The Illuminati Plan to abuse Wikileaks is rolling…

This weekend, Reuters Germany published the following rather unspectacular information (translated from german):

U.S. are protecting persons mentioned by WikiLeaks
(original article)

If you know a little how the powerful think and manipulate this world, it’s quite obvious that this is one little step in their whole outlay of achieving a one world government:

  1. Discrediting and thwarting Wikileaks did not work, the back-pressure from the free world (media, governments, consumers, internet, hackers) was surprisingly enormous
  2. The weeks of searching a juristic proceeding against Wikileaks/Julian Assange was fruitless
  3. There is no known collateral damage of leaks to innocent people known until today. The reputation of Wikileaks is an affront to the U.S. government

Here is how the New World Order people are used to think and make a disadvantage to their own advantage by tweaking, twisting and manipulating:

  1. Rise the public awareness that people’s lives are in danger because of Wikileaks by using their illuminati controlled media (see quote at the beginning).
  2. The moment the next leaks about the Bank of America are released, distract public attention from that by letting the people get killed that supposedly are in danger from WikiLeaks. This is done by
  3. using the New World Order – Saudi – Islamist connection and black ops to prosecute the killings under false flag
  4. Announce that Wikileaks has proven to be a threat and thus have a reason to shut down liberty on the internet, apply broad media censorship and to boot the well prepared U.S. police/military state.

Before considering this possibility as being paranoid, remember that we still have no proof by whom and why these wonderful people were assassinated:

  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • Martin Luther King
  • Robert Francis Kennedy

I hope I’m wrong on this one and nothing will happen. If it does, remember you have read it before and do your own research on illuminati / freemason / new world order / bilderberg / trilateral commission / rothshild / luciferians / satanists / reptilian / kabbalah.

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