of why there is evil in this universe is the gift of individuality (virtual separation from other souls and the creator) and free will. Both are implicit prerequisites for experience and growth. In our existence where time is the main drive of change, giving us free will means giving us choice. Our lives consist of a constant span of happiness and suffering, between which we place our little choices that influence others. As literally everything in our existence is somehow interconnected, from the quantum level to gravitation in large-scale and between souls here and beyond, most of the millions of little choices in our daily lives have an influence on happiness and suffering of others. Evil is created by us when we are in the state of unawakened and unconscious living that makes us egoistic, self-centered, ignorant and arrogant.

I have no doubt that Krishna (another word for God, the Source) suffers with us and from our negative actions, probably in a much more complex way we do suffer. It is his divine love that nonetheless he gave us free will knowing that we would hurt others.

How much Evil is allowed in this Existence/Universe?

This 3+1 dimensional universe/third density has to follow many rules. We humans with our limited science just “know” some of the laws, those that apply to the materialistic/physical world. The Hindus and Buddhist are well aware of one spiritual rule, the veil, which hinders our souls from knowing our prior lives and our one-ness with the Creator and all other beings.
Besides that we do generally not know that there are well-defined rules that govern the interaction between entities from different worlds (e.g. ETs) and densities (e.g. “angels” and “demons”). There is for example the rule of non-interaction between advanced alien species and planets in midst of biological and spiritual evolution as here on earth. Unfortunately there are exceptions, like the one that ETs can be invited in (free will!), what has been done in a most irresponsible act by the U.S. black government in the fifties when they didn’t know yet that these gray aliens generally have a negative/service-to-self/regressive spiritual orientation. They could have known by looking inside their hearts and by being aware of their very own motivations (technological advancement over other nations in exchange of innocent humans being abducted, mutilated, mind-manipulated and otherwise abused). Our future is always defined and created by our intentions, that’s why it is so important that we are aware of our own intentions.

There are clear limits to evil actions here. Damage and hurt to our material existence is allowed quite far-reaching, as we have seen in Nagasaki, Hiroshima, the Nazi concentration camps, the Soviet Gulag and so on. On the other hand, direct attack to our spiritual existence is forbidden and evokes sudden interference of higher-dimensional helpers/”angels”. You do not have to take my word for that, just research the web for testimonies of people who have been threatened by evil entities/”demons” and extraterrestrials (grays, reptilians). People have chased them away by calling the help of God, Krishna, Jesus, Praphupada, Buddha, archangel Michael and other spiritual entities, or by generating as much love and light themselves so that they could chase them away directly! 

There is no reason to be afraid of evil as its influence is strictly regulated. Just stay in a constant feeling of love for yourself, for other people and for the creation, and avoid fear as much as you can.

9 thoughts on “Why is there Evil in the World?

  1. If God is the ultimate being, then that God cannot be good. When we are saying that God is good, we are passing some judgment about God, we are saying that He is good. But by what standard of goodness are we judging him good? From where has it originated? As believers say that their God is the all-thing and everything that is there, therefore this standard of goodness can originate from God only, and not from any other source, because except that God there is no other source from which it can originate. So we are judging God good by His own standard of goodness. But this is a dangerous principle. Because if this principle is followed in other cases also, then there will be complete chaos. Then everybody will start claiming that he should be judged for his action by his own standard only, and not by the standard of other people, society, or state. And he can legitimately claim this, because he will say that God has made man in His own image. So the principle that is followed in case of God should also be followed in case of each and every single human being. Why should there be any deviation from that principle in case of man? Is he not created in God’s own image? So, after killing six million jews Hitler will claim that he is innocent, because he thought it absolutely necessary to efface their race from the surface of earth, in order to save mankind from future disasters. Therefore by his own standard of goodness and badness he has done nothing wrong.
    Therefore the above principle will have to be abandoned and we will have to seek some other principle. In that case if we say that God is good, then we will have to admit that the standard by means of which we judge God good has not originated from Him, but from some other source. Here there are two possibilities:
    1) This standard is prior to God,
    2) It is co-eternal with, but not originated from, God.
    In none of the two cases above, God is the all-thing and everything that can be there. So believers cannot claim that their God is the all-thing and everything that is there, and at the same time claim that He is good.
    Bertrand Russell, although an atheist, has already shown that God cannot be good, for the simple reason that if God is good, then there is a standard of goodness which is independent of God’s will. In Hindu mythology, Brahma is said to be beyond good and evil. He is neither good, nor evil. But both good as well as evil have originated from Him, who is neither good nor evil.
    The main problem is that most of the believers are irrational people. They attribute to God many properties that cannot be attributed to Him legitimately. A God who is one cannot love, cannot hate, cannot be cruel, cannot be merciful, cannot be benevolent, cannot be all-loving, cannot be just, etc. If we say God is love, then before creation whom did He love? So if we say that God is love, then it can only be self-love. If we say that God is cruel, then we will have to admit that He is cruel to Himself. If we say that God is all-loving, then we will have to admit that this “all’ is co-eternal with God, and that therefore He has not created us at all. So we should not revere Him, for the simple reason that he is not our creator!


  2. Dear Himangsu Sekhar Pal,
    Too much mental arguing here, not enough heart, I must admit when reading your post. You try to apply causal logic to a topic that resides outside this causal universe. Time is also taken into this arguing (“before God” a.s.o.), but time is part of this matrix/illusion and is just there to allow us to experience ourselves and grow. “Irrationality” is only dangerous when it is combined with a lack of consciousness and love. Pure and cold rationality inevitably leads to egoism, hurt and destruction. But of course everybody is free on his conclusion about the source of everything and this existence.

    I see that there is so much beauty on this planet and in the universe, from the smallest parts to the largest objects, that I do have no doubt that the creator and source of everything is positive. And this is only the material existence we experience! When researching near death experiences it stands out that most of these people talk of unexplainable, overwhelming love and warmth on the other side. I’m sure one day you will also (again) experience his/her/our love and reflect on your brain-centered “consciousness” you had in this life. If you are into the believe system of the illuminated/luciferians/satanists (they talk also that way you do) you will probably also experience one day how it feels to meet a real negative force/entity and live on a “planet” with entities of the same mindset you have. It’s all about experience, you chose which ones you want to have.

    Evil in this universe only derives from creatures with a soul. It’s not the Creator/Krishna who is evil, but the free will, choice and individuality he gave us, that lets US create evil.


  3. You have written: “It’s not the Creator/Krishna who is evil, but the free will, choice and individuality he gave us, that lets US create evil”.
    Let me be to the point. I have said that God cannot be good. This can have two different meanings:
    a) God is evil,
    b) God is neither good nor evil. He is beyond good and evil.
    In my post I have also written that “In Hindu mythology Brahma is said to be beyond good and evil. He is neither good nor evil. But both good as well as evil have originated from Him, who is neither good nor evil.”
    So how did you mistakenly think that I meant to say that God is evil when I said that “God cannot be good”? If it was my intension to establish that God is pure evil, then why should I mention Brahma here, who is neither good nor evil? That only shows that you have not carefully read my post at all.
    Several reasons can be given as to why God cannot be good. Some reasons I have already given in my post. Another reason is that the question “Who created God?” cannot be answered at all if we suppose that God is pure good itself. Theists are very clever people indeed. When this question is raised, knowing very well that they have no answer to this question, they cunningly place their God outside the causal universe, and then say that causal logic does not apply there. But when the question arises as to whether God is goog or evil, they blissfully forget that they themselves have placed their God outside the causal universe, where not only the causal chain, but also none of the other categories of the created world would apply: goodness/badness, love/hate, justice/injustice, beauty/ugliness, compassion/cruelty, benevolence/malevolence, bog/small, high/low, etc. & etc. And they will take no time to declare that their God is pure goodness itself, thus showing their utter inability to think consistently.


  4. Interessanter Beitrag, interessante Diskussion!
    Du hast “Die Welle” von Laura Knight-Jadczyks gelesen?
    Also Gott/Krishna leidet mit uns? Wer hat den freien Willen geschaffen? Warum und wozu? Was ist der Sinn des Ganzen? – Wenn ich bisher eine Erfahrung gemacht habe, dann die, dass nichts im Universum sinnlos ist.


  5. Vielen Dank, liebe Monika! Nein, das Buch habe ich noch nicht gelesen, aber es ist etwa seit 2 Wochen auf meiner digitalen Wunschliste (nicht bei Amazon, die boykottiere ich… 😉 ). Stefan hatte mich auf die Cassiopaea-Site aufmerksam gemacht und ich fand dort den Mix zwischen rationellem Denken und spirituellem Bewusstsein höchst anregend. Ich kann weder mit reinem New-Age Hokuspokus noch mit purer Wissenschaftlichkeit etwas anfangen, die Realität enthält doch Beiträge von beiden Seiten 😉
    Liebe Grüsse, Chaukee


  6. Hallo Chaukee, ich möchte noch mal auf deinen Eintrag reagieren. Ich finde interessant, dass wir uns in Bezug auf Amazon, New-Age und Wissenschaftlichkeit auf einer Wellenlänge zu befinden scheinen.;-)
    Du hattest die 3. Dichte erwähnt, deshalb dachte ich, du kennst “Die Welle”. Ich lese es bereits seit vergangenen Sommer am Computer und bin mittlerweile im letzten Drittel. Da es anstrengend ist, benötige ich immer mal wieder eine Pause, auch zum Nachdenken.
    Vielleicht können wir uns irgendwann mal alle 3 (weitere Personen natürlich willkommen) über dieses Thema austauschen.
    Viele Grüße, Monika


  7. Liebe Monika, das ist schön, das Gesetzt der Resonnanz begegnet einem doch
    Nun, die 3. Dichte ist nicht nur in der Welle thematisiert, so ziemlich
    alle ausserirdischen “Quellen”, die einem begegnen, sprechen von dieser
    Welt als “third density”, eine Welt niedriger Schwingung und hoher
    Masse/Schwere, und von höheren Welten und Dichten (Andromedaner,
    Plejadean, Zetas, die ganze Galactical Federation of Light Sippe usw.). Es
    ist ja im Prinzip ein Zusammenzug von vedischem Wissen, New Age Glauben
    und ET Quellen, wobei ich bei den beiden letzteren eher an der Genuität
    zweifle. Von dem her ist die “Welle” hier nicht zwingend 😉


  8. In one sense it can be said that the creation of the universe was God’s greatest wrongdoing. It was His biggest blunder. Because with this creation came hunger, misery, death, suffering, sorrow, slavery, murder, rape, treason, torture, and what not. Now we cannot undo what God has already done, because it is not in our power to destroy the entire universe. But we can at least destroy the earth; science has given us that much power. So it is up to us to decide what we should do.


  9. Because we are parts and parcels of God, we have the same qualities as our Father. God has almighty independence, we have small independence. God does not interfere with our little independence. Just like a child asks his father to go somewhere, his father knows he will get hurt there, but still the child insists, and the father finally lets him go. Then he enjoys and suffers, that’s all. -Srila Prabhupada.

    We have bad elements inside ourselves, so God must have the same discrimination.,


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