Welcome to Chaukeedaar’s Blog!

Dear visitor, wanderer, seeker, scholar, agnostic, atheist, deist – let me give you a warm welcome on my blog. Whatever kind of awareness and knowledge you find yourself at this present moment, I’m glad that you found this website. I hope you enjoy some of my thoughts.

This is my first blog entry ever so please forgive me any bloopers. Additionally, english ain’t my first language – this might explain “some” oddities you may encounter while reading ;o)

Chaukeedaar’s Blog is all about the base questions of life and existence – on a physical and spiritual level. I will approach these topics in a very open manner, which might needle some of the more scientific/rationalist persons. On the other hand, a logical approach to spiritual questions might disquiet more religious people who never try to get to the bottom of their believes.

On my next post I will give you some deeper information about me, my life, my sources, my guides and my motivations. With this, you will shortly know if it is worthwhile for you to continue reading…

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